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Clyde Lewis | February 5, 2021


Shortly before he took office, President Joe Biden announced that he would be elevating the director Office of Science and Technology Policy to a cabinet-level position, meaning that his nominee to lead that office, geneticist Eric Lander, would require confirmation by the US Senate.

Lander is currently serving as director of that office but has yet to serve in cabinet-level capacity as he awaits confirmation. 

Mainstream media reports described Biden’s move to place Lander in his cabinet as “meant to highlight his commitment to science,” which has been used to contrast his approach with that of Trump, who was accused of second-guessing “authoritative” voices from academia and the medical establishment. Lander is deemed to be one such “authoritative” voice, having previously served as external co-chair on former President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. 

However, Biden placing Lander in this role begs the question of exactly what type of science he will promote in his new position. as eugenicist and intelligence-linked pedophile Jeffrey Epstein bragged on his website about having “had the privilege of sponsoring” Lander’s research via the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. 

Epstein was obsessed with eugenics programs, transhumanism specifically, which is of course is the sort of the modern update of this old ideology. But it was something that motivated him that he talked about openly and that he funded several researchers in that area.

If you remember, many months ago we did a story on Zorro Ranch in New Mexico and how Epstein was not only a notorious pedophile but he also seemed to be a modern day Joseph Mengele.

Jeffrey Epstein had an unusual dream: He hoped to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women at his vast Zorro Ranch in New Mexico. Epstein over the years confided to scientists and others about his scheme, he believed that it was his way of creating his own human beings, his own type of master race – a warped sense of transhumanism.

It was more of a fascination with eugenics – much like what the Nazis were experimenting with. Eugenicists believe that through science mankind has the responsibility to improve the human population through technologies like genetic engineering and controlled breeding.

It was reported that employees of the Gates Foundation also visited Epstein’s mansion on multiple occasions, while Epstein also “spoke with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and JPMorgan Chase about a proposed multibillion-dollar charitable fund — an arrangement that had the potential to generate enormous fees for Epstein.

Gates donated $2 million to MIT’s Media Lab, which university officials described as having been “directed” by EpsteinEpstein was secretly developing dark science which included genetically altered organisms, fertility studies and sterilization techniques.

Epstein was a serial illusionist chameleon that was able to insinuate himself into an elite scientific community, thus allowing him to pursue his interests in eugenics and other fringe fields of science.

He ran a rogue lab at the Zorro Ranch and it is believed he hired a number of rogue scientists that would carry out mind control and Eugenics experiments on young girls.

Bill Gates, at one time an avowed Malthusian “at least in the developing countries” is now careful to repudiate Malthus in public.

Bill Gates, who denies he harbors Malthusian views (which are views about reducing the population) is now one of the chief financiers of vaccines to eradicate COVID-19. 

In 2009, the self-designated “Good Club” – a gathering of the world’s wealthiest people whose collective net worth then totaled some $125 billion – met behind closed doors in New York City to discuss a coordinated response to threats posed by the global financial crisis. Led by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and David Rockefeller, the group resolved to find new ways of addressing sources of discontent in the developing world, in particular “overpopulation” and infectious diseases. The billionaires in attendance committed to massive spending in areas of interest to themselves, heedless of the priorities of national governments and existing aid organizations.

In a 2010 public lecture, Bill Gates attributed global warming to “overpopulation” and touted zero population growth as a solution achievable “if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services.”  The argument is disingenuous: As Gates certainly knows, the poor people who are the targets of his campaigns are responsible for no more than a tiny percentage of the environmental damage that underlies climate change.

But don’t you fret – the media has now made Gates the darling of the people as he has generously helped in developing a vaccine for all – and now we are to ignore his past, his relationship with Epstein and Eric Lander.

The script that has been followed by the mainstream corporate media has always been that “experts” want everyone to follow the science whether it is about COVID-19 or climate change. 

Words like “science” and “scientific” are used uncritically as honorific terms of praise or worship. When the media and the scientific expert thinkers pretend that any human activity that has to do with reasoning about facts is “science”—I argue that it all becomes irrelevant.

Those who claim that they follow the science have no idea what the science is about – nor do they know that in the past those that were allegedly woke to science usually participated or supported unsavory practices. 

