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Clyde Lewis | February 2, 2021
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When I go on social media and I see people still posting anti-Trump stuff – I feel my blood turn acidic, because I realize that these people are not finding joy in their decision about their vote for Joe Biden. Has anyone ever stopped and wondered why even though the people have spoken about a new President that these same people cannot let go of Donald Trump?

The hate remains as we prepare for the show trial of Trump –with a needless impeachment. Something that the oligarchs know will seed more hostility as they waste more money carrying out something that will not heal wounds but tear away scabs.

If you ask why we have to continue this path of hate, you are immediately called a Trump supporter or worse but I am now learning quickly that these so called party cultists are playing along because they think that they are included in this resistance, they are under the impression that they are doing their part and that they will be rewarded for their devotion.

They lie to themselves thinking that all of this showboating is going to make them feel better and these choices are for the betterment of the country.

But they are not—they are making a mockery of the country; they make a mockery of the vote –and those that claim they are doing this for you are simply doing it for themselves.

In an ideal democracy, a government serves at the behest of their people and should therefore serve the people or risk being voted out.

In the sort of world that we see in a movie like V for Vendetta, Alan Moore is suggesting that the people outnumber the politicians and that a mass uprising a revolution, widespread strikes, or similar could overthrow them.

The Wall Street attacks are the beginning – total strikes may be next or some other way of debasing the oligarchy – you see it has nothing with politics – it has everything to do with the conspiracy against the average American.

They – the establishment, are making it a fight for survival. They have had the upper-hand for so long and now what we are seeing is equilibrium.

There is no political agenda, all lives don’t matter when you are poor and the attitude of the political elite is breeding anarchy. 

There is an old saying that is attributed to Thomas Jefferson, however, if you put it in Facebook it will be flagged and “fact checked.”

“When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

It is fact checked because usually it is followed by quotes about the people’s rights to bear arms.  However we are learning that fighting tyranny doesn’t always have to include the use of guns.

Sometimes it takes brains to figure out the best way to storm the castle and create a revolution. 

When I reported about the short squeeze last week attentive listeners to the show sent me a couple of e-mails reminding me that ten years ago I wrote an article that was eventually published in the Fall 2012 issue of Paranoia Magazine that predicted that there would be a rebellion against wall street and that the ones behind it would be savvy programmers who would use software or a virus that would expose the corrupt establishment. It was the first published article since by national syndication agreement with Premiere Networks.

The article was called “The Storm is Coming” and it was inspired by a quote that was from the Batman film “Dark Night Rises.”  The quote was from the character Celina Kyle who is dancing at a soiree with Bruce Wayne.  It was a warning that there was a war brewing in Gotham between the haves and the have nots.

She says to Wayne:

“There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches ‘cause when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.”

I decided to watch it again Sunday night and given the times we live in, it took on an even darker tone than I remembered and became a damning indictment of the anti-corporate movement and threat of social chaos it poses.

The antagonist Bane and his League of Shadows rise up against the bankers and elite billionaires like Bruce Wayne and attack Wall Street, savagely beating the rich while promising the good people of Gotham that “tomorrow, you claim what is rightfully yours.”

But Bane is no Robin Hood.

He is plotting a massive transfer of wealth through the stock exchange after inciting civil unrest.

His evil genius uses an algorithm that undermines the “one percent” and send them into the streets where the disgruntled will eat them. Fraudulent practices are exposed—identity theft, credit card fraud, securities fraud, and a number of other practices that the elite do in order to bilk the poor out of their money.

This film literally sounds the alarm of the advent of an organized anarchy that plans to topple the government by exposing and gutting the fortunes of the elite

Now here we are in the middle of something that rhymes with the plot of superhero movie, but the reality has indications that the so called civil war that has been created by the media and the political divide is evolving into what is shaping up to be a populist uprising.

No matter what happens next to shares of GameStop and AMC or the price of silver, the average Joes are now an undeniable force to be reckoned with on Wall Street.

