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Ron Patton | December 8, 2017




The death of John Lennon has touched people of all ages. Lennon died when Rock and Roll was trying to pry itself from the morass of Disco. The mix of disco, rock and pop spat out New Wave and Lennon and his beloved wife Yoko Ono saw it as an opportunity to create new music. Lennon was excited to hear bands like Cheap Trick and The B52’s create sounds that reminded him of his glory days. He died during a comeback, shot down in front of his apartment in New York.

I was teenager who established a rock and roll club at my high school denouncing disco because my favorite rock band KISS decided to record a disco track. I decided that music needed to be satanic again and joked that the devil abandoned rock because all the cool people went to Studio 54.

In order to be a legitimate club in high school, you had to participate in school activities. The big activity was the Christmas tree contest where student clubs would decorate a tree for charity. The “Rock On” club as we called ourselves decided to do a tree with gold and silver guitars and drum kits hanging from its branches. We also made ornaments with the names if every hard rock band we could think of. Someone actually said, what about The Beatles? I sneered and said “No Beatles ornaments” but I did say that it would be cool to but a White Album and a Magical Mystery tour album cover under the tree.

We had finished the tree and put it on display in the hall ready for the judges to look it over. We stayed after school to make sure it was perfect. I went home and heard on the radio that John Lennon was shot in front of his home.

I immediately felt sick. Elton John was on the radio talking about how much he was going to miss him. I called a friend and said to him “We need to do something about Lennon’s death.” He told me he knew a girl who sketched pictures of people and that she could do a quick sketch of Lennon. He would have it framed in the morning and then we could hang it behind our tree.

When I arrived at school I was told that our tree had won the contest. I was surprised. Because I had seen the other trees and ours looked like it was taken from a Charlie Brown Christmas. It was simple and not as good as the others. I had walked down the hall to see the award certificate at the tree, still astonished that we won.

I noticed when I arrived that the tree had fake strawberries hanging off of it. The White Album and the Sergeant pepper album still under the tree. Someone had turned our tree into a John Lennon Memorial tree. There was a poster on the wall near to the tree. It said “Remember.” Finally, the sketch of Lennon arrived and we hung it on the wall.

To this day, I do not know who put strawberries on the Christmas tree. It remains as mysterious as the death of John Lennon.

Mark David Chapman allegedly shot Lennon and acted alone in front of the Dakota. We are told that Lennon died from gunshot wounds from a .38 caliber snub nose revolver: two in the left shoulder, two in the upper left side of the back. The accounts say four shots, and maybe five shots were fired. There are 6 rounds in a .38. There were reports of seven bullet holes. After Chapman shot Lennon he didn’t flee. He stood there with the gun. The door man walked up and took the gun passively out of Chapman’s hand and said “Do you know what you have done?” Chapman replied ‘Yes I have shot John Lennon.”

The Doorman at the Dakota, Jose Perdomo yelled at Chapman to leave. Chapman stayed, took off his coat and waited for police to arrive. Perdomo identified Chapman as the killer.

Jose Perdomo had a secret; it was a secret that not many know. Perdomo used to punch a CIA meal ticket. His full name was Jose Joaquin Sanjenis Perdomo. Perdomo was also known as “Joaquin Sanjenis,” and “Sam Jenis.” He was an anti-Castro Cuban exile who was a member of Brigade 2506. The brigade eventually joined Alpha 66 during the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961.

Chapman said that he heard someone whisper, “do it, do it, do it.” Was it Perdomo? The Doorman at the Dakota once worked with Frank Sturgis, the Watergate Burglar and another member of a death squad called Operation 40 that was involved with the Bay of Pigs and may have been responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy. In fact, Perdomo and Chapman discussed the Bay of Pigs Invasion and JFK’s assassination a few hours before Lennon was killed. The Doorman for the longest time had been misidentified as Jay Hastings. No one knew about Perdomo until 1987.

There is also a little known fact that John Hinckley Junior attended the prayer vigil that was held for Lennon on December 14th 1980 in Central Park.

Only a few years after his death, Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, helped produce a TV movie called John and Yoko: A Love Story. All seemed to be going well until it was discovered that Mark Lindsay, the near lookalike they’d cast to play Lennon, was actually named Mark Chapman.

Mark Lindsay Chapman was cast as John Lennon in a movie with Lindsay Lohan called, Chapter 27. The movie is about Mark Chapman and the events that lead up to the murder of John Lennon.

