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Clyde Lewis | December 9, 2019
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As we go about our daily lives, we tend to assume that our perceptions, sights, sounds, textures and tastes, are an accurate portrayal of the real world. Sure, when we stop and think about it or when we find ourselves fooled by a perceptual illusion, we realize with a jolt that what we perceive is never the world directly, but rather our brain’s best guess at what that world is like, a kind of internal simulation of an external reality. Still, we bank on the fact that our simulation is a reasonably decent one. If it wasn’t, wouldn’t evolution have weeded us out by now? The true reality might be forever beyond our reach, but surely our senses give us at least an inkling of what it’s really like.

It has been said the world is ruled by symbolism and belief systems are affected by the unconscious mind and that deep within the resources of the brain are darker archetypes that can show up now and again.

Archetypes a programmed into us from the time we are children and we recognize symbols and characters that may not be real in the material sense but can appear in dreams and mythologies that teach us a lesson.

Symbols like the original concept of Santa Claus, Krampus or Uncle Sam and the tooth fairy are like Servitors in a sense because the collective mind has created them and accepts them as symbols and associates them with a certain group or philosophy.

Maybe it is an oversimplification of the concept but the group mind is capable of creating great and wonderful things, however when the group mind is negative, or paranoid they all feed off of an energy that can produce monsters.

The monsters that appear are very real and we can argue that the mind can manifest these creatures because of something called “the law of attraction” which of course, is connected to “the law of contagion.”

In the darkness, we can borrow light from the “gods” that we cling to but no matter how much faith you place in a god, there comes turning point where all of the violence, bloodletting, and selfishness takes the collective unconscious on a joy ride to the depths of the abyss.

When this happens, there seems to be an overwhelming increase in reports of demonic possession, alien abduction, simultaneous visions, dreams and encounters with entities that defies explanation.

Sometimes what is coming at you comes from within you.

Sometimes what is coming at you may not be of your mind’s design. It may be that environmental factors influence the paranormal and exposure to a toxic environment may cause a multitude of paranormal events.

I saw the film, Dark Waters, yesterday and as I was watching it, I was connecting some dots on a paranormal case that for me is the most terrifying of all paranormal stories — the Mothman.

Let me first say that the film has nothing to do with Mothman. However, what I learned in the film may have a connection as to why the town folk of Point Pleasant may have seen the Mothman creature.

The film, Dark Waters, stars Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo, and Anne Hathaway. It is based on the true story of how Robert Bilott, a crusading lawyer was intent on bringing down the chemical company DuPont for leaking PFOA C8 chemicals into West Virginian water.

PFOA C8 is the chemical compound known as Teflon.

A study of workers living near a DuPont Teflon plant found an association between PFOA exposure and two kinds of cancer as well as four other diseases. A positive exposure-response trend for kidney cancer is supported by many studies. PFOA has been detected in the blood of more than 98% of the general US population in the low and sub-parts per billion (ppb) range, and levels are higher in chemical plant employees and surrounding subpopulations.

How general populations are exposed to PFOA is not completely understood. PFOA has been detected in industrial waste, stain-resistant carpets, carpet-cleaning liquids, house dust, microwave popcorn bags, water, food, and Teflon (PTFE) products.

As a result of a class-action lawsuit and community settlement with DuPont, three epidemiologists conducted studies on the population surrounding a chemical plant that was exposed to PFOA at levels greater than in the general population. Studies have found a correlation between high PFOA exposure and six health outcomes: kidney cancer, testicular cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease high cholesterol, and pregnancy-induced hypertension.

In the film, we learn that a small town Parkersburg in West Virginia, had been exposed to the chemical and it is estimated that for over 40 years 70,000 people have been exposed to high levels of C8.

In 2004, the EPA “filed a lawsuit against DuPont, charging it with concealing evidence about C8’s risks for more than two decades.” The following year, DuPont agreed to pay $16.5 million as part of a settlement with EPA, which was “the largest civil penalty ever in the agency’s history.”

But that’s not even where the story ends. After that success, Robert continued his pursuit of taking DuPont to task and getting justice for the 70,000 Parkersburg residents that the company poisoned. Eventually, DuPont “put $70 million into a community health and education project.

So what does all this have to do with Mothman?

As I was watching the film, it was mentioned much of the C8 and its bi-products were being dumped in the Ohio River.

The river divides both Ohio and West Virginia. It passed under the steel bridge of Point Pleasant, West Virginia – the place where Mothman was sighted in 1966 appearing near a government munitions dump – the munitions were made by a private contractor, DuPont.

