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Clyde Lewis | December 29, 2020


At the end of every year, real journalists get together and try to come up with the 10 or 20 most censored stories of the year. This year while I looked over their list — I thought to myself how can you limit the list to 20? In 2020 you can argue that most of the news we tried to get was either censored or overtly fact checked by the Internet.  Yes, COVID-19 was the top story of the year; in fact, it was the story that ruined the whole year but that wasn’t all that it ruined — it also ruined the trust that the people had with the legacy media and while the majority of the media outlets took on the role of the mouthpiece of the resistance — they also poisoned the well for getting facts and allowing for diverse opinions to be shared about something that has become part of their lives and hopefully it won’t for very much longer.

In February this year, when the new coronavirus began to spread outside China, the Director General of the World Health Organization announced: “we’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic”

In response to calls to combat misinformation about COVID‐19, a group of companies, including among others Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, issued a joint statement in mid‐March. They stated that they are “jointly combating fraud and misinformation about the virus, elevating authoritative content on their platforms.

A major question regarding the policies of the communication platforms was who exactly defines and how which information is deemed to be false or harmful? And could we rely on these judgements?

The judgements and restrictions seemed arbitrary and also leaned towards the political.

It was censorship of the second opinion.  There was no discussion about COVID-19, only what you were told. The COVID-19 issue was handled much like how it was handled by the Chinese State media.

We in the United States saw all of the horrifying videos coming out of China. None of them were fact checked and most of them were all misleading. People were not dying in the streets — and no one was throwing up blood on the subways but these videos went viral and while it was enough to alert people of what was coming – the government was not at all phased as they wanted to pursue impeachment hearings against Donald Trump.

Meanwhile,  I was reporting that all of this “pandemic” hysteria  had already been planned and that as far back as two years before we even heard of the Corona Virus — there were  a number of table top “gain of function” exercises for what was called Clade X, Disease X and finally Event 201.

These events were sponsored by the World Economic Forum, The Rockefeller foundation, Johns Hopkins University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Event 201 was conducted on October 18th, 2020. It was an exercise that simulated the outbreak of a pandemic “transmitted from bats to people that eventually becomes…transmissible from person to person.” It was uncannily visionary, meaning that if you were to go back and observe the proceedings it played out just like what we are experiencing now.

The simulation proved to be so uncannily similar to the real thing that started just three months later – from imagining a dramatic drop in air travel and business, to breaks in the global supply chain – that Johns Hopkins eventually felt compelled to release a statement saying their exercise was not intended to be a prophecy of future events.

“To be clear, the Center for Health Security and partners did not make a prediction during our tabletop exercise,” the statement read, in what just might be the creepiest caveat ever. For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction… We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019 outbreak will kill 65 million people.”

Shortly after the global elite played Nostradamus, on January 15th the very same day, incidentally, that the Democrats presented articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump in the Senate, the first COVID-positive person arrived in Seattle from Wuhan, the Chinese city where the disease is said to have sprung to life. From there it has been a non-stop roller-coaster ride of government-sponsored insanity, bullying, lockdowns and censorship.

Even when we first heard of the Novel Coronavirus, the media, obsessed with the impeachment hearings were incapable of giving us accurate and potentially life-saving information.

If you can’t trust official government announcements and if you can’t trust the media, then who can you trust? Who do you run to for sound information?

Everyone will tell you what you want to hear, there will be those who peddle conspiracy theories as fact and there are some that use conspiracy theories as a way to investigate what is truly happening.

The way to eliminate bad conspiracy theories is to be transparent and forthcoming and none of these attributes were put into practice by the Chinese Government or the U.S. Government and the media about the Wujan Coronavirus.

It doesn’t matter how you now feel about what is happening — as we reflect back on 2020 you have to admit that the treatment of people in this country became awful. Human rights and human dignity were completely obliterated by power hungry progressives that turned the country into a more divided and less informed herd of cattle.

Both Republican leaders and Democratic leaders used the pandemic to their political advantage.  The extreme left used it as an excuse to organize a color revolution that certainly was a super spreader event but the media decided that political rallies for President Trump were a deadly affair.

Anyone who started asking questions were told that they were questioning what was called “the science” — some monolithic and mysterious default answer that had no merit but was useful nonetheless to shut down unpopular political arguments that were against the Machiavellian opportunism that was evident in local government jurisdictions.

For example, although Trump shut down the U.S. border on January 31 to Chinese nationals, the Democrats and leftist media pounced, saying the U.S. leader responded too late to make a difference. Even Trump’s use of the term ‘Chinese virus’ was slammed by his opponents as ‘racist.’ Meanwhile, it was the Democrats themselves who were the pioneers in taking the first draconian steps of locking down society to stop the contagion.

