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Clyde Lewis | February 9, 2021


When I first heard of that there were variants and mutations of COVID-19 coming out of England, I questioned just how they knew that the variant was more contagious, how they were able to tell what was making it a variant, and what changes of any were evident.

I also was skeptical about it because I then knew that it would again be used an excuse for more lockdowns and travel restrictions and of course an excuse to require yearly vaccine boosters.

The variant spread as expected – and still there was no real information about how it was discovered and what had triggered the changes.

Another variant, known as B.1.351, drove a monster second wave in South Africa that subsided only after another round of lockdowns and other restrictions. More than 90 percent of new cases since December have been of the new variant, and studies showed tens of thousands of excess deaths during that period that experts said were largely attributable to it.

I couldn’t help but think that Bill Gates used the term 10 million “excess deaths” in one of his interviews where he would look all giddy talking about it. He did say that those 10 million deaths would be the result of a biological attack and that the disease would not respond to regular medicine.

That was 2018 – and his apocalyptic vision is coming true every day.

When a plane loaded with 1 million doses of vaccine produced by AstraZeneca landed in South Africa on Feb. 1, a hopeful country watched with rapt attention.

Exactly a week later came the blow: A study, however limited and not yet peer-reviewed, said the vaccine provided only “minimal protection” against contracting mild to moderate infections of a new coronavirus variant that is widespread in South Africa, where it was first detected. The variant has since been found in at least 30 countries.

The news was a blow not only to South Africans but to billions of people whose governments are relying on the vaccine developed at Oxford University and made by AstraZeneca. If further studies confirm the finding about the effectiveness of the vaccine, dozens of countries around the world may need to adjust their vaccine rollout plans. South Africa, however, has the unwelcome role of going first.

For now, its government has suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine and is trying to expedite its procurement of Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines — though only the efficacy of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been studied in South Africa during the new variant’s predominance. In a much larger study than the AstraZeneca vaccine study, it was also found to be less effective against the variant but able to prevent severe cases and death almost totally. South Africa expects its first delivery in mid-February and hopes to use it to vaccinate a first phase of health workers, but it is still negotiating the size of the first batch.

South Africa has also ordered 20 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the country’s health minister told the Sunday Times newspaper on Jan. 29, but delivery dates had not been set.

We live in what can be called a sophisticated age where we believe we have escaped the reality of an apocalypse, at least for now.

But have we – maybe this is the beginning of the apocalypse that has been fore structured in fiction and in the latest Zombie film.

Every day we survive or avoid a major catastrophe is one more day we can laugh at the conspiracy theorists who believe that the powers that be are trying to cull the population to meet their 500 million population goals.

As far back as the 1700s, there were those fear mongers like Thomas Robert Malthus who were saying that an unplanned population would grow faster than food production adding that famine and poverty were God’s way of coping with man’s laziness. This type of thought caught on with the early colonizers and it is argued that this is how the slave trade began and how “the other” was created in order to demonize anything that in the opinion of the elite put a burden on the Utopian order that they wanted to organize.

The perception was that humanity was the problem always getting in the way of the plans of the elite. The elite believe that mankind can be or should kept enslaved by draconian controls while being systematically exterminated like an infestation of cockroaches. It can all be engineered with the use of war, poverty and food shortages, drugging, dumbing down or injecting toxic vaccines in our bodies. It is a way to have plausible deniability when confronted with the problems of a sick and dying society.

We’ve discussed vaccines a number of times on Ground Zero. We’ve also discussed the new mRNA vaccines a number of times. I have always been the type of guy who tired to avoid these vaccines as long as it is humanly possible.

But what if its not possible? I have been going over in my head that idea that avoiding the vaccine or not getting it at all would be a criminal act. The opting out of a vaccination such as this is not a possibility — not even for religious reasons.

The technocratic establishment is making it increasingly difficult to avoid the vaccine and still lead a relatively normal life, and they’re only getting started with their restrictions.

We don’t know what’s coming, but we may be looking at a future where the shot, at least for some, is unavoidable.

COVID-19’s death and case numbers are now going down but they are not going down without a fight, nor is the fight for the technocracy to subjugate everyone. I know that the average person cannot read up on what is happening all the time and that is why we rely on “experts” to tell us what is going on . However it is now obvious that those who have had power over us are holding out for as long as they can before the people begin to grow more intolerant of their imprisonment.

