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Clyde Lewis | December 22, 2020


On the night of the Winter Solstice, December 21st — Saturn and Jupiter aligned together to make a heavenly spectacle that has not been seen in 800 years.

This event is being referred to as “The Great Conjunction.” It’s also being called the “Christmas star” or the “Bethlehem star,” as it’s come just in time for Christmas. The fact that the star is being called the “Bethlehem star” has also inspired many to speculate on the event’s deeper meaning. Perhaps it’s time for the next great savior to descend to earth (or for the Antichrist and the revelation to actually take hold; I mean, who would expect anything less from the end of 2020?

Great Conjunctions happen every 20 years or so, but we don’t always see them—at least not like this one. This particular one is deeply significant for many reasons. First, it falls at the end of one of the most terrifying and unpredictable years in modern history. It actually seems fitting that this year would end with a major astrological event that apparently signifies the dawn of a new era.

Astrologers say this event signifies that we have reached a juncture in between one era and the next. To understand why, we need to look to the planets themselves.

Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions are particularly powerful because of the way Saturn and Jupiter relate to each other. Saturn generally represents structure and confinement, while Jupiter is often associated with expansion and growth, making their conjunction a merger of opposite forces and a major opportunity for change.

This conjunction is also intriguing from an astrological standpoint because it takes place in Aquarius. For the past 200 years, every Jupiter-Saturn planetary conjunction has been in an Earth sign, but now we are entering a new multi-century era of conjunctions that will occur only in air signs, beginning with Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius is supposed to the Golden Age Organized by a new shepherd that establishes a new Utopia—or what appears to be a new Utopia.

Some astrologers say 2020 was the start of the decade of the Great Transformation, also known as the “Jupiter Saturn Pluto Transformation.” After a year of chaos and upheaval, which some astrologers were calling the “Societal Reset” long before COVID-19 upended everything, and Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles got together to create the economic reset the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is supposed to offer us a way forward through the next decade.

Though it is kicking off an ongoing new era, astrologers say that in the short-term, this conjunction might make this holiday week feel extra-intense in the short-term.  It’s influence may even trigger upheaval and rioting, we are also hearing about new Strains of Covid-19 that are more contagious—but let’s not equate that with being more lethal.

Other astrologers say that that it will be a sign of what can be seen as a timeline split. Saturn passes near Jupiter and is especially celebrated during the festival of Saturnalia each December. Saturn was known by the Greeks as KRONOS (Cronus) was the King of the Titans and the god of time, in particular time when viewed as a destructive, all-devouring force.

Every time we count down to the new year we celebrate the fact that Saturn or Cronus has not devoured us or killed us with his scythe.

Saturn and Jupiter also have the metaphoric symbolism equated with the Chief God and Satan – their conjunction is like a war in heaven which the brightness of the fight produces what is called the concomitance of Lucifer.

It is the demarcation of the end of an era and a beginning of new one.

In 1623, a similar conjunction of the planets occurred, but on the same side of the sky as the sun, which meant it wasn’t visible from our side of the earth.

In the distant past, Europeans saw such alignments of the planets as signs of things to come, from famines, earthquakes, and floods, to the birth of Christ and the ultimate collapse of civilization.

People born on 21st December belong to the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp. It is also referred to as the Cusp of Prophecy. Jupiter and Saturn, play a pivotal role on this cusp. Jupiter is in charge of Sagittarius, whereas Saturn rules over Capricorn.

Many writers, from the earliest times, have called attention to these symbolic omens in their relation to chronology or to prophecy. They are very important in realizing that pursuits in understanding Prophecy and astrology are ever-present when discussing the occult.

In the Bible it is written:

” And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

John Case was a philosopher and doctor who wrote predominantly about Aristotle but also had books where he gave an overview of biblical prophecy. In 1684 he wrote “A prophecy on the conjunction of Saturn & Jupiter in this present year 1682” with some prophetic predictions of what is likely to ensue thereupon in the year . His predictions were dire and he reports of war and scarcity in the year after the appearance of a Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. He calls every 800 years a revolution and with the conjunction comes the influence on government and the changes within God’s church.