It was during the Ides of March just after a Friday the 13th — President Trump stated that the curve needed to be flattened and that he believed that if we listen to the experts here will be a light at the end of the Tunnel.  This was the information we were all given –” just give us 14 days and everything should be back to normal.”

Now we know that it was all a lie– yet we trusted and even were confused by what we were supposed to do — do we wear a Mask? Dr. Fauci said no, just wash your hands, socially distance, stay at home.

Then all of a sudden, everything changed.

On March 16, 2020, six counties in northern California and the city of Berkley ordered an unprecedented stay-at-home order for some 7 million Bay Area residents. This was all part of “flattening the curve” logic that would “buy time for hospitals to gear up for the onslaught…” Well, 233 days later political leaders are not only still flattening the curve, but flattening their economies as well. Today, although the survival rate for those infected with Covid-19 is reported to be in the neighborhood of 99.85 percent, harsh lockdowns continue to wreak havoc, not least of all for small businesses.

Consider the situation in California, where Governor Gavin Newsom mandated a ‘shelter-in-place’ order, which shuttered, among other businesses, hair salons, barbershops, personal care services, movie theaters, wineries, bars, breweries, family entertainment centers and amusement parks. What is hard to fathom, however, is how the corporate big-box stores are considered “essential businesses,” apparently immune to the scourge, while the small business owner is trashed as expendable.

It was also mandated that people of faith could not attend church services. It was the first time in Amercia where we were told that “the science” was more important than worshipping God and putting their faith and prayer towards the scourge.

For the Fortune 500 companies, however, the pandemic has translated into a windfall. Between April and September, at a time when thousands of small business were quietly getting crushed underfoot, 45 of the 50 most valuable publicly traded American companies turned a profit, according to the Washington Post.

At the same time, at least 27 of the 50 largest firms slashed their workforce this year, collectively cutting more than 100,000 workers, while at the same time distributing billions of dollars to shareholders. As just one example, Walmart distributed more than $10 billion to its investors during the pandemic while terminating 1,200 office staff.

To put these figures another way, since mid-March when President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, America’s 614 billionaires saw their net worth explode by $931 billion in total. Jeff Bezos, for example, the founder and chief executive of Amazon, saw his private wealth go from $73.2bn since the start of the crisis to a record $186.2bn.

It would probably come as no surprise that the very individuals who helped pave the way for astronomic wealth generation among the 1 percent, are the same ones breaking their own rules. Governor Newsom and his wife, for example, attended a birthday party with a dozen friends at the French Laundry restaurant in San Francisco. Equally maddening is that Dustin Corcoran, the CEO of the California Medical Association, was also in attendance. And who could forget the photo of Nancy Pelosi walking through a California hair salon when such businesses were deemed ‘super spreaders’?

Such incidences only served to reinforce the idea that the draconian lockdowns, the worst of which are centered on Democratic-controlled states, were specifically designed not to contain a contagion, but to foster as much anger and frustration among the general population in the most consequential presidential election in many decades. After all, unhappy people have a tendency to vote out their leaders whom they believe are responsible for such dire circumstances. And with the mainstream media almost totally in the Democratic anti-Trump camp, placing the blame on the president has proven no difficult task.

Of course, the media is responsible for this and some will argue that it is tantamount to election tampering but who actually is stepping up to say so? While people are looking at the Dominion machines as the main culprit for election fraud — one of the biggest frauds was the mainstream liberal leaning resistance media that hijacked the narrative and encouraged censorship on social media platforms. In the process they have hidden some valuable information that people need to hear about the Coronavirus. I guarantee that it will not be reviewed in any retrospective provided by the mainstream media.

Regardless of what we are hearing now form the media, in the first few weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak it was reported that the virus had all of the earmarks of a biological weapon and that there was a massive cover-up about why a newly genetically sequenced virus has allegedly appeared out of nowhere and why key health figures in China have either disappeared, died or have been killed.

Say this now and it will be censored, fact checked and debunked but it was actually talked about. It wasn’t confirmed because as I have said it is hard to trace the source of a biological attack and even though Wujan, China was ground Zero for the outbreak — there are many different variables to the story that were buried in impeachment rhetoric.

We should not forget that after the outbreak Chinese State Media reported that Chen Wei, China’s chief biochemical weapon defense expert, was stationed in Wuhan to lead the efforts to investigate how the pathogen was released.

It was certainly suspicious that China brought in a top bio-weapons expert and the PLA to handle operations after the outbreak — this was not reported by mainstream media and again was censored by social media platforms.

However, there are many that are in agreement that Covid-19 was most likely released by accident since China’s rate of occupational accidents is about ten-times higher than America’s, and some twenty-times more than Europe’s – the only other regions with high-level virology labs.

