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Clyde Lewis | February 3, 2020
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The Superbowl always seems to be a blueprint for the future as advertisers and performers tap into the zeitgeist and magically steer the country with the use of neuro-programming and ritual that arguably is a preview for what is to come.

The big game has always been an exercise in mass media consumption, it is a time where the ancient art of bread and circuses distracts and entertains us with the metaphor of war and the magic of precognitive forestructuring that is cleverly designed and performed during the halftime show and in the various commercials that offer a glimpse into an unsure future.

The presenters of the spectacle are now blending the reality of the game, with ritual and possible predictive programming that can be used to insert ideas that in the peak of awe-inspiring gaming, plant seeds that may grow into realities in the future becomes familiar to observers.

As with every Superbowl comes the tradition of using it as an oracle.

The commercials that were inserted between game plays this year bordered on the absurd. While many of them were attempting to be funny there were some hidden messages in a few of them that played to the idea of diversity and the loss of human autonomy.

The biggest star of the Super Bowl commercials was space and space travel. Soda Stream sent a message of a big discovery on Mars. While we have been awaiting some sort of indication that Mars can sustain life – Soda Stream seemed to forestructure the idea that water will eventually be found on Mars or in general terms life will be found on the planet and that perhaps there will be a  blunder that will again put into question the transparency and credibility of NASA.

This has happened before with the mission called the Release Life Detection experiment on NASA’s spectacular Viking mission to Mars in 1976.

The experiment conducted by Dr. Gilbert Levin tested the Martian soil for organic matter.

The Viking landers scooped up samples of Martian soil, then added nutrients to it. If life existed in the soil, it would consume the nutrients and emit gas as it metabolized the food. Radioactive monitors would then detect the gas.

To ensure that the reaction was biological and not chemical, a second experiment was conducted during which the Martian soil was heated to the point where any life would be killed before being tested for gas. If there was a reaction in the first test, but not the second, that implied a biological reaction, and that is exactly what NASA found, according to Dr. Levin.

This would eventually be announced as evidence of life found on Mars.

However, other experiments conducted by the Viking landers failed to find organic matter, and NASA couldn’t replicate the results of the test in their laboratory. NASA attributed the result of the test to either a false positive or to an unknown chemical reaction.

In 2015, there was an announcement that NASA may have found water on Mars but so far there has been no word about life.

Last year, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said we might find microbial life on Mars.

There was also an Olay commercial about women going to explore space maybe even be part of the Space Force.

In the Olay Commercial Make Space for Women, Former NASA astronaut and artist Nicole Stott,  actress Busy Phillipps and YouTube personality and late-night host Lilly Singh were featured in a commercial where they are suited up for space travel.

Aside from, obviously, advertising Olay’s brand and products, the 30-second commercial is promoting the company’s mission to donate up to $500,000 to the organization Girls Who Code.

This encourages young women to be a part of STEM science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Of course, this indicates that the future most certainly will be good for women as many of the themes that were transmitted feature the matriarchal empowerment pushing aside the patriarchal controls.

Wal-Mart got into the act as well featuring “Famous Visitors,” which featured a 60-second commercial that will feature 12 characters from popular movies and television who “touch down on Earth” from “across the galaxy” to pick up groceries at Walmart.

Turkish Airlines snuck in a commercial that combined archive video of NASA’s Apollo Mission Control in Houston at a Saturn V rocket on the launchpad with views of the cockpit of a commercial jet and passengers heading to the airport for their flight. 

“51 years later, it’s time to take off again,” reads a message as a launch countdown reaches zero. 

While I am sure that Turkish Airlines will not have a space tourism flight, there may be a moment this year where there is the possibility of mapping out the first tourists in space.

There certainly will not be a trip to the moon anytime soon. The Artemis program is supposed to put man back on the moon in 2024 however An authorization bill introduced on y by Representative  Kendra Horn, a  Democrat from Oklahoma urges NASA to delay putting U.S. astronauts back on the moon until 2028 in order to boost the space agency’s long-term plans for crewed Mars exploration.

