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Clyde Lewis | December 19, 2019
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We all know that yesterday was the day that the Democrats long-awaited.  Nancy Pelosi announced the results of the vote to impeach President Trump.

The whole time during this show, those who spoke in favor of impeaching the President would pretend to have heavy hearts and apologized for what had to be done.

The sadness and the sorrow were obviously feigned as when Pelosi announced the decision to impeach the President. There was no sadness – there was cheering, which Pelosi would not tolerate as she pounded her gavel into the dais.

In a moment that quickly went viral, the House speaker appeared to sternly silence House Democrats who began to applaud as she announced the final vote on the first of two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. The sad day turned into a day of elation for Trump’s opponents.

Pelosi had emphasized throughout the day that Wednesday’s vote was a “sad” occasion, and had reportedly instructed her caucus not to appear celebratory of the inevitable result.

Wearing a large pin of the ceremonial mace of the chamber as she spoke on the House floor on Wednesday afternoon, Pelosi said it was “tragic” that the president’s reckless actions make impeachment necessary.

“He gave us no choice,” she said.

The House voted 230-197 to approve the first article of impeachment charging Trump with abuse of power, with one “present” vote. A second article charging Trump with obstruction of Congress was approved 229-198.

The historic vote made Trump only the third President in US history to be impeached.

Again this move adds more fuel to the Winter of Our Discontent and certainly signals the further move towards a civil schism that may lead to war.

The other day, there was a listener that sent me a message on Facebook and proceeded to scold me about using the term “civil war” with regard to what is going on in Virginia. He told me I was using the term too loosely.  He went on to say that I am doing a disservice to the country by appealing to the most uneducated demographic in our country.

He said that I am firing up the rednecks for a civil war.  He said that I was encouraging the part of our society that cling to the outdated and under-regulated Second Amendment.

He then called them Simpletons that live in fear and hinge their complete freedoms in this one amendment.

He then said to me, the fact of the matter is that almost none of these people will ever need to defend themselves or their family with a weapon.

Millions go generation after generation never having to do so. You’re being an instigator and feeding their fear.   He suggested that those in Virginia put down their guns and read some books.

Well, I am sure you know how I felt about his statements.  I merely told him in not so pleasant words that I have lived through a civil war and that I am not loosely using anything.

He replied by saying of course that I should stick to reporting make-believe BS and that the majority of this country hold no value on their right to bear arms – only southerners and rural Americans which by the rest of his reply I realize he despised.

I am sure that he felt empowered to say what he said because President Trump has been impeached.   But what is most disconcerting is that today I started seeing something troubling on the internet.

The uneducated demographic he speaks of, which of course, side with him are now believing that after the accouchement that Donald Trump is impeached that he no longer is President.

There was a particular tweet I read that announced that Trump was impeached and someone replied what does that mean? The answer was, he is not President anymore.

 I figured this would happen—uneducated haters of Trump would be on the internet today feeding the chaos by saying that Trump is no longer President,

Some people even say that now they should focus on impeaching Pence.

Well, I know this might be a shock to all of the hopefuls out there that see Trump’s impeachment as a Christmas bonus – but he is still President.

Scores of Tweets from young people have now filled the internet calling the President a bitch and that he is not the President. Others worry that now we have President Pence.

Then I saw a Tweet from what looked like an older gentleman who wrote:

“Trump is no longer President. He is impeached we should longer care about what he says or give his hatred any credence.’

There was also one that looked like it was posted from a college student:

“Finally the rest of the world can go to bed knowing that Trump is no longer President well done America—clap clap emoji”

And finally – “Yay Trump can no longer run for president.”

It is aggravating that I am told that my audience is the uneducated demographic. That they are called redneck rural buffoons when I read crap like this being spewed forward by uneducated.

All of them look like they should know better – but they don’t.

I remember when this whole thing started I said that people should start making the meme – “Trump Will be Impeached by the House and not convicted in the Senate.”  It looks as though my prediction is actually coming true and with all of the uneducated tweeters out there – I can say it was an easy call—didn’t even have to break a sweat and the media should be ashamed of themselves misleading the low educated highly entertained masses into believing that now that Trump has been impeached in the hose that he is no longer President.

At this moment in time, I am embarrassed to be an American.

Trump is still president, so if anyone is overjoyed about impeachment – maybe it’s time to get educated on the matter.

