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Ron Patton | December 26, 2018




During the Christmas season there are many children who are interested in what is going on at the North Pole. The reasons are obvious to the impressionable child who has written a letter to old St. Nick expecting his Christmas visit.

That of course is tradition, but many adults who have been interested in a lot of unidentified aerial phenomena have more of an interest as to what is happening at the South Pole.

Over the years there have been hundreds of sightings in and around the Antarctic region. Considering there aren’t many people to see them in the area that is a huge number.

From secret pyramids to hidden Nazi bases, and speculation about military operations, the inhospitable continent is a favorite topic of discussion for many people across the internet.

I know that there have been wild speculations about improbable events that have happened there.

Most of what we have been hearing has pretty fantastic and much of what is talked about is created in order to sell books.

However, there are still many fascinating things happening there, without all of the imaginative speculation.

A lot of the information that is most compelling is coming from places like Argentina and Australia.

Earlier this year, there was a NASA scientist that picked up on the most unusual phenomena as he was flying over the he eastern Beaufort Sea. John Sonntag who was part of the NASA Operation Icebridge mission took photos of odd crater-like holes in the ice.

At first the scientist speculated that the holes were signs of global warming. The other scientists that observed the holes said they were left behind by seals. The holes however were too big to be left behind by seals –so the final hypothesis was that whales were able to poke large holes in the deep ice.

There are some that are not buying the story.

Operation Icebridge is an airborne mission flown annually over both polar regions using various instruments to measure the changes to the ice sheets, ice shelves, and sea ice. This mission has been going on for 10 years and while their missions to monitor the ice sheets to see if there is any signs of Global Warming, there are many so called conspiracy analysts that have speculated that the NASA group is currently looking for extremophiles that would further their confidence about life on frozen moons like Europa or Enceladus.

Extremophiles are microorganism that lives in conditions of extreme temperatures.

There is also speculation that these extremophiles could have evolved and that perhaps they are certainly more like extraterrestrials or that there always have been extraterrestrials there hidden in underground bases.

The holes in the ice they say are evidence of underground bases.

In 1931, H.P. Lovecraft wrote “At the Mountains of Madness” A story that details the events of a disastrous expedition to the Antarctic continent in September 1930, and what was found there by a group of explorers.

They find the ruins of the outer walls of a vast abandoned stone-city, alien to any human architecture showing engravings of the elder alien beings that are spoken of in the Necronomicon.

John W. Campbell wrote the book “Who Goes there in 1938” there has been a fascination with possible aliens holding up in caves somewhere in the Antarctic. The Book “Who Goes there” was later made into the 1951 film “The thing from Another World.”

The story is about an Antarctic military outpost where a UFO is found buried in the ice and eventually the occupant is discovered and goes on a rampage killing those in the outpost.

The movies were made into a radio play and was later remade by John Carpenter where the alien is more of a shapeshifter.

Needless to say the story is one more component to the mystery of the ice continent.

There have been several other mysteries that have been reported this year about strange activity happening in several areas of Antarctica.

Since March 2016, researchers have been puzzling over two events in Antarctica where cosmic rays did burst out from the Earth and were detected by NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) — a balloon-borne antenna drifting over the southern continent.

ANITA is designed to hunt cosmic rays from outer space, so the high-energy neutrino community was buzzing with excitement when the instrument detected particles that seemed to be blasting up from Earth instead of zooming down from space. Because cosmic rays shouldn’t do that, scientists began to wonder whether these mysterious beams are made of particles never seen before.

Since then, physicists have proposed all sorts of explanations for these “upward going” cosmic rays, some are even suggesting that this is some kind of cosmic wave from some exobiological intelligence.

ANITA might have detected a particle not accounted for in the Standard Model.

This is amazing and could be another signature that has been left behind for us to discover.

Researchers need to collect more data to verify that ANITA and IceCube have cracked supersymmetry.

This would be bizarre because it would test what we know about standard physics.

Meanwhile, scientists have discovered a new bacterium in Antarctica that can survive solely off of chemicals in the air. These microscopic organisms can survive off of just hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Taking the term “extremophile” to the next level, these microbes can survive in some of the most extreme conditions that exist on our planet. These organisms are so unique that they are opening up the potential for finding alien life because, now that we know organisms can exist off of only chemicals in the air, extraterrestrial life could exist in much wilder circumstances than previously thought.

