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Clyde Lewis | February 21, 2020
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Today, I had an early birthday breakfast with a friend. Of course, there were many things we talked about and one of the things that was brought up was how he thought the shows this past week have been mind-blowing.

He said I don’t know how I keep it up.

I said to him that sometimes I come into the office without even knowing about what I am going to talk about.  He said that maybe there will be a major event that will happen and that I will have the story right there when I get into the office.

Then something weird happened. 

I have been dealing with allergies the past few days and so I sneezed. An old man stopped and gave me a look and  then handed me a napkin and said – “Here we don’t want to spread whatever it is you have.”

My friend and I knew what he meant and we kind of laughed awkwardly and of course, the conversation was about the shows I have done about the coronavirus.

He mentioned to me that he was thinking about the apocalyptic science fiction predictive programming I have been talking about.

He said that he remembers the movie “Contagion” and how what was happening was just like that movie.  I remembered it too – that the virus came from somewhere in China and that many people were dying from it.

He also brought up various other zombie movies and I told him that in Max Brook’s, World War Z – Patient Zero was found in China.

I then said that with COVID-19 there was no patient zero to my knowledge and as far as the official origin –we have been led to believe that it just popped up from out of nowhere—something that I found hard to believe.

Well, he said “if you question the official story” you get banned on Facebook.

I then said: “well if the official story is that this virus appeared out of nowhere and it wasn’t genetically sequenced in a lab, then maybe it came from outer space.”

He laughed and said: “like the movie Annihilation?”

I said perhaps but it is too bad that nobody really saw that movie.

Critics called it over-intellectualized science fiction.

It was based on a trilogy of books by Jeff VanderMeer where an extraterrestrial event takes place and the military, scientists move in and create a perimeter known as Area X. Area X is also called “The Shimmer.” The Shimmer is sort of like an energy or magnetic field that looks like the filmy soapy substance you see in a bubble.

Even though “The Shimmer” has a beauty all of its own, those who have had encounters with it have committed suicide, have fell victim to aggressive cancers, and mental trauma. Without giving much of the film away, many teams have attempted to go into the “The Shimmer” and have disappeared. Area X is a metaphor for a place that has been changed because of an extraterrestrial event that cannot easily be explained.

It simply illustrates what would happen if the earth got cancer from an anomaly from space. It is a movie that makes an argument for Genetic Entropy or mutant degeneration on Planet Earth.

There is a similar plot with a different direction called “The Happening” where a mutation from plants sends a signal to the earth to create a mutant pathogen that triggers people to commit mass suicide.

You can argue that the same type of plot device was used in the disturbing film “Birdbox” When a mysterious force decimates the population, only one thing is certain – if you see it, you die.

It is arguable that what these films are depicting is the terrifying idea that end of the world scenarios doesn’t always have to be about cataclysms or nuclear war. There can come a time where human beings participate in their own mass mortality event where something from out of nowhere triggers or contributes to the deaths of millions maybe even billions of people.

Something that could trigger exponential genetic entropy.

Genetic Entropy is the genetic degeneration of living things.  Genetic entropy is the systematic breakdown of the internal biological information systems that make life alive.  Genetic entropy results from genetic mutations, which are typographical errors in the programming of life (life’s instruction manuals). Mutations systematically erode the information that encodes life’s many essential functions.  Biological information consists of a large set of specifications, and random mutations systematically scramble these specifications gradually but relentlessly destroying the programming instructions essential to life.

Genetic entropy is most easily understood on a personal level. In our bodies, there are roughly 3 new mutations (word-processing errors), every cell division. Our cells become more mutant, and more divergent from each other every day. By the time we are old, each of our cells has accumulated tens of thousands of mutations. Mutation accumulation is the primary reason we grow old and die.  This level of genetic entropy is easy to understand.

There is another level of genetic entropy that affects us as a population. Because mutations arise in all of our cells, including our reproductive cells, we pass many of our new mutations to our children.

Mutations continuously accumulate in the population – with each generation being more mutant than the last.

So not only do we undergo genetic degeneration personally, but we also are undergoing genetic degeneration as a population. This is essentially evolution going the wrong way. Natural selection can slow down, but cannot stop, genetic entropy on the population level.

Apart from intelligence, information and information systems always degenerate. This is obviously true in the human realm, but is equally true in the biological realm—evolutionists dispute this but for arguments sake, we can see that perhaps a so-called virus from out of nowhere without any explanation – is simply a mutation that could exponentially kill us slowly or cause us to evolve into a different type of human with either stronger or weaker immunity.

The idea of COVD-19 being some random mutation is far more terrifying than just a biological weapon.

