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Ron Patton | February 4, 2019
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In various science fiction stories, empaths are employed to sense the intentions of creatures and men who may have lost a sense of their humanity as they are thrust into the artificial world that has been created around them.

The empath uses all sorts of signs and symbols to make sense of the world, as people unconsciously pick up on what can be seen as subliminal artifacts that are used in what is known as the Revelation of the Method.

There are new metaphors being added into the human psyche with the changing future and a true intuitive will know what images and symbols must be used to keep in tune with the expanding mind of the world collective.

In an excitable world in the process of adapting to a new paradigm, there will be a body of thought that we are losing control and that all around us is crumbling.

Societies are always searching for a sense of meaning. If we do not expand and hold that journey highly sacred, we would see ourselves as savages only excited by extended wars, and mass death.

We no longer live in neighborhoods where we support each other, we live on a planet that is always stirred at every little crisis or event.

This is destructive form a spiritual standpoint because the power of a planet’s spirituality is what keeps it together. It helps create a sense of security, even if it’s a false sense of security.

The argument that can be made is that the world has nothing uniting it with an idea or purpose; however, there certainly will be a moment in our history where it will be vital to unite.

That part in history is where we have pushed the brink, and then every decision that is made will be the turning point for our continued survival.

Think of what you are seeing in general; observe the overall attitude of your community, your city, state, and even your country. You may come to ponder the idea that the world is being manipulated to become like passive cattle. You may even wonder if the world en masse has given into some sort of psychosis.

If you watched the Superbowl this past Sunday, then you not only were a part of watching a game, but you unwittingly became part of a ritual where performers and the ad men that bring us propaganda have painted a picture of war, destruction, and future of transhumant takeover.

The big game has always been an exercise in mass media consumption, it is a time where the ancient art of bread and circuses distracts and entertains us with the metaphor of war and the magic of precognitive forestructuring that is cleverly designed and performed during the halftime show and in the various commercials that offer a glimpse into an unsure future.

The presenters of the spectacle are now blending the reality of the game, with ritual and possible predictive programming that can be used to insert ideas that in the peak of awe-inspiring gaming, plant seeds that may grow into realities in the future becomes familiar to observers.

Often, it is seen as forestructuring and social engineering that has a long-term impact that pushes agendas and steers the hive mind into changing their attitudes about what are considered normal social values.

Over the years, I have used the Superbowl as an Oracle within the Bread and Circuses motif.

When I use the term, Bread and Circuses, I am using the term in a way indicating that while the government continues to put the country into decline with their division over the medieval symbol of a wall, the spectacle of the gladiators never fails to appease and distract the masses.

This exercise in hyper-reality generates a sense of universal awe that studies have shown is good for the psychological health of a country.

However, the Superbowl is truly a highly-designed psychological programming tool that can trick us to believe we have experienced something more significant than we actually have.

The technology used in presenting the Superbowl continues to grow in sophistication as more powerful, new sources of actual manipulation and stimulation have become readily available.

As Superbowl 53 began I noticed that a lot of the graphics that were being used appeared like huge walls on the field. There was no attention to the graphics as a political statement – but there was certainly an air of political divide as there were protests being waged with regard to performances of Maroon 5 and Gladys Knight performing the national anthem.

The national anthem and the performance of Gladys Knight were dragged into the Colin Kapernick controversy as she has been active in civil rights.

There were also rumors flying around that the performers of the half time show would take a knee in solidarity.

Well, Gladys Knight gave the country what it needed and that was an exquisite voice to our national anthem – and the performers during the half time show did not take a knee, however the subtle and overt symbolism during the performance has everyone on the internet screaming Illuminati confirmed, however, whichever secret society or cult you think Maroon 5, Big Boy, and Travis Scott was playing for, there was certainly some very subtle esoteric imagery that the mind unconsciously picked up and since the world is motivated by symbols it is fun to decode what may have been used in this annual ritual.

Maroon 5 took the stage and many have said their performance was not really up to Superbowl standards. The lead singer Adam Levine made headlines only because he removed his shirt – TMX splashed the headline MAROON 5’S SB HALFTIME SHOW SHIRTLESS ADAM HEATS THINGS UP.

