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Clyde Lewis | December 20, 2019
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The reigning power of the winter months is darkness, as the nights seem long and shadows tend to play tricks on the mind as they are cast away from the flickering fire.

When winter arrives, my mind often turns to stories of magic and how the secret powers use their influence to shape our beliefs. I know that there are many people who tend to think that magic is all a fairy tale parlor exercise. But as a man who has witnessed folk magic, I am willing to believe that the mind is a very powerful tool.

Magic, of course, can be written off by those who believe it is fantasy. However, there is power in the will. Curses and prayers have an impact and there is always that fine line between those who witness the power, who utilize the power and those who abuse their power and fall into a type of psychosis.

It is hard at times to determine the stages and so we must assume that while magic is real, the person who uses it has the potential to abuse it and when this happens the ether can open up and this is when we hear of the arrival of monsters.

We are all told that there are no monsters, that there are no real monsters; however, a monster is also a matter of how you think, what you observe. A predator can be just about anything from a mountain lion to a wolf. Their hunger is overwhelming and their need to feed in the winter months is also something to consider.

Recently there have been numerous reports and discoveries that indicate that there is in fact an active shadow biosphere that exists at the same time and dimension as the one we see and live in from day-to-day. While scientists speculate that strange organisms which might be alien in nature exist on the planet, it isn’t a very far jump to suggest that stranger life exists on the planet and that when you blow open the shadow biosphere there lurks every monster and vile thing that no one wants to ever come in contact with.

One can elaborate on the shadow biosphere up until the point that scientists tell you it opens the door for mythological pabulum or religion tells you that it is buried in the abyss with Satan.

However, these creatures of twilight may no longer be just a myth but a fact of our creation and quite possibly a fact of their existence among us.

According to the 1st chapter of Genesis, and the 26th verse, it is said: “God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” Here is the origin and beginning of our frail human nature.

Everything within creation itself we’re told was made perfect.  Perfection the eyes of the creator. 

Every soul was created in light itself after the creator’s own express image.

Man, at this time, was immortal in a beautiful well-formed body.


Therefore, Adam was formed by the finger of God, which is the Holy Spirit; whose figure or outward form was beautiful and proportionate as an angel; in whose voice (before he sinned) every sound was the sweetness of harmony and music: had he remained in the state of innocence in which he was formed, the weakness of mortal man, in his depraved state, would not have been able to bear the virtue and celestial shrillness of his voice.

But when the serpent found that man, from the inspiration of God, had found the celestial harmony of the heavenly country, he began to counterfeit the engines of craft, plotting against God, where he would make man a beast. The serpent as we are told in antiquity tried to entangle man into disobedience to the command of his creator.

We later learn of the fall of man and his disobedience to God. 

From there the story becomes vague and apocryphal writings fill in the gaps that the biblical prophets fail to explain.

Now, none of this has been accepted as canon –and some may see it as blasphemy but after the fall of man there are apocryphal stories of how some of the descendants of Adam learned the craft of the darker side of creation.

Man being essentially created after the image of God, after that, he rashly presumed to generate the image of God out of himself; however, guided by a certain monster.

And from that generation was conceived a beast conjured from darkness and hidden in the shadows. 

There is a book called, “A Book of the Laws of Pluto,” which speaks of monstrous generations, which were not produced according to the Laws of Nature. It talks about the unholy union of mixed things and how through divine natural magic can there be a generation of creatures that can shapeshift at will.

The book speaks of strange spells and tinctures that can produce what are known as Therianthropes.


People can say that there are no such things as vile beings, reptilian shapeshifters, or even werewolves, however, historical accounts are everywhere.

In the Bible, the story of the 12 spies trips through Hebron is fascinating if not downright frightening.

The spies reported to Moses that the area of Hebron near Canaan was a vile place where giant man wolves and man cats lived. They were GIANTS who, when they talked, sounded like panthers. They were large, ate human flesh, and had bones made of “iron”. They were also reported to have double rows of teeth, and to be seen eating animals women and children.

The ability of a man to transform or channel a being, even an animal has always been fascinating. In magical ceremonies and in séances entities have entered into human hosts and have performed all sorts of fascinating feats.

Recently there have been numerous reports and discoveries that indicate that there is in fact an active shadow biosphere that exists in the same time and dimension as the one we see and live in from day-to-day. While scientists speculate that strange organisms, that might be alien in nature exist on the planet it isn’t a very far jump to suggest that stranger life exists on the planet and that when you blow open the shadow biosphere there lurks every monster and vile thing that no one wants to ever come in contact with.

