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Clyde Lewis | December 16, 2020
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You can make the argument that most conspiracy theories are made not for the moment but as portents to what is going to happen months or years from when they were first made. That is the frustrating part of doing a show like Ground Zero. One can accuse me of not covering current events but my argument is that I do – it is just that I do cover them before they happen or that I have a way of predicting how a story is going to go.

As I have said when I was a kid I wanted to be a weatherman—I still am but I seem to have a knack for seeing the storm before it hits.

Finding causal explanations for events is a core part of building up a stable, accurate, and internally consistent understanding of the world. That is why I become suspicious when I hear mainstream news outlets denounce those who posit theories or connect the dots about stories that they are too lazy to investigate.

As you may know much of what we have been doing fell under scrutiny and we were forced out of our studios during the Thanksgiving weekend, leaving us to build a studio from scratch.

We have been ironing out the kinks during our set up – it has been painful and frustrating, but it has been through the support of the listeners that we have had many successes behind the scenes. Many of our radio affiliates across the country have been patient with us – many that only played an hour of the show have increased the show to 3 hours and new affiliates have signed on giving us more incentive to continue fighting the good fight.

We are succeeding even though we have been sidelined – they can take away our studios but they can’t take away our voice and the continues support of those who trust us for credible and amazing stories meant to warn, expound and encourage preparation for what is coming.

Back in March of 2020, we reported that  cybersecurity by research organization called Comparitech published its findings of countries whose cyber infrastructure was failing or was not as secure as once thought.

Along with Brazil, France, Iran, Japan and Singapore, the U.S. failed to improve its cybersecurity stance. Most alarming was the fact that the U.S. dropped from its previous ranking of 5th to become only the 17th most cyber-secure country on the planet. Of course, when it comes to such league tables, the devil is always in the detail, and metrics really do matter.

Paul Bischoff, the editor at Comparitech, stated that the U.S. dropped by 12 places “largely because other countries showed greater improvements and moved ahead.” It didn’t get much less secure, but others did get much more secure. “Malware infection rates are fairly high in the U.S” The U.S. is the origin of a large number of the world’s telnet attacks. Both of which impacted the ratings.

Of course we had guests who were former Homeland security cyber analysts who backed up the need for a beefed up cyber infrastructure and they gave us warnings about how many vital utilities are vulnerable and how governed systems were also vulnerable to ransomware.

On September 10th, 2020, we reported that there were concerns from Homeland Security about a possible massive cyber-attack on the United States and it was inferred that the attacks could happen in the Fall or the Winter.

The Department of Homeland Security called it the “Darkest Winter” if bad actors were to attack our infrastructure.

This leaves many systems vulnerable and we will have to deal with great losses that cannot be imagined.

We were concerned about how a cyber attack would impact the country and even spoke about election hacks that could invalidate the vote.

If you recall at the time Microsoft services, a major medical chain, shipping services and 911 centers were shut down because of cyber-attacks which prompted NATO to make a statement of warning to anyone who attacks a NATO member country will face consequences for their actions.

After the show there were a few spots that were being attacked and even though these were important stories, the mainstream media were more interested in reporting the body counts from COVID-19 and attacking president Trump instead of noticing that weeks before the election we were seeing attacks from North Korea, Iran China and Russia.

Two days ago, there was yet another attack that has opened some doors for speculation on why the mainstream media was mum about the many attacks that were happening in the United States prior to the election.

A devastating cybersecurity attack targeting major branches of the U.S. government put an untold number of Americans, agencies and government secrets at risk of compromise.

The attackers, which may have been tied to the Russian government, penetrated federal computer systems through a popular piece of server software offered through a company called SolarWinds.

The threat apparently came from the same cyberespionage campaign that has afflicted cybersecurity firm, FireEye, foreign governments and major corporations, and the FBI was investigating.

The system is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations globally, including most Fortune 500 companies and multiple U.S. federal agencies, which will now be scrambling to patch up their networks.

The attackers planted malware in computer networks after using what FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia called “a novel combination of techniques not witnessed by us or our partners in the past.”

On Monday, SolarWinds confirmed that their flagship network management software, Orion, was the target of an international cyberespionage operation which the Washington Post pinned on government-backed Russian hackers – who inserted malicious code into Orion software updates and pushed it out to almost 18,000 customers. 

The malicious updates – sent between March and June, when America was hunkering down to whether the first wave of coronavirus infections – was “perfect timing for a perfect storm.

By September many systems were failing or were being hacked and this is when we started reporting about the dangers that were ahead.

Kim Peretti, who co-chairs Atlanta-based law firm Alston & Bird’s cybersecurity preparedness and response team claimed that assessing the damage would be difficult, she said.

We may not know the true impact for many months, if not more – if not ever,” she said.

Included in the breach were the US Treasury, the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and other government agencies.

Meanwhile, Reuters also reports that multiple criminals have offered to sell access to SolarWinds’ computers through underground forums, according to two researchers who separately had access to those forums.”

They reported that said Mark Arena, chief executive of cybercrime intelligence firm, Intel471calined that one of those offering claimed access over the Exploit forum in 2017 was known as “fxmsp” and is wanted by the FBI “for involvement in several high-profile incidents,” Arena informed his company’s clients, which include U.S. law enforcement agencies.

According to the report, neither the weak password or the stolen access are considered the most likely source of the current intrusion, however Kyle Hanslovan, the cofounder of Maryland-based cybersecurity company Huntress, noticed days after the SolarWinds hack that malicious updates were still available for download.

On Monday, screenshots began floating around of Dominion Voting Systems with a solar winds logo below a login screen, implying that the 2020 US election may have been compromised by hackers, as opposed to on purpose as Trump and his allies have claimed.

