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12/2/20: KLOWN KASH

Clyde Lewis | December 2, 2020


I remember when I was 12 years old, I listened to my first comedy album. It was George Carlin’s Class Clown album. Back then his commentary on life in America was brutal and made me laugh. It was Carlin that introduced me to what can be called political satire. He wasn’t partisan but certainly he was there to check up on all of the nonsense that politics would dole out.

Carlin, who once stated that “when fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jackboots. It will be Nike sneakers and smiley shirts.” Had Carlin been alive today to see the tremendous mess we’ve inherited; he would most likely have included a syringe in the neo-fascist’s costume.

I have often said that our own image and action parameters would betray us as many people would be waiting for the new Nazi fashion statement that would indicate that we have taken a wrong turn in our history. Now those who would be the real fascists are wearing three-piece suits – or ladies pantsuits with sensible shoes.

We would all agree that in what I have called, Clown World – the true fascists have developed ideas that have become so supremely absurd that no one would’ve taken these seriously at some point in the past. Now it is treated like it’s the most sane and reasonable thing that should be accepted as a fact even though there are so many salient arguments to the contrary.

The clowns hide behind masks and they all want you to literally do the same.

Patrick Henry, one of America’s more outspoken Founding Fathers, famously remarked “give me liberty or give me death” when the life of his nation was on the line. Today, America’s famous battle cry has been replaced by a masked and muffled gasp that advises, without hope of a second opinion, “give me lockdowns and keep me safe.” So terrified is the American public of catching a virus that comes with a very high survival rate that they decided to forego Thanksgiving, avoid Black Friday and quite possibly will avoid all Christmas gatherings.

One thing that was monitored closely after the Thanksgiving Holiday was purchases online as opposed to the sales that were made in brick and mortar stores. Of course, many people would say that this is normal, and statisticians do this every year. Well of course they do but this time those watching the exchanges of money are tabulating just how easy they can create ways of eliminating the exchange of cash and to promote heavily the exchanges that are being done on line and with smart phones.

It may come as no surprise that fewer Americans shopped during Black Friday weekend, and those who did spent less than they did a year ago. It’s the latest example of how the pandemic has upended consumer habits and created new challenges for retailers.

Roughly, 186 million shoppers purchased something online or in-store from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, down from 190 million a year ago, the National Retail Federation said Tuesday. Shoppers spent an average of $312, a 14 percent drop from $362 in 2019.

In-store shopping fell 55 percent on Thanksgiving and 37 percent on Black Friday, compared with a year ago.

E-commerce, of course, outshined that of in store shopping but not as much as expected.

 Well over 80 percent of transactions were through cards, digital wallet apps, online services such as PayPal and Venmo, and other non-cash options, according to the Federal Reserve, and that share is only likely to grow.

The number of non-cash transactions jumped more than 40 percent between 2012 and 2018 to 174 billion from 124 billion, according to the Fed. The values on the transactions climbed 24 percent during this period to $97 trillion from $78 trillion.

This is good news for the World Economic Forum’s plan for a reset as cash is a legacy system that they wish to abolish.

The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies that would lead to additional wealth redistribution, but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions.

How, exactly, are these leaders planning on convincing Americans and citizens of every other industrialized nation to abandon modern capitalism? By scaring people into believing that these changes are essential for stopping the next great “crisis” the world will face when the COVID-19 pandemic finally subsides.

They will demand a post scarcity economy which will allow new technologies to replace what are called “legacy systems.”

Technology will handle the majority of monetary transactions as we convert to the Internet of Things.

The idea the world would be better served with a single “World Currency” has been growing and looms as a real possibility in the near futureMany people see this as a major part of the “endgame” or something that will constitute a needed reset to a global economy and financial system that has gone off track. Throughout history, before an economic collapse, the masses and society tend to believe things are financially stable. Only after the economy goes over the edge of an abyss and is in free-fall does reality set in. It is not by accident that blinders have been placed upon us but it is the result of distractions being thrown in our path by those wishing to hold onto their power over us. It is wise to remember that when things do become critical, those in power will not be kind to us but that we will be thrown under the bus without a thought.