One such person in history was Francis Galton.  Galton  began the eugenics movement, the stimulus for which came from his cousin, Charles Darwin. 

Usually when Darwin is mentioned, immediately the idea that he proposed that we evolved from monkeys comes to mind. Darwin did not say that humans directly evolved from apes. He merely pointed out the similarities between birds, fishes, mammals and reptiles and suggested that all life is related.

I always say that humans are a different form of ape – we found God, learned to shave and learned to talk. 

Darwin had supposedly demonstrated how nature made itself by the process of natural selection. Better known as “the survival of the fittest,” natural selection was thought to be the engine of evolutionary progress, relentlessly forcing nature to better itself by killing the unfit while preserving the best and the brightest.

Galton believed that nature needed a little help with culling the population. Galton believed assorted “facts” which made his efforts appear scientific, Galton advocated what amounted to the selective breeding of humans with woke people like himself doing the selecting.

Therefore, Galton was called the Father of the Eugenics movement.

It began when eugenicists with their impressive scientific credentials insisted that immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe, especially, were inferior breeds who threatened to pollute the gene pool of Americans. Eugenics had found favor in Europe and from there it quickly spread to the United States where a broad swath of influential individuals enthusiastically got on board.

When it became known that Hitler and his followers justified the Holocaust with rationales drawn from eugenics, the ardor for it cooled in the 1930’s; then outright repugnance for such ideas set in after 1945 when the horror of the Nazi death camps was revealed, shattering any lingering belief that eugenics was a shortcut to utopia.

It was a dark scientism that was pushed by those who felt that they were woke. The movement was driven by a tiny minority of intellectuals, as usual, duped by this bastardization of science into trying to perfect society by ridding it of those who they felt were a burden on society and needed to be eliminated to make the civilization sustainable.

I contend that this Dark scientism is being practiced today and that COVID-19 is an important tool for the new woke eugenics crowd to eliminate those who are in their opinion making the earth less sustainable.

U.S. life expectancy just dropped by more than a year — the largest decline in decades  as a result of the sheer number of deaths from COVID-19, according to estimates from a new study.

In the study researchers project that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the average U.S. life expectancy in 2021 will drop by 1.13 years, bringing it to 77.48 years, according to the study that was published yesterday January 4th, 2021.

That’s the largest single-year decline in life expectancy in at least 40 years, and it would bring the country’s life expectancy down its lowest level since 2003, the researchers said.

Life expectancy in the U.S. rarely declines, and when it does, it makes headlines. Most recently, U.S. life expectancy declined by 0.1 years in 2015, 2016 and 2017 — a trend that was attributed to rises in “deaths of despair,” including drug overdose and suicide. The new estimated decline due to COVID-19 is 10 times greater.

What’s more, the study showed even larger declines in 2020 among Black and Latino communities, which have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Overall, nearly 400,000 deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 in the U.S., according to the Johns Hopkins virus dashboard.

The study projected life expectancy for Black people will drop by 2.1 years, to 72.78 years, and life expectancy for Latino people will drop by 3.05 years, to 78.77 years. In contrast, the life expectancy for white people is projected to decline by 0.68 years to 77.84 years.

If you connect the dots you will see that while recovery for the young and healthy is high — the elderly population and minorities are being wiped out. Eugenicists of the past would argue that this demographic were the most expendable. 

It was projected as far back as 2000 – that while life expectancy for baby boomers would be higher over a span of ten years, they were more likely to have higher rates of hypertension, higher cholesterol, obesity and diabetes. These results indicate that seniors will push the cost of health care higher and increase the need for health care professionals as the boomers age.

Conveniently, COVID-19 showed up and it has reduced the life span of Americans and is attempting the remove the burden of those with underlying health conditions, minorities and the elderly.

Although COVID-19 vaccines may significantly reduce transmission this year, the researchers don’t anticipate life expectancy to immediately bounce back in 2021.  Not only is the death rate increasing — but we may see a decline in birth rate and an increase of abortions in the next 10 years.

In a recent investigative report, it was revealed that the developers of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine have previously undisclosed ties to the re-named British Eugenics Society as well as other Eugenics-linked institutions like the Wellcome Trust.

