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Clyde Lewis | February 13, 2020


One result of a world in which everyone has more or less equal access to publishing tools and information has created what is sometimes called an epistemic crisis: a scenario where people do not believe what leaders and authorities are telling them, This breeds several different understandings of reality, undermining the ability of elected officials and authorities to govern.

There has been a vacuum of sorts when it comes to real news as it has been replaced with political grandstanding and impeachment framing that seems to breed the epistemic crisis –as people are realizing that they can’t trust the government or the media to give them important information that does not involve politics.

Even when we first heard of the Novel Coronavirus, the media, obsessed with the impeachment hearings were incapable of giving us accurate and potentially life-saving information.

If you can’t trust official government announcements and if you can’t trust the media, then who can you trust? Who do you run to for sound information?

Everyone will tell you what you want to hear, there will be those who peddle conspiracy theories as fact and there are some that use conspiracy theories as a way to investigate what is truly happening.

The way to eliminate bad conspiracy theories is to be transparent and forthcoming and none of these attributes were put into practice by the Chinese Government or the U.S. Government and the media about the Wujan Coronavirus.

The global outbreak of a coronavirus that originated in China has given us fresh reason to consider the downsides of an internet where social media posts are amplified by engagement-hungry algorithms and vetted by fact-checkers only days later; fact-checkers that block valuable and inconvenient information that obviously angers their Chinese financial backers.

It was either before or soon after the era of President Trump that someone coined the phrase “alternative facts” in order to somehow create an air of Orwellian doublethink when major events happen and people have a different view or opinion that challenges the mainstream framing of what has happened.

It was also the time when mainstream news commentators were talking about how we are now living in what can be called the Post-truth era.

 Unwelcome news was then automatically rebranded as fake news.

 Calling something fake news was an effective way to dismiss inconvenient evidence from independent sources.

If you were to use critical thinking about this era of truth decay, you can see that what most people call fake news is usually a political tool for weaponizing denial and uncertainty.

I am noticing that the Novel Coronavirus 2019 is pushing the limits of what can be called alternative facts. China has been uncooperative in giving us transparency about the virus. Many people are giving us their hypothesis by exploring uncertainty around it. 

I have been noticing that there are many who are cherry-picking data, threatening or belittling those who wish to take precautions using natural supplements, rumors that are breeding Xenophobia, reanalyzing data in order to reach different conclusions that breed complacency and a contingent that does not want to believe there is a crisis because the internet wants to paint the situation with a kittens and rainbows approach to a potentially crippling situation.

The Novel Corona Virus is now being called COVID-19. The understanding and how to prevent the spread of the virus and the disease is still evolving. Some people that are infected with COVID-19 have become very sick, others were only mildly sick.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, the World Health Organization said it had decided on the name COVID-19 after consulting with the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health.

 They wanted to find a name that did not refer to a geographical location, an animal, an individual, or a group of people, so COVID-19 was chosen –something that many people believe sounds like a military designation for a disease already suspected of being a biological weapon.

The Pentagon is setting up 11 quarantine camps on military bases near major airports across the US in anticipation of an influx of American citizens returning from China in need of monitoring for COVID-19.  

The 13th US coronavirus case was confirmed in California on Tuesday. The deadly strain has killed 1,116 people and sickened more than 45,000 worldwide since the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in late December.  

The Department of Defense approved a request from the Department of Health and Human Services early this month for the possible use of military facilities to accommodate 1,000 people who may have to be quarantined upon arrival from overseas through the end of the month.  

Now, with five planes having returned to the US with evacuees from Wuhan in the past two weeks, the number of people detained under quarantine is approaching that originally agreed upon number. 

Pentagon officials designated new facilities last week near airports in Hawaii, Illinois, Texas, California, Georgia, New York, Washington state, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Michigan to house additional travelers.   

On February 2, officials announced a federally-mandated 14-day quarantine for any American citizen returning to the US after traveling to Wuhan within the previous two weeks. 

Americans returning from China who did not visit Wuhan are screened at one of 11 approved airports and then subject to a self-isolation quarantine in their own home for 14 days – what scientists consider to be the coronavirus incubation period.  

