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Clyde Lewis | December 4, 2020
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As many of us know, we are now living in times adversity. Adversity is just a fact of life – we know that it is part of the human experience. We are told that we are all created equal and that we all have the same opportunities. But as we get older and learn about what is called the “system” we realize that this unofficial creed or motto of the system being equal or fair is just a myth we love to tell ourselves in order to set and fulfill goals.

This works somewhat in a fair and balanced system.

In practice, we don’t all have the possibilities to get to the goals we have set. We are now living in a world of restrictions and absurd hypocrisy that seems to be excused by what experts and know-it-alls call science.

America has no plan to reverse this destructive tide. I have determined that the new “plan” being accepted by everyone is simply neglect and when someone decides to call it out they become pariahs, outcasts and conspiracy theorists.

Questions are not to be asked and revelations are not to be made. When your life is predicated on raging against the machine and projecting that rage on various social media feeds or even when it is seen in the media, no amount of facts or common sense will change one’s mind about self-responsibility…no amount of discussion or argument that beings up important issues is going to make a difference unless we fight to be heard and find ways to check up on the fact checkers and expose their hypocrisy and their feigned transparency.

The rhetoric of the liberal narrative these days is delivered vociferously, with defiance and a forcefulness that brooks no dissent or even passivity—you are to accept it with no question, shut up and get with the program. If you question, you are bullied, if you are confused and ask questions you are being difficult – if you stand firmly in your convictions you are a Nazi or some other slur that is accepted without even understanding how brutal Nazism was . While racial slurs are abhorrent this pejorative slur is allowed and used in a cavalier way.

It is also becoming alarming to me that even those who wish to be neutral or objective are now being labeled Nazis by the rabid left-wing extremists that don’t bother to read books or check their history.

Nazi is the new N-word.

It is the political equivalent of crying wolf and misplaced comparisons trivialize the real tragedy of Nazism. I would go as far as saying that throwing around the term Nazi also devalues the unique tragedy of the holocaust.

But I am sure the sensitive and woke do not care what they trivialize and so they liberally throw out the term to political opponents not caring who they hurt or even malign.

Many people now are ignoring the underlying essence of the mainstream news narrative and their increasingly brutal and incendiary polemical assault on a demographic segment of the nation—those who are moderate and those who see themselves as conservative. They also wish to verbally assault those who question or those who want to point put inconsistencies in the narrative itself.

Lately, I have been watching those who are pushing the liberal narrative in the media being sarcastic, judgmental and downright disrespectful to those who are even saddened or disheartened over the election. They also seem to be bullying and disrespectful to people who are losing their businesses and defying COVID-19 orders to shut down.

They act as if they are the experts in deciding what is best for the nation –when they are nothing but reporters. Reporters who in the past would know better than to insert their criticisms about people in general – those who have COVID fatigue, those that are losing their livelihoods and those who are seeing how arbitrary all of these so called restrictions are.

Now, recent polls suggest that half of Americans reject the idea of more lockdowns. That’s a lot of people. Yet very few of those people speak up, or post opinions on social media. And this is an interesting phenomenon. There is an enormous fear of being called ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘anti vaxxer’ or ‘COVID truther’ etc. There is a tacit assault

on the truth itself embedded in this stigmatizing. A pathologization of the search for truth. And this seems something that has arisen out of the culture of social media.

One understands that if the law says wear a mask or be fined, then people will wear the mask. But there is no law (yet) in expressing a dissenting opinion. However it appears that in time a law to squash dissent may be looming.

My routine has changed somewhat since we have moved into our new studios—it used to be routine – wake up, shower , drink a gulp of coffee thumb through the news channels – feel disgusted and then take all of my angst to the office and write a show based on either current events or paranormal events depending on my mood.

Now the routine has changed I wake up in my pajamas go downstairs, flip on the TV go through the channels and have it play in the background as I peruse the internet for ideas and inspiration for a show.

Today, I was fortunate to again have excellent timing in watching a dumpster fore unload on TV and a couple of other confusing things that I wanted to share with you.