It only goes to show you just how mundane the performance was when the lead singer removes his shirt and makes headlines.

While the shirtless gender fluid Levine may have been a turn on for some of the crowd, I was reminded of a book I read from my childhood.

That book was “The Illustrated Man” by Ray Bradbury.

It is a book of unrelated short stories tied together by a device of the illustrated man who is a member of a carnival freak show. The man’s tattoos, allegedly created by a time-traveling woman, are individually animated and each tells a different tale.

The reoccurring theme throughout the eighteen stories is the conflict of the cold mechanics of technology and the psychology of people.

If you looked at Adam Levine’s body you would see that he carried a myriad of tattoos that looked like a map of occult symbolism. Each one had a different meaning.

On his right shoulder was the all-seeing eye of providence, which is an ancient symbol of the God’s eye and the glory of light and providence, Others see it as the all-seeing eye of Lucifer a symbol that has been identified as a symbol of the Illuminati.

He also has the Sanskrit symbol TAPAS on his other shoulder which is loosely defined as the symbol of body mortification in order to show penance.

On his back is a Mermaid holding a skull.

During the Superbowl, there were at least two commercials that featured Mermaids.

Mermaids are also known as the sirens or the Melusine.

In ancient stories, the tale of Melusine (sometimes “Melusina”) is spoken in reference to a water fairy. The story can be traced back to the figure of Melisande, wife of Fulk the Black, Count of Anjou in the 11th century.

As the story went, Melisande insisted that her husband never look at her on the Sabbath day. This he agreed to, and so every Sunday, she would go inter her private apartments to hide. As most fairy tales or legends usually go, nothing ever goes according to plan. Well, the husband decided to spy on her as she was bathing on the Sabbath. He saw that she was a strange scaled creature from the waist down with either two fish tails or two serpents for legs, depending on which version you read. After the husband broke his promise, Melisande transformed into a full-bodied dragon and shrieked away, never to be seen again.

Perhaps the real reason she had serpents for legs ( a mythological body type called an “anguepede”) is that, according to Fulk’s descendant, Richard the Lionheart, his bloodline was descended from “The Devil,” which would mean that Melisande/Melusine was too.

In Greco-Roman mythology, the Liliths were the “Melusines” or “mermaids” that have the head and breasts of a seductive woman. Her breasts are full of sweet milk and blood that can be boiled away to fine gold. Her lower body has the fins that split in two to allow for men to be seduced into a sexual bond with them. This leads the man into the water where he drowns and remains in the water forever without salvation.

In alchemy, Melusines were a symbol of the element of Mercury, which alchemists purportedly used to transmute other metals. In symbolic alchemical depictions, she was shown shooting milk and blood shooting from her breasts, which would purportedly be boiled to make gold.

The Superbowl itself is actually played during the time of Imbolc which is a pagan holiday that celebrates the right of spring and the sweet milk of the goat.

Imbolc falls on the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Although it is attributed to the ancient Celts, ancient Egyptians, Babylonians and indigenous groups are also believed to have celebrated an equivalent holiday.

The Superbowl has always been played during this witch holiday.

Imbolc is Also called Brigid’s Day, Imbolc honors the Celtic goddess of fire, fertility, midwifery and the young.

When Maroon 5 took the stage there was a wall of fire that shot up from the stage illuminating a huge letter “M” which to the crowd looked like a huge W.

The letter “W” in the mystical practices of Kabalism is emblematic of the “Dark Side” of magick.

In magical terms, “W” is the sign of the Qlippoth which is defined as the symbol of those who have died in a state of fear, confusion, and psychosis. It is the symbol of the demons that have taken over a civilization through pride and ego.

It is a symbol that is connected to demons that reveal knowledge that drives a civilization into madness.

The Qlippoth is the symbol of a toxic society.

In the middle of the Qlippoth is a strange juxtaposition of the letter V.

V or Vav in Hebrew equals 6. Both the V and the double V or double U have the equivalence of 6.

In the case of Maroon 5 the V represents the number 5 and it can also represent the Vav as it corresponds with Mercury and Venus.