It seems to be the same old story and boondoggle when it comes to space exploration and so be ready to hear more about possible alien disclosure, declassified documents, and space discoveries that will challenge mainstream science.

Another commercial that got my attention was the Hyundai Sonata self-parking hybrid car.  Here we witness the Philip K. Dick Minority report vision of self-driving and parking cars that rob us of our autonomy.

As we have seen in other Super bowl outings the commercials tend to contribute to fore-structuring and social engineering that has a long-term impact that push agendas and steers the hive mind into changing their attitudes about what are considered normal social values.

This has been pointed out by groups that were offended by the Sabra Hummus commercial that featured Drag Queens.

This pales however to the half time show that many have called pornographic and tawdry.

The halftime show starred Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, both known for their urban and Latin dance-influenced style.

Since I have lived in a Latin American country I was used to the sexually provocative style of dance – if you watch Telemundo, you know that women cherish their beauty in Latin countries just like men like to express their machismo.

It is a cultural thing and if people were offended by it or are feigning shock for their children, chance are the children are well aware of what was happening and the rest can be chalked up to a clash of cultures and values.

This is what I picked up on while watching the commercials and the halftime show – the fact that the America that all of the older people grew up with will not be recognized in the new decade,

There will be a combination of virtue signaling and calls for diversity which will create both culture shock and future shock for the majority of those between the ages of 40 and above.

Reaction to the Super Bowl halftime show was largely positive, with critics calling it “show-stopping” and “flat-out electric,” but some viewers are questioning the message the NFL was sending millions of young fans.

Critics have largely praised the show, with Entertainment Weekly reporting “the NFL at least partially redeemed itself for last year’s stale, flatlining Super Bowl halftime show.” Variety praised it as “14 minutes of pure frenzy” with a “bounty of bootymania.”

Some people see the so-called “bounty of booty mania” as an embarrassment and while this half time show was allegedly supposed to be about empowering women –some saw it as a way to objectify women.

Among the critics is conservative evangelist Franklin Graham of North Carolina, who said the show’s sexual gyrations and stripper pole centerpiece left him disappointed in the NFL and event sponsor Pepsi.

Graham’s post seemed to have struck a nerve, however, with nearly 100,000 comments and 100,000 shares, many from people who agreed.

Some were declaring a boycott on Pepsi products while others were complaining that the halftime show is supposed to be “family-friendly.”

What is most ironic is that I have never really seen a halftime show that was ever family-friendly in fact if you ask anyone about what their most memorable half time show was they would most certainly recall the time that Justin Timberlake removed clothing from Janet Jackson, exposing her breast.

This was eventually known as the “Wardrobe Malfunction.”

This too, set off a myriad of controversy.

The 2020 half time show did not show any breasts but both Shakira and JLo knew exactly what they were doing to titillate and work the crowd into a sexual frenzy –and as I have stated after many Big Games, the halftime show is mainly ritual more than it is a show.

Some labeled the halftime show “disgusting” and “vulgar” and called the performers ”Satan’s dance troupe.”

Of course, there are many wannabe conspiracy theorists that want to point out that the performance is drenched in Illuminati symbolism but it goes deeper than that and what is even more embarrassing is the way the analysis by some so-called conspiracy theorists has turned into nothing more than what I see as nothing more than amateur hour.

I was watching a video that was sent to me today where some guy is watching the dancers gather on the round stage in a circle saying –“Look it is the all-seeing eye! Illuminati confirmed.”

I waited for more commentary that wasn’t as simple – I was looking for some deeper esoteric knowledge and there was nothing that I saw that was deeper than a saucer of milk.

I guess if you can see no evil, no real evil, you have no fun.