A report out of Harvard claimed that a collaboration between a retired professional scientist with 30 years of experience in genomic sequencing and an analyst who helped design several ubiquitous bio-informatic software tools, and a former NSA counterterrorism analyst suggested  that this possible accident  may have been precipitated by the need to quickly finish research that was being rushed for the John Hopkin’s Event 201 which was held this past October and meant to game plan the containment of a global pandemic.

It was a genomic sequencing of a pathogen — that somehow got into the wrong hands and was accidentally released, of course, with plausible deniability.

Research may also have been hurried due to deadlines before the impending Chinese New Year.  This report states that what happened was a case of increased human error and not a globalist conspiracy. Furthermore, the report also claims that the original report from China about the virus epicenter being a meat market 20 miles away from the Wuhan BSL-4 lab was false information.

The first three known cases from early December had no contact with that market, and roughly one-third of the initial exposed cohort had no direct ties to Wuhan’s wild meat market.

Any or all of this information has been covered up and forgotten. Everything has been blurred out for the immediacy of getting those death toll counts on TV to frighten Americans into a self-imposed imprisonment and economic suicide.

Giving further credence to the idea that the Wuhan Strain was bio-engineered is the existence of a patent application that looks to modulate a coronavirus’ spike-protein genes – the precise region altered by Zhengli Shi at UNC to make a hyper-virulent strain of coronavirus, and whose alteration and adaptation would explain the Wuhan Strain’s unusual behavior.

And curiously, the head of Harvard’s Chemistry Department, Dr. Charles Lieber, was arrested in the midst of this outbreak on charges that he’d been accepting millions of dollars in bribes from the Chinese government.

According to his charging documents, Dr. Lieber first went to the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT), in November 2011 to participate in a nanotechnology forum, which was when he was recruited into a bribery scheme that would net him several million dollars to “establish a research lab and conduct research at WUT,” which became known as ” Joint Nano Key Laboratory,” as well as mentor and advocate for graduate students.

By 2015, Dr. Lieber appeared to be intimately involved with what seemed to begin as simply a nanotechnology lab, but now had shifted to involve biology as well, since he described visiting the lab multiple times per year “as we try to build up the nano-bio part of the lab.” Whether or not this nano-bio part of the Nano Key Laboratory is related to Wuhan’s BSL-4 virology lab isn’t clear, however, if the Wuhan strain was bio-engineered, technology classified as “nano-bio” would’ve almost certainly played a role.

Another co-creator of the Coronavirus variant Dr. Frank Plummer, a world-renowned HIV researcher– he died of a heart attack this year.

Plummer acquired a Coronavirus sample from researchers that extracted it from a 60-year-old man in Saudi Arabia and had it in Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory where it was allegedly stolen by Chinese agents.

The research on the Coronavirus sample was done in conjunction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s national lab, the National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases which is housed in the same complex as the National Microbiology Laboratory.

It was suggested that two Chinese students robbed both Plummer and Lieber of their intellectual property and nurtured their combination bio nano technology to attack specific DNA structures. The result was SARS-COV-2. This was eventually called Corona Virus disease 2019 or COVID-19.

This is why I have suspected all along that COVID-19 is a technology rather than a normal pathogen that would evolve into variant strains and affect people according to their DNA. The question always has been whether or not nano tech and biotech were an integral part of this operation to sicken millions of people – and killing off those who are elderly and with underlying conditions.

New information provided by Science magazine may confirm that nano biological components in COVID-19 could be in the new vaccine.

Severe allergy-like reactions in at least eight people who received the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech over the past 2 weeks may be due to a compound in the packaging of the messenger RNA (mRNA) that forms the vaccine’s main ingredient, scientists say. A similar mRNA vaccine developed by Moderna, which was authorized for emergency use in the United States, also contains the compound, polyethylene glycol.

Polyethylene glycol has never been used before in an approved vaccine, but it is found in many drugs that have occasionally triggered anaphylaxis—a potentially life-threatening reaction that can cause rashes, a plummeting blood pressure, shortness of breath, and a fast heartbeat. Some allergists and immunologists believe a small number of people previously exposed to Polyethylene glycol may have high levels of antibodies against Polyethylene glycol, putting them at risk of an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine.

Polyethylene glycol is also used in everyday products such as toothpaste and shampoo as thickeners, solvents, softeners, and moisture carriers, and they’ve been used as a laxative for decades. An increasing number of biopharmaceuticals include PEGylated compounds as well.

Others are skeptical of the link. Still, the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was concerned enough to convene several meetings last week to discuss the allergic reactions with representatives of Pfizer and Moderna, independent scientists and physicians, and the Food and Drug Administration.

NIAID is also setting up a study in collaboration with FDA to analyze the response to the vaccine in people who have high levels of anti- Polyethylene glycol antibodies or have experienced severe allergic responses to drugs or vaccines before.