History indicates that establishment economists trained and educated in the ivory towers of academia are perhaps the most useless of all analysts and perpetually wrong. Only independent analysts have ever been able to predict anything of value when it comes to our economic future and that is because they have the advantage of not being blinded by the propaganda and brainwashed by lies flowing from those in control. Time and time again it has been proven the appearance of prosperity means nothing if the fundamentals do not support the optimism.

The problem we face is the horrible options in fiat money, massive debt, and the growth of international businesses have all come together in an explosive way. The banking elites are positioning themselves to avoid blame for this disaster while the rest of us are being sold on the most elaborate recovery con-game ever conceived and perpetuated by those with the most to gain.

Those in charge of our financial machinery have indicated to the public their desire for more power. This means creating a truly global centralized economic system and a highly controlled world currency framework dominated by a select cult of banking oligarchs. This would, in effect makes the rest of the human race their slaves.

Over the years, many articles have referred to a 1988 write-up in the financial magazine ‘The Economist’ titled “Get ready for a world currency by 2018.” It outlined the framework for a global currency system administered by the International Monetary FundThis new system was and is floated on the premise that only by erasing all national economic sovereignty can true stability be obtained. It requires governments to borrow from the world central banking authority, rather than printing currency to finance their infrastructure programs.

This dovetails with efforts to create such a system under the total control of the IMF which should raise the concern of every American. We are hearing more warnings and witnessing a push to destabilize the dollar as the reserve currency by China and several other countries. It is also occurring as Orwellian governments float the idea of going cashless as a way to gain further control over our lives.

The new world reset and globalization pushed by many world leaders and the rich elite that say that “larger, more cooperative governments under one financial unit will benefit us all” feeds into the world currency scenario. Many Americans are oblivious to the fact we gain a great deal by our status of the dollar being the reserve currency by which all others tend to be measured. This means we have a great deal to lose if it is dethroned and stand to suffer the most if the dollar declines in value. 

With the plans that have been outlined by the World Economic Forum, we should expect to be told and not given an option as to what is coming.

In recent months, China’s central bank has stepped up its development of the e-RMB, which is set to be the first digital currency operated by a major economy.

It has reportedly begun trials in several cities, including Shenzhen, Suzhou, Chengdu, as well as a new area south of Beijing, Xiong’an, and areas that will host some of the events for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

State-media outlet China Daily said it had been formally adopted into the cities’ monetary systems, with some government employees and public servants to receive their salaries in the digital currency from May.

Sina News said the currency would be used to subsidize transport in Suzhou, but in Xiong’an the trial primarily focused on food and retail.

Digital payment platforms are already widespread in China, namely Alipay, owned by Alibaba’s Ant Financial, and WeChat Pay, owned by Tencent, but they do not replace existing currency.

Whenever the status quo is seen as a failure, the architects of society will rarely allow the whole show to come to a grinding halt, for fear that new and non-centrally controlled organic systems of organization will emerge.

The ruling establishment will spare no opportunity to tell society this, over and over, making people truly believe that it is in their best interest to adopt whatever alternative is handed down to them. This is why, when faced with a crisis, society will almost always seek to implement a parallel alternative, rather than rethink the whole system.

It has long been the dream of collectivists and technocratic elites to eliminate the semi-unregulated cash economy and black markets in order to maximize taxation and to fully control markets.

Among the long list of items bundled by consensus reality merchants under the banner of ‘conspiracy theory’, is a world without cash. If the cashless society is ushered in, they will have near complete control over the lives of individual people.

Four years ago, the idea of the cashless society was floated in business journals along with proposals of governments providing basic income incentive checks to build the economy.

Well here we are in 2020 and the checks have already been cashed – the government holds incentive checks over the heads of the poor and we are all getting a taste of what  it is like to live in a socialist country.

I remember in 2017, I was warning everyone that there would be an attempt at giving everyone an unconditional basic income. I was told that I was crazy for even suggesting that it would happen in the United States.

The cashless income in not too far away – it has been ready since 2018 and the United Nations. IMF. and World Economic Forum are now using the crisis of COVID-19 to implement the cashless society.

Cash is a legacy system of increase – and it is to be eliminated according to their proposals.

The World Economic Forum’s reset has acknowledged some of the problems that they face in the cashless conversion. If you ever wondered about the so called coin shortages at most retailers all you have to do is read the World Economic Forum’s website.