I know there are a lot of people that consider themselves independent Paul Reveres, who are passionate about speaking up when they see something which indicates there will be an event or that there is an event happening which is not easily explained but has to be addressed.

We are now aware that the political circus has been developed by the mainstream media to keep our minds off of what is obviously playing out in front of us if we just take the time to look.

Many have long since grown fatigued from their efforts to share dire truths with those that don’t want to hear it.

In the past few weeks, I have actually felt fatigued and have simply been overworked and focused on many things beyond the politics of the moment.

Now, I need to get a second wind because it is a critical time – it seems as if the walls are closing in and the truth seems to be presenting it as a self-fulfilling prophecy that can only be described as real-time science-fiction shedding its end of day’s skin.

When the World Health Organization declared that COVID-19 was a public health emergency of international concern,  social network platforms got tough on what they called misinformation about the virus and began silencing and censoring many internet posts calling them misleading or fake.

Since January there have been many theories that have shown to be true and even in the face of facts there are many people who still wish to believe what the gatekeepers at Google and Facebook have to say about the virus, it’s origins and how they wish to eliminate any or all theories about it being a biological weapon that was sequenced in a BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, China.

Facebook has said that they will determine what is harmful content and will shut down anything that they feel is not being reported for the public good.

The company also says it continually tries to remove potentially harmful conspiracy theories and other falsehoods, such as fake cures or incorrect information about available health resources, that health organizations flag.

 In addition, social media is restricting or blocking hashtags people are using to share coronavirus misinformation on Instagram. 

Many people have already experienced the annoyance of a pop up declaring that a story about the virus is not credible and uses the typically biased fact-checkers that are overly sensitive and will even block an article if it feels its header is misleading.

While many people may think that what Facebook is doing is admirable it should be noted that what is happening is the norm for social media in China especially when the Chinese government does not want sensitive or inconvenient material to be released to the public.

This kind of heavy-handed censorship is the main reason nobody trusts the Chinese Government to tell the truth. Facebook allowing the Chinese government to control Facebook content will not stop the truth from leaking out somewhere.

 Are there plenty of lies flying about regarding the Coronavirus? Almost certainly. Could some of the lies lead to harm? Very likely. But the Chinese Government is doing its own share of lying, just as they allegedly lied and attempted to cover up the severity of the SARS outbreak.

In the Information Age, the way to respond to wild rumors is to answer them, to provide evidence the rumors are untrue, to invite trusted third parties to corroborate official statements, not to try to silence critics. Unless the official statements are lies, in which case this is not an option.

Facebook accepting direction from Chinese censors just means people have no reason to trust Facebook.

Facebook has been trying desperately to quell the rumors that COVID-19 was not the result of a Team Red Gain of Function release, or a biological weapon for population control.

They have even censored stories about people getting the disease from bat soup or from snake meat or some other wild animal even though the first reports from China were saying that the patient zero contracted the disease form a meat market 20 miles away from the Wuhan lab where the conspiracy theorists say that the virus was released.

Facebook will censor anything that reports that there is a global conspiracy to cull the population.  Facebook will not tolerate speculation on what the virus will do next.

However, if we want to play Facebook’s game and basically believe that what is happening is less complex – then maybe we should be more afraid of what COVID-19 truly is.

If COVID-19 is not the result of an accidental or intentional release, if it is not some biological weapon that has been developed for a controlled cull of the population.

If it is just a disease that sprung out of nowhere without a designated clade – then there is one other terrifying option.

COVID-19 is a random mutation and that it has been triggered naturally by the planet and that it will be the cause of a mass mortality event – not just in humans but in animals as well.

Mutations that spring up out of nowhere are just one more way the world can end with a whimper rather than a major cataclysm.

Mutations can cause genetic entropy where we could see a mass mortality event where animals and humans genetically break down and become something other than what they are now.

While the full effects genetic entropy would not be sudden or immediate the general evolution of the mutation would be evident and something akin to a zombie apocalypse would occur without all of the brain-eating humans – but with reverse engineering of humans on cellular level – rendering people helpless against an unknown clade.

There are a lot of things that have been overlooked with regard to the sudden onset of COVID-19 and if Facebook wants us all to think about a disease that pops out of nowhere, then it gets really dark and terrifying.

First of all what is most interesting is that we are not aware of a patient zero—this could mean that the disease had more of a head start than we think.

As the asymptomatic incubation period runs up to 14 days with contagious viral shedding occurring on a scalar basis throughout, this is inevitability leading to a global pandemic which might start to be recognized in 3 to 4 weeks absent.

Thinking on the minimum scale Wuhan virus can mutate and become more lethal or it becomes a common like the flu, except the death rate is around say 5%, without hospitalization. One in ten Americans get the flu each year and roughly 37,000 people (mostly old and young) die from the flu every year.

