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Clyde Lewis | February 18, 2020


About two weeks ago, Chris and Sheree Geo from Beyond The Veil came on the show to talk about the possibility that we are living in a simulation where we are seeing glitches in the matrix.

One of the reasons I decided to do the show was because of the tragic accident where Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash.  While only brought it up later in the show – I really did not explain the experience I had just prior to the announcement of his death.

My wife and I were in Kelso, Washington having a late breakfast the day after a Bigfoot conference.

She took the drive up from Portland and was telling me about a show she was listening to on NPR that she thought was fun.  It was like a game show called “Wait Wait..don’t tell me” where they were asking questions about pop culture.

She told me to go to the podcast so I could listen. We listened in the car before we went into the restaurant. One of the categories during the game show segment was called “dynamic duos” the host gave examples like Batman and Robin, Laurel and Hardy and Shaq and Kobe Bryant.

Things like that are meaningless until you sit down and while you are drinking your coffee watching a college basketball game – it is announced that Kobe Bryant is killed in a helicopter crash.

It actually struck a chord with me because by some strange coincidence I was in the Magic Mall in Idaho Falls, Idaho buying a copy of the “In Step” album by Stevie Ray Vaughn when the Clerk told me “Too bad about his death.”

I stopped and I said “What?’ the clerk said, “yea they just reported that he died in a helicopter crash.”

I actually walked across the corridor in the mall to an electronics store when on every TV screen was the announcement of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s unfortunate death in a helicopter crash.

It was tragic synchronicity but it certainly pales in comparison to what happened with Kobe.

After there was an announcement about the crash, I noticed a viral video online that indicated that a cartoon predicted his death in a helicopter crash.

The 2016 episode of Legends of Chamberlain Heights shows Bryant crawling out of the shattered windscreen of an upside-down chopper, pleading for help. 

Following the tragedy, the official Twitter account for the Legends of Chamberlain Heights series announced the clip had been pulled from public circulation. 

“Out of respect for Kobe and his family, we have removed the clip of him and ask that you please don’t share it,” the tweet read. 

I started to feel as if the world was getting a little glitchy and when I start to see synchronicities and trends – I know that the pattern is going to continue.

I know that for many people the idea of living in a simulation is a hard thing to grasp but even if we aren’t living in one it is becoming evident that the timeline seems to be correcting itself and repeating itself in an effort to possibly change our world view.

Changing worldviews has always been one of the ways societies grow and change, and has been at the root of every major social shift in human history. In the past, however, such shifts took place infrequently, and humanity had the luxury of adjusting to them over the course of centuries.

While I talk about a lot of crazy things on my show, I want to stress that what I try to present are Fortean concepts. The truth about the Fortean point of view that there are times in history where reality breaks down and that when you use to the term reality you should always remember that the word in a Fortean sense should always be used in quotes.

In a Fortean sense, there is a hairline of difference between reality and fantasy and in that realm we realize that “belief” is a word where the word lie his hidden between the lines and that the truth is stranger than fiction and that most of what we believe changes like the days fashion, whether it be the latest hat or dance craze.

The reality breakdown is occurring as we speak now. It is getting a rewrite and everything we think we know, that we question and satisfy with an opinion is being changed and repackaged.

I can’t provide total proof of reality breakdown but I can safely say that it is being heralded by a lot of synchronicities that seem to indicate that whatever is happening in our reality there seems to be a few glitches in the matrix that are proving that retrocausality is happening and that something wants our undivided attention.

I have to consider that the narrative is responsible for a literal reality redo, a retrocausality creating conspiracy theories that really are more than theories but attempts to somehow put reality into perspective without letting anyone know that secretly tucked away in all of our utility drawers is a tinfoil hat that we will proudly wear because we know that no one truly lives in a universe that is fully objective.

It is unfortunate that conspiracy theory is such a blanket term for things that are acutely paranormal in what many people are claiming is the apocalypse.

All things we see and perceive are electric stimulus and light that transmits information that we can pay attention to, and then, of course, there are these details that we don’t. They are later pointed out to us as a reminder that perhaps there is a Revelation of the Method but then we reconsider because what is happening may be more than predictive programming – it may be various echoes that we puck up in transit.

The question is: if we are in transit then where are we going to end up and why are we seeing these echoes of reverse causality?

Very few average people have the discipline to check their views and beliefs with the criteria of consistency. The average person when listening to a proposed authority needs to also internally decide if any claim that has been made provides verifiable documentation to your satisfaction. Do all of the pieces of information provided fit the dialogue and timeline provided?

