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Clyde Lewis | February 8, 2021
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Before Super Bowl 55, Vince Lombardi spoke to the crowd in Tampa — a hologram version of Lombardi, that is.

The legendary Packers coach Lombardi died in 1970. But his words were read before Super Bowl in an attempt to serve as inspiration after a difficult 2020 year for many. Lombardi was pictured walking through the streets of the United States, speaking to various people with words that Lombardi himself once wrote or said.

The words themselves spoken by Lombardi during the presentation definitely had an inspirational nature to them. A sampling:

“We arrive as one with courage, with stamina, with teamwork.”

“Now after all the cheers have died down, the stadium is empty, after the headlines have been written, a measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”

“I firmly believe in our finest hour, our greatest fulfillment for all we hold dear, is that moment when we work our hearts out in good cause and lie exhausted on the field of battle victorious.”

“It’s not whether we get knocked down, but whether we get back up as one.”

Having a hologram-version of Lombardi was not on my Super Bowl bingo card but when I saw it, I knew what to expect from the commercials and the halftime show.

I knew that the ritual known as the super bowl would be a revelation of the method of sorts telling us that our world is about to change and that a new world, a new lifestyle, a new government and a new way of understanding what it means to be human.

Bruce Springsteen appeared in a Jeep commercial and gave a narrative that was intended to be a healing cry:

“It’s no secret the middle has been a hard place to get to lately,” he explains, his voice narrating as he travels through a lonely landscape. “We need the middle. We just have to remember the very soil we stand on is common ground so we can get there.”

However, the commercial ends with a red star appearing in the map of our country with the words, “The Reunited States of America.” The Red Star seemed an all too obvious nod to Communism.

It ends with Springsteen saying :

“We can make it to the mountaintop, through the desert, and we will cross this divide.

Our light has always found its way through the darkness. And there’s hope on the road up ahead.”

It is there where I realized “The Light” was an initiation into the new Illuminated postmodern world.

By the time we get to the postmodern world that many human beings inhabit today, the lived-in, physical environment is for the most part, culturally produced. Reality is encountered mostly as virtual or produced as an effect of human enhancements and operations. We are kept constantly surrounded by human productions and technology that is indistinguishable from magic. We are transported everywhere by machines within a realm totally fabricated by human engineering. We remain mesmerized by phenomena that are electronically simulated.

We lose ourselves in virtual worlds.

Most memories now, and collective unconscious thought has been pumped into you through electronic transmission. You accept reality through the electronic medium. All things both real and simulated have had an effect of your brain. You have retained everything based on what a controlled electronic dictum has given you. Our rational minds are now far from rational because we have had most of the objective reality replaced by Hyper-reality.

Confucius once said that “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”

He was indicating that the world subliminally runs on symbolism. The cross is the sign of Christianity, the Star of David represents Judaism and the swastika immediately reminds people of the Nazis.

But these powerful symbols’ current meanings are necessarily the ones they had when they were created.

When one sees the donkey the immediately think politically of the Democratic party and of course the elephant is the symbol of the Republican party.

Yet these symbols can be interpreted differently. It is like the old story of the blind men and the elephant which tells us that that humans have a tendency to claim absolute truth based on their limited, subjective experience as they ignore other people’s limited, subjective experiences which may be equally true.

Symbols and the pageantry surrounding it is enjoyed and often interrupted in various ways. In our world of hyper-reality it can be used to move the group think in directions it would not dream of moving toward.

The Big Game and its massive emotionally charged audience is a great environment to mentally disarm the American people by conditioning them or exposing them to powerful metaphors and symbolism to prepare and program them psychologically with hyper-real grooming provided by the game, halftime show and commercials.

Most Americans absorb whatever happens to be the prevailing belief by what is called, “critical mass.” The demographic substance is evaluated and processed so the coordinators know what the public wants to see and what they don’t. From there they decide how far they can push the cognitive bias and from there push their agendas and ideas to an emotionally charged crowd.

During the grooming process, many people who don’t have time to evaluate what is truth usually fall in line with “crowd think” or “group psychology” and while you can’t avoid it, the media knows they can set the itinerary for what issues are important or what issues need to be exploited and used as a conditioning tool for an approximated outcome.

While objective truth, objective reality, fixed principles and standards are rare these days we have to admit or at least understand, that well programmed and conditioned pragmatism is what rules our thoughts today. The media and the propaganda advertising mechanisms that create “group think” are banking on the idea that normal or average American thought and morality can be challenged or even padded with pleasant myths and emotional opinions and arguments can replace truth.