He breaks down the years that he can recall the conjunction and the significance in History.

According to his writings in 1684 he states: the first Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Leo was under Enoch in 800 Years of the World, he walked with God, and lived 365 Years, and so long was the Church of God preserved.

Secondly, the Second Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Leo, was under Noah, in 1600

Years of the World, which World was Destroyed, at what time Noah was a preserver of the Church of God in the Arke.

The Third Revolution fell out in the 2400 Years of the World under Moses, which was a Deliverance of the People of God from the Egyptian Yoak.

The Fourth Revolution fell out in the 3200 Year of the World under Solomon King of Israel, who built a Temple for the People of God.

The Fifth Revolution fell out in the 4000 Year of the World, at what time Christ came upon the Face of the Earth to work Mankind’s Redemption.

The Sixth Revolution fell out in the 4800 Year of the World, which was under Charles the Great, who caused a flourishing State of the Church of God.

The two Superiors Saturn and Jupiter come to a Conjunction in three Numbers of Years, viz. every 800 Years. Secondly, every 200 Years, and Thirdly, every 20 Years, but these forementioned Remarks are taken from the first of these, viz. 800 Years, which is their Revolution from the beginning.

The two planets come into conjunction approximately every 20 years. Successive conjunctions form a roughly triangular pattern plotted against a diagram of the zodiac, meaning that three successive conjunctions will appear in the three zodiacal signs that form one of the trigons or triplicities—that is, the fiery signs, watery signs, earthy signs, or airy signs. Then, after approximately 12 conjunctions, the pattern will move into a new triplicity or trigon. This shift—which appears around every 240 years—was considered to be of great importance, bringing about changes in kingdoms, or in what medieval astrologers called “laws and sects”—that is, religions. After approximately 960 years, the pattern will return to the initial starting point in the zodiac, and this “greatest conjunction” was said to have the most important effects of all.

Astrology posed a fundamental dilemma for medieval Christians: the notion that the heavens influenced the earth below was unquestioned after all, one simply had to see how the moon affected the tides), but the stars’ control of earthly events seemed to threaten human free will.

If a person’s evil deeds were attributable to the stars, then how could God hold him or her accountable for sin? But medieval astrologers could also quote the Bible, saying “The heavens proclaim the glory of God”in the Psalms and saw the heavens as part of God’s Book of Nature, in which God had written signs of things to come. Astrology, medieval theologians and astrologers taught, was a science that God had revealed to the patriarchs.

The patriarchs were the seers. They would use the stars for divination anf they were called men of wisdom.

It is believed that the wise men of the bible saw the great conjunction five years and 320 days before the Nativity and Christ’s supposed birth.

The conjunction said to have predicted Noah’s Ark and the Flood. Although the greatest conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter happened 279 years beforehand.

Pierre d’Ailly a French cardinal who lived at the time of the Great Western Schism, when there were first two and then even three rival popes, worried like many contemporaries that the division in the church might signal the advent of Antichrist. But he also hoped that a church council could solve the Schism. In order to reassure himself—and his contemporaries—he turned to astrology and to the doctrine of the great conjunctions. To that end, D’Ailly plotted great conjunctions throughout history, noting that they presaged important religious and political changes. For example, he pointed to a conjunction that predicted the birth of Christ and one that foretold the rise of Islam. And he was convinced that a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, along with other key astrological phenomena, would precede the arrival of the Antichrist.

In June of 1976 the movie The Omen was released in Theatres. The film was about a young boy named Damien Thorne, whose destiny is to become the antichrist.

The film of course takes liberty with scriptures and paraphrases a mixture of interpretations to declare that ty\he antichrist will come from the eternal sea after a comet — or star Conjunction happens in the west instead of the east signifying the direct opposite of Christ’s Star of Bethlehem.