Pfizer’s and Moderna’s clinical trials of the vaccines, which involved tens of thousands of people, did not find serious adverse events caused by the vaccine. But both studies excluded people with a history of allergies to components of the COVID-19 vaccines; Pfizer also excluded those who previously had a severe adverse reaction from any vaccine. People with previous allergic reactions to food or drugs were not excluded but may have been underrepresented.

The two vaccines both contain mRNA wrapped in lipid nanoparticles that help carry it to human cells but also act as an adjuvant, a vaccine ingredient that bolsters the immune response. The nanoparticles   chemically attach themselves to Polyethylene glycol molecules that cover the outside of the particles and increase their stability and life span.

Polyethylene glycol—is supposed to be inert – but now that we are learning that there are nanoparticles that attach themselves to them in the vaccine this could explain the adverse reactions.

Now the question is what other components exist in the vaccine that may show up later in the coming months or years.

I think what most disconcerting is that those who are behind this vaccine; namely, Bill Gates among others are people who believe in population control and reduction.  Bill Gates once joked that the Vaccine is the final solution – he was later told that it was not such a good idea to call it that as it was a term that Hitler used to describe the eradicating of the Jews.

In a recent investigative report, it was revealed that the developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine have previously undisclosed ties to the re-named British Eugenics Society as well as other Eugenics-linked institutions like the Wellcome Trust.

For instance, mainstream media has had little, if anything, to say about the role of the vaccine developers’ private company – Vaccitech – in the Oxford-AstraZeneca partnership, a company whose main investors include former top Deutsche Bank executives, Silicon Valley behemoth Google and the UK government. All of them stand to profit from the vaccine alongside the vaccine’s two developers, Adrian Hill and Sarah Gilbert, who retain an estimated 10% stake in the company. Another overlooked point is the plan to dramatically alter the current sales model for the vaccine following the initial wave of its administration, which would see profits soar, especially if the now obvious push to make COVID-19 vaccination an annual affair for the foreseeable future is made reality.

Yet, arguably most troubling of all is the direct link of the vaccine’s lead developers to the Wellcome Trust and, in the case of Adrian Hill, the Galton Institute, two groups with longstanding ties to the UK Eugenics movement. The latter organization, named for the “father of eugenics” Francis Galton, is the re-named UK Eugenics Society, a group notorious for its promotion of racist pseudoscience and efforts to “improve racial stock” by reducing the population of those deemed inferior for over a century.

The ties of Adrian Hill to the Galton Institute should raise obvious concerns given the push to make the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine he developed with Gilbert the vaccine of choice for the developing world, particularly countries in Latin America, South and Southeast Asia and Africa, the very areas where the Galton Institute’s past members have called for reducing population growth.

Prior to COVID-19, Vaccitech’s main focus, especially last year, was the development of a universal vaccine for the flu. Vaccitech’s efforts in this regard were praised by Google, which is also invested in Vaccitech. At the same time, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was funding research to develop a universal flu vaccine, reportedly because the field of influenza vaccinology was not yet able “to design a flu vaccine that would protect broadly against the strains of flu that infect people every winter and those in nature that could emerge to trigger a disruptive and deadly pandemic.

To fully finance Hill and Gilbert’s Vaccitech, and specifically its quest to develop a universal flu vaccine, Oxford Science Innovations sought $600 million from “outside investors,” chief among them the Wellcome Trust and the venture-capital arm of Google, Google Ventures. This means that Google is poised to make a profit from the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine at a time when its video platform YouTube has moved to ban COVID-19 vaccine–related content that shines a negative light on COVID-19 vaccines, including the Oxford-AstraZeneca candidate.

Now you can figure out why all the censorship. No one wants to hear that the vaccines are being fashioned and financed by Malthusian Eugenicists.

Science fiction author Michael Crichton said that Politicized science is dangerous. This got him all sorts of derision. He pointed out that at one time there was a science called Eugenics that was supported by the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Winston Churchill. It was approved by Supreme Court justices Oliver Wendell Holmes and Louis Brandeis, who ruled in its favor. The famous names who supported it included Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone; activist Margaret Sanger; botanist Luther Burbank; Leland Stanford, founder of Stanford University; the novelist H. G. Wells; the playwright George Bernard Shaw; and hundreds of others. Nobel Prize winners gave support. Research was backed by the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations. The Cold Springs Harbor Institute was built to carry out this research, but important work was also done at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford and Johns Hopkins Univeristy. Some of the same institutions that Crichton mentioned are the same ones that support the vaccine –and ran the simulations that led up to the Outbreak of COVID-19.

If you ever wanted to know what was behind the censorship of 2020; if you want to know where the true infodemic lies, this is the untold story that should not be forgotten.






Written by Clyde Lewis

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