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12/10/20: FOGS OF WAR

Clyde Lewis | December 10, 2020
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Around the time of Thanksgiving, I was looking at the sky and I noticed that there were a few contrails being left behind by planes.. I paused for a moment because I figured that air travel had been reduced because of COVID-19. I also deduced, that of course, Thanksgiving is the biggest time for travel and so I paid it no mind.

However, as the day wore on I was noticing that these trails were spreading and they started combining with other clouds. the sky turned from blue to white and eventually it was gray, The day after we had winds gusting 45 -50 miles per hour. The tree in our front yard was uprooted and fell in front of the entrance to our apartment complex. the winds were with us for a few days — it was just after Black Friday and I thought — here is another component of Dark Winter — the geoengineered storms that will make for a colder harsh winter.

Oregon has it’s wind from the gorge but I have never seen wind like this for many years. It had to have been caused by a low-pressure system to the west — something forming in the Pacific or the North Pacific.

I waited and watched the weather reports for any strange anomalies that would be taking place… i was actually wondering if the polar Vortex would arrive or some other weather anomaly that the experts could blame on Climate Change.

I was looking for something that would tell me that Operation Atlantic Storm was about to take place.

if you remember, just at the end of summer, I talked about Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm and how both would guarantee harsher restrictions and lockdowns because COVID-19 would become worse.

I stated that we would be seeing some very harsh storms during the winter that would be rare because of Geoengineering. Geoengineering similar to what was once a classified operation called MK Naomi.

In 1979, a declassified review claimed that the United States intensified its development of ethnic weapons designed to selectively target and eliminate specific ethnic groups who are susceptible due to genetic differences and variations in DNA. These weapons were classified under Project Code named MK-NAOMI which specifically was a plan to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices to use for the diffusion of such materials over widely populated areas. Much of the details of the operation and how the materials were dispersed is scarce. However, new programs replacing MK-NAOMI through the US Army’s Special Operations Command gave evidence of at least three covert techniques for attacking and poisoning crops and animal products that have been examined under field conditions.

There is a well-documented biological component to continuously ongoing atmospheric studies in which nations and regions are furtively inoculated via specially designed delivery systems with combinations of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, desiccated blood cells and exotic biological markers so that test masters can assess human, animal and plant response. The chemtrail experiment is quite literally a iatrogenic artifact that was intentionally being used by the bio warlords under the direction of the CIA.

The multi-organizational megalith perpetrating these biochemical projects against humanity includes the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and its research arm DARPA, plus the Department of Energy (DOE) with its huge network of national labs and universities. Private defense contractors and pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved. Cooperating governments of other nations and probably some United Nations agencies are complicit, since the aerosol projects are global in scope.

This has been called “geo-engineering.” Using Aerosolized chemical trails for weather and biological warfare.

Believe me I have received e-mails from people that believe that the chemtrails are back and that they think that not only are they being used for weather operations to force multiply cold weather — but to trigger respiratory illnesses that can make you more likely to get Covid-19.

It really fuels some conspiratorial speculation, especially when it comes to government experiments and possible biological weapons that can be used on citizens without them knowing.

The idea is shocking, and some may call it some tinfoil hat science fiction but in reality some scientists are arguing that “gain of function” experiments are key in order to monitor the effects of pathogens on animals and maybe even humans.

Gain of Function experiments or GOF experiments are bio-security experiments that are routinely done in labs all over the world.

In recent years, some members of the scientific community have been involved in a vigorous debate over so-called “gain-of-function” experiments involving pathogens with pandemic potential, such as influenza virus. Proponents and opponents of GOF work engaged in extensive discussion about the value, safety, ethics, and validity of this type of research.

In a Military Gain of Function exercise, the fog in San Francisco was used as a cover in order to see whether it could be used to help spread a biological weapon in a “simulated germ-warfare attack.”

Over a period of six days in September 1950, members of the US Navy sprayed clouds of Serratia from giant hoses aboard a Navy minesweeper drifting two miles along the San Francisco coastline, a bacterial fog quickly enveloped and disguised by the region’s own fog. By monitoring the air at 43 scattered sites throughout the region, the Navy found Serratia bacteria blown throughout San Francisco and extending to the adjacent communities of Albany, Berkeley, Daly City, Colma, Oakland, San Leandro, and Sausalito.

In this regard, the experiment was a success: the San Francisco Bay was identified as a highly-susceptible site for a germ warfare attack and a quantifiable range for the airborne dispersal of microbes was established.

Now i don’t know if the trails we are seeing are becoming vectors for respiratory cytokine reactions but again the weather anomalies that have been happening are off the charts.

We can all agree that the frigid temperatures in many parts of the United States began in late September just after the wildfires. The clouds of smoke geoengineered the skies to produce cooler air — much like a volcano does. This is the science behind aerosolizing the sky to cool down the planet.

This type of cooling triggers winter storm activity earlier in the year. It has been happening long before the first day of winter, in fact, it happened before the first day of Autumn.

This is when i brought up both Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm.

Dark Winter was a table top exercise that happened in 2001 and Atlantic storm was 2005.