For instance, mainstream media has had little, if anything, to say about the role of the vaccine developers’ private company – Vaccitech – in the Oxford-AstraZeneca partnership, a company whose main investors include former top Deutsche Bank executives, Silicon Valley behemoth Google and the UK government. All of them stand to profit from the vaccine alongside the vaccine’s two developers, Adrian Hill and Sarah Gilbert, who retain an estimated 10% stake in the company. Another overlooked point is the plan to dramatically alter the current sales model for the vaccine following the initial wave of its administration, which would see profits soar, especially if the now obvious push to make COVID-19 vaccination an annual affair for the foreseeable future is made reality.

Yet, arguably most troubling of all is the direct link of the vaccine’s lead developers to the Wellcome Trust and in the case of Adrian Hill the Galton Institute, two groups with longstanding ties to the UK Eugenics movement.

The ties of Adrian Hill to the Galton Institute should raise obvious concerns given the push to make the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine he developed with Gilbert the vaccine of choice for the developing world, particularly countries in Latin America, South and Southeast Asia and Africa, the very areas where the Galton Institute’s past members have called for reducing population growth.

Prior to COVID-19, Vaccitech’s main focus, especially last year, was the development of a universal vaccine for the flu. Vaccitech’s efforts in this regard were praised by Google, which is also invested in Vaccitech. At the same time, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was funding research to develop a universal flu vaccine, reportedly because the field of influenza vaccinology was not yet able “to design a flu vaccine that would protect broadly against the strains of flu that infect people every winter and those in nature that could emerge to trigger a disruptive and deadly pandemic.

To fully finance Hill and Gilbert’s Vaccitech, and specifically its quest to develop a universal flu vaccine, Oxford Science Innovations sought $600 million from “outside investors,” chief among them the Wellcome Trust and the venture-capital arm of Google, Google Ventures. This means that Google is poised to make a profit from the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine at a time when its video platform YouTube has moved to ban COVID-19 vaccine–related content that shines a negative light on COVID-19 vaccines, including the Oxford-AstraZeneca candidate.

Now you can figure out why there has been a mountain of censorship about other alternatives to beat COVID-19 . No one wants to hear that the vaccines are being fashioned and financed by Malthusian Eugenicists.

There is also another dark turn that has surfaced about COVID-19 tests and that is The Chinese may be collecting DNA from many American samples for research,

A recent 60 minutes expose has revealed that Early last March, the state of Washington was the site of the first major coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. As COVID rates and the need for tests were spiking, BGI Group, the world’s largest biotech firm – a global giant based in China – approached the state of Washington with an enticing offer

In a strikingly personal letter to the governor, BGI proposed to build and help run state-of-the-art COVID testing labs. BGI would quote “provide technical expertise,” provide “high throughput sequencers” and even “make additional donations.”

It seemed like an offer the state couldn’t refuse, especially given the desperate need. But officials were suspicious about BGI and its connections to the Chinese government.

But this has been suspected of being a Trojan Horse.

BGI comes to the U.S. bearing gifts, but harboring other motives. It’s unclear whether BGI, or any COVID tester, would get DNA from nasal swabs, but the labs are a way to establish a foothold, to bring their equipment here, start mining your data, and set up shop in your neighborhood. 

The authoritarian government of China and its leader Xi Jinping have been boldly open about their ambitions to beat the west and reap the benefits of advances in DNA science and technology. 

Collecting COVID-19 DNA data from Americans is suspicious and a back door to massive Eugenics operations.

They are building out a huge domestic database. And if they are able to supplement that with data from all around the world, it’s all about who gets the largest, most diverse data set. And so, the ticking time bomb is that once they’re able to achieve true artificial intelligence, then they’re off to the races in what they can do with that data.

Think of DNA as the ultimate treasure map, a kind of double-helix chart containing the code for traits ranging from our eye color to our susceptibility to certain diseases. If you have 10,000 DNA samples, scientists could possibly isolate the genetic markers in the DNA—to use it for cures or for something that could be seen as the ultimate kill switch.

The concern is that the Chinese regime is taking all that information about us – what we eat, how we live, when we exercise and sleep and then combining it with our DNA data. With information about heredity and environment, suddenly they know more about us than we know about ourselves and, China can target us not only for treatment (developing drugs before we do) but they can target us for biological attacks or secret culling programs of those they do not like. 

It would be a eugenicist’s dream. 


Written by Clyde Lewis

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