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Ron Patton | February 26, 2019
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In the middle of a thought, I was alerted to a news bulletin that the House rebuked President Donald Trump by passing a resolution to overturn his emergency declaration to unlock money for wall construction at the US southern border.

Apart from what you think of the wall and what you may think of the President, there seems to be an air of revolution and the conspiracy of resistance is continuing their campaign to destabilize the current administration and foment an internal war in our government.

We as Americans need to acknowledge that there is a contingency of people in power are using the media to control the narratives and pushing the idea that we are in a time of government overreach with regard to border protection.

The charge of the media is to shape the national conversation to reach a conclusion that nothing surpasses in importance than President Trump’s removal from office.

Our daily experience of the world is now being shaped by people busy writing scripts and narratives that are so preposterous that they might as well be penned by screenwriters grasping for new ideas in the final season of a doomed TV series.

The larger plot of this reality TV farce, of course, revolves around the increasing difficulty of those stuck in it to continue to buy its premise. Once you lose the plot line and once you can see the programming for what it is, it becomes nearly impossible to continue to happily participate in a story that lacks any integrity and provides no meaning or purpose.

Authorities fear losing control of the narrative. If they do, there’s nothing separating them from suffering the consequences of their disastrous and self-serving decisions.

Whether we welcome it or not, we’re at the stage where the limits of reality are forcing change upon us.

The old order is about to be coerced into following a New Order. Never in my life have I seen so many migrate toward a philosophy that clings to dangerous philosophies that have way past their expiration date, even if that means that everybody loses.

All of these early moves against the President are part of a bigger internal war that is in the works and in the next six weeks those involved will no longer hide the fact that insurrection is part of the resistance and that it is well organized for destabilization and a controlled demolition of basic rights provided by the Constitution.

In fact, it can be argued that these moves are beyond just unseating a President. It is a bold political move that fulfills the 2030 Green Agenda proposed by the United Nations and is already being embraced and pushed by those who embrace socialism for our future.

Edward Gibbons is well known for his work, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. In the book, there are several reasons that the Roman Empire fell. Its artificial supports collapsed under the sheer weight of conquests and lack of the resources to keep the battles intact.

The truth though is that the history of the fall of empires is not about how they fell but exactly how they have lasted as long as they did.

For example, every great civilization throughout human history has eventually collapsed, and if we want to have any hope of escaping the same fate, we need to be willing to learn some lessons from the past. Because many of the same factors that caused the collapse of previous civilizations are weighing very heavily on the United States of America today. According to the BBC, the average lifespan of a great civilization is 336 years from beginning to end.

But that doesn’t mean that America will make it that long. Our nation is currently 242 years old, and there are signs of advanced social decay all around us. If we remain on the road that we are currently on, there are many that believe that complete and utter collapse is not too far away.

It is not easy to keep an extremely complex society running, and there have been so many factors that have played a role in collapsing previous civilizations. War, natural disasters, environmental shifts, social degradation, economic problems, and disease are just a few examples.

It can be argued that The United States is barely holding together and this is not the fault of any President – it is the continuance of social decay and confusion that seems to be part of our everyday life.

We have the biggest government in the history of the world, and when you total up all levels of government we literally have a mountain of laws, rules, and regulations governing our lives today. It is a system that is becoming more of a panopticon predator state, and it is definitely not what our founders intended.

The United States will collapse because there is now a contingency that doesn’t believe in it anymore.

No due process, no justice, no peace, continued rebellion, insurrection, and the need for opportunistic politicians to dissolve the republic and replace it with a state socialist form of government.

The super state awaits and many people are willing to see the United States become annexed into the global plantation.

One of the left’s firebrand politicians is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Love her or hate her, she seems to be in the public eye. However, if she is speaking for the Democratic party, then someone should do some checks and balances on what she proposes because they sound very familiar to students of history.

When Ocasio-Cortez recently announced that the Earth had 12 years left to save all lives on the planet, it was curious to me at that time, 12 years meant by 2030, we have to be converted or coerced into participating in the Green Economy that was proposed in the 2030 agenda.

Ocasio-Cortez appeared in video on Instagram and while chopping up food in her kitchen she made a statement that sounded like she was an advocate for Eugenics policies in order to curb population growth by any means necessary.

She stated:

“Our planet is going to hit disaster if we don’t turn this ship around and so it’s basically like, there’s a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead, I think, young people, to have a legitimate question, you know, ‘Is it okay to still have children?”

This statement along with the recent change in abortion laws in New York sends a very loud and clear message about what lies ahead in the 12 years that Cortez says that we need to change our lives.

Ocasio-Cortez even went as far to say that all young people should give up the idea of having children because of the scientific consensus—something that Hitler proposed and that the United States adopted in its early Eugenics programs.

