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Clyde Lewis | December 30, 2019
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At the end of 2019, there is always a television news program or retrospective where we look at the biggest stories of the year.  Sometimes you forget most of them and others you wish you could.

However, you would be hard-pressed to find anything in 2019 you can look back on as most of the news and historical hindsight has been blurred by things like Russian collusion and the impeachment saga.

In 2019, the Mueller Report was finally delivered. And just like that, Russiagate was over. After three long years of manufactured mass hysteria, corporate media propaganda, books, T-shirts, marches, and trolling twitter messages Robert Mueller had come up with that nothing burger that everyone was talking about. No collusion. No pee-tape. No secret servers. No Russian contacts. Nothing.

But that did not stall anything; in fact, cognitive dissonance, wailing and gnashing of teeth was all over the media and all over the political spectrum – more so on the left as manufactured anger was akin to some form of terminal road rage that engulfed the entire country.

Shell-shocked liberals did their best to pretend they hadn’t been duped, again, by authoritative sources like The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, MSNBC, which had disseminated completely fabricated stories about secret meetings which never took place, power grid hackings that never happened, Russian servers that never existed, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

It seemed like most of the liberals in Washington behaved like a bunch of mindless, shrieking neo-McCarthyites.

Except that Russiagate wasn’t over. It immediately morphed into “Obstructiongate.” As the corporate media put CIA operatives in the driver’s seat explaining that, Mueller’s investigation of Trump was never about collusion with Russia.

 No, it was always about Trump obstructing the investigation of the collusion with Russia that the investigation was not about, and that everyone knew had never happened.

 In other words, Mueller’s investigation was launched in order to investigate the obstruction of his investigation.

If that doesn’t engender a bit of madness and plays on the ignorance of those who wish to hate before they listen – I don’t know what else does.

The current disposition of things has had a harsh effect on the collective psychology in this country.

It would appear that social media has guided the mainstream media in framing stories that would certainly be looked at as ludicrous decades earlier but now the thinking class has fallen into disordered thinking.

‘A country’s psychological health cannot be maintained when Americans seem to be fed information that reinforces delusions and paranoia.

In 2019, we have been given a grab bag of information that has generated a morbid obsession with Russian interference in our affairs,  given a platform for political opportunists to use doom saying as a way to sway political attitudes and campaigns against populism, nationalism and normal masculinity.

The media in order to maintain political identity has embraced a new totalitarianism, garnished with epic mendacity and malevolence. They have demonstrated that the end justifies the means and have embraced radical left groups like Antifa calling them protectors of civil liberties.

Our culture is in the process of being radically transformed, and the direction of that change has not altered very much at all no matter which political party has been in power in Washington. Many of the values that are now embraced by a solid majority of the population run directly counter to the values that once dominated our society, but only a small minority of Americans seem alarmed by that fact. 

This naturally leads to the question: Was it the media that drove the American thinking class insane? Was it social media? Things are not looking good for 2020 – looking back at the insanity of 2019.

For example:

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is calling for men’s restrooms to include tampons in order to prevent discrimination against “every person who menstruates.”

“While free menstrual products are not uniformly provided in women’s restrooms, they are almost never available in men’s restrooms, even for pay,” the group said in a statement. 

“Men’s restrooms are also less likely to have a place to dispose of these products conveniently, privately, and hygienically.”

It is also interesting to note that Oregon’s Portlandia building will remove all urinals from the men’s’ restrooms.

In an email to employees last February, Chief Administrative Officer Tom Rinehart wrote:

“We will continue to have gender-specific (male and female) multi-stall restrooms that are readily available to any employee that prefers to use one. But, there will be no urinals in any restroom in the building. This will give us the flexibility we need for any future changes in signage.”

The city has redesigned all the bathrooms to be gender-neutral which means urinals are not even part of the men’s room.

The building’s 1st, 3rd and 15th floors will have large multi stalled bathrooms that men and women will use together.  The other floors will have separate bathrooms.

This is the punishment we get from the so-called woke culture – if you are uncomfortable with going to the bathroom with the opposite sex, then you are certainly crazy – if you have a bit of uneasiness with Tranny reading time with youngsters, you are insensitive.

Everything seems so backward even though progressives call it moving forward.

It was also the year of The New York Times’ “1619 Project,” a pseudo grad-school-style attempt to rewrite US history as entirely inspired by racism. And then there’s Greta growling “How dare you” at the world with that grimace of pubescent moral superiority.

What is frightening is that when you try to call out this nonsense, you are chastised as being irrelevant – or in the case of Greta, picking on a little girl.

It is not picking on a little girl when she along with others like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez generate the free-floating fear that we’ve run out the clock on our current way of life, and that the systems we depend on for our high standard of living have entered the failure zone.

The question is: Does anyone truly believe that our energy supply, natural resources, resource supply lines, will run out and lead us to extinction in 12 years?

Domestic conflict is erupting and intensifying across the globe: political polarization and populism, driven by soaring wealth/income inequality and the decay of the social contract and the erosion of standards of living, and social disunity and disorder as cooperation has failed to fix what’s broken in this country.

Hindsight is 2020 – looking back we know that geopolitical conflicts are now expanding across a vast spectrum from endless wars in contested regions to cyber-meddling in other nation’s domestic affairs.

2020 will absolutely guarantee a future of Cyber-warfare via theft of intellectual property and targeting essential digital infrastructure, economic sanctions and currency-based warfare, along with a wide array of disruptive military technologies, including “first strike”-enabling hypersonic weaponry, anti-missile technologies, and space-based weaponry.

We edge closer to a time where we not only should be concerned with the bomb but with directed energy weapons, EMP and biological warfare.