If there is an extreme break with reality and the world view, there is always the consensus opinion that the mental health of the person is under suspicion. However, there has never been a consensus opinion that the breakdown of reality is happening and that people now are not exactly privy to harsh realities that are creating that blind spot in time and that selective reality that seems to be a refuge for the person in denial.

We are seeing reality break down because the masters know how to manipulate time, rewrite reality and change world view and it is being done because we are giving consent to them by moving in a direction they are wanting us to move in while under the influence of trauma.

Richard Rounds, the guy I mentioned on my show last night got in touch with me on Facebook. He said that his brother is a ruck driver and heard me mention him on the air – he got in touch with me and he was saying that he was channeling his weird stories into comic books.

I was thrilled to hear from him – he asked me if I was aware of the book “The Eyes of Darkness” by Leigh Nichols.  I said I never hear of it and he said that it was a book that predicted the Wuhan Virus.

I said to him that it was written by Dean Koontz and he said that he read that it was written by someone called Leigh Nichols.  I just thought that he was pulling my leg again because I had posted something on Facebook about Koontz writing a story about a virus called Wuhan 400 – I really did not investigate it until I did the show about Ingersol  Lockwood and his books talking about Baron Von Trump and The Last President and the synchronicities in them.

After looking into the story I found out that throughout his career, Koontz wrote under several pen names including David Axton, Deanna Dwyer, K.R Dwyer, Brian Coffey, and Leigh Nichols.

Using the name Leigh Nichols he wrote the novel The Eyes of Darkness in 1981.

Apparently, it has a resurgence in popularity because 40 years after it was published it seems to have somehow predicted the Coronavirus.

The plot is about a mother who attempts to find out what happened to her son after he mysteriously disappeared on a camping trip. It turns out that the boy is held in Wuhan, China which oddly enough is the site of a deadly virus outbreak. 

The story explains how the Wuhan Virus was developed by a scientist named Li Chen who defected to the United States, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon in a decade.

It was called ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside of the city of Wuhan, and it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research center.

According to the book, Wuhan-400 is a perfect weapon. It afflicts only human beings. No other living creature can carry it. And like syphilis, Wuhan-400 can’t survive outside a living human body for longer than a minute, which means it can’t permanently contaminate objects or entire places the way anthrax and other virulent microorganisms can. And when the host expires, the Wuhan-400 within him perishes a short while later, as soon as the temperature of the corpse drops below eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit. 

The book goes on to say that Wuhan-400 has other, equally important advantages over most biological agents. For one thing, people can become infectious carriers only four hours after coming into contact with the virus. That’s an incredibly short incubation period.

Once infected, no one lives more than twenty-four hours. Most die in twelve. It’s worse than the Ebola virus in Africa.

Wuhan-400’s kill-rate is one hundred percent. No one is supposed to survive.

The book also says that the Chinese tested it on their political prisoners first.

They were never able to find an antibody or an antibiotic that was effective against it. The virus migrates to the brain stem, and there it begins secreting a toxin that literally eats away brain tissue like battery acid dissolving cheesecloth. It destroys the part of the brain that controls all of the body’s automatic functions. The victim simply ceases to have a pulse, functioning organs, or any urge to breathe.”

It is creepy how the book seems to describe the plague in a way that is eerily similar to what we are hearing on the internet about the disease.

To coin a phrase, it is plaguing by the book. It is plague by numbers. It is like a glitchy reverse causality, much like the stomach ache you get from eating a bad salad two days into the future.

As you already know, the epicenter of the actual Coronavirus outbreak is in Wuhan. In the book, it happens at an RDNA lab.

Now in reality – our reality, the first BSL-4 lab was opened in 2017.

When Koontz indicates that the virus was tested on political prisoners first, I was taken aback because during a recent Ground Zero Lounge I was explaining how I was watching some of the videos that were allegedly coming out of Wuhan and in them there were some incidences where I was watching men with red bands on their arms walking into homes and literally slapping or punching victims that allegedly have the virus, hand-cuffing them and throwing them into trucks.

I speculated that perhaps the outbreak was also being used as an excuse to arrest and detain political prisoners and dissidents and escort them to concentration camps.

I am learning through various sources that there are dissidents that are speaking against the government and the handling of the virus. Many of them have been arrested and some of them have been killed.

China’s mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak has emboldened local social leaders and dissidents to demand that authorities honor free speech rights, especially following the death of a doctor  Li Wenliang who was punished for warning about the contagion.

He has become a national hero. Chinese social media,  people referring to him as a ‘martyr” for honesty justice and free speech.

According to insiders the political system in China is barely holding on and so the answer is rule by tyranny.

Many citizens have rebuked the government and there was certainly a resistance has Hong Kong was locking horns with Beijing.

