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Ron Patton | February 12, 2019
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The miserable wet and cold weather and the on again off again snowstorms can actually aggravate aches and pains. The dry air in the house can also aggravate coughs and other things that at first appear to be a type of flu.

A week ago, I was having these symptoms and I could not put my finger on why I was feeling so out of it. I wasn’t having coughing fits, and the pain would come and go. I was thinking that maybe it was a bout of seasonal depression.

So I went to a hospital to be checked out. They were concerned because they did a blood test and the results indicated that there was something in my blood that indicated that I may have been injured and that my body was reacting to it.

Well, I knew of no injuries to my body and even after they shoved these cotton swab-like things in my nose to look for the flu and found nothing – the doctor asked me if I wanted a flu shot.

I said, “do I really need a flu shot?”

The doctor said, “No” and so I was in for a night for observations and was sent home with some antibiotics.

If you are relatively healthy you can usually take comfort from knowing that a cold or flu tends to run its course rather quickly and you’ll be back to normal. When it comes to what ails us knowledge is power — propaganda is poison.

What I mean is that the big pharmaceutical companies are in the business of marketing both beneficial substances to sustain health, but they also are in the business of pushing poison on people.

For several years, many people have had the opinion that the global elite have a plan to kill off a significant portion of the world’s population and take complete control of the resources and people.

The raping of the world’s financial assets by the elite has ensured that they must do something to cover their tracks in a way to avert repercussions on themselves from an irate population.

The plan is to find ways to reduce the population in covert ways in order to maintain plausible deniability.

Websites of various fringes report on several compelling theories and many of them are dismissed until the mainstream news latches on to them and turns them into a whacky countdown or op-ed piece that gets thrown into the memory hole. One ongoing subject that seems to turn up on these so-called fringe sites is the idea of an agenda where the elite are planning to cull the population in order to save the planet. This, of course, is a very harsh way of describing something known as global sustainability.

The “sustainable development” of the globe consists of a number of suggestions to improve the impact on our environment. First in the agenda is to establish a group consensus of crises and solutions that include separating the people and eventually culling or removing them.

This style of commentary was realized in Mein Kampf where Hitler stated that it is important to “sift the human material” for those who support decisions of the leaders and those who do not support these decisions. He also believed in culling those who were a burden on society.

The agenda of “sifting human material” is also found hidden in the policies of Global Warming a.k.a. Climate Change Sustainability.

Jonathon Porritt, who has attended and chaired the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, has also written about human population reduction for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 says curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming. He says political leaders and green campaigners should stop dodging the issue of environmental harm caused by an expanding population.

Porritt, a former chairman of the Green Party in the U.K., says the government must improve family planning, even if it means shifting money from curing illness to increasing contraception and abortion.

Do these policies sound familiar?

These policies sound similar to eugenics policies that existed in the United States prior to World War II and were then adopted and practiced by the Nazis in order to purify the bloodlines of race in Germany.

Another plan for culling and population reduction was actually proposed by Bill Gates.

Bill Gates gave a TED talk in 2010, called “Innovating to Zero.” The focus of the talk was tackling Climate Change and reducing global carbon emissions to, zero. In his talk he said the following:

“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3 percent.”

Last year, Bill Gates announced his foundation will be earmarking up to $12 million to advance work on a Universal Flu Vaccine. Vaccines will be approved without any scientific conclusion, just an untested hypothesis.

Would you trust a vaccine that is funded by a guy who wishes to reduce populations through reproductive services and vaccines?

It can be argued that big pharma’s chemical warfare on humanity dwarfs the number of victims killed by all world wars and acts of terrorism combined.

While drug companies profit billions, people are dying by the millions.

While the media focuses on the Opioid epidemic as a leading cause of death in the United States, the deaths of 310,448 drug overdoses, pale in comparison to the numbers of iatrogenic reactions of nearly 15 million that have died over a period of 19 years.

These iatrogenic reactions have been from alleged medications for cures and adverse reactions to vaccines.

This, of course, has dampened the public trust in allopathic medicines and vaccines and this is raising a huge amount of controversy as more and more people are divided on whether or not vaccines are needed for every bug and every ailment.

A survey from May 2018 found that support for vaccinations among Americans has fallen 10 percent in the last 10 years.

About 70 percent said common vaccines, such as for polio and measles, are ‘very important’, found the poll from Research America and the American Society for Microbiology.

This is down from 80 percent who gave the same answer in November 2008. According to the CDC, more than 90 percent of children under age three have been vaccinated for polio, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Hepatitis B and chicken pox.

And more than 80 percent have received Haemophilus influenza, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and pneumococcal infection vaccines.

However, mounting distrust has led some parents to not immunize their children.

With outbreaks of diseases not seen in years, such as measles, whooping cough and mumps, people are getting angry at those who refuse to immunize and the World Health Organization is now declaring that anti-vaxxers are one of the top threats to global health in 2019.