When these strategies are deployed to push an increasingly divisive neo-liberal agenda, along with a globalist transhumanist future, we need to understand the Superbowl metaphorically that the battle for a New World Order is still being waged by the technocrats. With their advanced neuro programming and ritual, they will plant the seeds which will gradually provide them with a more accepting and appeased consensus.

The technology used in presenting the Super Bowl continues to grow in sophistication as more powerful, new sources of actual manipulation and stimulation have become readily available.

The Super Bowl always seems to be a blueprint for the future as advertisers and performers tap into the zeitgeist and magically steer the country with the use of neuro-programming and ritual that arguably is a preview for what is to come.

The big game has always been an exercise in mass media consumption, it is a time where the ancient art of bread and circuses distracts and entertains us with the metaphor of war and the magic of precognitive fore structuring that is cleverly designed and performed during the halftime show and in the various commercials that offer a glimpse into an unsure future.

The presenters of the spectacle are now blending the reality of the game, with ritual and possible predictive programming that can be used to insert ideas that in the peak of awe-inspiring gaming, plant seeds that may grow into realities in the future becomes familiar to observers.

As with every Super Bowl comes the tradition of using it as an oracle. Ever since i have had the tradition of analyzing the Super Bowl as an oracle — there have been others that have describe it as an Illuminati ritual.

With this in mind other analysts will look for Illuminati symbolism that is not there — or if it is there they tend to exaggerate the symbolism and eliminate all other nuances that can be used as a blueprint for what lies ahead in the future.

This is what I intend to do.

To begin it many surprise everyone to know that the pre-game opened with not the national anthem of the United States — it was opened with the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” performed by Alicia Keys.

“Lift Every Voice and Sing,” has often been referred to as the Black national anthem.

It was then followed by H.E.R.’s “America the Beautiful” and Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan’s take on “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Back in January, Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., wanted the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” recognized as a national hymn and there are others that think it should be our national anthem.

Clyburn has made it clear that making the song a national hymn would tell Black people, “you aren’t singing a separate national anthem, you are singing the country’s national hymn.”

The Star-Spangled Banner” has received criticism from former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other activists regarding how its often-omitted third stanza glorifies slavery. This season, the NFL played both “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” during week 1 of their games — and brought them together again for the Super Bowl.

In 2015, at the Agenda 2030 summit , world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals. One of the top five gender equality the other was reduced inequalities of race. At the global level, the 17 Goals and 169 targets are monitored and reviewed using a set of global indicators, agreed on by the UN Statistical Commission.

Already it appears that the Super Bowl is grooming us for the new normal of equality as both the Black national anthem and national anthems were sung in the pregame show.

Before the kickoff, there was a salute to the brave men and women who have cared for the sick and the dead due to COVID-19. Amanda Gorman, who performed at Joe Biden’s inauguration, read her poem “Chorus of the Captains” ahead of the Super Bowl game. It was in honor of Three Captains. Educator Trimaine Davis, ICU nurse manager Suzie Dorner and veteran James Martin — all named “Honorary Captains” ahead of the game for their leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rudyard Kipling once wrote a poem about three captains which was about a pirate. which is an odd coincidence that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a team that uses the pirate theme with the skull and crossbones or crossed swords.

The skull & crossbones is an ancient instrument used by sorcerers to gain spiritual power. It refers to the idea that we are all equal in life and death as an equalizer .

It teaches that we will live many lives, and that there is an eternal deity living in heaven, dreaming of these temporary lives. Since none of these lives are permanent, none of them are real. The only thing that is real is our eternal reincarnating soul. A soul that can be quantified and stored until it can yet again occupy a body or some other avatar.

This is why secret fraternal groups also use the skull and crossbones in their symbolism or in their secret rituals.

It can be called an Illuminati symbol for Memento Mori, meaning that everyone dies but it is also an esoteric talisman that is used to bring the dead up and transform them into something better. Age and death are the great equalizer until mankind come up with a way to cheat death. The skull and crossbones as a talisman is very popular symbol for magicians who wish to cheat death.

One of the first commercials to air during the Super Bowl was a trailer for the new film, “Old.”

“Old is the new thriller directed and produced by M. Night Shyamalan, inspired by the graphic novel Sandcastle by Pierre Oscar Levy and Frederik Peeters. According to Universal Pictures we read “This summer, visionary filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan unveils a chilling, mysterious new thriller about a family on a tropical holiday who discover that the secluded beach where they are relaxing for a few hours is somehow causing them to age rapidly … reducing their entire lives into a single day.”

