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Ron Patton | February 15, 2019
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As I reported the other night, about two weeks ago my wife had noticed that I wasn’t myself. She said that I had been acting strangely and wanted to me to be checked in the hospital. I was thoroughly checked and the doctor’s reported that my blood was kicking out an enzyme that indicated that my body was trying to repair an injury of some kind – it was a test to see if the body was trying to dissolve a blood clot.

After I spent the night for observations, my wife noticed bruises on my body. She was concerned for a number of reasons and of all things she brought up my encounter in Martinez California, where during my national radio broadcast I broke down because I felt like an entity presumably the ghost of the Zodiac Killer in a haunted building was trying to enter my body.

She told me that she always wondered if something had attached itself to me.

While I have encountered many ghosts and other entities in my tenure as a paranormal investigator, I have to admit that the Zodiac Killer investigation took its toll on me. After the investigation, I retired to my hotel and spent the night in the bathroom doing the whole Linda Blair routine.

Something got in and I thought that after a whole night of purging, it got out.

That was October 17th, 2013.

Since that time I have not done one ghost investigation.

Truth be known, I have often wondered if something did try to take over my body.

What happens when a person is brought into a panic over a spirit that tries to walk in? It was a terrifying experience for me but it was also humiliating as I cried out on the air and everyone commented that I was acting and that it was my heart giving me problems because I am overweight. People can be cruel.

But how do families react?

If you have had this experience does your family believe that you have changed profoundly?

The other night I was out with a friend on a drive and he was thumbing through the radio and it landed on a station that was playing a Bruce Springsteen. It wasn’t Born in The USA or Born to Run – it was that sad and plodding song called “The Streets of Philadelphia.” I said to my friend, “find something more rocking” and he said “don’t you like this song? Listen.”

I tried to tolerate it for a few minutes but then I heard some lyrics that affected me like most Springsteen songs do.

In the song, he sang,

“I was bruised and battered, I couldn’t tell what I felt.

I was unrecognizable to myself

I saw my reflection in a window, I didn’t know my own face.”

I said to my friend, “have you ever felt that way?” I explained that I feel as though my soul is young but sometimes as I age I don’t recognize myself.

Sometimes I wonder if I am not myself anymore.

He said to me that this philosophical stuff should be saved for when you are stoned.

I laughed and said there is nothing wrong with a little soul searching.

Science is doing some soul searching. There is an obsession to say that everything is made out of something. Everything has its origins and we wonder if these origins have affected us over time.

We develop who we are through experience but is there something in our consciousness that is hidden and can it be triggered through an experience that reminds you of a life that you have had before – or does it make you feel as if you have lost control of who you think you are and you begin to wonder if you are possessed or suffering from some mental illness?

Physicists, biologists, and chemists are relentless in their pursuit of consciousness as a function of the brain. It has to be the brain. All those synapses and neurons and chemicals and underneath them, the atoms and the sub-atomic particles… somehow, these tiny particles conspire to produce consciousness and awareness.

Yet these same scientists deny that a sub-atomic particle carries any trace of awareness. The particles flow. They obey laws. That’s all.

So the experts are painted into a corner. They then speculate: “Well, you see, the increased ability to process information, the complexity of structure—naturally, this implies consciousness.”

Well not exactly – it is far more complex and there are so many variables about the consciousness that scientists may give to tread into areas of the fringe in order to try and understand some of the paranormal parameters of consciousness.

I mean, there are many complex structures we encounter. There are massive skyscrapers, cars are complex, computers are very complex structures but do they have consciousness?

You hear my voice on the radio, you understand my words, you aren’t just processing information – you are conscious. Your accumulation of experience and all that you have consumed is filed in your consciousness and arguably all of this information boiled down to their neurons and chemical reactions would be seen as the activation of one’s own soul.

If all of this is just some atoms in motion – I would have to disagree.

We have talked about many of the covert operations that the CIA and the Military have been involved with regarding mind control.

There have been other black-ops programs that have actually map dream line activities and have tried to use them to find patterns and interconnect the mass populous. From there we have had psychiatry, psychology, the use of drugs like LSD and mind control programs to stretch the consciousness in hopes that it will bounce back and reveal some the mysteries about it.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are the chief of a CIA program that utilizes consciousness covert ops. What would you try to do if you had control of someone; given that this is usually the motive of mind expansion and control of one’s consciousness?

You would probably try to convince the population that consciousness isn’t free and wide-ranging and powerful and independent. You would try to narrow the popular belief about consciousness.

What better way than to focus on the brain as the seat of all awareness?

If you were a CIA technocrat you would probably want to make people believe their brains need fixes, because, after all, you come out of the long tradition of CIA MKULTRA mind control.

When the brains are used for controlled triggering you can try to reprogram them. You can experiment. You can apply the latest technology. You can attempt to insert controls. You can place monitors in the brain, in order to observe it in real time.

You can drug the brain to produce hallucinogenic trips — you can conduct meta walks under hypnosis and you can mine the brain for information.

After you abuse the brain of your guinea pig, you can make a statement that there is no evidence that consciousness is separate from the brain because it is counterproductive and then you would have to clean up all that messy nonsense of reincarnation, life after death, possession, or even those who claim that souls can intersect and that two souls can occupy one body at a time.

Consciousness has always been a subject on the brains of sci-fi authors and filmmakers.

I recently attended a showing of the movie “The Prodigy.” It was a horror film that took on the subject of what can be called a soul exchange where the body of a little boy named, Miles, is occupied by two souls.

One is of an innocent little boy, while the other is of a brutal killer, whose soul was snuffed out in a police shootout and attached itself to young Miles.