Lindsay Lohan was chosen to play the role of Rosemary in Michael Bay’s remake of Rosemary’s Baby.

The original horror film Rosemary’s Baby was directed by Roman Polanski who was the husband of Manson Family murder victim Sharon Tate.

Sharon Tate was stabbed to death in the Manson family rampage. She along with her unborn child was killed by cult members, in her living room, with her friends. These cult members were controlled by a charismatic leader who was under the influence of acid and who interpreted religious messages from a Beatles Album.

The movie, Rosemary’s Baby, tends to foreshadow the events of the Manson family murders. Rosemary has a knife and she enters a room with the Cult members waiting to take the child.

In the final moments, it is too late. Her fate is sealed.

The apartment scenes in Rosemary’s Baby were filmed at the Dakota Apartments in New York. The same place where John Lennon was shot by Mark David Chapman .
Mark David Chapman was another alleged CIA mind control asset like Manson who was allegedly triggered into killing while under mind control.

Mia Farrow played Rosemary in the film The Song “Dear Prudence” on the White Album is about Mia Farrow’s Sister Prudence.

John Lennon’s murder at the Dakota Apartments by Mark David Chapman yet again churns a number of strange coincidences. Mark David Chapman Lennon’s assassin,
also has a coincidental tie in with the Manson killings. It was Winifred Chapman, a maid hired by Polanski that found the bodies massacred by the Manson Family.

It appears that Lennon and his associates were somehow connected in some strange temporal loop where universes would collide and associations would indicate that John Lennon and even his band the Beatles arrived on the scene at just the right time to make them the most revered band in the history of Rock Music.

There have been a few science fiction theories about how The Beatles may have been time travelers or at least were poised for a connection that was cosmically perfect in order to change the world with theory music and their personalities.

In fact, it has been rumored in conspiracy circles that The Beatles were so unique that they were used by the Tavistock Institute for a social engineering experiment.

In Dr. John Coleman’s book the “Committee of 300” it is documented there have always been plans in the works to socially engineer the populace into a globalist ideology.

Coleman also postulates that the Tavistock Institute used music and employed rock groups like the Beatles to insert messages into their albums. According to Coleman, The Beatles were brought to the United States as part of a social experiment which would subject large population groups to brainwashing of which they were not even aware. Other bands like the Rolling Stones were also used in this experiment. The albums were made, the repetition took hold and the social changes began.

One of the albums that created social change was The Beatles White Album. Along with Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club band, the White Album is considered a masterpiece. The albums were experimental and were allegedly completed with the help of Tavistock using techniques of audio manipulation, subliminal messaging and back masking.

Another so-called proof that The Beatles may have been supernaturally connected in the quantum timeline is the strange clues on albums and album covers of the possible death of Paul McCartney.

To this day, this form of Tulpa has yet created another timeline where Paul McCartney died in a car crash November 9, 1966. His alleged death was more or less, an attempt to avoid a paradox as the McCartney in 1966 had been replaced by a doppelganger allegedly form the future and that he assumed Paul’s identity.

Allegedly after the “Paul of the future” arrived, the band had their major success.

Official Rock history that describes the contemporary timeline, claims that The Beatles broke up in 1969, but like all dates and time lines that fall victim to the Mandela Effect, the Beatles had parted ways in 1970.

Another unknown history states that when Paul McCartney allegedly died, or went back to the multiverse somewhere, John Lennon was certain that the Beatles would not work and started speaking openly about not touring or even performing as far back as 1966.

The Beatles in their death throes were one of the most mysterious and complicated rock and roll stories of the 20th century, as well as the most dispiriting. The Beatles hadn’t just made music, they had made their times, as surely as any political force or influential movement – they fulfilled their destiny in at least this time line or any other for that matter.

Not surprisingly, the mystery did not end after their alleged break up – people were still questioning the Paul is Dead rumor and the Beatles various disappearing acts and their dabbling in the occult and eastern philosophies generated a bit of mythology and fiction surrounding their whereabouts.

Science-fiction writer Stephen Baxter published a story called The Twelfth Album, and details an alternative reality in which a lost Beatles LP is discovered. The fictional record features songs that were, in the real world, written and recorded as solo projects. However, in this narrative parallel universe, the group never disbanded.

According to the story, a couple of men in an alternate universe happen upon a twelfth and final Beatles album never recorded in our timeline called God.

Once again, a mythology was spun about the Beatles being time travelers and that through their associations with Tavistock and other world government operations were able to actually be the first rock band ever to pass through a dimensional Rosen Bridge.