I suppose that it can be stated that by some quantum joke science can bait us with dimensional theories that point to the possibility that there are areas of the planet where the veil is thinner or that there is some extra-dimensional vortex where a second d genesis occurred parallel to our own.

There are locations throughout the planet that are suggested to be the most powerful due to their position and the appropriate ritual performed by the right officiate could be the cleansing moment for the planet.

I was especially fascinated by a recent article that was published last week about some of the oldest cave art ever found had depictions of what appear to be Half-animal, half-human hybrids living among mankind.

In December 2017, Hamrullah, an archaeologist on an Indonesian government survey, was exploring a cave system in Sulawesi, a large island in central Indonesia. He noticed a tantalizing opening in the ceiling above him. A skilled spelunker, Hamrullah (who only uses one name, like many Indonesians) climbed through the gap into an uncharted chamber. There, he laid eyes on a painting that is upending our understanding of prehistoric humans.

The dramatic panel of art, dating back at least 43,900 years, is “the oldest pictorial record of storytelling and the earliest figurative artwork in the world,” a group of scientists said in a paper that was published earlier this month in the journal, Nature.

In the story told in the scene, eight figures approach wild pigs and dwarf buffaloes native to Sulawesi.

However, these figures represented much more than ordinary human hunters. One appears to have a large beak, muzzle or snout while another has an appendage resembling a tail.

In the language of archaeology, these are therianthropes or characters that embody a mix of human and animal characteristics.

The term “therianthropy” comes from the Greek theríon meaning “wild animal” or “beast” implicitly mammalian, and anthrōpos meaning “human being”.

Shapeshifting in folklore, mythology, and anthropology generally refers to the alteration of physical appearance from that of a human to that of another species. Lycanthropy, the transformation of a human into a wolf or werewolf), is probably the best-known form of therianthropy, followed by cynanthropy transformation into a dog and ailuranthropy (transformation into a cat).

Some Native American and First Nation legends talk about skin-walkers—people with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal they desire. To do so, however, they first must be wearing a pelt of the specific animal.

The otherworldly nature of the therianthropes also raises the possibility that perhaps there were shapeshifters ad the ancients described—mythical beings or spirit helpers that were there during the hunt.

These interpretations are speculative, however, and the original inspiration for the painting, as well as its significance to the humans who created it, is likely to remain a mystery.

The rock art predates the next oldest representation of a character with a mix of human and animal figures, found in a cave in Germany, by about 4,000 years. It is also more than 20,000 years older than a hunting scene on the walls of France’s Lascaux Cave.

It is possible that cave drawings found at Les Trois Frères, in France, depict ancient beliefs in werewolves.

What is most interesting though is that the 43.000-year-old find in Indonesia indicates that at one-time human and animal hybrids existed which may or may not confirm a  shadow biosphere. The question is if these therianthropes still exist but in a more evolved way.


Of course, the scientific hypothesis about this find is that even early man had a wild imagination:

According to the scientists:

“The images of therianthropes may also represent the earliest evidence for our capacity to conceive of things that do not exist in the natural world, a basic concept that underpins modern religion,” said Adam Brumm, study co-author and associate professor at the Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution. “Therianthropes occur in the folklore or narrative fiction of almost every modern society, and they are perceived as gods, spirits or ancestral beings in many religions worldwide.”

They make no room for outrageous claims of real werewolves existing even though they are found in ancient writings and the bible.

What is most interesting is that the discovery of the depictions of the therianthropes happens just a week before Christmas, which many people do not know has an age-old relationship with werewolves.

Of all the odd customs, traditions, and legends associated with Christmas around the world, none seems odder than the werewolves of the Yule.

Predating Christmas, there was the widespread pagan belief in Europe that the winter solstice was a significant time for monsters in general vampires, werewolves, witches, evil spirits just as it was for humans.

In Poland, Romania and northeastern Europe Christmas was taken very seriously.  It was the day of the birth of the Christ child and anyone cursed to be born on Christmas day was seen as an affront to Christ. Therefore it was said that a child born on Christmas was blasphemy and the child was destined to become a vicious predator with the personality of a beast.

In the 1961 Hammer film, The Curse of The Werewolf, a young woman is raped in a Spanish prison, she escapes and lives in the wild for a time before finding her way to a hospital where she is nursed back to health and gives birth to a boy on Christmas Day.

Despite ritual steps taken to break the curse, the boy grows up to be a werewolf.