I saw a fight breakout on CNBC and it was certainly worth sharing.

“Squawk Box” host and New York Times Dealbook editor ,Andrew Ross Sorkin and fixed-income correspondent Rick Santelli  got into one of the most heated scream fests I have seen in a while.

It all started with a pre-jobs report discussion of the worsening employment picture for America’s retail workers, before things quickly took a turn for the dramatic.

Santelli then piped up and said: “Why are those people any less safe in a restaurant with plexiglass…I think it’s really sad, when we look at the services sector…that particular dynamic should be studied more, You can’t tell me that shutting down…which is certainly the easiest answer…is the only answer”.

Sorkin would not have that kind of talk on his show and launched into a patronizing diatribe about the differences between big box retailers, restaurants and churches, and why Santelli was doing viewers a “disservice” by disregarding the science”

When I hear newscaster use “the science” as a dismissive way to end an argument I get so damn angry –because I am sure none of them have any science background and so they parrot the phrase in order to act as if they have the moral high ground.

Sorkin went on to say “The difference between a big box retailer, and a restaurant – or frankly, a church – are so different it’s unbelievable.

An incredulous Santelli shot back: “500 people in a Lowes aren’t any safer than 150 people in a restaurant that holds 600…and I live in an area with a lot of restaurants that have fought back…and they’re open.”

After some more screaming back and forth, Sorkin accused Santelli of avocating for people to go “packing into restaurants”, which is not what he said.

Santelli interjected: “I think our viewers are smart enough to make those decisions on their own!”

Sorkin continued to insist that he was merely trying to educate viewers about “the science” of COVID-19. Then CNBC economics correspondent Steve Liesman joined in, smugly asking about the numbers of the dead and said “how’s that working out for you, Rick?”

“Just fine,” Santelli replied, before trying to explain that while he feels for every family that has lost a loved one to COVID-19, that simply exploring alternatives that might help keep everybody safe while also protecting small businesses and workers would be a wise move.

Before he could continue, Becky Quick jumped in to stop the fight, politely asking her three male colleagues to drop it, positing that they could shout at each other all morning and still wouldn’t get anywhere.

Later on in the morning, CNBC hastily went into damage control mode, deploying Jim Cramer, who frequently talks about how COVID has impacted his restaurant business, to calmly explain why people should continue to wear masks.

Though we must say: We’d really enjoy hearing Sorkin explain how Big Box stores are “completely different” from restaurants and churches. All three can be found in interchangeable strip malls across the country.

Simply pointing out inconsistencies in all of the COVID-19 rhetoric has become a dangerous and often degrading affair. It has turned people into monsters –and they tend to become bullies – but there is something I feel that is deeper to all this.

There is another layer involved in the shaping of opinion. And perhaps it is better to describe this as the shaping of consciousness itself. And this is because its really not just opinion, it’s something both more expansive and much deeper.

One aspect is the now glaring infantilizing of the public—people are being scolded by critical parents that have no right to be that way – they are utilizing a system of systemic unfairness and are becoming the very bullies and microagressors that they claimed they detested. 

The most ardent virtue signaling is found among the affluent liberals of urban America. And these are people with great visibility and are also the target demographic for advertisers.

The same hostility to free speech is found in regards to actual democracy. Now, this is not a majority opinion, I don’t think, but like the lockdown polls my guess would be about half. So who makes up this half of the US that is hostile to stuff like free speech or democratic procedures? Again, my guess is the educated white liberal class. The so called educated White liberal class own the narrative – and they decide who the Nazis are – they decide what pejoratives are and they decide when it is okay to use them to demonstrate their version of Prejudice and bigotry.

These are the people who exhibited an out-sized hatred of Donald Trump to the extent that anything he said was going to be opposed and this includes the pandemic. These are the same people who are shouting that Trump is staging a coup –and his ideas of voter fraud are false when they were touting Russian collusion when Hillary lost.

We are all being shut in our homes and are being subjected to what can be seen as “the screen culture.” Everything we believe comes from the screen and it controlled by the white liberal elite.