DuPont did not run the munitions site.

In the film, Dark Waters it was reported that The C8 Health Panel, which tested 69,000 residents in the area, linked all the severe illnesses to exposure to Teflon. Many people believe that their health problems stemmed from consuming tap water tainted with C8, which allegedly found its way into the municipal water system of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

The Mothman creature was reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird … Creature … Something.

The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread the story across the United States.

On November 12, 1966, five men who were digging a grave at a cemetery near Clendenin, West Virginia, claimed to have seen a man-like figure fly low from the trees over their heads. This is often identified as the first known sighting of what became known as the Mothman.

Shortly thereafter, on November 15, 1966, two young couples from Point Pleasant, Roger and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette, told police they saw a large grey creature whose eyes “glowed red” when the car’s headlights picked it up. They described it as a “large flying man with ten-foot wings”, following their car while they were driving in an area outside of town known as “the TNT area”, the site of a former World War II munitions plant.

During the next few days, other people reported similar sightings. Two volunteer firemen who saw it said it was a “large bird with red eyes”. Mason County Sheriff George Johnson commented that he believed the sightings were due to an unusually large heron he termed a “shitepoke”.

Contractor Newell Partridge told Johnson that when he aimed a flashlight at a creature in a nearby field its eyes glowed “like bicycle reflectors”, and blamed buzzing noises from his television set and the disappearance of his German Shepherd dog on the creature.

Wildlife biologist Dr. Robert L. Smith at West Virginia University told reporters that descriptions and sightings all fit the sandhill crane, a large bird almost as high as a man with a seven-foot wingspan featuring circles of reddish coloring around the eyes and that the bird may have wandered out of its migration route. This particular crane was unrecognized at first because it was not native to this region.

After the December 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge and the death of 46 people, the incident gave rise to the legend and connected the Mothman sightings to the bridge collapse.

The Press had concluded that the haunt of the Mothman was around the munitions dump and so the legend began. Townspeople were fearful of the creature and some
looked at it as some practical joke.

It apparently was for Raymond Wamsley up until his family was traumatized by the creature. The Wamsley’s and another family, the Bennetts were driving out to see friends the Thomas’s’. Their home was near the infamous TNT building.

Raymond thought that he would walk up to the window of the Thomas home and pretend to be the moth monster when suddenly a screech was heard from the shadows.
The real monster appeared near their car. It rose up slowly in front of Mrs. Bennett and she gazed into the eyes of the creature and dropped her two-year-old on the ground. Mr. Wamsley called to her to run but she couldn’t. It was as if the eyes of the creature had held her in a trance. The panicked couple scooped up the child and got the others to safety. As they were calling for help the glowing eyes peered into the window.

Mrs. Bennett was so traumatized by the event she needed medical attention and psychological therapy. She had reoccurring dreams of the event. Sometimes she would dream that the flying creature would wait by her window screaming to her.

The encounters with the moth creature kept adding up until over 100 sightings were reported. All of the accounts were remarkably consistent. They all were describing a large human form with legs, wings, and glowing red eyes.

A lot of accounts mirrored Mrs. Bennet’s account. The creature apparently had the power to mesmerize and take over the minds of those who were unfortunate enough to witness it.

Connie Carpenter then made the remarkable claim that she saw the creature in broad daylight. She said the creature swooped down on her automobile and blinded her temporarily with the glowing eyes. She was later diagnosed with Klieg Conjunctivitis a condition that can be caused by staring directly into the sun.

Soon a few residents were having dreams and seeing strange things in the skies.

UFOs were being sighted and Cattle were dying — some were mutilated.

UFO expert John Keel was called in to investigate the claims of the paranormal in Point Pleasant. His Investigations found that a lot of the alleged UFO activity was being seen around the TNT munitions area, the very same area where the Mothman was first seen.

After her eyesight had improved Connie Carpenter was walking down the street on February 22nd, 1967. She claims a black Buick approached her. The model of the car looked at least 20 years old but was shiny and well taken care of as if brand new. The driver seemed lost. She approached the car in order to help the driver.

The driver abruptly seized her. After a struggle, she managed to break free. She ran home and locked herself in her house. The next morning she awoke to loud pounding on her door. When she came to the door there was a note slipped under it. Printed in block letters were the words “BE CAREFUL GIRL I CAN GET YOU YET!”

More witnesses came forward claiming to receive visits from Men in Black posing as census takers, photographers and bible salesman. Once they were inside they would ask questions about the Mothman, UFOs and other strange phenomena.