Any foreign national who has traveled to China in the last 14 days has been banned from entry.   

Some 800 Americans evacuated from Wuhan on government charter flights are currently under federally mandated quarantines at Fort Carson in Colorado and Travis Air Force Base and Marine Corps Station Miramar in California.   

The first 195 Americans evacuated from Wuhan, who arrived in the US on a government charter flight on January 29,  were finally cleared to leave March Air Reserve Base on Tuesday following a two-week quarantine. 

The evacuees were seen throwing their face masks into the air in celebration after passing their final health screenings. 

No cases of coronavirus have thus far been confirmed from any of the US quarantine locations. 

On two cruise ships, however, the virus has spread with alarming speed among quarantined passengers. There are now more than 66 cases confirmed on the Diamond Princess, currently docked in Japan. 

Among the ship 3,700 ship passengers, 45 Japanese people, three people from the Philippines, four from Australia, one from each Canada and Ukraine and 11 Americans have all been infected. 

The disease is likely more dangerous for elderly people or people suffering from other infections or ailments, as often is the case with infectious diseases. Most cases reported to date have been mild or moderate, with around 20 percent of those infected experiencing severe illness. At the end of January, around 2-3 percent of the patients have died of the disease.

After the World Health Organization called the disease COVID-19 – there were a number of independent researchers that said that the new name for the disease sounds like some biological weapon.

It has been rumored from the beginning that this virus has all of the earmarks of a biological weapon and that there has been a massive cover-up about why a newly genetically sequenced virus has allegedly appeared out of nowhere and why key health figures in China have either disappeared, died or have been killed.

Yesterday China “removed” several senior officials over their handling of the coronavirus outbreak – as the death toll passed 1,000.

The party secretary for the Hubei Health Commission, and the head of the commission, are the most senior officials to be demoted so far.

The deputy director of the local Red Cross was also removed for “dereliction of duty” over “handling of donations.”.

The WHO is holding a two-day meeting in Geneva involving top medical, scientific and public health experts, aimed at speeding up the global response to the outbreak.

There are now more than 42,200 confirmed cases across China. The number of deaths has overtaken that of the Sars epidemic in 2003.

On Monday, some 103 died in Hubei province alone, a daily record, and the national death toll is now 1,016.

But the number of new infections nationally was down almost 20% from the day before, from 3,062 to 2,478.

Speaking to the Reuters news agency, leading Chinese respiratory expert Zhong Nanshan said the virus was hitting a peak in China this month and that the outbreak may be over by April.

He said he was basing the forecast on mathematical modeling, recent events and government action. However, Zhong’s previous forecast of an earlier peak turned out to be premature.

His figures, however, were for China and not in any way reflecting exponential spread in other parts of the world.

The reported militarization of Wuhan’s P4 Lab has raised new questions about the origin of the Covid-19 virus and the apparent cover-up that has occurred since it was first made public.

Following the removal of the most senior health officials in Wuhan yesterday, Chinese State Media has just reported that Chen Wei, China’s chief biochemical weapon defense expert, is now to be stationed in Wuhan to lead the efforts to overcome the deadly, pneumonia-like pathogen.

According to the PLA Daily report, Chen Wei holds the rank of major general, and along with reports that Chinese troops have started to “assist”, it strongly suggests that the PLA has taken control of the situation.

Amid constant propaganda from CCP officials, and widespread censorship on the internet, many – including US Senator Tom Cotton – have wondered if the virus was bio-engineered, and was ‘leaked’ from the lab (which just happens to be located at the epicenter of the virus.

It is certainly suspicious that China has now brought in a top bio-weapons expert and raises the question once again of whether or not the Wuhan strain of coronavirus (Covid-19) is the result of naturally emergent mutations against the possibility that it may be a bio-engineered strain meant for defensive immunotherapy protocols that were released into the public.

This would mean that the virus was engineered and meant to spread in a Gain of Function scenario.

