I know that it is difficult for many of us to swallow, but we all need to understand that we are seeing a historic reversal in human rights policies here in the United States. The Orwellian satire known as 1984 has somehow devolved into a horrible nightmare and the open conspiracy is no longer a secret but a way of life that has been accepted as the fate we all have been waiting for. Many people are unaware that if anything happens where you are compelled to oppose or file grievance against your government you may be arrested and held in a prison without due process.

The CIA general council has now stated that American citizens are not immune from being treated like an enemy if they take up arms against the United States government.
CIA General Counsel Stephen Preston was responding to a question at an American Bar Association national security conference about the killing of Americans overseas without presenting evidence of wrongdoing.
These are strong words to the American people and in essence an admission that we are about to witness the terror battle come to our neighborhoods. Jeh Johnson, Defense Department general counsel, said that he agrees Preston’s comments and mentioned that if congress declares that an enemy exists and that enemy is part of the U.S, Citizenry then it is important to point out that the courts are not capable of handling these cases.
He stated that most of these cases can only be assessed moment-by-moment on an intelligence picture that constantly evolves.
We have reached a point in time where we are to believe that the terror threat in the homeland is so intense that we must understand that rights are determined on case by case basis.
This means that The Military Executive Branch, not the Courts, is the only entity in government established and qualified to make military battlefield targeting decisions about who qualifies as an enemy. For the first time in our history all American citizens are potential “enemies of the state.”
This effectively destroys the Constitution, a constitution that government officials are supposed to defend.
Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham from South Carolina delivered the frightening reality that that the bill comes right out and declares that the homeland is part of the battlefield now and anyone can be put in jail without due process , American citizen or not.
We have reached a point in our history where the overall health of the state is based on the quality or quantity of wars we fight. A continuous war without end is now the spirit of the times and the accepted state of affairs in the United States. Most Americans now believe that government must take whatever means necessary to detain, imprison and torture anyone who the government and its mouthpiece media claims is an enemy of the state. These so called enemies of the state have no recourse to the law of war. You can’t refer to law anymore because law is handled on a case by case basis with intelligence ops that know how to handle these cases. The courts according to the intelligence community are not at all competent enough to determine guilt or even innocence.
This is remarkable.
Not since World War I have we seen such a consorted effort to eliminate sedition in the United States.
It is beyond comprehension that we are now witnessing the union of militarism and the State and that it has now received its blessing from the senate. The hollow protests that were organized to demand handouts from the government should be replaced with protests and thoughtful participation in saving constitutional rights and freedoms. There seems to be disconnect now and people are acting as if they have rights, when those rights have been conveniently excised for a despotic take over.
The state is banking on the herd mind and the reverence to government to allow for the identification of what a crime against the state is. This will not be the decision of the people – but a reactionary response from the people and the herd that feels as if they are threatened by someone who thinks about overthrowing the government.
These laws are an affront to every principle we have been raised to honor. This has been in the planning stages for some time and is the result of the perceived hysteria caused by a protracted war, a war that is tiring the people, and the troops.
How long can we continue having the state capitalize on our reverence and patriotism? How is it that many people refuse to see what is happening in the United States?
Is it so difficult to see that the Government finds itself backed against the wall and that their criminal activity is going too far?
If you think I am overreacting perhaps you should think about what will happen after all chaos erupts consider this.
I need to speak out to those so called the law abiding citizens who can armchair quarterback the situation. What happens when they find themselves in line waiting for their money at the bank, discovering the tills have been emptied? What happens when citizens so willing to say that they don’t participate in criminal behavior tries to steal food because the food distribution systems break down and the mobs gather together to fight for a loaf of bread? They will call in the military to keep order – and if you are pepper sprayed, tazed or even shot it will be perfectly legal. This has all been done before in other countries. Countries that we look down upon because as Americans we see ourselves as too sophisticated to allow for the virtual takeover of our country by the elite. Many would disappear in the middle of the night much like what was expressed in the book 1984 by George Orwell.
There was also the frightening quote from his literary nightmare that It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a tele-screen. The smallest thing could give you away, a nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself–anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face would mean your arrest and detainment. It was called face crime.
The frightening thing is that those who are making these draconian laws know exactly why they are being made and every law maker and Senator believes that they are protected and will be able to receive protection from the horrible events that are about to take place.
There are underground bunkers being prepared, deep tunnels and comfortable underground facilities stocked with food and drugs. You may think that this is all conspiracy paranoia but consider that whatever you have endured or how well you think you will adapt to the changes ahead …you don’t know for sure what exactly is going to happen next.

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