In the beginning, you believe you are seeing the child’s dark side. It is cruel, unusual and goes beyond child’s play.

However, as the story proceeds, there is that terrible feeling when you realize that somehow the soul of a ruthless killer resides in the young boy’s body.

A specialist tells the mother of the child that the darker soul could attack the more passive soul like a cancer and the race is on to try and stop the progression.

Over the course of written history, there have been questions of how to define different scientific ideas, how to reach the answers, how to conduct experiments, and who or what to conduct them on.

Usually, when tests are conducted they are often centered on particular groups of people, no one has been spared. Many young scientists today who have no idea about these studies, or their findings, or how they are being applied today, or that many abridged versions are being told in schools.

From the torturous experiments of Josef Mengele to the CIA mind control experiments of Louis Jolly West there have been many documented cases of rogue experiments that are meant to unlock the darker aspects of consciousness.

When we talk about having a “dark side,” we’re generally calling attention to our most aggressive, or lustful, anti-social instincts or the mean-spirited, bloodthirsty belligerence presumably lurking deep within us.

Monsters hiding behind the human mask act out on impulses that would disrupt others’ lives, if not outright decimate them. They are the chief perpetrators of rape; mutilation; murder; unconscionable acts of thievery, betrayal, treachery, sadism, masochism, unbounded greed, incest, and so on.

The military and the CIA see the brain as a computer — a toy that can be programmed. They want to be the ones to build a better brain — push it to its limits and try to break it open like an egg.


This is what is being done in the brave new world.

If you remember, last year scientists were hell-bent on trying to scientifically define consciousness. According to a recent study, we are closer than ever to figuring that out.

Demystifying what conscious experiences actually look like has eluded neuroscientists for so long because they are inaccessible to anyone but the person experiencing them.

Neuroscientist Davinia Fernández-Espejo and her research team ventured to find out what was once in the realm of speculative fiction by using brain scans of patients who were either healthy and sedated, vegetative (awake but unresponsive), or minimally conscious.

Her new study is published in Science Advances.

Until now, if someone was unable to speak, it was impossible to know whether they are aware of anything at all unless a signal was elicited from them. Some people with considerable brain damage may be aware of certain stimuli but unable to respond. Others may only be able to perceive things but not experience them, and there is no way of knowing whether they are imagining giving a hand signal just by observation.

Once again we are living in a Black Mirror episode where the subject of a study was hooked up to sensors and put through a harrowing dream that he was mentally trying to escape from, even though his body barely moved.

In the movie, Flatliners, medical students turn their own bodies into science experiments by intentionally stopping their hearts with electric shocks, experiencing a few minutes of death before their hearts are jumpstarted back into beating.

The film is actually a sequel to the 1990 movie of the same name, with a similar plot, where consciousness leaves the body during near death. The other side of death looks not like a white light but “more like pure energy.”

We have explored the Biocentric universe before and the idea of what is basically called, “Quantum Immortality.”

In 2010, one of the most respected scientists in the world, Robert Lanza, published a book titled, Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe. His theory implies that our consciousness does not die with us, but rather moves on, and this suggests that consciousness is not a product of the brain. It is something else entirely, and modern science is only beginning to understand what that might be.

Lanza’s theory implies that if the body generates consciousness, then consciousness dies when the body dies. But if the body receives consciousness in the same way that a cable box receives satellite signals, then of course consciousness does not end at the death of the physical vehicle.

So it is intriguing to think that our souls are quantum packets of information that are infinite and that when it attaches to our biological host, it animates it. When the body or the host dies, the packet of quantum data still exists like a TV or radio signal – if we have the right equipment or even another biological avatar or component – that quantum packet of data can be resurrected in a new body — in a NEW FORM.

This would explain ghosts, it would explain life after death experiences, and it would explain how discarnate entities that are both good and monstrous can enter into a body – something that is called a “walk-in.”

Testimonials from prominent physics researchers from institutions such as Cambridge University, Princeton University, and the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich claim that quantum mechanics predicts some version of “life after death.” They assert that a person may possess a body-soul duality that is an extension of the wave-particle duality of subatomic particles.

Wave-particle duality, a fundamental concept of quantum mechanics, proposes that elementary particles, such as photons and electrons, possess the properties of both particles and waves. These physicists claim that they can possibly extend this theory to the soul-body dichotomy. If there is a quantum code for all things, living and dead, then there is an existence after death.

Within each of our cells are many mitochondria, tiny biochemical power plants that convert chemicals from food to ATP, the basic fuel molecule used by your cells to provide energy for life.

Mitochondria were once a separate organism that came to live in symbiosis with ancestral cells. As such, they brought their own DNA to the party; some of it still remains within our mitochondria, separate from the DNA we carry in chromosomes in the cell nucleus.

So with this in mind mitochondria cannot be created nor can it be destroyed, then when we die, where do our mitochondria and our energy go?

Can we have someone else’s mitochondria floating around inside us and if we do then is this how we can explain reincarnation — or even the frightening aspect of what is called a “walk-in ” experience?

The human brain is one of the most powerful receivers of all messages whether they be electronic or from some other source. Good or Evil the messages exist in a realm of multi-verses that are as infinite as the stars in the sky. Sometimes you can be a conduit and a receiver of inspiration and the voice of inspiration comes to you without even breaking a sweat. The present captivation with supernaturalism seems to create a cultural high. While religious leaders hope it fades, it seems like more and more that stable people are beginning to listen to what the conscience is saying to them.

Science is listening too and they are no longer laughing at people who talk about things like possession, reincarnation, and life after death.

Written by Ron Patton

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