It is times like these where I sorely miss Tracy Twyman, Brad Steiger, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

It was Tracy Twyman that knew a lot about esoteric symbolism and how it applied to ritual – the truth is we worked on a lot of things together and as a student learning from her example I have been able to see some of the deeper and more esoteric symbols that not only are seen in the Superbowl – but everywhere else.

First off, what most people do not realize is that the Super Bowl is often played around the time of the witch’s holiday that is called Imbolc.

Imbolc is considered a pagan holiday that celebrates the right of spring and the sweet milk of the goat.

Imbolc falls on the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Although it is attributed to the ancient Celts, ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and indigenous groups are also believed to have celebrated an equivalent holiday.

Imbolc is also called Brigid’s Day, Imbolc honors the Celtic goddess of fire, fertility, midwifery and the young.

It is important to note that the 54th Superbowl was played on a day where the dates and numbers were most certainly synchronous with a ritual.

The game was played on the 2nd day of Imbolc, February 2nd, 2020, the 33rd day of the year, leaving 333 days left in the calendar year. 

The date was, of course, a Palindrome.  A Palindrome, in magic and occultism, a word or phrase or series of numbers that are the same when read forward and backward.

They are usually used in conjuring and creating what are called magic squares and magic circles.

During ancient times in China, India and Arabia magic squares and circles were used in practices of occult, magic, and astrology. They have been and still are worn as amulets for protection.

No number holds more esoteric significance than “33.” The number three is significant in all major religions. There is a Trinity for Christians and a Triple Goddess for the ancients and pagans. The number 33 was important to secret societies and is often concealed within significant literary works.

In astrology, the sun officially transitions into a new sign of the zodiac at the 33rd degree a concept well-known long before Christianity.

All the pyramids in the world are on the 33rd parallel. In addition, the three most well-known centers of paranormal activity are on or near the 33rd Parallel: Atlantis, the Great Pyramids, and the Bermuda Triangle. The 33rd parallel is a path of power across the globe, a circuit that links both time and space, a mystery we are just now beginning to realize.

The number 3 symbolizes this mysterious union as an expression of the creative activity of the universe. 

333 empowers what is known as the Triquetra in Vigintriplicty.  Vigintitriplicity, (awareness of Triple numbers) is a corollary to Carl. Jung’s Principle of Synchronicity and has an uncanny tendency to cluster seemingly unrelated “facts:” into strange, and meaningful patterns. For some reason, as yet undetermined, there operates in the human unconscious, an ordering principle which manifests itself through triplicate number patterns.

Our collective unconscious responds to it and sometimes chaotic synchronicities manifest in great numbers after the fact. Therefore if we dig deep enough we may find that this case has many sinister synchronicities associated with it.

It is associated with the Triune Goddess, the Triquetra, the trinity, and the profane inverted trinity, the devil, the false prophet and the antichrist.

We first see Shakira take the stage during the Superbowl halftime show wearing the color red.  She standing on a stage that is in effect a magic circle. In this magic circle a fertility ritual on Imbolc is about to be performed.

The lady in red is symbolic of the Whore of Babylon.  She is called the Red Goddess. In Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law, she represents the female sexual impulse and the liberated woman. In the creed of the Gnostic Mass. She is also identified with Mother Earth, in her most fertile sense.

The provocative dancing that Shakira performed was part of the fertility rite and ritual.

Crowley believed that Babalon had an earthly aspect in the form of a spiritual office, which could be filled by actual women, usually as a counterpart to his own identification as “To Mega Therion” (The Great Beast) whose duty was then to help manifest the energies of the current Aeon of Horus.

To give birth to the children of the beast who are to honor the beast’s image.

Shakira inside of the de facto Venus/magic circle stage was a ritual of invocation, expressed by the two female performers. In Wicca, this is a central ritual, where a coven’s High Priestess enters a trance, much like the Oracle of Delphi in Greek Myth, and pulls the Triple Goddess

She then presents a rope and knots it around her wrists. This can be seen as Brigid’s Knot – the knot of the triple goddess. Imbolc is also called St. Brigid’s day.

