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Ron Patton | December 18, 2018
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Lately, I have found myself opening my shows with the axiom “back in the good old days” with regards to all things that are connected to the holidays. I guess Christmas does trigger a lot of good memories for some and bad memories for others.

No matter how many Christmases we have there is always Jesus and Santa and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens all of the packages tied up with strings, eggnog and all of your favorite things.

However, this holiday season is also tied up in the obsession over the weather.

It’s either cold outside or delightful and frightful and everyone is dreaming of a white Christmas.

There is a whole tale of a snowman named Frosty and a reindeer that had a luminous nose that shown bright enough to lead Santa’s sleigh through the fog.

At Christmas, the Nor’easter’s would blow and they would call it winter – now they have given it a new name – it is called the Polar Vortex.

I studied Meteorology from the third grade up until High school. I actually had at one time wanted to be a TV weatherman. I actually did the weather reports for my high school class as we had a television journalism program and every day I would provide closed circuit weather for other schools that were picking up on our High school network feed.

Most of my life, I had never heard of a Polar Vortex.

Now it is the whipping boy for Climate scientists, much like El Nino or whatever evil name the Weather Channel gives to a winter storm.

I have learned that the reason the Polar Vortex is a relatively new term because it was never meant to spin from the North Pole, south to the United States.

A super large area of cold air high up in the atmosphere usually spins over the North Pole.

Now thanks to a manipulated geoengineered jet stream, some of the vortex can spin down into North America, helping to funnel unspeakably cold air down in areas where the majority of Americans live.

It also can trigger bizarre weather anomalies like late season Tornadoes or gusty blizzards that pop up out of nowhere – it is the vortex that produces the flash freeze and everyone suffers.

A recent article in USA Today says that the vortex has been around for 4.5 billion years and that it has been in weather literature since the 1950s. However, back then it only referred to the North Pole anomaly. It only entered the popular lexicon as a synonym for miserably cold winter weather a few years ago.

The vortex is strongest during the winter and usually weakens or even disappears in the summer. Its position can determine what part of the USA the Arctic air will invade.

While before the vortex was an anomaly over the years it has been a chronic weather pattern.

The vortex indicates that there is a troubling dance going on with the air masses in the region. Something that, of course, is footnoted with climate science warning that this is again part of the ever-growing doom-mongering about how this is evidence of carbon emissions or some other wives tale.

There is enough evidence to make the hypothesis that the Vortex moving to lower latitudes is a product of weather tampering as the extreme cold flow dips south and warmer air moves north.

Then as if out of nowhere comes a super freeze. It will be one big blast pushing further south and east.

The phenomenon forces cold air to build in the lowest layer of the atmosphere then to drive southward. The problem is the exact timing and location of the emergence of this cold air is uncertain. Typically, the movement of cold air begins 10 to 14 days after the uneven heating and cooling above the earth.

The way to test if the phenomenon is occurring is to pay close attention to the weather forecasts.

It begins with a mild air flow and warms up most of the United States. Most of the cold and strange weather remains in Northwest and the Northeast.

The unstable air mass can trigger torrential rains, super freezes, thunderstorms and other severe weather.

A rare tornado rolled through Port Orchard, Washington today. It ripped the roof off a home and tore down trees.

The cell that made the tornado took weather authorities by surprise.

Tornadoes are relatively rare in the Northwest. From 1950 to 2016, 120 tornado events were recorded in Washington State, according to storm event data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

From Washington State to California there have been wind gusts that have neared hurricane force churning ocean waves that tower at least 50 feet.

NOAA issued a high surf warning, one step above a high surf advisory, encouraging people to exercise caution along the coast.

Back when I was presenting my show on SAI projects, I received an e-mail from a listener that told me that there was a program that had begun in 2015 where toxic coal combustion fly ash was being sprayed into the atmosphere and that when it shows up on radar it is often dismissed as regular military Chaff.

On December 10, 2018, meteorologists, watching weather radar in southern Illinois, southwestern Indiana, and western Kentucky, noticed an unusual formation drifting through the area.