Now the Coronavirus has silenced the protestors en masse but it hasn’t stopped others from speaking out.

Xi Jinping, of course, has devised a social credit system, which of course,  was predicted in an episode of Black Mirror called Nosedive. It is an attempt to “gamify” government.

Xi, who has overseen a plan to develop a comprehensive social credit system that rates the behavior of the individual Chinese people by 2020, has tried to maintain discipline during the coronavirus crisis. The outbreak spurred authorities to quarantine roughly 50 million people on short notice after weeks of neglecting to address the virus. Additionally, local officials have implemented “wartime” policies of arresting suspected patients and sending them to quarantine camps.

These aggressive tactics are providing a cover for punishing the academics and activists who have rebuked the government.

Who knows perhaps Dean Koontz is not too far off the mark to suggest that the Wuhan coronavirus was first tested on political prisoners

There is no way to tell to what extent they’re taking advantage of the coronavirus as a potential opening for silencing dissidents or using the coronavirus as an excuse to take people they want to silence into custody – but the videos seem to show that victims of the virus are being handled like animals.

Again – the predictive programming speaks for itself and the retrocausality is changing world views.

For example, the animated TV show The Simpsons developed an episode in 1993  that featured a storyline called the Osaka Flu. It spread through Springfield after residents ordered juicers from Japan.

The episode shows juicers being packed into boxes in Japan as one of the workers says, “Please don’t tell the supervisor I have the flu.” He then coughs into the box, sending the virus to the U.S. Once the fancy juicers arrive in Springfield, most of the residents fall ill.

Even though the virus in the episode came from Japan, instead of Wuhan in China, fans have been burning up Twitter saying The Simpsons has a penchant for predicting global events 27 years ago.

The Death toll has now surpassed 2,000 in the China coronavirus outbreak, with over 75,000 confirmed cases globally– but now we can’t even count on that number as China is allegedly lying about the death toll.

What is also disconcerting is that another book that has got a lot of attention as being the king of retrocausality is the Bible.

Nowhere can we read more about prophecy being fulfilled is the Bible –especially the Book of the Apocalypse.

The word “apocalypse” comes from the Greek word “apocalupsis” which means “revealing, disclosure, to take off the cover.” The Book of Revelation is sometimes referred to as the “Apocalypse of John” because it is God’s revealing of the end times to the apostle John. Further, the Greek word for “apocalypse” is the very first word in the Greek text of the book of Revelation.

Outside of the Book of Revelation, other examples of apocalyptic literature in the Bible are Daniel chapters 7–12, Isaiah chapters 24–27, Ezekiel chapters 37–41, and Zechariah chapters 9–12.

The bible speaks of various plagues that will befall those that ignore god in what are called the Last Days of the Dispensation.

One of the plagues spoken of in the bible is a plague of locusts.

Residents in Saudi Arabia and Yemen have been faced with the bewildering sight of a truly gargantuan swarm of roughly 360 billion locusts, which can block out the sun at times.

Billions of the insects have destroyed food supplies across Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia in what has been described as the worst plague for decades.

With vast swathes of the population in the region already facing food shortages due to poverty, the United Nations has warned action must be taken to avoid another “shock” to the region.

Bigger swarms have actually turned an area dark – terrifying the people there.

Footage has now surfaced showing thousands of the locusts seemingly reaching the border of China, adding yet more problems to a country struggling to contain the deadly Coronavirus.

There is also no word on whether or not the virus can be spread by the insects.

The plague has flown across the Red Sea into Europe and Asia in recent days.

Pakistan – which borders China – recently declared a national emergency over the locusts. But the Communist Party of China has tried to downplay the severity of the swarms reaching the country.

They claim their modern technology and sufficient stocks which have not been seen in Africa will prevent any widespread damage.

Some Christian fundamentalists are saying that this plague has been predicted as being the result f the ride of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse.

Another synchronicity is that when 63 British citizens were evacuated from China and were quarantined. They arrived at the airport and then they were picked up and transported by four Busses provided by “Horsmen of Birkshire.”



Four Horsemen Busses – an uncanny coincidence or a glitch in the matrix reminding us that something else is playing a cosmic joke on us.

With relentless speculation, multiple mind-blowing streams of thought completely shatter preconceived notions of perception, time and space. It is as true in physics as cultural engineering. It is difficult to grasp without egocentricity that everything we experience is a form of virtual reality.

There are plenty of things that can change our ways of thinking; sometimes, dramatically.

We are balancing our faith on the edge of inevitable disaster.  We don’t just think we have seen a dark shadow near our bed we know it is there.