According to 15th-century Swedish traveler, diplomat, writer, and cleric Olaus Magnus, in Prussia, Livonia and Lithuanian werewolves of Yule would pack together in the woods on Christmas night, and then issue forth to “rage with wondrous ferocity against human beings.

“For when a human habitation has been detected by them isolated in the woods, they besiege it with atrocity, striving to break in the doors and in the event of doing so, they devour all the human beings and every animal which is found within.” – Olaus Magnus

Another Baltic belief is that at Christmas time a young crippled boy goes door to door looking for money. Those who do not help are often attacked by demons and brought to the boy on Christmas day to be eaten.

The story of the shapeshifter or Werewolf is as old as your bedtime stories.

There have been revisionist takes on the Grimm Fairy Tale of Little Red Riding hood that link the Yule Werewolf to an exorcism.

The wolf is a shape-shifting demon who takes on the image of an old lady.  The young girl in the red hood is actually a cardinal wearing a red cape and a wide-brimmed Galero.

The young priest pays a visit to a cabin on Christmas day where he comes upon an old lady in bed.

The wolf disguised as the old lady lies in the bed as the priest with the red hood arrives with wine and bread. It is symbolic of trying to get the evil shape-shifting creature to partake of the sacrament. 

The priest begins to see that the old lady is a wolf when it is too late.  The wolf eats the priest and buries the bread and wine.

Werewolf tales existed during the Inquisition. In 1598 a werewolf was reportedly captured and was forced to drink a tub of water to cleanse it of its possession by Satan. The werewolf died of a distended stomach.

Another werewolf tale was that of Peter Stubb of Cologne. The story goes that Stubb was brutally tortured until he confessed that he transformed himself into a wolf by a magic apron given to him by the devil.


The judges couldn’t find the apron where Stubb claimed it was hidden and so it was explained that Satan had taken the apron back to hell. Stubb was sentenced to have the flesh pulled off his bones in ten places with red-hot pincers, then to have his legs and arms broken with a wooden ax; finally to be beheaded and burned.

It was Christmas of 1598, a tailor of Chalons was sentenced to death for having confessed to luring children into his shop, murdering and eating them. It was believed that the man was a werewolf however no one will know for sure. Cover-ups aren’t necessarily the product of paranoid conspiracy theorists because the judges ordered the court records burned.

In 1521 at Poligny, three men were induced by torture to say they had made themselves wolves with a magic salve given them by the devil, and in wolf shape, they had eaten several children and enjoyed sexual relations with wild she-wolves.

Gilles Garnier was a famous “lycanthrope” caught by the Inquisition, tortured and executed for having devoured children. The charge was not murder or cannibalism, but lycanthropy. Whatever was left of the pagan wolf cults, it seems the Christian church molded the material into the enduring legend of the werewolf.

The Spanish story of Manuel Blanco Romasanta is one that talks of a ritual that Romasanta performed before he would attack his victims and eating them and leaving behind their bones. He would strip off his clothes dance in the moonlight and then roll around on the ground three times in order to become a werewolf.

There have been several murderers in the modern age that may have been in fact werewolves. When we look metaphorically at the acts of Jeffery Dahmer and Ed Gein, one needs to question if the spirit of the wolf possessed them.

It was said that Gein preserved his mother’s skin. He confessed that he often dressed up in it, wore his mother’s clothes, and ran outside the farmhouse to dance in the moonlight. He also wore belts of human nipples and would make furniture of human skin.

Dahmer, of course, was legendary for eating his victims which also is a trait of the man-wolf.

There are certainly native stories about the Lucan or the Wendigo.


There is also a disease that would plague settlers during the winter months called “Witko” psychosis.

Witko psychosis is a condition in which sufferers develop an insatiable desire to eat human flesh even when other food sources were readily available often as a result of prior famine cannibalism.

Witko psychosis has traditionally been identified by Western psychologists as a culture-bound syndrome that happens during the winter months. It has often been linked to lycanthropy and legends of the upright walking werewolf or monster that howls into the night searching for blood not only for sustenance but for warmth.

Of course, critical thinking tells us that perhaps there are no humans possessed by the spirit of predatory animals and there is a debate over the existence of phenomenon as a genuine disorder.

It is said that in the winter months the veil between that which is reverent and that which is profane thins before the storms gather. The winter has always been a time where we can reflect on all of the stories of the ghoulish beasts that may or may not be lurking outside. It is even more of a scare to think that any of these creatures can hide underneath the bed or just outside your window.

The howls you hear outside this Christmas may not be just the wind.



Written by Clyde Lewis

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