Researchers reconstructed the genomes of 23 microbes and were able to identify two species of previously-undiscovered bacteria known as WPS-2 and AD3. Living in the soil with other species, these bacteria survive with little sunlight, no geothermal energy, and extremely limited nutrients. As mostly dormant bacteria, these are the first life forms every discovered that survive by eating air.

This discovery demonstrates how life can still exist in physically extreme and nutrient-starved environments. This opens up the possibility of atmospheric gases supporting life on other planets.

This has us wondering if all or part of these discoveries have nailed down the possibility that various technosignatures exist to actually warrant disclosure of alien life and possible evidence of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Of course we have been speaking all year about technosignatures that SETI has now decided are far more important to discover than possible signals from an advanced civilization.

Technosignatures are any signs of advanced technology in any one of various plausible forms. They’re analogous to biosignatures, which could be any element, isotope, molecule, or phenomenon that provides unmistakable scientific evidence of past or present life on another world, whether intelligent or not.

Technosignatures encompass a much larger conception of alien technology than just intelligent radio or light signals. They could also include such things as massive artificial structures or a planet’s atmosphere full of pollutants. In this way, the search for technosignatures extends beyond the more familiar SETI-type scenarios of looking for radio or light signals.

Other signals can show up in many places and most recently there have been some strange sounds coming out of Antarctica.

A space weather station run by the British Antarctic Survey recently disclosed some very interesting sounds that were picked up while they were monitoring the areas in the skies about the brunt ice shelf.

Scientists have numerous tools for studying space weather, including the BAS’s Halley Research Station, which uses very-low-frequency radio receivers to detect electromagnetic waves produced by lightning and geomagnetic storms from its perch on Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf.

Data from these waves, along with data collected by satellites, feeds into forecasting models that can help Earthlings prepare for big space weather events, which can disrupt satellites and even electrical grids. But the radio waves collected at Halley also happen to fall within the frequency range of human hearing, and audio software can be used to convert these electromagnetic signals into actual noise.

Lightning storms, for instance, release pulses of radio energy known as “spherics” which sound like hail rattling against a pavement.

Some energy from lightning can also escape Earth’s atmosphere before being dragged into the opposite hemisphere along magnetic field lines. This produces descending tones dubbed “whistlers,” which sound like something the Starship Enterprise’s command system might pick up from the far end of a wormhole.

However, there have been many signature sounds that have been collected that are still being analyzed and some are being considered as candidates for possible techno signatures meaning that they may be evidence of some sort of extraterrestrial technology that is being picked up by the sensitive equipment.

Perhaps we are on the verge of hearing about something on a cosmic level that could very well change our lives.

The concept is thrilling, if not fascinating, and needs to be addressed as we have now discovered that the heaven’s can open and that someone can have direct contact with planet Earth – no matter how far away they may be.

Of course there are scientists that are taking the wind out of the technosignature sails by saying the sounds are simply roars of the glaciers and that this is how they sound as they are melting due to Global warming.

The debunking and throwing everything to global warming theory is perfect for skeptical technocrats who feed a mystery or debunk a myth, but they cannot debunk or deny the open secret that the channels are open and that once again, after all of the reports of UFO threat assessments, military sightings, and huge bolides exploding, there is something out there trying desperately to get our attention.

The researchers themselves are cautious and call for additional independent studies to confirm their findings. The Breakthrough Listen Initiative, which works on listening for potential messages from extraterrestrial intelligence, agrees. They’re quoted by Tech Insider saying “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, an attitude that speaks well of their commitment to using reliable scientific methods and avoiding unfounded conspiracies.

It should be stressed that not everything is a “conspiracy theory” – and in this case I would say that this is some circumstantial evidence that pushes forward a confident theory that strange sounds down in Antarctica may be the best evidence yet of strange technosignatures that make the mind open to the possibility that something is out there – or that something has always been there, we are just now able to detect it and present it for scientific criteria.

In Antarctica every year, there are dozens of reports of UFO sightings, strange machinery hovering in the sky, the sky pulsing in green, speeding, sounding geomagnetic disturbances. Google Earth captures alien objects that don’t fit in: everything stands out on the blank canvas of ice.

UFO hunters and agencies of extraterrestrial investigation look out with hawk eyes, detecting sites of crash landings, curious-looking underwater alien bases and obscure cloud formations that pose seductive anomalies.

There is much that is not yet known about the South Pole.

The only thing that is known is the renewed interest in its mysteries and the strange activity that points to the possibility that the area makes for a great hideout for anything that would certainly prove that there can be life in a cold space.

Especially, the cold outer space.

Written by Ron Patton

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