At around 3:00 PM Central Time weathermen at local news stations in the area, as well as a National Weather Service in Paducah, Kentucky, began tracking the radar “blob” as it dramatically expanded in length and began to move southward. Closer to 2:00 AM Central Time on Dec. 11, 2018, Wayne Hart, the Chief Meteorologist at ABC-affiliate WEHT in Evansville, Indiana, took to Twitter to offer the first real information about the radar reflective plume.

The simple answer was that it was reflective chaff dropped by a C-130.

Reflective chaff is used in military exercises. Chaff consists of bundles of radar reflective material, commonly aluminum strips or bundles of metalized glass fibers. These types of material are extremely reflective on radar and as seen in the tracks above, can blind and confuse radars and their operators. The size of the individual strips or strands has a direct impact on what radar bands the chaff affects.

However, while chaff incidents are not rare, what is particularly interesting is that this particular chaff it stayed in the area in excess of 10 hours and at its peak stretched along a front more than 50 miles across. The material did not start at a particularly high altitude either, approximately 9,000 to 10,000 feet – and the relatively uniform wave drifted from one state into two others in succession, as well.

This could point to a test involving a more toxic type of material that hangs in the air longer.

No matter how increasingly unnatural our skies become, there is still no official acknowledgment of climate engineering. The National Weather Service last week admitted they had no idea of what they were seeing on their radar screen, is this really the truth? Or are there some in the National Weather Service that are trying to covertly sound the alarm? Exactly how out of control is the military industrial complex?

Well, with the okay given to private industry to start stratospheric aerial injections we will be seeing more blatant gain of force operations where we will be seeing abrupt changes in our skies.

From climate intervention to mask the alleged rapid warming of our planet, to weather warfare, to ionizing the atmosphere for over the horizon radar and communications purposes and more, there are many objectives going on at once. Ultimately, it is all about power and control, there is no benevolence whatsoever in the climate engineering insanity.

Patented processes of chemical ice nucleation are a primary means of carrying out the engineered force multiplied winter events.

It is not enough the winter brings with it average snowfall and normal winter temperatures, but abrupt freezes after moments of mild air mean that something else is underway.

The Polar Vortex is being drawn down and manipulated by weather makers.

The Polar vortex can be compared to a cylinder full of cold air. If you cut the cylinder in half and move one half away from the other, the cold air will sink.

The SAI’s cause the stratosphere to be in displacement.

If you have displaced parts of the stratosphere, the cold air that is held in the polar vortex will be released and flow down into lower latitudes. If the vortex is displaced enough, it may collapse altogether, leading to super frigid temperatures over parts of the world.

Incredibly cold temperatures are not a signal of a new ice age or part of any global warming scares. However, the uneven heating and cooling of the atmosphere should signal that there is something happening that demonstrates a radical change in weather patterns that we haven’t seen in nearly 200 years.

Geoengineering operations have been trying to manipulate the weather and with the latest admission that SAI’s are going to be used to cool the planet, there are other operations where a more sophisticated form of weather control will be implemented by world governments.

According to a science article published in the South China Morning Post, China and Russia are now working together on a controversial heating experiment to modify the atmosphere.

They have already been implementing their new weather control methods.

Remember the story of the black oily cloud that formed over Russia blocking the sun for three hours?

This was apparently was one of five weather control experiments, according to the Chinese.

These experiments were carried out in June. On June 7, it caused a physical disturbance over an area as large as 49,000 square miles, or about half the size of Britain.
The modified z

one, looming more than 310 miles high over Vasilsursk, a small Russian town in Eastern Europe, experienced an electric spike with 10 times more negatively charged subatomic particles than surrounding regions.

In another experiment on June 12, the temperature of thin, ionized gas in high altitude increased more than 212 degrees Fahrenheit because of the particle flux.

The particles, or electrons, were pumped into the sky by Sura, an atmospheric heating facility in Vasilsursk built by the former Soviet Union’s military during the Cold War.

The Sura base fired up an array of high-power antennas and injected a large amount of microwaves into the high atmosphere. The peak power of the high frequency radio waves could reach 260 megawatts, enough to light a small city.

Zhangheng-1, a Chinese electromagnetic surveillance satellite, collected the data from orbit with cutting-edge sensors. The pumping and fly-by required precise coordination to achieve effective measurement.

When Zhangheng approached the target zone, for instance, the sensors would switch to burst mode to analyze samples every half-second, much faster than usual, to increase data resolution.