The truth is 1/3rd of the government voted on impeachment – there is still the part where another 2/3rd  supermajority vote in the Senate – the majority of  Senate is republican and if they don’t vote to impeach – and guess what? 

He is still President and will serve his term. He will still be eligible to run for President again in 2020,

.By this time you are probably saying well then what was the point of the Impeachment hearings?

And I would say isn’t it obvious?

To get the real uneducated demographic to get mad and cause civil discord.

I want to say to all of the people that were believing in the Pelosi Clown show that she mislead you –Adam Schiff mislead you – the whole sorry lot of those who voted for impeachment have set the table for another Trump win in 2020.

If this triggers a civil war, then maybe you will realize the starting gun was fired a long time ago,

There is a real civil war taking place behind the scenes in Washington, and Trump’s impeachment is just one small part of the action. What is happening now in Washington DC between the Republicans and Democrats is just a mere dress rehearsal for far more disasters down the road.

The US is more divided today than at any time since the historic war between North and South and Americans will not be spared the political storm looming on the horizon.

There have also been plenty of tweets and Reddit blogs asking the same question.

Today, millions of Washington watchers around the world are asking the same question: Now that the Democrats have brought articles of impeachment against Donald J. Trump. What happens now? The answer is threefold, and just might be the shortest story ever told: At first nothing, and then nothing and then, everything.

And here is the clue: When the entire nothing happens he will still be President and when the angry mob realizes that their angry Orange Man is not leaving – everything you can imagine will go down.

The reason nothing will happen immediately requires no degree in political science to appreciate. 

But for the uneducated playing at home what happened yesterday was a colossal screw-up.  In fact, it was such a screw up that Nancy Pelosi is reluctant to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

This indicates that the so-called impeachment was such a rush order that it might be incomplete and so prosecutors are getting cold feet in front of the entire country and second-guessing whether they should actually go to trial.

This would reinforce the theory that the whole thing was based on hearsay, gossip and maybe reading tea leaves.

No one knows the course of action the Senate would take if Pelosi refuses to submit the articles of impeachment to the chamber.  Mitch McConnell said that the Senate would be prepared to do its duty.

The circus will move the Senate where this whole mess will hit into a brick wall and disintegrate.

That much was made clear earlier this week when Minority Leader Chuck Schumer demanded to call current and former White House officials to appear on the witness stand for stage two of the Democratic show trials. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was having none of it.


So, if the inevitable prospect of certain defeat in the Senate won’t stop the Democratic impeachment train, then maybe the knowledge that the majority of Americans oppose their plans will make them reconsider, right?

Well, of course not.

We know what comes next – Democrats that are chummy with the media will make a few phone calls in order to control the narrative.

That much is clear considering how House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff has been dominating the impeachment proceedings without much criticism from the press. The initial impeachment inquiry was held without transparency in the dank basement of Congress, far away from public scrutiny.

 He also staunchly refused to release the identity of the so-called whistleblower, who is alleged to have heard secondhand information about the now-famous call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

To all the Tweeters out there that say that Trump is no longer President or that he is leaving –the chances of removing Trump from office are somewhere between zero and none, and smart Americans are certainly aware of that fact.

This is why I am always astonished when I pointed out how obvious this was and then I get the attacks saying “How can you defend a man that has violated the Constitution and is guilty?”

The truth is, I am not defending Trump – I am defending common sense and most Americans are angry that the Democrat road rage has wasted our money on this fiasco.

Not even a USA Today/Suffolk University poll, which shows that Americans oppose by 51-45% any effort by the Senate to remove Trump, up from October when the margin was 47-46%, has deterred the Democrats from pushing their agenda of vengeance.

Second, impeachment is proving unpopular with the majority of Americans, and that must be particularly worrisome in a major election season. Finally, the Democrats risk throwing their top presidential contender, Joe Biden, under the bus by their efforts.

Now the question is, what happens to Joe Biden now that the Democrats have thrown him under the bus?

Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans will certainly investigate how Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, for example, had come to serve on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, reportedly being paid up to $50,000 a month despite having no experience in the Ukrainian energy sector. No less interesting is the fact that Joe Biden essentially forced Ukraine to fire its prosecutor general as a precondition for releasing $1 billion dollars in US aid. In the event that Ukrainian officials are called to testify in the Senate during the impeachment trial, it could turn out to be very ugly for the Biden campaign.