However, there are many that are in agreement that  Covid-19 was most likely released by accident since China’s rate of occupational accidents is about ten-times higher than America’s, and some twenty-times more than Europe’s – the only other regions with high-level virology labs.

A new report was issued out of Harvard that appears to be a collaboration between a retired professional scientist with 30 years of experience in genomic sequencing and an analyst who helped design several ubiquitous bio-informatic software tools, and a former NSA counterterrorism analyst suggests that this possible mistake may have been precipitated by the need to quickly finish research that was being rushed for the John Hopkin’s Event 201 which was held this past October and meant to game plan the containment of a global pandemic.

Research may also have been hurried due to deadlines before the impending Chinese New Year.  This report states that what happened was a case of increased human error and not a globalist conspiracy.

Furthermore, the report also claims that the original report from China about the virus epicenter being a meat market 20 miles away from the Wuhan BSL-4 lab was false information.

The first three known cases from early December had no contact with that market, and roughly one-third of the initial exposed cohort had no direct ties to Wuhan’s wild meat market.

Early research found that COVID-19 targets the ACE2 receptor, which is found in East Asians at roughly five times the rate of other global populations, indicating that the Wuhan Strain COVID-19 was likely developed as part of a Gain-of-Function defensive project possibly linked to immunotherapy or vaccinations never meant to leave the lab but meant to serve as a Red Team test to fight back against, not as an offensive weapon since the virus is likely wired to be much more virulent among Asian populations.

Further support for this is the fact that the Wuhan BSL-4 virology lab was already actively looking into the risks posed from coronaviruses, and actively researching coronavirus treatments – by definition both of these projects would require live virulent strains of coronavirus.

The Wuhan strain of coronavirus, COVID-19, appears to be transmissible even before its host shows any symptoms at all, making temperature-scanning at airports ineffective since hosts appear to be contagious for about a week before any symptoms emerge.

This is in stark contrast with SARS, whose hosts weren’t contagious until they were symptomatic, allowing for its relatively quick containment. This chart is not from a peer-reviewed source but was claims to capture the comparative rates of infections between recent outbreaks. A recent pre-print now COVID-19 a rating of R4, meaning each host passes the virus on to four new victims, a rate significantly higher than any past global viral outbreak and it is also performing in the same manner everywhere not just in China or exclusively to east Asian populations.

This virus can affect everyone in various ways depending on susceptibility and immunity.

Many on the internet are claiming that the virus is part of some global conspiracy by Big Pharma to scare people into getting a vaccine that has been lying in wait for its usage.

The truth is that scientists have noted that the Wuhan Strain can have a “striking” short term rate of mutation which captures the unique threat posed by COVID-19 regardless of where it came from since a faster mutation rates make it more likely this virus can dodge testing and neutralize vaccines. Something there is already early evidence for.

So there is no vaccine – and even if one is developed it would take years to make and even then there is no guarantee of its effectiveness.

Even the common cold –one of the oldest of coronaviruses has no cure or vaccine.

Giving further credence to the idea that the Wuhan Strain was bio-engineered is the existence of a patent application that looks to modulate a coronavirus’ spike-protein genes – the precise region altered by Zhengli Shi at UNC to make a hyper-virulent strain of coronavirus, and whose alteration and adaptation would explain the Wuhan Strain’s unusual behavior.

And curiously, the head of Harvard’s Chemistry Department, Dr. Charles Lieber, was arrested in the midst of this outbreak on charges that he’d been accepting millions of dollars in bribes from the Chinese government.

 According to his charging documents, Dr. Lieber first went to the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT), in November 2011 to participate in a nanotechnology forum, which was when he was recruited into a bribery scheme that would net him several million dollars to “establish a research lab and conduct research at WUT,” which became known as ” Joint Nano Key Laboratory,” as well as mentor and advocate for graduate students. By 2015,

 Dr. Lieber appeared to be fairly intimately involved with what seemed to begin as simply a nanotechnology lab, but now had shifted to involve biology as well, since he described visiting the lab multiple times per year “as we try to build up the nano-bio part of the lab.” Whether or not this nano-bio part of the Nano Key Laboratory is related to Wuhan’s BSL-4 virology lab isn’t clear, however, if the Wuhan strain was bio-engineered, technology classified as “nano-bio” would’ve almost certainly played a role.