In the movie, photographer Keith Jennings played by David Warner points out the headline in The Astrologer’s Monthly, dated the 6th of June, announcing that the “Star of Bethlehem Glows Again” and mentions that theologians have already interpreted the “eternal sea” as the world of politics.

In other words the antichrist rises to the star that is considered a Luciferian configuration signifying his reign of the new Roman order. His new order is supported by the Mother Church (Catholicism) and comes from the Anglo Isle.

One of the most dramatic events in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey series of books happens in the second installment, 2010: Odyssey Two. The strange alien monolith orbiting Jupiter somehow replicates itself billions of times, apparently using matter from Jupiter itself, condensing the gas giant down into a smaller, denser, hotter mass until it suddenly achieves sustained nuclear fusion. Thus, Jupiter fulfills the destiny denied it by nature as what some astronomers have termed a “failed star”. This new star brings life to its constellation of Earth-like moons, becoming a solar system within a solar system, and is named Lucifer by the people of Earth, who henceforth have two suns in the sky.

Of course, this bit of science fiction applies as we have been seeing mysterious monoliths popping up everywhere. The connections to Saturn and Jupiter flourish into the paradigm shift into the time of the promethean technocratic realm of Lucifer.

Lucifer or the concomitance or Lucifer is symbolic of change and enlightenment. All things hidden shall be revealed all prophecies to be fulfilled.

Based on the account of Genesis, the Sun, Moon and the Stars are a calendar then as prescribed by the great Abrahamic God and it is a time for a change. The issue is that, as noted such a Grand Conjunction has been the preeminent method of demarcating historical eras. And as it occurred on the Winter Solstice then the New World Oder is to come, and the advent of the . The world awaits a ‘Savior’, a Messiah, the Mahdi, Maitreya. This is true within the Bible-believing community as well as within those of the astrological, esoteric, New Age and mainly Luciferian persuasion and belief. But Christians are looking for Jesus Christ. The Enemy is looking for their AntiChrist with their ‘Great Transformation’, the New Age towards Aquarius where there will be ‘peace and harmony’.

The new empire is a Transhuman technocracy.

Many attribute this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction as an omen of a great world change to happen in terms of a coming ‘New World Order’ that will see a change in the current power structures of the world. As to the coming Mark of the Beast that will proceed from this new reset of values and government , there is also a need to change the current economic order as a new paradigm.

Throughout history, it has been closely observed by astrologers that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions have been linked to the rise and fall of nations, royalty, leaders and economies.

The Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction signifies a sudden and drastic coming change of the present World Order. As it is, the world has never gone through this type of crisis before. It is unprecedented in scale and scope as the whole world is on a lockdown. As to the Grand Conjunction, Jupiter passing Saturn is a so-called a once-in-a-generation event. Astronomically, when Jupiter conjoined with they were only only 0.1° apart. This is the closest conjunction since the Great Conjunction of July 16, 1623.

When the last cycle occurred, in the late Middle Ages, that ironically was characterized by a plague and economic, political, social and religious upheaval. What is also interesting is that the 2020 conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter inaugurates its new cycles in the ‘Air Signs’ after 800 years. This indeed, then suggests a profound change is about to occur and is occurring in world politics, society, religions and the economy. Astrologically, Saturn speaks of a new organization. Jupiter speaks of an amplification established affecting the financial system and society as a whole.

Esoterically, the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is also called the ‘King-Maker’ or a “Royal Conjunction”– this indicates a new government — a new empire led by a King. He will claim to come from the royal seed and bloodline of King David.

It remains to be my opinion that much of what we witness as history or part of the narrative is well planned and permitted. There are exceptions, and those exceptions are what the universe or if you may permit, God can allow happening.

We often times forget that we live in a chaotic world and it is our minds that try to find patterns and establish order amidst the harshness and blight that is a constant in our world

Written by Clyde Lewis

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