These ideas are so extreme that Senator Dianne Feinstein who is considered a liberal, actually sees the New Green deal as outrageous.

This type of philosophy that is being pushed has all been heard before and it is important to pay attention as we start our journey into the most turbulent time of the year; namely, the window of turbulence that surfaces around the Ides of March.

The other night I mentioned something about the Ides of March and how the window between March 15th and May 1st has often been a window of tumultuous change and bloodshed. It is easy to make predictions that we will see a bit of turbulence in this window because it seems that those who wish to destabilize the timeline to their plotting and scheming in the winter months.

Many have heard of the old axiom, “Beware the Ides of March” but what does it really mean?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

The simple explanation is that The Ides of March marked the day the Julius Caesar was assassinated by members of the Roman Senate in 44 B.C.E.

A soothsayer, or psychic, warns Caesar to beware the day, but Caesar doesn’t heed him. He was then stabbed 23 times by about 60 conspirators, including his friend Marcus Brutus, as immortalized by Shakespeare’s “Et tu Brute?”

That particular line was likely exaggerated, but otherwise, the event as Shakespeare wrote it was lifted straight from historical accounts of the murder. Caesar, who had been named “dictator in perpetuity,” was really warned by a soothsayer, was cornered by the senators and killed before he could truly become a tyrant. Caesar’s death marked the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of a civil war.

Ides comes from the ancient Roman calendar denoting the middle of the month, which in March is the fifteenth.

It has been charged and powered all this time to be a date of foreboding, or a time of portents that open up for tragedy.

The Roman calendar organized its months around three days, each of which served as a reference point for counting the other days.” There were the Kalends representing the first day of the month, then came the Nones which was the 7th day in March, May, July, and October. The Nones fell on the 5th in the other months of the year. The Ides, of course, represented the 15th day of March, as well as May, July, and October. The Ides would fall on the 13th in the other months.

The remaining, unnamed days of the month were identified by counting backward from the Kalends, Nones, or the Ides.

The word “None” comes from the Latin “nona” meaning ninth or the ninth hour or the time at the end.

This was all planned around the times Mars rises before the equinox signifying the time of planting and in the time of famine a time to plan and carry out war.

For some, it means the death of the old order and the resurrection of the new order. The rise of Mars is the representation of the rise and fall of Empires and in the year of Mars rising in Libra and withdrawing from the scales of judgment, the movements of war may raise the philosophies of old empirical tyranny.

So the axiom of “Beware the Ides of March” also means “Beware the Rise of Mars” the planet, so named for war and the fall of kings and empires.

The apex of Aries power begins upon the full moon. Aries was the Greek God of War — Mars is the Roman equivalent. We are about to cross the Rubicon of Mars and Aries and as we withdraw from the scales of judgment, the resurrection of old failed philosophies will usher in a powerful and lawless force.

It has been theorized that in these times we see governments fall and replaced with plutocracies that have cold and merciless philosophies.

The encroachment will prove claustrophobic and rebellion will be reduced to attempts at negation. Negation will be seen as an attempt at destabilization and those who are confused as to who the good guys and bad guys are will be mired into confusion.

This is how the coercion begins; it is safe to say that unless you are aware of the transformation of the heart, and the elite’s thirst for war, you may find yourself falling for old ideas that are being repackaged as new and necessary to sustain a better way of life. Those who forget history will follow the corrupt ideologues that speak of an old system that works to eliminate and silence those who do not wish to be slaves to a tyrannical order.

The Romans used the month of March to begin their new “military campaigns.” The ides of March or the Rise of Mars usually began on the 15th. The window of the Ides which goes until the pagan holiday of Beltane and Walpurgis is also a time for school shootings, terrorist attacks, riots, and attempts at toppling governments.

Many catastrophes also seem to happen in the Ides window.

In these times where it seems that we have wars and rumors of war, we must understand that most of the truth is a casualty and that much of what we know should be allowed to change and bend with the times.

Adapting to new information and uncomfortable anomalies is imperative for today’s troubled and outrageous times. I know that many of us stick with our political views because we want to believe that those who are in charge have our best interests at heart. Be prepared because there are betrayal and destabilization schemes that are being plotted, the sabers are rattling and new military campaigns may be undertaken.

How are we able to allow our core values to be diminished by those who don’t value life and have a cult-like zeal for a dangerous mix of politics and unproven science?

Is the fear of a climate doomsday so important that we negate the values that the first Americans embraced?

If we continue on this path I can say that our demise, the collapse of our civilization is inevitable.

It doesn’t take that long either.

In 390 AD, the Roman Empire covered nearly 2 million square miles and it seemed unstoppable by 476 AD it was gone, that is 86 years.

We have been told that we have only 12.

Wake up America.

Written by Ron Patton

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