This could be another reason Pelosi is delaying submitting the impeachment documents to the senate.

Politicians, especially on the Left, have been known to eat their own – if you recall what happened with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016. I am sure that still stings for some people.

We have seen in the past the Left is also willing to poison the well of the press to report on erroneous things and spin conspiracy theories about Trump even before he took office.

This is why in some respects Trump is not out of the woods yet and I am sure we will see in the future how there are more ways to get rid of a President.

But when Trump heard he was impeached, he threw a party.

Trump practically thanked the Democrats for the early Christmas gift when he said impeachment is “a very sad thing for our country, but it seems to be very good for me politically.” Indeed it has been. If elections were held today, Trump would likely emerge victorious against any of his Democratic rivals.

With regard to the economy, Wall Street appears to be on steroids, smashing records almost weekly. All of this points to smooth sailing for Trump up to the 2020 presidential elections.

Considering that the Democrats have absolutely nothing to gain by trying to impeach Trump, another possible motive must be considered, which is that the Democrats are desperately trying to protect themselves. Unknown to many, high-level Democrats, intelligence officers, and former White House officials have been under investigation for many months by Attorney General Will Barr and federal prosecutor John Durham. The reason has little to do with Ukraine, and everything to do with Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp.”

In a nutshell, Barr and Dunham will soon be releasing their highly anticipated attorney general’s report, which will determine whether the FBI had submitted false documents for obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump administration in 2016. The word ‘treason’ is even being whispered on Capitol Hill. The investigation involves a mind-boggling array of top characters who played a role in creating the Steele Dossier which as I predicted was a  debunked ‘intelligence’ document that ultimately failed to prove a link between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Last week, after Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a preliminary report that shows the FBI committed numerous mistakes in applying for the FISA warrant, including falsifying a document, former FBI Director James Comey back-pedaled on his earlier claims that the FBI had acted appropriately. “I was wrong. I was overconfident in our procedures. It’s important that a leader be accountable and transparent,” he told Chris Wallace of Fox News.

But that is not the end of the story. Not by a long shot.

Durham, who has had access to foreign governments and US intelligence agencies not available to Horowitz, played down the IG report, suggesting fireworks down the road when he commented: “Last month we advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.”

Needless to say, Barr and Durham’s report has got a lot of people in high places very nervous. 

Of course, the spin will be that Trump will be attacking the Democrats simply out of rage if he acts on this.  This again will foment the continued war of words and create more division among those who are already confused about what they witnessed during the impeachment hearings.

The media will be there to give color commentary even if the color of red is seen in the streets with riots and fighting.

People are so hypnotized by the endless drama of the mass media news churn that all context and sense of proportionality is lost to them. They stand transfixed by the latest guerilla combat between the two puppets in America’s two-headed one-party system like an infant distracted from the cause of its outrage by a set of shiny, dangling keys.

The public’s total immersion in whatever sparkly clickbait drama gets served before them by the waiters and waitresses of corporate news media enables the narrative managers responsible for manipulating public thought to simply pace mainstream attention away from inconvenient news stories, even after reporting on those very news stories themselves the day before.

This ability to memory-hole attention away from inconvenient truths using the drama of the relentless news churn is the final line of defense for the establishment propaganda machine.

This infuriating tactic has been employed time and time again against inconvenient truths which miraculously managed to surmount the many other roadblocks which obstruct people’s understanding that they do not live in a free or just society but an oppressive and exploitative one. They are able to employ this immensely crucial strategic advantage because the social engineers whose employers benefit from the status quo don’t just work to manipulate information, but narratives as well.

It doesn’t matter how much information gets leaked to the public by whistleblowers, how much information the public gains access to via successful Freedom of Information Act requests, how much information is brought to public attention by investigative journalists combing through documents to connect the dots on the behavior of the powerful, as long as the establishment can manipulate or suppress any narratives that might get told about that information. No matter how much truth gets exposed to the depravity of the powerful, it won’t make one drop of difference in terms of public accountability if nobody’s talking about it.

By the looks of what I saw on Twitter today, the media failed to tell the uneducated masses that this impeachment means nothing – just a place holder to embarrass President Trump and embolden his base.


Written by Clyde Lewis

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