They would ask them if they noticed any strange occurrences with regard to animal behavior. If they had any unexplainable sores of rashes on their bodies.

The town drunk, Tad Jones claimed that he saw a spherical UFO — Days later he received a threatening note. “WE KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN AND WE KNOW YOU HAVE TALKED YOU’D BETTER KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! YOU WANT (sic) BE WARNED AGAIN!”

There were also reports of Men in Black going door-to-door taking surveys and asking residents if they were having problems with nausea or vomiting. If the residents said yes they were given strange pills to take.

Many people went to their doctors to have the drug identified. It turned out to be something similar to phenazopyridine – a drug used to help urinary tract infections.

Thirteen months to the day of the first sighting of Mothman, during the evening rush hour– at 5:05 PM on December 15th the suspension bridge that separated West Virginia from Ohio collapsed. The Silver Bridge was full of cars. A lot of them were Christmas shoppers.

There were 42 confirmed dead and six persons unaccounted for. Rescue workers were heartbroken to see floating in the dark waters Christmas presents that would never end up under the Christmas tree.

The Mothman story continues to remain a mystery to this day. After the Silver Bridge disaster, the Mothman appearances dwindled to zero. It was later revealed that near the munitions TNT area, there was igloo-shaped concrete mounds that hid a deadly secret.

There was a lot of munitions waste that was contaminating the water aquifers. The stories of the Men in Black indicated that perhaps the whole town was being monitored and harassed for some government experiment.

However, the C8 contamination in the Ohio river cannot be ruled out as a reason that many people may have hallucinated or otherwise were harassed by either government agents or agents that were sent on behalf of DuPont or some other company that may have had a hand in the bad health of the people and the livestock in the area.

The simultaneous dreams and appearances of a dark-winged creature, perhaps an angel or even darker archetype could have been part of an astral construct triggered by exposure to C8 or some other chemical.

If anything it is a sign of some sort of huge transition. Knowing the history of such sightings, the transition is likely to be traumatic. We cannot rule out that this could have been an experiment carried out by the government as some MK Ultra test. Perhaps lacing food or water with LSD or some other component used to induce hallucinations.

In his book, “Forbidden Science 4,” Dr. Jacques Vallee explains how he came in possession documents showing that forced “UFO abductions” were conducted by the CIA as psychological warfare experiments.

Vallee holds a master’s degree in astrophysics and a Ph.D. in computer science.

Vallee is one of many who have written about and documented the startling evidence that well-constructed hoaxes and media manipulations have misled UFO researchers, diverting them from the UFO phenomenon itself, what’s really going on.

In his Forbidden Science 4 book he writes:

I have secured a document confirming that the CIA simulated UFO abductions in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) as psychological warfare experiments.

He also speculates about how this could be done:

“What are the chances some witnesses are being fooled by special effects developed by psychological warfare?”

“Suppose you shine a week infrared laser into people’s eyes; it won’t hurt them but may induce a hallucinatory state. Experiments have been done where you send a microwave beam through someone’s brain; you pick up the transmitted energy pattern. You can influence people this way, even makes them hear things. Holograms have been used too.”

The question is how long has the government had this technology and could it have been used in Point Pleasant in 1966? If the technology was there –could it have been used to frighten a small town into thinking that a large moth-like creature was flying through the with unidentified objects accompanying it?

This is just one of many examples and pieces of evidence many researchers in the field point to suggesting that there are staged abductions happening for reasons unknown and that it’s continuing today.

It’s not surprising either if you’ve ventured down the road of CIA mind-controlled tactics, programs like MK ultra and their desire to manipulate the perception of the masses with regards to various topics. It’s not surprising if you’ve looked into the black budget world, a world that’s far more advanced that the mainstream world with regards to technology.

Richard Doty is also mentioned multiple times in Valle’s book. He is a retired Air Force Special investigations officer (AFSIO), and his job was to spread disinformation about the UFO subject during his time with the Air Force.

Spreading disinformation about the reality of UFOs is no secret, and in Doty’s case, he admitted to infiltrating UFO circles along with his colleagues to feed UFOlogists and journalists’ lies and half-truths so that they would never understand any real truth.

But the Mothman case is one for the history books.

Even today, Mothman isn’t a joke in Point Pleasant. People’s lives were ruined because of it. Some changed jobs. Some moved. Some got divorced.

Whatever happened to these people, they were terrified.

But we all must come to terms with the past. And now, the monster is fodder for local souvenirs as Point Pleasant has now embraced their past and has turned Mothman into a roadside curiosity stop.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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