It all sounds too good to be true as most of these outrageous conspiracy theories are – but The Paul is dead story still lingers in the minds of the fans.

Then on September 9, 2009 (9/9/9) a man who claimed to be James Richards made an outrageous claim.

He claimed that in an isolated patch of the Californian desert called Del Puerto Canyon, while in hot pursuit of his runaway dog, he tripped and knocked himself unconscious.

When he came to he found himself in an unfamiliar room, containing numerous commonplace household furnishings as well as a strange and otherworldly electronic machine. Outside he could hear the loud traffic, a sound unfamiliar to the lifeless desert of Del Puerto.

Richards soon discovered the room belonged to a man named Jonas. Jonas, it turned out, was from a parallel dimension.

Jonas decided to help Richards by patching up his wounded head.

Apparently, Richards was able to recall some details of the parallel universe such as Ketchup was purple in this universe and that The Beatles were still together as a rock band.

While he was in Jonas’ room he noticed that he had a cassette that was labeled “Everyday Chemistry “which he claimed was an album that was recorded by the Beatles in that parallel universe.

The problem with trying to debunk a story about a parallel universe is that it is, in its very nature, impossible. No matter how crazy the claims are and no matter how clichéd the storytelling, there is no surefire way to disprove time displacement stories.

I actually had a time displacement experience in Utah when I ate at a place called “The Coon Chicken Inn.” I never heard of the place until I saw the movie, “Ghost World “where one of the characters in the film collected Coon Chicken inn Memorabilia. I mentioned that I had eaten chicken there in the 1980’s in Utah.

But there was a problem with that story.

There really was a place called “The Coon Chicken Inn” in Utah but the restaurant was forced to shut down in 1958.

To this day I don’t know how that happened – I even contacted the family that owned the rights to the old racially insensitive restaurant and they quizzed me about the story and determined that I ate at one of the restaurants, but how is anyone’s guess.

In the case of James Richards, he allegedly brought forward proof of his time displacement experience in the form of the cassette.

All eleven tracks of the non-existent Beatles album were put online as proof. And perhaps even stranger than the purple ketchup of an alternate existence, is the fact that the songs on the album are awesome and it is also proof that the Beatles are good in any universe.

Soon after the album was leaked in 2009, it appeared to be obvious to Beatles fans that each track contained several different elements of The Beatles various solo projects, mixed together with some apparently original instrumentation.

The album title would appear to be a clever nod to this, but Richards, when interviewed had a typically alternative explanation:

“I had a feeling some of the songs had a familiar sound to them as well. The only conclusion I can come up with is even though in the alternate universe The Beatles hadn’t broken up, that didn’t mean their future music ideas disappeared.”

It would only stand to reason that the Beatles if they existed would generate similar songs to their solo projects—an example would be how in one universe we have the Barenstein Bears and in another, the Barenstain Bears.

They are basically cognate forms of the same word, only different by a couple of vowels.

It appears that with every Mandela Effect moment, we always remember someone dying that we thought had died years ago, but we never assumes that in a parallel timeline the Beatles could still be together playing and churning out songs that are similar to the ones we already are aware of.

Now there is a rumor that the entire album was a hoax that was created by a student of the Music Time Academy.

The Music Time Academy is actually a musical instruction school in Livermore, California. Livermore, California is where the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory exists.

The laboratory is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center, and is primarily funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

You may remember a few weeks ago we did a story on Stranger Things and the admission by United States Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz that the DOE uses labs like Lawrence Livermore and Brookhaven Labs to do experiments in parallel universes.

Moniz appeared on Chelsea Handler’s show and Handler asked about the TV show Stranger Things.

Chelsea asked Moniz about ‘Stranger Things,’ and said that they have a Department of Energy in the fictional town of Hawkins and they spend a lot of time investigating a parallel universe. What can you tell us about that?”

Moniz gave a reply that surprised everyone.

“I can tell you first of all that I have never seen it, but I’m aware of it,” Moniz said. “Secondly, I believe this fictional D.O.E. laboratory was operating in the 1980s. You can draw any inference you need from that. Third, I will note that actually we do work in parallel universes.”

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that he would say this, and even bigger question is whether or not The Music Time Academy has any ties to the labs at Livermore and can this story of a Beatles from another dimension be a half truth or it is all truth?

Well, as John Lennon once wrote – Imagine – it is easy if you try.


Written by Ron Patton

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