However after the shadow dissipates into nothingness or the light that you turn on makes it disappear, you wonder if what you saw was nothing but a demonic pareidolia in the laundry pile , or the house cat positioned in such a way that it looked like a devilish imp waiting to sit on your chest till you suffocate.

Then when coincidences occur and synchronicities make you question your own sanity, you either make up your mind on the matter or you walk away becoming a paranormal agnostic.

Sometimes the safest way out is to just be an agnostic – that way you can rationalize that you have not lost your mind.

Terence McKenna, among others, has argued that, in accordance with the same principle that keeps a fish oblivious to the existence of water, the perturbation of consciousness is necessary for us even to become aware of the reality of consciousness as such.

Today, there are many things even outside the realms of paranoia that can trigger a thought, or memory of a hidden paranormal experience. There can also be a triggering of déjà vu that is a small product of some reoccurring dream of dread, an apocalyptic future where you know that you will eventually be handed a very difficult decision which when made will neither be to your benefit or your immediate circle of friends and family.

The decision you make will have to benefit the whole of mankind. Some see it as the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep order, in order to keep the timeline of the universe intact. The real nightmare is when you realize that these dreams were like fire drills and that in a future moment, you won’t be sleepwalking through the valley of the shadow of death – you will running for your life in a reality that the nightmare initiated.

All that is paranoid is not delusional, just as all that is delusional is not paranoid. We aren’t talking about incorrigible delusions as much as a phenomenological field of relative points of view. The tyranny of the One is that of the official, spin-doctored version of past and current events, and future potentials that can be steered by the fabricated consensus.

Charles Fort explains that all people have a tendency to be hypnotics. He has said that if the proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, the people would believe properly like good little sheep. He also believed that if god was the universal mind, he didn’t always have to act in a manner that was sane.

This is why we live in this world of remarkable and crazy things.

It is said that we live in perilous times, and often, while in the middle of them, we seem to have some sort of epiphany that while we believe our little paranormal thoughts in church, we can openly pretend that no one answers prayers or doles out miracles or scrawls out little words on Ouija boards. When we hear of what can be termed “doom porn”, we can become introspective and ask “Is life worth living?” The sad thing is that even as we ask ourselves that question, we are convinced that the answer is no.

Even with all of the frightening and crazy things I report on my show, I believe that life is worth living. I am always of the opinion that I want to see what happens next; if I die, I will miss all of the fun of what comes at us in a time where we are all awaiting the sign that we are all going to go out with a whimper, or with the rapture, or some other cataclysm that awaits us in the eschaton.

Some people say that synchromysticsm is purely a fixation on certain numbers and statistics that may or may not be meaningful to the groupthink. Sometimes we experience something called the “Oz factor” where we are the only person who can see the coincidences or the synchronicity for what it is.

When we experience it, we can say it is simply random, or we can say that it is some sort of supernatural occurrence. I know that there are coincidences for which no one has, or can be expected to have any possible logical, scientific or rational explanation.

No one can explain, predict and, therefore, be able to control the events and phenomena in question. Therefore, when dealing with meaningful coincidence in current events, one has to remember what happened in the past, how it applies to the present, and what it means for cause and effect in the future.

When you are in your own head, it can become a very uncomfortable place, especially when there are things buried deep in the core belief centers of the unconscious mind—memories or experiences that somehow get purged without warning.

In Plato’s Republic, Plato declared a relationship between the soul of the state and the state of the soul.

According to Jung, poisonous collective ideas are always compensated for in the unconscious of the individual psyche. Since paranoia is a disorder of meaning, the remedy for the paranoia of the state may be similar to that of individuals –we make a trip to the edge of the end — and look at the precipice of the soft water and the jagged rocks.

We are left holding our breath in suspended animation at the paradox, the moment of despair when we are engulfed in unsolvable Mystery — riddles wrapped in enigmas, half-truths disguising lies, faulty theories explaining nothing.

Something is at the dark heart of all things – something that wants a blank or even black slate to write upon something to scratch – something to mar and desecrate.

We don’t know who we are fighting for or who we are fighting against in the dark shadows. However, there are too many people who are cocksure that they have found the truth and that anyone outside of their comfort zone is simply crazy or perhaps in need of elimination.

Psychological life has a metaphoric character. Our perceptual life draws us into the world and our imagination engages us with it. Metaphors are dangerous, but not as dangerous as restricting their use in our most penetrating inquiries, haunting the margins of our thoughts.

The soul is a perspective, not a substance. It is hard to remain still in the middle ground if you feel like you are a target of God’s wrath.

Differentiating this middle ground, we find ourselves in way of being where we perceive and think that we are nearing the end of the world. 





Written by Clyde Lewis

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