These exercises were funded and carried out by the same financial backers of the institute that was granted a U.S. patent for “an attenuated coronavirus” in November 2018. The patent was filed in July 2015. by the Pirbright Institute. Some of the major backers of the Pirbright Institute include the World Health Organization, the European Commission, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I need to emphasize that what I am telling you is not conspiracy theory – these psychological operations have been carried out as drills for possible future scenarios involving an outbreak or biological attack and how the weather can create a scenario where the house of cards tumbles down and along with it our fragile society.

Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm were both aligned in predicting the release of a biological pathogen during a massive winter storm. The pathogen was spread on Black Friday during a major winter storm on the Atlantic Coast.

Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted from June 22–23, 2001, which was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert bio-weapon’s attack on the United States. The players involved in this were the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (CCBS) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the project designers were Randy Larsen and Mark DeMier of Analytic Services.

A combined weather warfare and biological gain of function disaster exercise.

Atlantic Storm was a tabletop scenario that included the arrival of a powerful Nor’easter on or around Black Friday which would cripple medical and first responder personnel.

Engineered snow storms are a major part of the ongoing climate engineering assault on our biosphere. Massive fluctuations of temperatures and conditions accompany such unnatural events. It is now becoming apparent that many so called natural weather anomalies are not natural any longer.

The way to tell if the weather has been engineered is to monitor temperature spikes and how unnatural occurrences such has softball sized hail and snow are falling during days that are above freezing are happening around the country.

Many believe that heavy Chemtrail spraying and advanced Direct energy weapons can steer storms and multiply their ferocity –others believe that Chemtrails are used to weaken our immune systems.

The question is whether or not Atlantic storm and Dark Winter are in play this year.

There have been a few weather anomalies that can be seen as direct hits – but that is up to you to decide if they are.

Over the weekend, two weather bombs blasted Alaska (a double bombogenesis!) and New England creating a force multiplied Nor’easter Atlantic Storm, while a third vicious blizzard is currently dropping mountains of snow on the Alps across Europe.

The first cyclonic bombogenesis of 2020 developed across the Pacific ocean end of last week. This may be the reason why Oregon had winds blasting towards that massive storm system.

A bomb cyclone occurs when a storm rapidly intensifies, dropping at least 24 millibars over 24 hours.

The depression at the center of the storm diminished by 72 millibars between last Thursday (1013 mbar) and Saturday (941mbar). That’s a a rare double bomb of low pressure.

The monster explosive cyclogenesis was accompanied by powerful sustained winds of up to 90 mph and gusts up to 125 mph It became a very violent North Pacific storm within just 36 hours.

And of course such a violent wind will form giant waves, some models suggesting higher than 52 feet and spreading to the south of the storm’s core.

That was just a test for the big Nor’easter or the so-called Atlantic storm. This storm was the first one of the season and this storm even intensified into a bombogenesis!

New England was in the eye of the cyclone with 70 mph sustained winds and reports of widespread power outages in Maine (200,000) and New Hampshire (60,000). Up to one foot was reported in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and Paxton, Massachusetts. 17.9 inches of snow fell on Mount Washington, New Hampshire.

I am dure many people will shrug and say so what it is winter—but these storms are more than winter storms they have been geoengineered to be more devastating.

It is as if we had entered the ‘geologic timescale’ of weather warfare. It is not at all farfetched to speculate that weather warfare is underway and like COVID-19 is speculated to be a biological warfare gift from China – these storms could be a gift as well.

This week, the Chinese government announced that it plans to drastically increase its use of technology that artificially changes the weather.

Cloud seeding technology, or systems that can blasts silver molecules into the sky to prompt condensation and cloud formation, has been around for decades, and China makes frequent use of it. But now, CNN reports that China wants to increase the total size of its weather modification test area to 5.5 million square miles by 2025 — a huge increase, and an area larger than that of the entire country of India, which could affect the environment on an epic scale and even potentially spur conflict with nearby countries.

Most notably, China and India share a hotly-disputed border that they’ve violently clashed over as recently as this year some say the clashes could be settled with nuclear bombs.

India’s agriculture relies on a monsoon season that’s already grown unpredictable , prompting experts in the country to worry that China is using its ability to control rain and snowfall as a weapon.

A 2017 Geoforum paper calls that Rainstealing and it is a very real problem with weather weapons technology.

In the past, China has used its weather modification tech to seed clouds well in advance of major events like the 2008 Olympics and political meetings so the events themselves happen under clear skies. But this planned expansion of the system means that other countries may be subject to its meteorological whims — seeding international conflict in addition to clouds.

Creating weather warfare which could be more devastating than any bomb.

There are concerns about the lengths to which the Communist government is willing to go to in tampering with the elements. In the 1970s, Chinese generals proposed using nuclear weapons to blast a channel through the Himalayas so that warm humid air from the Indian subcontinent could be diverted to green the deserts of central and northern China. The country is also in the midst of the world’s biggest water diversion scheme, which aims to achieve a similar goal.

This political decision to use weather modification follows a rapid buildup of capacity in recent years that has cost $168m in 2017, with the purchase of 4 new planes, eight upgraded aircraft sprayers , 897 rocket launchers and 1,856 digital control devices to cover 370,000 miles about 10% of China’s territory.

So obviously. China has an advanced weather modification aerosolized spraying program.

And people claim that Chemtrails do not exist. If China is unleashing the Fogs of war, then I am sure we have weather control as well.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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