We are becoming vulnerable – we have become ungovernable and there are those in an international capacity that are taking notes. You can bet that there is a plan to take charge of rounding up certain Americans that are not at all comfortable with being part of the global plantation.

Our country is caught in a matrix of self-destructive rackets and the common denominator is the immersive dishonesty we have given ourselves permission to practice.

We are complacent about lying to ourselves and saying that all of this craziness is just a fad.  It is obviously not –as violence seems to be increasing and the way we treat each other is based on politically motivated hatred and bigotry.

In ethics and daily conduct, we’re nothing like the country that came out of World War Two. Our national maxim these days is anything goes and nothing matters. That’s a poor platform for navigating through life on earth.

After a decades-long clamor for “hope and change,” that’s one big thing we don’t talk about and that is changing, and apparently we have no hope for changing.

America has got to get its mind right about lying to itself.

If America stays on the path that it is currently on, the end of America is going to come far more rapidly than most people would dare to imagine. 

When I say the end of America, I don’t mean that we will change our name and be something else — I mean that our way of life will be thrown into future shock because we will soon not recognize our own country; in fact, it is becoming harder to recognize it now.

Even when I look at the current crop of politicians who claim they are going to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 elections – I see nothing but a group of old horses that look like they are not going to be able to finish the race.

That is why you can bet that if impeachment doesn’t stick in the first round, there will be a second or third bill of impeachment with extra charges.

I know that some people want to say that the impeachment embarrasses the President but I am waiting to see how.

Say what you will about him but he certainly puts on an air of resilience.

But we can all chalk it up to what can be seen as a political hallucination – an illusory romp of keeping up appearances especially in the face of doom.

All the doom, gloom and divisiveness in the United States has caught the attention of experts who evaluate the strength of governments around the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, a measure widely cited by political scientists, demoted the United States from “full democracy” to “flawed democracy” – a constitutional republic that does not know the details of its own constitution.

After all, we have justice warriors who are hell-bent on limiting free speech on campuses across the country – the press is abusing its free status and of course, threatened gun confiscation in Virginia is now giving us more reason to believe that civil war can become a reality in 2020. 

According to Newsweek magazine’s polling, a third of all Americans think that a civil war could break out within the next five years, with 10% thinking it “very likely to happen.”

In the past, many left-leaning newspapers and television networks have taken on the charge of being part of the resistance and have gone out of their way to ignore the problem of extremist left-leaning views.

They are willing to poison the well with lies and half-truths in order to try and convince a nation that all is lost unless we remove the President—all is lost unless we reduce carbon emissions – and all is lost if we don’t adopt a more socialist form of government.

This is why there is such concern over guns because once they are taken you can’t shoot your way out of a socialist government that goes communist.

The Constitution now is cherry-picked in order to justify extremist speech, a corrupt press, and to justify other acts of malfeasance that bend or even break the rules regarding civil liberty.

We are denied the right to speak and organize politically. The state is now in the process of making sure its critics cannot be heard on social media and the internet. Narratives counter to official propaganda are now considered domestic terrorism by the FBI, the state’s political police force.

Activists on the “far-right” are considered racist, xenophobic, misogynist; essentially “fascist,” although it is obvious many on the “far-left” and even “center-left” have zero idea what a real fascist is.

The political strategy now used by the state, fomenting division along political, sexual, racial, and perceived class lines will result in violence on an unprecedented scale.

The so-called Left has demonstrated over the last few years that it is not adverse to openly advocating and using violence and words as weapons to score political points. 

Again, why are we so complacent? Do we not value America anymore?

Are we able to pause and reflect seriously on the dire consequences of our collective behavior or passivity when it comes to an American’s right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

At some point, for whatever reason, you have to come to the realization that the consensus narratives in our society about what’s going on are false. The tools that people are taught to use to inform themselves about their government, their nation, and their world are not just full of inaccuracies, but deliberate distortions, ranging from the reasons that were given for why wars are started, to the way our political systems work, to where real power and authority actually lies, to the way nations and governments actually behave in the world.

This awareness has come with a degree of alienation. Not buying into the same consensus narratives about the world as your friends, loved ones and peers comes with an inability to relate to them on some levels, which can cause you to feel a lack of intimacy in those areas.

As attacks domestically increase so does the body count and the outright insurrection of liberal leaders against conservative ones deepens the divide and eventually, there may be an all-out assault in many communities across the United States.

As many knowledgeable Americans will openly admit, battle lines have been drawn across the political and cultural frontier. This division is perhaps most conspicuous on social media, where friends and family who disagree with your political worldview get the ‘nuke option’ and are effortlessly unfriended with the push of a button.

This is a worrying development.

The real danger will come when Americans from both sides of the political divide stop talking and start erecting extremely dangerous barriers around their political belief systems.

When organized armed assaults become more common and it is evident that the assailants are doing so to make America great again or because those who wish to truly make America great are gunned down because someone deems them fascist, we will know that America is about to have a curtain call.

Not even family members are spared from the turmoil; just because people share the same bloodline does not automatically mean they share the same political views.

There is only one way that this is going to end, and we have been warned about the things that are coming over and over again.  We are moving into a time when everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

As a Nation, we need to realize that truth is the most fundamental pillar in our modern society; it seems however that we are taking this for granted rather than respecting it. 

When the corporate media fails to remember this central pillar, we should all be outraged because our mutual destruction follows.

It may sound like hyperbole, or you may think I am exaggerating but I can assure you that I am not.

When our record of where we come from is flawed, the new lies stack on top of the old until our connection to reality becomes so disjointed that our understanding of the world ultimately implodes.

That is why we should look back at 2019 and realize where we have gone wrong.


Written by Clyde Lewis

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