In the ancient festivals, girls would parade around the Goddess and then the goddess would be surrounded by what are called “strawboys.”

Their presence was believed to bring luck, wealth and health. The knot expressed the cosmic union.  The dancers can be seen as the “strawboys.”

The male and female are both powerful forces, represented in the Yin and Yang, or Yab Yum. Without the balance of the two, there is chaos. The strength of the male is leaned on by the female, and vice versa.

When you remove one or both of these elements, people naturally and instinctively do not know what to do and become malleable to the dictates of the social engineers. They are provided with purpose which is often victim-hood and anger at perceived injustices. Emotions rule rather than reason.

There were a lot of black white red white colors on stage which are an indication of duality programming.

There was a lot of symbolism that referenced the balance between heaven and hell.

There were eight poles that were seen during Jlo’s performance. Six main poles one pole that she first performed on and another that she performed on later.

They represent the eight pillars of Axis Mundi – the pillars that allegedly separate Heaven from the underworld. The divine Goddess comes down from Axis Mundi to the underworld – a nod to the Greek goddess, Persephone.

Persephone, the daughter of Demeter and Zeus, was the wife of Hades and the Queen of the Underworld. She was a dual deity, since, in addition to presiding over the dead with intriguing autonomy, as the daughter of Demeter, she was also a goddess of fertility.

The stage itself even electronically looked as though it was opening up to show the underworld with fire below engulfing Shakira holding the knot of Brigid.

The imagery of the divine feminine as the central pillar, or Axis Mundi, of Mother Earth, was further exaggerated by Jennifer Lopez when she climbs another pole in the center of the magic circle stage, now representing the alchemical logo for the sun, the Monad – or the May Pole – and sticks her arms outward to make a cross.

The stage then forms a crescent moon –which is also symbolic of the Ostara Rebirth Ritual to Celebrate Spring. Ostara is a goddess who represents dawn. As a Spring goddess, she oversees the budding plants and burgeoning fertility of the earth.

The most common symbols associated with Ostara are eggs and rabbits.

Towards the end of the ritual, there are neon eggs that appear around the stage and a look from above shows the symbol of venus which consists of a circle with a small cross below it. 

Inside the eggs are children and the stage shows what appears to be milk pouring from the symbol to nourish the young.  This again is symbolic of Imbolc which when translated means ewes milk.

This is what ended the fertility ritual which is to bring balance and equality.

The ritual was not necessarily evil – that is of course if you don’t see ancient rituals as evil.  Much of what was attempted was a ritual to empower the divine famine.  The power of sexual magic and how it is the basis of creation from the divine mother comes all life, as above so below.

The message that is frightening for most Christians is that what is being revealed is that there are new religious thoughts that are being geared towards the divine feminine.

There is the fear that these beliefs are part of an illuminist and, in some ways, Luciferian conspiracy

Woman and man in the future are to be the counterpart of God on Earth; the goddess will soon be included as God’s counterpart in heaven. This may be enough to change the course of history and many belief systems about the divinity of duality and the mission of both priest and priestess.

We have all been assured that technology is supposed to bring the promise of a ‘brave new world’. We have been beguiled to bite into the Luciferian apple and play with the Promethean fire as we see unprecedented advances in computers, telephony, artificial intelligence, genetics neuroscience, and biotech.

All of this technology and advanced science is here to transform the world in so many ways, and we have been told that these new technologies will mean abundance for everyone.

The commercials at the Superbowl illustrate this point and it is important that we observe this and make a note of it for the New Year.

Compartmentalization and redefinition of scientific terms and gender roles and other agendas really are always in the menu of the Dark Masters intent on fooling the simple-minded. There’s a need to carefully sift through all the things they’ve been throwing us along the way.

Ritualism reinforces the concept of life’s meaning and has been part of our lives for millennia.  To have them performed in the arena of bread and circuses have an underlying impact and play on the unconscious mind.









Written by Clyde Lewis

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