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Clyde Lewis | December 11, 2020
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New genetic technologies might help us overcome diseases by tweaking individual genomes or selecting specific embryos to avoid health problems. But it may also give rise to “superhumans” who are optimized for certain characteristics (like intelligence or looks) and exacerbate inequalities in society.

What is certain is that people will be able to make decisions about their lives in ways that were impossible in the past, when we relied more on random evolution than deliberation.

We have also been hearing that these vaccines that have been approved might also be genetic technology that may alter or change our DNA while there is no confirmed information from the mainstream media – this vaccine has to be administered in a highly choreographed effort— it must be frozen in suspension, brought to room temperature and then you need to get two jabs in order for it to work.

Many are hopeful; that the vaccine will work, while others worry that there is component that will introduce us into the world of Transhumanism.

As the pandemic gets worse. I have been remaining at home over the weekends and certainly I have been careful as to where I go because the news just seems to be getting more brutal. I had a bit of a health scare a few days ago and I was a little worried about my health because of the stress that has been brought on by the move to new studios and how business must continue no matter how rough it may be.

My stepson Liam and I have had this ritual every Friday of Watching the Mandalorian. I have turned him on to others shows that are on these app TV channels but one hasn’t seen with me is now being called the most popular streaming show in the United States.

That is the superhero/super soldier show “The Boys.”

I say that it is a TV series where Superheroes go bad and that makes the characters interesting but apart form the superhero veneer there is the underlying story of what can be seen as a super soldier program, something that Hitler wanted, and something that every mad scientist has talked about in most B-horror films of the 1950’s.

While I am sure there are many people who will say that this is all fantasy – it appears that advanced weapons and genetically modified humans are being used as solders in what may be a transhuman war that will be fought in the harsh environment of the arctic.

It should come as a surprise to no one that we’ve been trying to enhance human ability for some time. Fiction often acts as a blueprint for what’s possible, and superhero stories are no exception. Government interest in extra-human abilities for military purposes goes back at least several decades. In the 1970s, the government recruited people claiming to have extra-sensory perception (ESP) to assist in spying on the nation’s enemies. Those efforts, obviously, amounted to nothing.

So, having realized extra-human abilities were not available in nature, they set out to create them.

The United States government has spent (and continues to spend) tens of millions of dollars every year on a variety of programs aimed at enhancing the human body. Some of these are technological, others biological. The aim is to give U.S. armed forces a tactical advantage in armed conflict. In a way, it’s not so different from what we’ve been doing for thousands of years.

The bow and arrow and atomic bomb were both technological advancements — the difference now is that the technology is being turned inward. A 2002 DARPA file proclaimed, “the human being is becoming the weakest link in defense systems.” They are setting out to enhance soldiers into becoming heat-resistant. cold-proof. And t tireless.Instead of crafting more advanced weapons, we’re now endeavoring to make humans the advanced weapons.

Back in 2016, H.E. Bashar Ja’afari, Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations, spoke to United Nations about the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic. He was speaking at a private meeting about the 14 US Coalition military officers that were captured an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

However, what he said about those who were captured had to be listened to twice just so there was no mistaking a slip of the tongue.

He claimed at least three times the spies and agents involved were genetically modified.

Unfortunately some member states and the Security Council and the mainstream media continue to defend and support the genetically modified armed Syrian opposition while turning a blind eye to the crimes committed by them such as burning the evacuation buses yesterday. I guess you are aware of this and continue to defend and support the genetically modified armed Syrian opposition.”

The eerie part is that he did not elaborate only to indicate that what was happening could not be carried out by humans, but by genetically modified humans.

He also brought up that the agents and observers there were not from Mars or Jupiter.

“We are talking about observers that are still there on the spot, the ambassador continued. We are not talking about observers that have come from mars or from Jupiter.”

Very odd that this was brought up, maybe a wry attempt at humor?

This has spawned viral talk of possible hybrid super soldiers being used in Syria, while others are thinking that these soldiers could very well be alien hybrids.

It has always been feared that genetic modification, transhuman tinkering, and the so-called hybridization of humans from an alien intelligence can create potential extinction level destruction of our species; namely, a modified human replacing a regular human being. We are now becoming aware that our government and other governments are creating genetically enhanced super soldiers.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has a $2 billion yearly budget for research into creating a super solider as well as developing a synthetic police force. Working with the human genome, DARPA can manipulate certain gene expressions. In experimentation, DARPA and the military industrial pharmaceutical complex are using natural abilities that are enhanced through genetic engineering.

Some of the medical feats DARPA would like to enhance are the ability of military soldiers to re-grow limbs destroyed in battle.

By eliminating empathy, the Department of Defense hopes to “enhance” a soldier’s ability to “kill without care or remorse, shows no fear, can fight battle after battle without fatigue and generally behave more like a machine than a man.”

Scientists have been rumored to unleash on the battlefield soldiers that feel no pain, terror and do not suffer from fatigue as tests on the wiring of the human brain are furthered by Jonathan Moreno, Professor of Bioethics at Pennsylvania State University. Moreno is working with the DOD in understanding neuroscience. The Pentagon allocated $400 million to this research.”

However the human advancements are also including making a soldier impervious to heat and to the cold.

This fuels my speculation about future warfare in harsh conditions including the arctic.

Back in May of this year there was some concern over how Russia was carrying out arctic training. Russia was training in the largely uninhabited islands in the High Arctic, has set the defense and diplomatic communities scrambling , particularly in Canada, which has its own Far North island chain.