The movie poster for “Old” shows an hour glass with people falling through it instead of sand.

There is an old Illuminati quote that says “The particles [of the hourglass] run rapidly, and, for aught we know, with the passing of one of them you or I shall die. It is uncertain. We should not…neglect a moment, but…do all we can do to the great end of being happy. For we shall die, and in the grave there is no working. There is no device, no knowledge, no pardon there.”

In the article “A Search for More Light in the Symbolism of the Skull and Crossbones,” there is an association between the crossbones, which themselves are always constructed using human femurs or thighbones, and the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple,

The temple is also a metaphor for the container of the soul—the human body.

In Freemasonry there are hollow legs of the temple with the skull or head being that of the great mystery.

In the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, the ship Argo sailed to Europa in Crete following Jason’s legendary retrieval of the golden fleece. On the island of Europa, the Argonauts encountered a great metallic giant called Talos, , which was cast wholly of solid bronze. His legs, on the other hand, while also made of bronze, were cast completely hollow, and one of them, it was said, contained a single vein through which flowed the divine golden blood of the gods. The presence of the blood within his leg animated the giant, enabling Talos to perform the sole function for which he was created, that is to patrol Europa three times daily in order to protect and guard the land from approaching pirates.

Talos was in fact a large Bronze robot –who was animated with a special serum that gave it life.

It was of course a technological elixir. An elixir the mimicked that of which we call a soul.

We have studied the question of the soul in the light of the experimental data of today’s science, and in particular neuroscience. Anyone who believes in a spiritual soul necessarily assumes that his soul is somehow involved in governing certain movements of the body.

The usual view seems to be that the soul – if it exists – is spiritual and therefore inaccessible to observation and beyond the reach of science. One does not deny its existence, but the capacity to demonstrate it. is difficult — but the objective is to somehow bottle it up and somehow move it from body to body indefinitely.

The answer lies in what is called transhumanism. Creating a body capable of accepting the digitized soul. Science is now seeking out ways through genomic science to create a human that is better than human – one that can be called H+

The Alexa commercial with Michael B Jordan is the perfect example. The Super Bowl ad, entitled “Alexa’s Body,” centers on a woman who fantasizes Michael B. Jordan is the “beautiful vessel” for her smart home device. The ad starts with a group of executives in a generic office marveling at the design of a new, black spherical Alexa device.

I literally could not imagine a more beautiful vessel for Alexa to be inside,” one woman says. At that moment, she gazes out the window and sees an ad on a bus with Jordan in a matinee-idol pose, which starts her daydreaming about a different “vessel” for the A.I, system: Jordan himself.

With the consciousness of Alexa inside the body of Jordan, he teaches teaches the married woman French phrases, helps her cook and even joins her in a candle-lit bubble bath, where he reads her a steamy passage from her audio book. The over-the-top intimacy of the interactions is so exasperating to the woman’s husband that he soon starts contradicting her voice commands, like “add bath oil to my shopping list.”

It is literally a demonstration of what the future holds. An alchemical transformation where the consciousness of a machine can be put into a human body – making it superhuman or cybernetic.

This has been the fear of Dr. Jose Delgado and the goal of Elon Musk with his Neurolink apparatus.

Recently there was a news column that presented the idea that Buccaneer Quarterback Tom Brady is in a lot of ways “Superhuman.”

Michael Hurley who is a sports historian stated that the Tom Brady legacy is beyond the scope of human understanding. He says that it is simply too much to process. Trying to make sense of it all in real time is akin to trying to cross the freeway on foot. This level of winning and this level of success and this unrelenting consistency to end up playing in the Super Bowl in five of the seven years after turning 37 years old — it’s too much.

We can’t process it. We cannot do it. For now, all we can do is watch. Superhuman or not he does take on all the characteristics of what is called The New Man.

Nietzsche’s description of the UNBERMENCH is one who has surpassed humankind, but still cares for the transience and vitality that humankind represents.  Transhuman thought is to create the UBERMENCH and change the flaws that God has given man.

Lil Nas X appears in the New Logitech commercial and becomes the spokesman for the new man and the transhuman form.

He says in the ad , “We stand there in defiance. We the makers. We the groundbreakers. We the creators, the screamers, and dreamers.”

He continues, “We defy expectations, perceptions and misconceptions. We defy what logic says we should look like, sound like, be like. We defy genres, algorithms and entire industries.”