Anti-vaxxers are now on a list of threats along with air pollution, climate change, HIV, and a worldwide influenza pandemic.

The fight over the efficacy and safety of vaccines hit the state of Washington after health officials try to get a handle on a measles outbreak with 53 confirmed cases.

Washington State declared a public emergency in the wake of an outbreak in Clark County that has infected mostly children. Four cases have been confirmed in neighboring Multnomah County, in Oregon.

Another case has been identified in King County, which includes Seattle.

Nearly one in four Clark County kindergarten students during the 2017-18 school year did not get all their immunizations, according to data from the Washington Department of Health. At three schools in the county, more than 40 percent of kindergartners did not receive all recommended shots before starting school.

A report released last year from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the number of unvaccinated children up to 35 months old increased four-fold between 2001 and 2015.

There are several reasons why people are reluctant or refused to be immunized despite readily available vaccines.

A vaccine advisory group to the WHO listed some of the reasons as complacency, difficulty accessing vaccines and lack of confidence. There are 18 US states that allow non-medical vaccine exemptions due to ‘conscientious objector’ or ‘philosophical/personal beliefs’.

Some anti-vaxxers avoid shots as a protest against big pharmaceutical companies, but some say vaccines are made from unnatural and unsafe chemicals and that they would rather take their chances on their kids getting treated if or when they get sick.

Then, of course, there is the argument that vaccines are linked to autism, which of course, is another controversial subject as many people claim that this argument has been sufficiently debunked by science.

However, I wanted to bring up another reason that I believe should be brought to the debate and that is since the Obama administration pushed vaccines on the public during his presidency they have been marketed to the public in the same way that McDonald’s would offer a buy one get one free Big Mac special.

In 2005, then-Senator Barack Obama had bought shares in Baxter International. Baxter International was the pharmaceutical company that created the H1N1 flu vaccine. Right after he bought the shares, Obama introduced the first comprehensive bill to address the threat of avian influenza pandemic.

After he became president it seemed that there was a fit of hysteria over the flu and vaccines created by the Obama administration to fill the pockets of one of his campaign contributors, Baxter International.

Pegasus Technologies also had joined forces with DynCorp on many projects around the world. DynCorp held the patents on many of the ingredients of the H1N1 vaccine and awarded companies like Baxter International the rights to distribution of the vaccines.

DynCorp is one of the top private military contractors working for the U.S. government.

It can be argued that the vaccines were part of a covert chemical warfare program against U.S. Citizens.

I am sure that those in the know would certainly not trust the motivation to market such vaccines that have the blessing and patents provided by the Military Industrial Complex.

There is also another reason why trust is waning in vaccines and that is last year the CDC reported that 80,000 people died as a result of the flu. Last year it was reported that the Flu shots that were given to people were only 10 percent effective.

These shots were ineffective because they were for a different strain of and not H3N2.

Even though they were declared ineffective there were still officials who were urging people to get the vaccine.

Again, how can people trust that the CDC and The World Health organization to look after the health of the people when vaccine pimps are trying to push ineffective vaccines like poisoned Halloween candy on a paranoid population?

The World Health Organization believes that the issue is “complex” and believes that the answer to successfully addressing the issue of mistrust and doubt is “effective communications,” which the organization considers to be the “key to dispelling fears, addressing concerns and promoting acceptance of vaccination.

But, let us use common sense here. Is the growing tendency of people around the world to hesitate when it comes to vaccines that complex? Is it simply a matter of communicating more effectively with people about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines? Is it all really just a misunderstanding?

Or, could it be that people have legitimate concerns about vaccines because what they are being told by doctors and public health officials does not match their own personal experience with vaccines, or it doesn’t square with what they have learned by reading articles in newspapers, magazines and on websites regarding injuries and deaths caused by vaccines?

Or, is it that if you are actually injured or suffer any complications from a vaccine you cannot sue the vaccine companies for damages. In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that federal law prohibits lawsuits against drug makers over serious side effects from childhood vaccines. The court voted 6-2 against the parents of a child who sued the drug maker Wyeth in Pennsylvania state court, for the health problems they say their daughter, now 19, suffered from a vaccine she received in infancy.

Now, why would anyone trust that?

Isn’t also a bit suspicious that at some drug stores and supermarkets pharmacies, if you purchase a certain amount of merchandise they will give you flu shot for free?

It is comparable to getting free chicken nuggets with the purchase of a Whopper and fries.

So much for complexity.

This keep-it-simple-stupid strategy for pushing vaccines appears to not care about facts, plays on emotionally laden, Coca-Cola style marketing and is also based on the assumption that these doubting and hesitant people or anti-vaxxers are uneducated.

Perhaps they are not as easily swayed by the kind of superficial commercial marketing that has been employed to successfully sell laundry detergent.

Written by Ron Patton

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