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12/11/18: WE ARE GOLEM

Ron Patton | December 11, 2018
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Yesterday marked the end of the Hanukah. Being a Christian, the holiday really did not mean anything until I grew older and started to have both personal and business relationships with those who practicing Jews. I realized that it is a holiday with so many different origin stories, so many different traditions, rituals, practices, and so many stories with origins both religious and mythological.

I only get that with Hanukah there really isn’t one thing that is celebrated – I mean there is, of course, the miracle of the oil but there are so many things that are projected into the holiday.

It is truly a time where hopes and fears of all the years are met near the menorah or what is sung in the song about scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of long ago.

Of course, those lyrics are found in Christmas carols, however, Christmas and Hanukah have their myths of elves, fairy folk, demons, gnomes, goblins, and golem.

The Jewish Talmud speaks of a group of rabbis who crafted the golem which was an anthropomorphic being made out mud and clay using sacred incantations set forth in the Kabbalistic book of incantations known in Jewish mysticism as the Sefer Yetzirah.

There was only one problem with trying to imitate the holy act of creation, and that was the being that was created, the Golem, had no soul. It was constructed of earthly materials to resemble a human being, except it, wasn’t a vessel for housing a soul.

Archetypes and motifs of the Golem can be found throughout literature. Frankenstein is one derivation of the myth. In fact, the name Frankenstein actually means “man of stone” a creation that some see as a mockery of what God had created in Genesis which was a golem of clay that is until he was able to place a soul into the avatar – and making him a living and thinking man.

Our story of creation is one story that when read thoroughly, talks in the simplest terms about the scientific process of forming man with simple materials from the earth and then powering those materials with a special system that gives it life and the ability to feel and communicate.

One can find parallels between mythology and modern science everywhere, and I was thinking about the Golem and its relevance to what is happening now with the arrival of artificial intelligence, 5G, quantum computing and the ability to use all of these innovations for not only animating a synthetic anthropogenic form but using it for ways of controlling the oldest form of Golem and that is you and me.

It was announced a few days ago that Google or Alphabet’s Deep Mind Alpha Zero program is now showing signs of human-like intuition and creativity, in what developers have hailed as ‘turning point’ in history.

The computer system amazed the world last year when it mastered the game of chess from scratch within just four hours, despite not being programmed how to win.

But now, after a year of testing and analysis by chess grandmasters, the machine has developed a new style of play unlike anything ever seen before, suggesting the program is now improvising like a human.

AlphaZero started as a ‘tabula rasa’ or blank slate system, programmed with only the basic rules of chess and learned to win by playing millions of games against itself in a process of trial and error known as reinforcement learning.

It is the same way the human brain learns, adjusting tactics based on a previous win or loss, which allows it to search just 60 thousand positions per second.

Within just a few hours the program had independently discovered and played common human openings and strategies before moving on to develop its own ideas.

Merry Christmas everyone we have just inched closer to what post-modernist technocrats call, the singularity.

With the advent of powerful machine learning techniques we now can say that the scales have started to tip and now we have computer algorithms that are able to do these very human-like activities including solving problems and being proficient in persuasion and outsmarting humans using complex strategies that we can’t.

Before he died Professor Stephen Hawking confided in a BBC interview that he was deeply concerned for the future of humanity. The cause of his concern is Artificial Intelligence, or AI, the creation of intelligent machines able to “outthink” their creators.

Science fiction already has prepared us to contemplate such a scenario. Films like The Terminator and The Matrix pit puny humans against AI-driven enemies.

In the Matrix, machines were not only able to take from humans their energy, but they were capable of mind control, creating an illusory world.

Morpheus tells Neo that at the beginning of the 21st Century mankind rejoiced at the birth of thinking Artificial Intelligence. Then something devastating happened to the earth and out of pity or out of necessity the machines created a world where we all became slaves in an artificial world brought about by mind control.

Morpheus gives Neo a lecture on appearance and reality:

“What is real. How do you define real? If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. This is the world that you know. The world as it was at the end of the twentieth century.

It exists now only as part of a neural-interactive simulation that we call the Matrix. You’ve been living in a dream world.

While many people take reality at face value, others believe the far more intriguing theory that we are living in a computer simulation.

SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk had expressed in an interview that the world that we know is just a very sophisticated computer simulation. Neil de Grasse Tyson feels similarly, putting our odds of living in a simulation at around 50/50.

This would mean that all of us are merely programmed golem and that our experiences are merely downloads in a very sophisticated form of mind control.