He literally is making the charge for transhumanism.

Which leads us to the halftime ritual that this year was provided by The Weeknd.

Many people do not know that prior to his performance The Weeknd has been making appearances in his videos and awards shows that have had people wondering if he was attempting to change his face. He was wearing a band aid on his nose.. prosthetics to make his jaws swollen and bandages on his head and face that look like he has been going through a process to change his looks.

He appeared on Saturday Night Live and other talk shows where his fans were worried that there was something wrong with him.

Social media really lit up when The Weeknd arrived at the 2020 American Music Awards with his head covered in bandages. That performance turned out to be a precursor for the character’s most dramatic change.

In the “Save Your Tears” music video, the character emerged with a completely different face, the result of an apparent plastic surgery disaster.

The Weeknd told Variety ahead of his Super Bowl halftime show,

“The significance of the entire head bandages is reflecting on the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrity and people manipulating themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated.

Ever since his video, Starboy came out The Weeknd has used occult imagery in his videos to tell a dark story. Starboy features The Weeknd destroying his house using an illuminated cross.

The Weeknd chants that he’s a “Starboy”, a term that has more than one meaning.

While, at face value, Starboy could mean a boy who is a star in the entertainment business, the symbolism associated with the song introduces an occult aspect to it all. Indeed, the video has a ritualistic tone which plays on the classical death and rebirth narrative found in esoteric initiations. 

Life and death themes have been used before with great effect – but the halftime show actually modified the theme where your rebirth comes with transmogrification resurrecting yourself into becoming a Starboy.

It begins with the Weeknd sitting above in what appears to be Las Vegas. It a bridge that separates him from what is below. We then see what appears to be an angel above him.

The angel that descends is not lit – it is dark and appears to be dead.

It appears that it could be Azreal, the angel known for separating the soul from the body. In mythology Azreal sits on the razor-sharp bridge that divides paradise and hell.

The theme of his halftime presentation is completely indicative of transhumanism and in the beginning the decent of what looked like some sort of robotic angel or fallen one that comes down and takes its place with an angelic choir with robotic faces.

As the opening bars of the song Starboy rang out at the halftime show, the cityscape parted to reveal the singer, bathed in light, performing surrounded by a choir of red-eyed automatons.

Each choir member sat behind cardboard cut out buildings. However, each one was highlighted in neon and when they lit up they looked like tombstones – like the city of the dead. We then realize that whatever these beings are they are digitized ghosts going through a metamorphosis.

Behind them there are subliminal words like “Gone,” “Feel,” “Nothing” touch “Alone” and “Enough” that flash randomly on a set modeled on the city in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis – all vertical layers and neon signs.

All of these words can describe what death is – a sense of loss. When we are gone, we feel nothing, we are alone and we have had enough of our existence. You no longer feel that human touch.

He ends up disappearing into a backstage maze of lights and mirrors. Again, there were more subliminal words like “Gone” and “Feel Nothing.”

It is a kind of purgatory where he meets these faceless masked hordes. They are like zombies or demons.

It is nightmare of a red suited army of men wearing bandages on their faces. He finally finds his way out of the maze and we see the city again but this time it is bathed in thousands of tiny lights. There is the most impressive image of the moon beaming a blue light on what was once a city – now the skyline looks like a graveyard each building now silhouetted as a tombstone.

It is like he is indicating that many people will die or that cities will look like graveyards after a moment of chaos.

He eventually wraps up the show with all of the strange humans with bandages on their faces laying dead on the ground.

It is a message of depopulation and the changes that we will all have to go through to become more than human – transhuman.

Ritualism reinforces the concept of life’s meaning and has been part of our lives for millennia.  To have them performed in the arena of bread and circuses have an underlying impact and play on the unconscious mind.

Even though I have made it a point every year to decode the half time show – it is only one interpretation through my eye.

The patterns of the death and rebirth rituals are part of history and we marvel at them and fear their power even after decades the power of the open execution of death rituals still affect us.

As I have said that there will be others who will also see the ritual of the Super Bowl as something that has been concocted by the Illuminati—and it may very well be true.

The Illuminati has declared that no one is in a position to defeat its invisible hold on the world. Their force may be invisible, but if you look hard enough you can see their actions manifest.

Beware of the actions of the Illuminati – it is important that you do not fall under their spell and celebrate death otherwise you will be seeing a return of darkness. You could wind up isolated feeling nothing and wondering what has happened to the world  – it is undeniable.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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