This would mean that in one hand we see the Qlippoth with the equivalent of 6 doubled meaning 66 and the V representing another 6.

This is 666 of course – and when the V appears in the midst of the Qlippoth you can also deduce that it represents what is known as the 5th Age of Man.

The Ages of Man are the stages of human existence on the Earth according to Greek mythology and its subsequent Roman interpretation.

The 5th age of man is allegedly a time where man falls away from the truth and is ruled by a tyrant. It is known as the age of psychosis or the great falling away or apostacy.

To Christians, it is known as the age of the Antichrist.

In the Kabala, it means a time for going in and coming out, for war and eventual peace. It is a time for destruction and a time of rebuilding the time of the 6th eon and the seventh of eternal rest.

Once again, we harken back to Adam Levine and the Illustrated Man as the Bradbury story again touches on the themes of the conflict of the cold mechanics of technology and the psychology of people.

The book also deals with how people deal with the reality that they face extinction and that they may have to rebuild earth, or move on to Mars in some exodus.

When Travis Scott performed during the halftime show – his entrance began with the scene of a huge asteroid falling through the sky. This asteroid is heading towards the Mercedes Benz Stadium. The stadium is illuminated to look like three pyramids and the asteroid or fire rock appears to land on the field showing Scott in a fiery pit.

He actually looks like he is performing in hell with all the fire and the brimstone.

I was thinking that perhaps what is being depicted here is Maroon 5 illustrating the 5th Age with the Qlippoth and then we see the star Lucifer falling to earth and that Travis Scott represents the antichrist in the lake of fire.

However, that is just theory but the symbolism illustrates the falling star that lands in the inverted Qlippoth or the 666 – it is very subtle and very effective.

It is also very telling that when Big Boy from Outcast shows up, both Adam Levine and Travis Scott are wearing jackets that say ATLIENS—or ALIENS, which is the name of Outcast’s new album of space infused music.

But again it tells the story of the 5th Age of Man being graced with the presence of the fallen one, heralded by asteroids and accompanied by aliens.

If you dozed off because of the lackluster performance you may have missed all of the subtle symbolism.

If you were paying attention to the commercials there was a running theme of ads dealing with transhumanism, high technology and extinction.

Ad after ad that rolled during Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots featured robots.

TurboTax, for example, advertised the addition of live CPAs with a young robot that wanted to be one when it “grew up.” Robots were all over the Sprint commercial and the ad for Michleob Ultra featured a running robot.

There was also an ad for Alexa where it has been acknowledged that Alexa has malfunctioned and that perhaps a new technology awaits.

A company called, Simplisafe, had an ad that told us that the world in the future will be worse than yesterday with robots and a world full of fear.

This was the tactic for selling you some sort of sentry spy device for your home.

Xfinity had an ad pushing 5 G and smart cities that will be using X-fi. Audi announced the death of the conventional automobile by 2025 – that most cars will be replaced by electric cars.

However, with all of this hope for a future of robots and tech, there was also a sense of foreboding with many of the commercials.

One of the first ads seen was for the new Avengers movie. Many fans of the franchise know that Thanos wiped out most of the civilization of earth. This was depicted with empty stadiums and darkness all over the world.

Then we see the words “Where do we go now they are gone?” referring to the lost civilization and the empty world that has been depopulated.

Then comes another apocalyptic ad from the Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu, which ended with the words, “Wake up America your morning is over!”

Then there was the commercial of the TV show called –“Survivor: Edge of Extinction.”

Then there was a commercial featuring Tennis Star Serena Williams – speaking of regaining our power and knowing that we can get back what we lose because we have had the power to do it all along.

There was also a reminder during the half time show that the only way to survive this oblivion is with one love—love and solidarity – a moment of unification.

Some say that this is a message of globalism – much like the song Imagine by John Lennon.

So if we are to use the Superbowl as the oracle, we are now living in the 5th Age of Man and falling into a mass psychosis where we are slowly converting to technology which will do our bidding. There will be rumors of extinction events and even rumors of the antichrist coming to power as fire rains down from the heavens.

We will then be survivors always of the edge of extinction, watching it all come crumbling down.

Written by Ron Patton

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