According to their website:

The coronavirus pandemic has underscored society’s disparities in everything from health to employment and wealth. The crisis has also highlighted a lack of fairness in digital payments, which are quickly overtaking cash transactions. Central bank officials are looking at ways to make these transactions fairer and more inclusive.

Payment cards and digital wallets were catching on before the spread of Covid-19, but the shift has accelerated. Contactless cards and wallets got a marketing boost from the (overhyped) concern that cash could help spread the virus, and those worries prompted more stores to go cashless. Widespread lockdowns have given e-commerce a tailwind, another boon for digital transactions.

Furthermore the site goes on to say :

The downsides of a rapid shift to digital payments are well known—the elderly, poor, and people with handicaps can be especially unprepared. Black Americans are less likely to have bank accounts than other groups in the US, and the same is true for poor people in Europe, according to a report published today by the Bank for International Settlements. Small businesses tend to bear the highest costs for card payments, and BIS data show that cash transactions remain cheaper to process for merchants.

Recent government stimulus programs have shown just how clunky and inefficient payments are in some countries. The US issued paper stimulus checks and direct deposits to Americans, but some of that money got tangled up in a system of middlemen. The difficulties came at a time when some were counting on that money for essentials like buying food.

A central bank digital currency—a form of electronic cash issued directly from central banks to consumers—could, the thinking goes, reduce some costs and reach vulnerable parts of society. 

Now, for those who are thinking a vaccine with possible nanotech injected in your body sounds like a chipping mark of the beast system where you can’t buy sell or trade without proof of a vaccine – the World economic forum believes in inclusive banking through a system called “the unified payments interface.”

This interface will eliminate the need for banking as it includes a biometric identity system that they claim is more inclusive than they past legacy system of banking.

Now of course banks would not be eliminated but many would be hooked into the payment interface through the blockchain.

In the US, the Federal Reserve plans to overhaul its payment system to install FedNow, which would provide for real-time transactions between banks. Central banks can foster competition among commercial players while promoting interoperability between systems.

While the majority of transactions would be digital – some transactions – mostly simple transactions would be done by coin and by a reduced circulation of paper fiat currency.

Reduced coin and paper transactions – something that is already happening in the United States.

The European Central Bank announced it was officially considering get rid of their 500 Euro note. This is giving U.S bankers ideas to possibly scrap the $100-dollar bill, and quite possibly, the $50 dollar bill.

Like it or not, personal cash will soon be a dinosaur and your smart phones and your credit cards will be the preferred transactional utility and the gradual conditioning of people to use these in lieu of cash will be the mortar for the foundation for the new age of economic totalitarianism that confronts us.

Taking away cash is just one more way to take away privacy. It is a move for the surveillance state. Cash is anonymous. Having your transactions tracked with no cash exchanges is going to be yet another affront to our personal freedoms.

The reality that Capitalism is dying and the final nail in the coffin would be a cashless society and a Socialist administration.

Socialists hate Capitalism and see other people’s money should be theirs.

However, there will be no money to be gained because the powerful Capitalist bankers will make their move to a cashless society.

Always remember that the goal of the Global Sustainability Movement is to be the savior in times of scarcity. If scarcity is to be manufactured, then a cashless society would benefit the banks — they would control increase and scarcity.

If you were to see your bank account leveled and demanded cash, the bank wouldn’t have it – this prevents global bank runs.

The government and bankers are not stupid.

The fact both the US banks and the US central banks are considering removing their respective high digit currency in the context of a global conference demonstrates by itself that there seems to be a worldwide problem of milking the people of their money.

This should send a signal that the new money is coming, and that the government wants to eliminate anything that they term black market gains.

Many understand the global Ponzi scheme of fiat currencies will collapse soon thrusting most people back onto their own resources. During this collapse, global interests cannot risk the potential of citizens to come together under nationalism and work for their own best interests. They need citizens to be be divided and fighting one another to ensure the globalists can sweep in and take total control of populations and resources.

This is the plan now unfolding in America and the more people that realize it, the more control we will retain as things become chaotic.

If these groups would understand how they are being used it would be easier to prevent open hostilities that would benefit a select group in the future and ultimately destroy the nation we now know.

With the masses under the influence of mainstream media, it is a good bet that many will fall into this globalist trap. The only thing we can do now is prepare for the worst and perhaps adapt to what we feel is prudent and safe for our families.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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