The results were “satisfactory”, the research team reported in a paper published in the latest issue of the Chinese journal Earth and Planetary Physics.

Professor Guo Lixin, Dean of the School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering at Xidian University in Xian and a leading scientist on ionosphere manipulation technology in China, said that the joint experimentation was extremely unusual.

The heating process also used ionized charged particles from the sun.

The sun and cosmic rays produce a large amount of free-flying, positively charged atoms known as ions at altitudes from 75km to 1,000km in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The layer, or ionosphere, reflects radio waves like a mirror. The ionosphere allows radio signals to bounce long distances for communication.

The militaries have been in a race to control the ionosphere for decades.

The Sura base in Vasilsursk is believed to be the world’s first large-scale facility built for the purpose. Up and running in 1981, it enabled Soviet scientists to manipulate the sky as an instrument for military operations, such as submarine communication.

High-energy microwaves can pluck the electromagnetic field in ionosphere like fingers playing a harp. This can produce very low-frequency radio signals that can penetrate the ground or water – sometimes to depths of more than 328 feet in the ocean, which made it a possible communication method for submarines.

This, of course, sounds very much like the HAARP project.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, was established in Gakona, Alaska, in the 1990s with funding from the US military and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The HAARP facility could generate a maximum 1 gigawatt of power, nearly four times that of Sura.

China is now building an even larger and more advanced facility in Sanya, Hainan, with the capability to manipulate the ionosphere over the entire South China Sea, according to an earlier report by the South China Morning Post.

In the China-Russian experiment, researchers found that even with a small power output of 30MW, the radio beam could create a large abnormal zone. But they also found that the effects dropped sharply after sunrise, as the man-made perturbation easily became lost in the noise created by sunlight.

Anyone remember the Hammer and Smacc revelations that were made by SAM an unknown caller who stated in September that the United States was also conducting these experiments as a countermeasure in weather war operations?

Sam declared that the shutting down of the National Sunspot Observatory in New Mexico was tied to weather experiments that were harnessing power from the sun.

Sam told us that the situation was tied to some unknown weather project where HAARP and two other projects called HAMMER and SMACC worked in conjunction to harness solar plasma and use it for weather warfare.

I requested an immediate explanation as to what these programs are and what they are used for. I received a number of documents about Project Stormfury and the High Altitude Meteorological Manipulation Energy Research (HAMMER) project and its ties to HAARP the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. There was also a separate program that was also used for weather warfare called the Solar Magnetic Amplification and Causative Configurator or SMACC.

According to SAM, the High Altitude Meteorological Manipulation Energy Research project began operations in 2000; this program was opened with DARPA and with NASA’s cooperation.

This project has worked more as a signal source and manipulation service for those signals sent to and through HAARP array.

While HAARP projects the ionospheric signals, they originate from HAMMER.

Solar Magnetic Amplification and Causative Configurator was a project that was established in 2002. It allegedly uses the power of the sun in providing massive amounts of energy necessary, and in the right form, to power the HAARP transmitters.

The ‘quality’, ‘quantity’, and overall integrity of waveform and value are critical to the success of the entire operation and projects beneath its umbrella. Funding for this and its subordinate projects comes from unknown sources. However one of the groups involved with the project is IARPA – the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity group which is a government agency nicknamed “The Office.”

He claimed that Hurricane Florence was a product of Chinese Warfare and that we were using our own technology to create a Hurricane to hit mainland China.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut was the result of our countermeasure against China according to SAM.

The National Centre for Space Studies, a French government agency under the supervision of the ministries of defense and research, has deployed a microsatellite to monitor China’s weather modification.

The Defense Meteorological Satellite Program run by the US Department of Defense also used fly-by data in several heating experiments conducted at the Russian site before 2012.

Can a significant percentage of the population break their programmed denial in time to make a difference? Are those who are already awake willing to continue with their efforts to wake those that are still unaware of what is unfolding?

At the UN Climate Conference, 100 nations of the world came together to break new ground on the ambitious and costly way to combat Climate Change.

The United States still has not signed on.

Perhaps our government knows what is really happening and that in the future we will no longer be able to avoid the weather – the Miser’s Touch.

Written by Ron Patton

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