Musk elaborated on the idea during the interview:

The strongest argument for us being in a simulation, probably being in a simulation, is the following: 40 years ago, we had Pong, two rectangles and a dot…That is what games were. Now, 40 years later, we have photorealistic 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously, and it’s getting better every year. And soon we’ll have virtual reality, augmented reality. If you assume any rate of improvement at all, the games will become indistinguishable from reality.

The contemporary version of the simulation hypothesis was introduced by Nicholas Bostrom, a British philosopher, in 2003. Simply put, the hypothesis states that there is a likelihood that advanced future civilizations would run equally advanced computer simulations of past civilizations.

We now live in times of augmented reality that has advanced to the point of hampering our discernment.

In its simplest forms, human mind control or the act of making remote-controlled golem has been carried out by our own governments as new documents are being released regarding the secret MK Ultra program which is responsible for what is now being revealed as implanting ideas, synthetic memories, and other methods of animating humans by remote control.

Earlier this year, the CIA marked the 65th anniversary of the launch of Project MKULTRA, a secret program which engaged in mind control experiments on people.

For many decades, the CIA tried to prevent documents related to Project MKULTRA from being released.

However, more and more documents are being recovered through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Earlier this year, Canadian family members of Project MKULTRA survivors said they were planning to file a class-action lawsuit against the Canadian government and possibly McGill University over their role in the program, which was known to have used paralytic drugs, shock therapy, LSD, medically-induced comas, and exposure to repetitive messages for days on end in research aimed at reprogramming the psyche and, possibly, ‘cracking’ enemy spies through forced confessions.

However, according to 800 pages-worth of never-before-seen documents published by John Greenewald’s Black Vault website late last week, Project MKULTRA’s ‘research’ went much further. The documents show, for example, that the project included elaborate experimentation on ‘remote-controlled dogs’, who were surgically implanted with devices which sent electrical signals to their brains to control their movement at distances for up to 200 yards. “The specific aim of the research program was to examine the possibility of controlling the behavior of a dog, in an open field, by means of remotely triggering electrical stimulation of the brain,” one document explains.

After the surgery to control the mind of a dog, the CIA states that the gruesome side effects could be “infection at the electrode site due to a failure of the surgical wound to heal.” Newsweek reported that after trying out a plastic helmet, government scientists instead settled on the new surgical technique that involved, “embedding the electrode entirely within a mound of dental cement on the skull and running the leads subcutaneously to a point between the shoulder blades, where the leads are brought to the surface and affixed to a standard dog harness.”

Once the surgeons implanted the electrodes deep in the subject dog’s brain, a battery pack and stimulator was added to the harness, through which signals could be sent to the electrodes. “The stimulator had to be reliable and capable of sufficient voltage output to be usable in the face of expected impedance variation across individual dogs.”

Another of the documents revealed perhaps even more disturbing new details on the use of experimental mind control drugs on unwilling human beings, suggesting experimenting with the use of such drugs on inmates in prison hospitals and drugging suspected criminals awaiting trial.

Yet another document details experimentation with hypnotic speaking techniques to enable mind control over “large audiences.”

This is known as neurolingistic programming and it has been used many times by politicians, cult leaders, and salesmen.

It can be said that many of us are quite possibly victims of mass programming. We could all be part of an experiment that has been brought forward to program all of us to do the bidding of many masters –and this is only the beginning.

Many Americans have been solidly programmed to not function independently but to find themselves indentured to popes, presidents, kings, holy clerics, and dictators. Many, if not all, of these so-called leaders, have in recent history demonstrated that while they claim divinity and mandate, they continue their betrayal and they rob the innocent of their virtue.

They are no longer satisfied with a citizen who obeys the law. They are now looking for full spectrum dominance of all things on the planet. In their quest for this, they are now collecting blood, taking down the digits, putting them in biometric chips and data mining information about you.

If you think about information on an esoteric level you can actually determine that the data we create, all the thoughts we have and the conversations we have are what make us who we are personally. Our thoughts and our communication, all the information about us is technically part of what we call the soul.

So not only do we see the attempts at taking your DNA – we are also seeing the illegal and intrusive way a government steal your soul. The data, of course, can be used for all sorts of things from incrimination to mind control.

It was announced that the Chinese have developed Magnetic Resonance Imaging that which other scientists contend may reveal the components of what can be seen as the human soul.

The billion-dollar MRI machine project will allegedly revolutionize brain studies according to a senior scientist working on the project. This again is another form of Chinese Mad science as recently a scientist genetically designed two babies to be resistant to HIV.

The scientist has since disappeared – erased without a trace. The Chinese government has disavowed any knowledge of him.