If the Wuhan virus becomes established in the US with the Population at around 330 million, assuming a one in ten infection rate and 5% fatalities there would be 1.6 million deaths per year. In Africa, with a population of 1.1 billion there would be 55 million deaths per year.. and so on and so on – and of course we should not ignore the animal population.

Chinese authorities have admitted they have discovered mass animal deaths in the epicenter of the outbreak in Hubei province.

State-run media reported at least 135 animals were found dead in one discovery near the city of Chongqing. At least 17 pieces were found to have died – including wild boar, weasels, and a number of birds.

Communist Party officials have blamed the deaths on massive disinfecting efforts carried out by Chinese authorities.

Again,  they can claim that disinfecting operations are killing animals – but this planet has been experiencing mass mortality events with a lot of animal die-off reports being filed in 2019.

Something is determined to cull the population of animals, of bees, of smaller insects and eventually whatever this mutation is – it wants us too.

Viral tendency fuels the engine of extinction shifts in species populations. The compartmentalizing of scientific disciplines, including virologists, have openly embraced the ‘evolutionary’ hypothesis who are baffled by the change and expansion of viruses over time. 

Nevertheless, they remain flummoxed on the role of natural selection in virus evolution that is not easily predicted which is because there is nothing natural about the process as many viruses today are engineered.

Scientific experimentation has been released either intentionally or unintentionally from BSL 3 and BSL 4 laboratories with virologists rampantly speculating around the trajectory of the virus during a nascent outbreak investigation. Virologists claim that super-killer viruses are baseless and yet they frankly admit that they do not understand the forces and pressures that are in operation. 

As they do not comprehend these that their task is essentially futile.  They cling to notions that high virulence may be thwarted because the host is to sick to expose others.

Another recent development is the switch from the classification of life, including viruses, from the Linneaus system to the PhyloCode comprised of clades. 

 Mutations are requisite during host jumps, for example, when a virus ‘spills over’ from an animal reservoir into humans or utilizes an alternate arthropod vector for transmission.  Within the clade system, arthropods and humans are in the same “family.”

Speculating about the phenotype of any new mutation can be dangerous during fast-moving outbreaks.  But it seems that now we are living in favorable conditions for these out of the blue mutations to occur.

In the movie “The Happening” a mutated Neurotoxin given off by plants triggers a reverse-survival instinct by prompting people to kill themselves.

You can compare it to a “red tide effect” except it is on humans. Marine plant life in recent years have begun releasing toxins in response to changing environmental conditions. This has created a massive fish die-off in some areas.

It is a natural form of chemical warfare because there is competition for the same resources. There is a toxin, called domoic acid, that can be released by plants that mimic glutamate, the molecule in our brain that enables electrical transmissions between synapses. Domoic acid literally does the same job as glutamate.

If you absorb a bunch of domoic acid in your diet, from shellfish, for example, it gets into your blood, then it gets into your brain, then it gets into the hippocampus of your brain and it will fire the synapse connections and keep firing them until the nerve function burns out. While those nerves are firing, it causes all kinds of neurological disorders that range from nausea to disorientation to loss of short-term memory and seizures.

Algae Blooms or red tides in the ocean have been known to cause violent seizures in Sea Lions. These blooms called HAB’s have high concentrations of domoic acids and glutamate.

What if COVID -19 is something that has mutated and wishes to wipe out its competition for resources?  It just springs up from out of nowhere and finds a mark. Now we don’t know if it chose animals first and then humans but the result is just the same—it can make people very sick, break down their immunes system and then is some cases kill the victim.

Mutations are a fact-of-life but today we face a double dynamo of natural viral mutation and that caused by the current High to Very High Flux of cosmic rays bombarding all biological life on earth. 

So critical is the situation in light of our diminishing magnetosphere that we have entered the Sixth Extinction Level Event. 

The previous five have brought thousands to millions of species to an abrupt end and laid the environmental foundation for some species to flourish.  This is a season when we can expect dramatic mutations.

Although there are over seven billion of us (and growing) today, humans have only been around in our current form for under a million years, with all of the great apes having existed for only a few million years. Evolution may be slow to occur in our species on the timescale of a single human lifetime, but over millions of years, it’s inevitable.

As the Earth changes, the pressures on different species to survive will change as well, all while random genetic mutations occur. Some mutations are beneficial to surviving the present pressures, and those are the genes that are most likely to get passed on.

Technically, apart from any external intervention, all functional systems degenerate, consistently moving from order to disorder – leaving everything up to chance will push us closer to zero population growth and mass mortality events.



Written by Clyde Lewis

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