The short squeeze last week that propelled GameStop and other momentum investments popular with the Reddit crowd now appears to be on hold. GameStop plunged nearly 50% Tuesday while AMC, silver prices and silver mining companies also fell sharply.

That’s partly due to trading restrictions from Robinhood and other brokers on how many shares of volatile stocks like GameStop, AMC, Express and Nokia that retail investors can purchase in a single stock at a time. 

It is clear that COVID has been used as cover for consolidating the power of the unimaginably rich. But plans for boosting their power and wealth will not stop there and it is obvious that the retaliation is going to be an ugly reminder of what happens when people are tired of being serfs.

According to a new report, ‘the wealth of the world’s billionaires increased by $3.9tn (trillion) between 18 March and 31 December 2020. Their total wealth now stands at $11.95tn.

The world’s 10 richest billionaires have collectively seen their wealth increase by $540bn over this period. In September 2020, Jeff Bezos could have paid all 876,000 Amazon employees a $105,000 bonus and still be as wealthy as he was before COVID.

At the same time, hundreds of millions of people will lose or will have lost their jobs and face destitution and hunger. It is estimated that the total number of people living in poverty could have increased by between 200 million and 500 million in 2020. The number of people living in poverty might not return even to its pre-crisis level for over a decade.

The war between the haves and the have nots is brewing and no matter what political face the mainstream news puts on it – no matter what looney thoughts or assumptions they expose for the war – it does not change the fact that people of all political affiliations feel disrespected by those who claim to lead us.

The people are tired of being gaslighted and trolled by politicians – they are tired of serving leaders who place themselves in the priest class.

 There is a sense of fighting back against disrespect of the elites, belief that systemic rules have been written to benefit insiders at the expense of regular people, and new internet technologies that widely distribute power that was once held exclusively by a small group.

There’s a healthy dose of skepticism of the media, and a belief that the media lies to them and ignore their fears and their ability to see the corruption. On the internet there are those who see this as a heroic struggle against politicans and billionaires of all stripes.

Those who think that it is all about MAGA or domestic right-wing terrorism are not paying attention.

The mainstream media avoided reporting a story that is very telling of what is happening,

Just after Joe Biden took the Oath of office, the riots started again in Portland, Oregon. This time it wasn’t the right-wing Proud Boys or Patriot prayer – It was Antifa, Black Lives matter, and anarchist groups that attempted to set fire to the Democratic National Headquarters.

There were banners at the rally that said “We don’t Want Biden—we want revenge.”

The local media called it the fragmentation of fracturing of the left trying to make sense as to why they sided with these groups thinking that they were part of a resistance against Trump.

Yes, they were a resistance against Trump and as I reported they are also a resistance against all politicians that give them lip service about issues they care about.

The vandalizing of the Oregon Democratic Party headquarters by extreme-left demonstrators on Inauguration Day split liberal attitudes and have confused a lot of the media who saw these groups as allies to the cause.

The cause meaning the booting out of their supposed Hitler of choice Donald Trump.

The media knows nothing about what real civil wars entail – and what we are seeing is a populist rebellion against the rich – who continue to profit off of the misery of those they decided to lockdown and ignore.

Violent and destructive activity among far-left groups has been increasing nationwide, according to a recent study by the Transnational Threats Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a nonprofit policy research group. according to the study, the violence led by anarchist and anti-fascist groups rose to 20 percent from 8 percent in 2019. Combined with right wing extremist groups that have been responsible 70 percent of the violence I think you now can figure out why lawmakers want the 8-foot-tall fence and barbed wire to be around the capitol indefinitely.

The government is afraid of its people.

Labelling multiple millions of Americans ‘terrorists’, the establishment is signaling its intent to launch a ‘war on domestic terror’ which is newspeak for launching a war against the American people.   When there is a war against the establishment – the establishment uses whatever means necessary to get rid of the threat.

We have been told that they won the presidency! They won the Senate! They ousted a ‘dictator’! and yet we see that troops are still in Washington D.C. we keep hearing about planned threats against the government — we keep hearing that Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Occasio Cortez are fearing for their lives. 

The people worry that the government is coming for them — but the government is far more frightened about what the majority of Americans might do to them given the opportunity. 