Meanwhile, The Canadian Department of National Defense has confirmed China’s People’s Liberation Army was training on Canadian soil in February of 2018 for the Canadian Armed Forces winter training exercises.

But insists they were there merely as observers. It took them two years to admit that The Chinese are conducting Arctic training exercises.

Yesterday, we published a bombshell document which revealed 34 pages of military secrets detailing how the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been training with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The documents show that Trudeau conducted 18 different military projects with China in 2019.

China has been at the forefront of revealing their new advanced programs in weather warfare but their weather modification budget is only part of the way the communist government wants superiority and full spectrum dominance in a future war domain.

China is working on creating a league of super-soldiers with enhanced eyesight and strength, US experts believe.

Last week John Ratcliffe, Donald Trump’s director of national intelligence, claimed the Chinese government is conducting biological testing on its own soldiers in order to dominate the planet “economically, militarily and technologically”.

One of the ways that the People’s Republic of China is seeking to gain a military advantage over its rivals, he says, is to use the gene-editing tool CRISPR to modify human embryos to breed military personnel capable of fighting harder, longer, and more efficiently. This also includes a soldier capable of resisting heat and cold.

Saying that the PRC poses the greatest threat to America today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom world-wide since World War II, Ratcliffe wrote in the Wall

Street Journal there were “no ethical boundaries to Beijing’s pursuit of power.”

There has wide widespread debate about the ethics of using tools like CRISPR to improve the human genome.

Chinese biologist He Jiankui sparked controversy when he modified the genes of twin embryos used for IVF, resulting in the birth of two girls that he claimed would have a natural immunity to HIV.

He was sentenced to three years in jail and fined for ‘illegal medical practices’, but Ratcliffe believes that the Chinese military is still conducting similar research in secret.

Imagine a sniper who can see twice as far as a normal human being or a team of commandos that can get by on just three hours sleep and have superhuman strength and withstand subzero temperatures.

Meanwhile, there is an investigation into whether China used Directed Energy Weapons on Indian troops.

Electromagnetic weapons were allegedly used on disputed Himalayan border where Indian and Chinese troops have been fighting.

The electromagnetic weapons which cook the human tissue of enemy troops ‘turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven’ and made the Indian soldiers vomit, international studies expert Jin Canrong told his students in Beijing.  

The microwave weapons heat water molecules in the same way as the kitchen appliance, targeting water under the skin and causing increasing amounts of pain to the target from ranges of up to 0.6 miles away.   

The electromagnetic weapons which cook the human tissue of enemy troops ‘turned the mountain tops into a microwave oven’ and made the Indian soldiers vomit, international studies expert Jin Canrong told his students in Beijing.

The microwave weapons heat water molecules in the same way as the kitchen appliance, targeting water under the skin and causing increasing amounts of pain to the target from ranges of up to 0.6 miles away.,

Jin told his students that within 15 minutes of the weapons being deployed, ‘those occupying the hilltops all began to vomit’.

‘They couldn’t stand up, so they fled. This was how we retook the ground,’ he explained.

China’s forces decided to use the weapons because the altitude was too high to fight against a team of Tibetan mountaineering specialists, Jin said.

Gunfire is banned under an old agreement, although there were warning shots in September in an exchange of fire which both sides blamed on each other.

While the US has also developed microwave-style weapons, China’s alleged use of them may be the first against enemy troops anywhere in the world.

The sensation of being hit with the weapon was once described in a medical journal as equivalent to touching a hot light bulb. Overexposure to radiation can also cause headaches, nausea and vomiting. 

A more transhuman cybernetic endeavor has just got the go ahead for the French military.

The French armed forces now have permission to develop “augmented soldiers” following a report from a military ethics committee.

The report, released to the public on Tuesday, considers medical treatments, prosthetics and implants that improve “physical, cognitive, perceptive and psychological capacities,” and could allow for location tracking or connectivity with weapons systems and other soldiers.

Other possible interventions considered by the armed forces ethics committee include medical treatments to prevent pain, stress and fatigue, and substances that would improve mental resilience if a soldier were taken prisoner.

The committee said that France needs to maintain “operational superiority of its armed forces in a challenging strategic context” while respecting the rules governing the military, humanitarian law and the “fundamental values of our society.”

As a result, it has forbidden any modification that would affect a soldier’s ability to manage the use of force or affect their sense of “humanity.”

Further examples of banned modifications include cognitive implants that would affect the exercise of a soldier’s free will, or changes that would affect their reintegration into civilian life.

Science and technology today spearhead discussion of a fundamental question: What does it mean to be human? At a deep level, how we think about human nature itself appears in flux under the lens of “transhumanist” and “posthumanist” thought.

Science fiction illustrates the extremes of transhuman form. Even though the idea of transhumanism extends the promise of neutralized pain and suffering, we must understand that it is pain and suffering that makes the joy of the human experience more meaningful.

We are integrating so quickly into a technological hyper-reality that the simulation is far more real than the mediocrity of the real. Everything is so intensified that our stimulation sensors need upgrades in order to sustain the kind of stimulation we are seeing today. In order to do this, we may have to face voluntary human extinction with the promise that a better life awaits through technological advancement.

Like it or not, we will all be dragged kicking and screaming into the transhumanist genomic future and it will most certainly make us question what it means to be human.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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