In the age of screen culture, the waves of opinion form quickly and migrate often and rarely can be rationally explained. Something in cyber culture, Which is endemic of the lockdowns encourages simplistic narratives of good and evil. And in times of uncertainty there seems a default setting of ‘trust’ regarding state institutions.

This also all falls under infantilism. When you are a child you tend to trust Daddy or Mommy – you mimic your friends – this is what is happening now.

There are psychological aspects to this beyond just the inherent influence of screen culture. And this is a subject that does not lend itself to simplistic discussion – but I think this needs to be discussed – and revealed because the media or government won’t t ell you that they see as children that need a good spanking now and again.

If we want to talk about Nazi idioms – I have one that applies here Der Furhrer. The supreme leader or the Father figure that no one questions.

Because there is no single Fuhrer figure in contemporary America, this attachment is diffused over a variety of figures. Why, for example, is Dr. Fauci so respected? Nothing in his dodgy career history explains this. Same goes with Bill Gates – he is no expert just the Father or Fuhrer of vaccines and human culling.

Why are the countless dissenting doctors and respected researchers ignored? Because they don’t have the money or the love of those who see them as Fuhrer’s.

There is an inherent authority in the TV close-up, and that is what TV and its extension to laptop and tablet screens achieves. The public is in thrall to figures of authority, even if entirely artificial. If they are on TV a lot they must be important.

They are he ones they identify with and feel they own.

It’s like politics – people vote for the guy that looks good on TV – says all the right things and doesn’t act like a human being. Now he has to act like a kind and gentle.

Politics is like shopping – we always buy the biggest the boldest and the cheapest. It is kind of like buying toilet paper in a panic – it is big, it’s cheap and it will wipe the world for you.

The identification of a “leader” in the political sphere (and with history) is identical to how the public identifies with a Rock Star or a Hollywood actor. I have always said that Obama was a Rock Star President and Trump was a reality TV star – literally.

Now we see the same thing happening with the so called experts that we see on TV – they look credible but what do we know they are on TV and they say the magic words so we are convinced.

Back in the day of Hitler, people didn’t necessarily like him but they certainly believed that the Jews were the Devil because experts in cool uniforms told them so.

 The bad faith that resonates throughout the U.S. public discourse is an engine for resentment and rage. And everything has come to feel like a fiction.

There is also a strange merging of several social movements. One is the Green New Deal and another is the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lockdowns, and then the Klaus Schwab along Bill Gates and friends pushing so-called “Great Reset”.

These are the privatized corporate movements that are passed off as social reform. If you say it is otherwise, you are a conspiracy theorist. 

Now, the same can be said of Black Lives Matter but to a far less degree because that movement is far less unified. And Defunding the Police even more so, and this because much of that is driven by the formerly incarcerated. But the principle remains.

The Covid phenomenon, however, stands apart as the most drastic and grotesque manufacturing of crisis perhaps ever. Maybe in human history. There is no crisis. The flu has similar numbers for fatalities and for infection. And now much state policy is attached to positive test results for a test nobody even the manufacturers really trusts. So who is driving this hysteria?

Almost nobody can argue the lockdowns will cause more death, and more suffering. Already there are acute spikes in suicide, and drug overdose, as well as domestic abuse and depression and homelessness. The answer to who constitutes the engine behind this hysteria is likely the same people, by and large, who are driving the above-mentioned attempts to rescue Capitalism.

Homelessness is reaching proportions never even dreamed of even by dystopian Sci Fi writers. And with this is comes a new criminalizing of poverty. The poor were always resented in America, but now those who do the resenting are feeling emboldened by the media and their experts who push agendas of moral failure. This creates a new patriotism – or a new awakening where those who adhered to the draconian mandates were more patriotic and bold then those who struggled.

You wear the mask because you care about people. However, nothing is too severe for those who refuse. There is an overwhelming self-righteousness in American society today. The next stage will be mandatory vaccination. And with that we will have arrived at an existence of pure symbolism, disconnected from reality. Fear keeping you inline –and critical parents that utilize the tattle tale approach to raising the dysfunctional family.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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