These elitists know that there are Americans that hold them responsible for the lockdowns, the economic downturn, and the arbitrary rules during the pandemic. 

They also know that are shallow and selfish rulers, and they know that the American people are thinking that they are illegitimate leaders. This knowledge eats at them, spurring them to institute increasingly draconian measures because – in a self-fulfilling prophecy they fear losing control.

Why do you think that Joe Biden has set a record in signing some 37 executive orders in his first week as president? It is not only that he wishes to reverse Trumps policies. Is this the acts of an administration that endorses democracy or is it an indication of fear?

What do these orders, or any of his other moves, tell us about the future plans of this recently “elected” administration? Nothing good, unfortunately.

You can make this a partisan debate all you want – but there are angry people that are poor – both republican and democrat that will tell you that this partisan nonsense is just a distraction from a populist uprising.

Both the incident in Portland, the attack on The Capitol, and the attack on Walls Street prove this,

Biden’s cabinet is praised as the “most diverse” in history, but will hiring a few non-white and Transgender people really change the decades-old policies of ignoring that poor and sending their kids to fight in needless wars?

 It certainly doesn’t look like it.

His pick for Under Secretary of State is Victoria Nuland, a neocon warmonger and one of the masterminds of the Maidan coup in Ukraine in 2014. She is married to Robert Kagan, another neocon warmonger, co-founder of the Project for a New American Century and one of the masterminds behind the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The incoming Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who has argued for every US military intervention since the 1990s, and criticized Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria.

Biden’s pick for Defense Secretary is the first African-American ever appointed to this role, but former General Lloyd Austin is hardly going be some kind of “progressive” voice in his cabinet. He’s a career soldier who retired from the military in 2016 to join the board of Raytheon Technologies, an arms manufacturer and military contractor.

As “diverse” as this cabinet may be in skin color or gender…there is most certainly no “diversity” of opinion or policy. There are very few new faces and no new thoughts. 

He already sends a message that the U.S. wants war and his Domestic Terrorism bill is exactly what is needed to shut down any possible populist war.

These are moves that indicate an authoritarian rule – not an inclusive rule. Those lofty dreams of feeling loved and united have ended – the establishment has shown that it no longer cares about the people it supposedly serves.

The proof is in the actions that have transpired – and it only took a week.

But the establishment knew what they were doing before they were successful in getting what they wanted.

They began their war when they decided that the people’s ideas were not worthy of debate and discussion or that they were even so dangerous they couldn’t be shared publicly.

They began their war when they started coercing people thorough guilt and shaming to go along with their lockdowns. When that didn’t work they started fining and arresting people. Then they encouraged the move of labeling people. Words like fascist and Nazi were convenient. Now it is the use of terms like thugs, insurgents, traitors, insurrectionists.

They were all Americans – and some of them did not care about political affiliations – the media would have you believe that there is only one group that participates in these insurrections.  

This “guilt by labeling” is the antithesis of fair play or justice. It is a convenient mechanism for the ruling class to herd people into identity clusters so that individual rights can be supplanted by group responsibility. If this reminds you of China’s Cultural Revolution, you are not wrong. The ruling class wants you to conform, confirm and comply. If you step outside the lines, be prepared to be shamed, silenced and ostracized.

But nothing can be taken for granted any more. The people — and even their representatives and senators — are considered enemies of the state because they hold opinions that don’t meet the standards of Joe Biden or even the puppets who appear on CNN.

And you wonder the people are starting to rise up and rebel against the plutocracy. You wonder why there is a squeeze on Wall Street.

We the people means nothing to the establishment – it is they, the Oligarchs that have the people angry – it is they, the Plutocracy that has declared war on the average Joe. The poor are the collateral damage as they destroy the United States in favor of a World reset strategy. 

The people are now rebelling because they have figured out how.

A house divided against itself cannot long stand, but if there is to be a truce it will not come from submission, but from a recognition that all people are created equal, that they all have certain inalienable rights, and that among those are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those words were worth fighting for once.


Written by Clyde Lewis

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