However, when a topic like COVID-19 or any other malady becomes critical for our lives, we should read up on it. All sides should be heard even the ones that have been dismissed by so called “authorities” because even selected authorities can get the technical conclusions wrong,

That is why when you have cancer or some other potentially terminal disease it is wise to get a second opinion, It is odd that this course of action is recommended for all potentially deadly disorders –except when it comes to COVID-19 which in the beginning has made it suspicious.

COVID-19 is not only a serious problem to avoid — but it also is a political tool to exploit and a financial racket devised by Big Pharma.

Like with anything in life, you have to develop your own discernment whose studies you trust and whose you don’t. Nothing can be done without effort, to build that discernment you have to have read and listen and watch widely to be able to discern truths from untruths, and to thus come to appreciate one author as honest, and another one less so.

Contrary to what the media says, a second opinion is not always conspiracy theory and chances are the prevailing court of public opinion is wrong most of the time.

From 2015 onward, I have discussed with all of you m the possibility of a biological attack or the release of a pathogen in a gain of function exercise.

In 2018, I reported that Bill Gates a once admitted Malthusian made a prediction about the health and well-being of this planet. He predicted that an unknown deadly disease with no cure would kill 30 million people within 6 months. He said this after he and his wife Melinda spoke at south by southwest warning of a coming pandemic brought forward due to a biological attack.

Gates presented a simulation by the Institute for Disease Modeling that found that a new flu like the one that killed 50 million people in the 1918 pandemic would now most likely kill 30 million people within six months.

Back then the disease in question was not COVID-19 — it was a fungal disease that would trigger various other unknown reactions in the human body.

The fungus, “Candida Auris” hit several countries around the world a year before the outbreak of the coronavirus.


According to the CDC, The fungus was trigger for variant diseases , it was “multidrug-resistant” and called a “mystery” because it was difficult to identify with standard lab tests. The results were damaging as it spread throughout several healthcare facilities without medical officials being aware.

The New York Times reported that an elderly man was admitted into a Brooklyn hospital in 2019 for an abdominal surgery and was found to have the new deadly germ after a blood test was taken. Doctors immediately isolated him in the intensive care unit, but the germ had already spread across the room. The hospital required special cleaning equipment and had to remove some of the ceiling and floor tiles.

There weren’t any anti-fungal medicines able to stop it. As a result, just like many others who contract the illness it causes, the man died within 90 days.

No one knew what the illness was that the fungus triggered.

Researchers have identified certain fungi and bacteria that would mutate and morph to defend themselves against modern medicines.

Aggressive sterilization efforts using aerosolized hydrogen peroxide did nothing to kill this fungus and these cases were covered up– no one reported that this fungus was triggering various ailments that would render the body unable to fight off simple diseases like the flu or coronavirus.

On January 31st the New York Post published an article in their health watch about a potentially deadly pathogen — that had been long forgotten and covered up.

It was about, “Candida Auris.”

However, I presented a show entitled Primrose Pathology where I warned of how a fungus that does not respond to medicines may trigger an even deadlier pandemic.

In a follow up show called Primrose Pathology II,  I explained that 5G technology aggravated “Candida Auris” and that while COVID-19 is not affected by 5G — fungus capable of triggering immune responses that leave you susceptible to it can be,

It is also coincidental that the warning about “Candida Auris” has been reported as a real threat at the same time as COVID-19 variants emerge.

It turns out that the case for the variants’ contagiousness and dangerousness centers largely on the theoretical effects of just one change said to stem from a mutation in the virus’s genes.

Last year, there was report that a COVID-19 variant strain was found in Ahmedabad, India that triggered Mucormycosis, a type of fungal disease which infects those with compromised immune systems, and with other existing diseases, is a serious infection with a mortality rate of nearly 50 per cent.

Symptoms depend on where in the body the fungus is growing. If the growth is on the sinus and brain region, symptoms can include one-sided facial swelling, headache, nasal or sinus congestion, black lesions on nasal bridge or upper inside of mouth that quickly become more severe and fever.

If in the lung, symptoms may include fever, cough, chest pain and shortness of breath. Skin mucormycosis can look like blisters or ulcers and the infected area may turn black. Gastrointestinal mucormycosis may be indicated by abdominal pain, vomiting and gastrointestinal bleeding.

While the new variants of COVID-19 that have been reported recently have not been connected to various fungal anomalies — their new nomenclatures are certainly scary sounding and many of the variant research is still a little nebulous.

USA Today reported that now a British researcher recently suggested that two new COVID-19 symptoms “COVID tongue” and mouth ulcers — may need to be added to health officials’ lists of coronavirus symptoms.

Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, said 1 in 5 people are showing these less common symptoms of COVID-19, which also don’t appear on guidelines or lists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The symptoms include a swollen or discolored tongue, as well as ulcers on the mouth.

Does this sound like the same rare symptoms that a variant triggered in India?

It turns out that the case for the variants’ contagiousness and dangerousness centers, largely on the theoretical effects of just one change said to stem from a mutation in the virus’s genes.

That one change is known as N501Y — scientific shorthand for the substitution of one protein building block (amino acid) for another at position 501 in the part of the virus called the spike protein.

Specifically, position 501 lies in the portion of the spike protein that’s responsible for the intimate coupling between the virus and cells that lets the virus slip inside and multiply.

These are “changes” not mutations. Mutations happen in genetic organisms — so if you are a conspiracy minded individual – the experts calling it a mutation are giving themselves away.

Amino-acid changes are not mutations.

A very preliminary study published Dec. 22, 2020, suggested that N501Y also is present in the South African variant named 501Y.V2. And another very preliminary study, published January 12, 2021, asserted it was also present in the new strain emerging from the Brazilian jungle, dubbed P.1.

On top of that, the South African variant is being reported as evading immunity and B.1.1.7 sharing this escape route. And scientists are depicting new variants with N501Y on board as spreading very fast. Some say they make herd immunity impossible, so every single person on earth has to be vaccinated.

The models also suggest B.1.1.7 is up to 91% deadlier than the regular novel coronavirus.

Public-health officials, politicians and the mainstream media around the world immediately focused their attention on the variants right after the publication of three theoretical-modeling papers on B.1.1.7, a variant originating in the U.K.

The first was a Technical Briefing by Public Health England published Dec. 21 (it’s the first of an ongoing series of reports on the variant authored by people working at the agency and at other institutions), the second a paper published Dec. 23 by a mathematical-modeling group at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the third a theoretical-modeling manuscript posted Dec. 31 by a large group of UK scientists.

None of the three papers was checked over for accuracy by objective observers – a process called ‘peer review.’ Nonetheless, all three were portrayed as solid science by many scientists, politicians, public-health officials and the press.

In N501Y, the amino acid that’s swapped out at position 501 in the spike protein is asparagine; by scientific convention it’s represented by the letter ‘N.’ The amino acid that’s swapped in in its place is tyrosine, and it’s represented by the letter ‘Y.’ Hence ‘N501Y.’

Position 501 in the amino-acid sequence sits in the part of the spike protein that protrudes from the surface of the virus. Specifically, it’s said to lie in the region of the spike protein that latches or ‘binds’ to the mechanism that is the gatekeeper for whether the virus can enter the cell. That gate-keeping mechanism is known as the ‘ACE2 receptor.’

This region of the spike protein – known as the ‘receptor binding domain’ (RBD) — binds to the gate keeping mechanism, the ACE2 receptor. When the RBD and the ACE2 receptor bind, the cell membrane, which is the circular barrier between the area outside the cell and the cell contents, opens up and allows the virus to enter.

N501Y is posited to make the spike protein bind tighter to the ACE2 receptor. Influential theoreticians have performed mathematical modeling based on this hypothesis. This modeling suggests that this tighter binding allows the virus to enter more easily, and that therefore this makes the virus more transmissible.

There is still no concrete, direct proof of this. And note that epidemiological data cannot be used to definitively detect the effect of an amino-acid in a virus. Only experiments involving direct observation of the virus’s interaction with the body can determine that.

The main evidence that the top three theoretical-models cite as proof of stronger bonding between the N501Y form of the novel coronavirus and the RBD is from just three scientific manuscripts, and these describe experiments with the virus in mice or petri dishes, not observation of whether in fact the variants are truly more contagious or more deadly.

That the pronouncements about the dire danger posed by the new variants aren’t based on solid science. They appear to be aimed more at scaring the public into submitting to harsher and longer restrictions than helping to create truly evidence-based policies.

The true danger waiting in the wings is a variant change that allows fungal attacks to compromise the immune system — this has been the concern from the beginning and may just be the monster they are waiting to unleash later — vaccines cannot eliminate fungal incursions.

These fungal infections can be fatal, particularly if it enters the bloodstream, typically through catheters or other tubes entering the body in health care settings.

One of the things that makes Candida Auris and Mucormycosis so scary is the fact it can linger on inanimate surfaces for long periods and withstand whatever you throw at it.

Experts said it’s critical to develop better weapons against enemies like Candida Auris and Mucormycosis now, before they become the next pandemic.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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