Three days ago, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued Emergency Directive 21-01, in response to a known compromise involving SolarWinds Orion products that are currently being exploited by malicious actors. Their

Emergency Directive calls on all federal civilian agencies to review their networks for indicators of compromise and disconnect or power down SolarWinds Orion products immediately.

The company’s stock has fallen over 25% since Friday’s price of $23.50, currently sitting below $18. The company announced on December 9 that CEO Kevin Thompson would be replaced after 11 years at the helm with Sudhakar Ramakrishna, the former CEO of Pulse Secure.

Twitter has been seeing some damage control as spokespeople for Dominion Voting systems have set out to clarify that they definitely uses the SolarWinds Serv-U product; however, according to , they do not use the Orion product line.

Sources that spoke to Reuters said Russian hackers infiltrated SolarWinds’ Orion platform and through it were able to monitor internal email traffic at the compromised federal agencies.

The Russian foreign ministry on social media accused the U.S. of making unfounded allegations blaming Russia for cyberattacks on U.S. agencies.

Journalist Kim Zetter highlighted a threat on Twitter that explains Dominion does in fact use a SolarWinds product, but it’s a different product from the compromised Orion software. In a statement made to the Daily Dot, Dominion said that it has never used the Orion software that hackers maliciously tampered with to gain access to federal agencies.

“Dominion Voting Systems does not now — nor has it ever — used the SolarWinds Orion Platform, which was subject of the DHS emergency directive dated December 12, 2020,” a spokesperson for Dominion said.

Whether you like it or not it is conspiracy theories such as these that will be discredited because they indicate that deep state business as usual tactics can even create cyber false flags to force an election in a direction to their liking.

Trump’s loss has always been about the big tech companies and the media meddling and sabotaging him from the beginning and yet count after count in state after state shows no evidence of voter fraud – but there is precedent to suggest that not everything in this election was on the up and up and there is plenty of plausible deniability when the court of public opinion doesn’t even pays any mind to the ongoing cyber threats that could have swung an election.

In fact, the argument can be made that Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. seized control of the flow of information and utilized that power to its full extent – to censor, manipulate, and ultimately sway the outcome of the election.

Many of those cyber monopolies were hit with cyber-attacks last September—and of course that was all buried in COVID-19 rhetoric.

The media paints these social platforms and search engines as benevolent information commissars controlling the information we receive to “protect” us from “dangerous” speech.

They silence debate and other opinions in order to hijack public opinion to fulfil their agendas.. they believe that the end justifies the means. If anything, Donald Trump is a victim of his own big mouth –calling the election a fraud even before the votes were counted. If he were to have waited and analyzed the situation before speaking out perhaps the investigation into a cyber coup de tat may have been a more compelling argument.

I want to propose a bit of common sense along with my conspiracy theory— all of what I am saying can be researched and it is solid but the speculation about a coup from the Left I know can be put up for scrutiny.

We’ve been over the evidence the election was rigged, we’ve discussed at length the potential corruption of postal ballots historically the least safe way to vote, and most liable to fraud. There’s no need to go over it again.

Given all that, it was inevitable the Electoral College would vote Biden in, and the lawsuits would be turned out of court unheard. You don’t go to the trouble of fixing a nationwide election and without knowing you have the judges and bureaucrats on your side first. When you’re staging a coup, the vast majority of the work is behind the scenes – securing the loyalty of soldiers and officials and media mouthpieces.

You don’t actually act until the last minute, one frenzied moment of violent change, then a steady period securing of your position.

You throw out distraction after distraction while the real culprits are ignored.

At this point the question is not “was the election fixed?”, the question is “why was the election fixed?”

The issue here is not whether or not America’s democracy is corrupt, anyone paying attention can see that it is and has been for decades. The issue is why are they making it so obvious, and what is so important about Biden being President?

Perhaps for a possible answer to this question we should look back at the last US election so openly and obviously subject to creative vote distribution: Bush vs Gore in 2000.

The 2000 election was almost certainly fixed. It was clearly very important that George W. Bush became President, and with him came his cadre of neocon warmongers and puppetmasters.

Less than a year into his Presidency, 9/11 happened. Less than two months after that, the US invaded Afghanistan. The war on Terror had begun, and Iraq, Syria, and Libya would all be caught up in it.

Let history explain what is happening here and plan your lives accordingly. You think COVID-19 was bad—there is something else in the works where they need Biden and Harris; mainly, Harris to pull it off.

Remember in the Bush-Gore era the neocon warmongers needed a “single catastrophic and catalyzing event” triggering monumental changes in the way the world works. It was about Gitmo and Drone strikes and Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. It was about normalizing execution without trial, constant surveillance and keeping people scared.

It was about the Patriot Act “temporarily” halting people’s fundamental freedoms…forever. A huge policy shift that cemented Imperial power abroad, enforced draconian discipline at home and totally changed the political landscape of the entire planet.

I would expect something similar for Joe Biden’s contrived presidency. But what form will it take? Will it be due to the COVID-19 “pandemic”, or can we expect another “catalyzing event”? It could be the Great Reset, or the Green New Deal. Or both.

While Biden will likely endorse, and even reinforce, US troops all over Africa and the Middle East, his flagship policy is likely to be domestic rather international, and political rather than military. Some brutal authoritarian consolidation of control in a flimsy “progressive” disguise.

This is the world they are creating for us right now. The old one is gone, and is not coming back. One way or another we are going forward.

But where to?

Whatever it turns out to be, it will be sea-change in the way the world works. The Deep State don’t stick their necks out this far for anything less.

I don’t know about you but it is the end of the year and it is time to think ahead. Think of what you are going to do and what you need to prepare for.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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