The facility that will house this miracle MRI machine is still being built in the city of Shenzhen in southern China’s Guangdong province.

Current MRI scanners can only visualize objects larger than 1mm, but the new device is aimed to visualize objects 1,000 times smaller. If we are to visualize a tiny spark of electromagnetic energy, will we be able to control it?

Does this mean that science could immediately change the human thought process at the core level? It would be at the soul level – a highly sophisticated form of synthetic possession.

Is this why the technocrats are so hell bent of discovering quantum consciousness?

This would mean that science would be able to mine you for data and the energy that is your soul.

Once again, this scenario is terrifyingly similar to the plot in the Matrix films.

The idea of data mining as soul stealing is not too far of a leap when you realize that your data and your soul are interchangeable and that you are your information, you are your DNA and if they have it and can produce it they can not only manipulate it but erase it and with the act of erasing you, you are completely silenced, you have no voice, and no existence.

I remember another book that I read called “A Wind in The Door” and how in the story your name and your information were part of who you were. Being named and existing was an act of love it is what made up your soul.

However, there were these dark entities known as the “Echthroi” and they would come down as empty souls and erased names and individual histories making them meaningless and eventually, all things they unnamed were ignored and unloved.

The Echthroi, the enemy or the un-namers, tried to destroy individuals by turning someone into no one, something into nothing, gradually making all things meaningless and banal.

The Echthroi would take all things that were important and destroyed them. Eventually, these important things and important people would be ignored and their contributions to the world null and void.

Names have power. Your data and personal thoughts and conversations have power. Giving consideration and appropriate respect has power. It is the power of good that fills the emptiness. The emptiness and the chaos are so easily obtained that most people today choose it because of its convenience.

The Echthroi represents inertia against all things that can be creative and helpful in our lives. They fight against that which moves us toward new life, health, new love, wisdom, risks, openness, and truth.

We see now that not only do we have to give up freedom for national security we must sell our souls, have our DNA collected, allow our data to be mined, our ideas and thoughts exploited and have all of that data exploited and used to eventually control us.

In a recent article published by science analyst, Adam Goldberg, reports that a patent has been filed by a man named Hendricus G. Loos. The patent deals with apparatuses associated with the manipulation of the human nervous system via something like a television monitor, or a computer screen.

In the abstract of the patent, he explains first that physiological effects have been clearly observed in a “human subject” who was given stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields pulsed with certain frequencies ranging from 1/2 Hz to 2.4 Hz. Keep in mind, compared to the frequency Internet runs on, 2.45 GHz, these frequencies are incredibly low.

However, people who claim to find no potential danger in use of cell phones or Internet also cite the fact that it’s the power put behind the frequency, the amplitude, the amount of that frequency being beamed out, that determines what its effect will be.

We actually microwave our food at 2.45 GHz. It is the exact same frequency that our Internet runs on.

Is anyone beginning to get the picture?

Now we are seeing that there is a desire to raise that frequency even higher, to frequencies in the millimeter wave band that are actually known in government studies to cause symptoms like immune system dysfunction in rats, referring to the 35 GHz frequency.

The patent continues to explain that when several computer monitors and TV tubes are displaying pulsed images, they emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of “sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation.”

So the patent clearly addresses the amplitude issue, the power factor, and confirmed that the frequencies emitted by these at least older screens were strong enough to affect people and control their minds.

“It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set,”

This patent point blank tells everyone to their face that the new technology will be able to control us with electromagnetic fog and photosensitive manipulation.

The patent even continues to suggest how this could be done; suggesting that the image pulsing on the screen might be embedded in the program on television, or it could be overlaid in perhaps an even more insidious way, via a video stream’s modulation either as a video signal or an RF signal.

It explains that the image displayed could be effectively pulsed by a simple computer program when it comes to a computer screen, and on certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic feel with the full capability of exciting sensory resonances in “subjects” could be generated, even while the images are pulsed with “subliminal intensity.”

The evidence seems to suggest that this synthetic telepathy psy-ops technology exists and it can be used for the purpose of creating some event where a mass reaction would take place. An event where we are all convinced that we have heard a message or have seen a vision.

This would be the ultimate mind game where the entire nation has inserted into their consciousness and event that never happened or a changing of past events where collective recall fails us, much like the Mandela Effect.

It is obvious that this could leave an indelible mark on the collectible consciousness but we would be reduced to golem that dream of electric sheep.

It will be easy to forget and in a twinkling of an eye, begin a new existence.

Written by Ron Patton

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