Another co-creator of the Coronavirus variant Dr. Frank Plummer, a world-renowned HIV researcher, died a few days ago unexpectedly of a heart attack.

We reported that Plummer acquired a Coronavirus sample from researchers that extracted it from a 60-year-old man in Saudi Arabia and had it in Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory where it was allegedly stolen by Chinese agents,

The research on the Coronavirus sample was done in conjunction with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s national lab, the National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases which is housed in the same complex as the National Microbiology Laboratory.

Back on February 22nd. 2017, the weekly journal of Nature reported that a maximum security lab BSL-4 was under construction in Wuhan China. Constructing the   Maximum-security bio-lab was part of a plan to build a network of bio-safety level-4 or BSL-4 facilities across China.

The move was part of a plan to build between five and seven BSL-4 labs across the Chinese mainland by 2025,

At the time there were concerns about pathogens escaping, and the addition of a biological dimension to geopolitical tensions between China and other nations.

Chinese microbiologists were excited about their entrance to the elite technocrats empowered to wrestle with the world’s greatest biological threats.

The lab was to study Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever and the pathogen that causes SARS, another coronavirus that is in the same family of the novel coronavirus now plaguing the world.

Moreover, in August 2017, the National Health Commission of China approved research activities involving Ebola, Nipah (The Clade X virulent) , and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever viruses at the Wuhan facility.

Beijing has had four known accidental leaks of the SARS virus in recent years, so there is absolutely no reason to assume that this strain of coronavirus from Wuhan didn’t accidentally leak out as well.

Given that this outbreak was said to begin in late December when most bat species in the region are hibernating and the Chinese horseshoe bat’s habitat covers an enormous swath of the region containing scores of cities and hundreds of millions of people, to begin with, the fact that this Wuhan strain of Coronavirus, denoted as Covid-19, emerged in close proximity to the only BSL-4 virology lab in China, now notoriously located in Wuhan, which in turn was staffed with at least two Chinese scientists – Zhengli Shi and Xing-Yi Ge (both virologists who had previously worked at an American lab which already bio-engineered an incredibly virulent strain of bat coronavirus) – the accidental release of a bio-engineered virus meant for defensive immunotherapy research from Wuhan’s virology lab cannot be automatically discounted, especially when the Wuhan Strain’s unnatural genomic signals are considered.

Zhengli Shi notably co-authored a controversial paper in 2015  which describes the creation of a new virus by combining a coronavirus found in Chinese horseshoe bats with another that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice.

Given the above facts, either:

A Coronavirus spontaneously mutated and jumped to humans at a wet market or deep in some random bat cave which just so happened to be 20 miles from China’s only BSL-4 virology lab, a virus with an unusually slippery never-before-seen genome that’s evading zoological classification, and whose spike-protein region which allows it to enter host cells appears most like a bio-engineered commercial product, that somehow managed to infect it’s first three and roughly one-third of its initial victims despite them not being connected to this market, and then be so fined-tuned to humans that it’s gone on to create the single greatest public health crisis in Chinese history with approaching 100 million citizens locked-down or quarantined – also causing Mongolia to close its border with its largest trading partner for the first time in modern history.

Or, Chinese scientists failed to follow correct sanitation protocols possibly while in a rush during their boisterous holiday season, something that had been anticipated since the opening of the BSL-4 lab and has happened at least four times previously, and accidentally released this bio-engineered Wuhan Strain – likely created by scientists researching immunotherapy regimes against bat coronaviruses, who’ve already demonstrated the ability to perform every step necessary to bio-engineer the Wuhan StrainCOVID 19 – into their population, and now the world.

As would be expected, this virus appears to have been bio-engineered at the spike-protein genes which were already done at UNC to make an extraordinarily virulent coronavirus.

Chinese efforts to stop the full story about what’s going on are because they want the scales to be even since they’re now facing a severe pandemic and depopulation event.

No facts point against this conclusion.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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