As the New Year approaches, there are several places you can go to for wisdom. There are plenty of people waiting to give you various predictions. I remember I had said in 2009 that 2010 would be a year where we would all ask ourselves “Haven’t we all experienced this before?” It would be a year where we would all think “This seems like a déjà’vu.”

Well here we are again and I guarantee you that most people came to my website last year with the same thoughts as they have for the coming year. We have all been here before with the same questions and the same thoughts. We are like lost children at the fair with all kinds of rides to ride, but only one ticket that can only get you a ride on the merry-go-round.
It’s like a Mobius strip. A loop we can’t get out of. A carnival from hell, where all of the games are fixed and none of them in your favor.
The unfortunate thing is the only way to get out of a tedious loop is to break the cycle and start a new revolution. Breaking a cycle means to disrupt the comfort zone. It will take a major event to break this vicious circus and many of the carneys that control the world’s merry-go –round will eventually have to let a lot of people of off the ride.
When the last chime at midnight ceases to vibrate on December 31st, 2010 we are not only welcoming a new year, we are saying good bye to the first decade of the new Millennium and Century. It is such a remarkable time in our history. In a lot of ways it is fortunate that we are all alive to see it and contemplate the wonder and magic that is associated with such an epoch.
The magic I speak of can mean so many things to different people. People can
perceive a brighter future, and the magic of the potentiality that exists in all new years.
There is always a superficial ray of hope with a new year and a new decade. We can
all rationalize that we may have another year or ten to try and make things right in the
world. We have been exhorted to be environmentally aware, to be aware of terrorists,
to be prayerful, to avoid fatty foods and to spiritualize sacrifice.
However, the sacrifices we are being asked to spiritualize are destroying human values
and ignoring human basic needs to be safe and secure in our lives. In our so called
spiritual quest for sacrifice we forget that any sacrifice that aims to destroy human life
and safety should be avoided.
In 2011 we will all be part of the process of human alchemy, as the shadow
government assembles its death machine like a doting father assembles a child’s
bicycle on Christmas eve, There will be billions of dollars that will go into more wars,
and as they exhaust resources, you will asked to sacrifice for the “greater good.”
In the next decade you will be asked to sacrifice a lot of things and you will make them
willfully through our government’s use of fear. The primal core beliefs that exist in the
collective unconscious will be triggered and people will act in ways that will defy all
It doesn’t take a psychic to tell you that this New Year could bring with it all scenarios to
be considered with renewed Russian-American tensions, after an attempted coup, as
well as the European Union and its internal problems with Muslims. The thought form
manifesting now for the year 2011 is widespread nuclear war and massive casualties
worldwide. North and South Korea are also contenders for this slaughter and the world
goes on as if nothing terrible is going to happen.
Tensions between Americans at its borders will also be of more concern and the
renewed interest in having a joint security treaty to protect North American Interests.
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America will bring us ever closer to the
idea of the North American Union and the use of one currency as the value of the dollar
continues in decline.
We will see prominent politicians fall to scandal and there will be many deaths of
revered warlords, and war criminals. Not just those who live in countries we hate but in
the very country we reside in.
There will even be a danger to our President Barack Obama. Not just from outside
threats to his wellbeing, but from his inner circle that can plot in daylight a way to
assassinate his character and eventually diminish his effectiveness.
Days are numbered, watch the stars and always be aware of those who wish to snuff
out the life of someone who does not wish to cooperate with treason and political
coups. .
As we begin the 11th year of the new century we must understand the significance of
that number and how it is a “master” number.
According to the great magician Aleister Crowley, the number 11 is pure magic unto
itself. It is the number of ritual and with ritual there has to be an offering on the altar of
sacrifice. It is the number of the light bearer and it represents one and the other one.
A duality or dueling core where one may fall and the other will stand. It is the number
noted to be one beyond ten yet one short of twelve, a number of disintegration and
I was contemplating the irony of how we celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas, at
a time when human sacrifices had usually been made to the sun god Molech. Jesus
was a child that was born as a potential sacrifice. He was betrayed by one of his twelve
apostles, which left him one short of twelve. At the time of the birth of Christ there was
an account of the murder of the first born. Herod commanded the deaths of first born
children in Bethlehem In the hope of killing the Christ child.
The sacrificial rite while looked upon anciently as savage may not have escaped us and
will be on the minds of many people in the year 2011.
During my solstice show there were many ideas that were spun under the influence of
the advent that had the world transfixed. The killing moon eclipsed on the solstice, an
event that has not happened for 456 years. The influence of such a moon only added
to the anxiety of a world already worried and tensions mounting with finance, war, and
environmental breakdown.
In ancient times these anxieties were released by sacrificing a child to the horned god
Molech. It was a sacrament to the gods for a guarantee of prosperity, health and safety.
These sacrifices of children have not stopped nor have the rituals to Molech. They
continue in the present and they are done with the absence of compassion and care.
There is no guilt form the leaders and they continue to break bones, and draw blood as
they pave the New World Order over the bodies that were unfortunate enough to be in
the way.
Those who remain alive are being sold into slavery, just like our ancestors were at
the hands of the power elite. We have been told that human sacrifice brings us the
blessings of freedom and well being. Our sons and daughters go to war and make the
ultimate sacrifice and yet we see that the quality of life has not improved and those
blinded by their own political dogmas will be apologists for the party that they are a part
It is social and political witchery and it will continue as all of these tried and true
practices keep us all transfixed, unable to move forward. Conservative hate groups can
say that Obama is the Antichrist and move towards electing their own savior however,
the real antichrist with the detailed pedigree and bloodline waits in the wings to be
anointed as King.
Popes, emperors, and diplomats will all bow down to the new god king. In the future he
will rule us all, and we will be slaves to him. For those who don’t believe that they will
bow to this new man-god, you may want to look into your future and realize you already
are bowing down to him now. Your children will too, and their children will also be forced
to bow to this dark father.
All of the religious eschatology that fits conveniently in the template will have pretty
much switched on a self destruct mentality and the world is nearing its date with destiny.
The United States is about to be brought to ruin in a controlled paranormal demolition.
David Spangler, Director of the Planetary Initiative, of the United Nations and self
described mystic stated that “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she
will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will
take a Luciferian Initiation. Lucifer comes to give to us the final gift of wholeness. If we
accept it then he is free and we are free. This is the Luciferic initiation. It is one that
many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation in the New
When Hitler decided to become the Luciferian initiate of his day he was involved with
the darker secret societies. He commissioned the holocaust of the Jews. Germans were
being told that this was for the betterment of the world and that God was purifying the
human race. They were not seeing it as the controlled demolition of the human spirit,
the annihilation of mankind. Was the Holocaust a dress rehearsal for some future
offering to the angry gods who still have us send our children into the sacrificial arms of
the war?
We are already giving the elite the power hold on our faith, hoping that they will lead us
and guide us to relief from what is plaguing us.
That is all that is needed for the alchemical initiation to begin. I have appeared on
numerous talk shows and have argued with “spiritually aware “individuals that most
everyone has already given in to the Luciferian initiation spell. I have told them that the
great 666 numeric sequence will not be found in a chip but in your very own DNA and
your acceptance of the mark has already been predestined.
They tell me I am wrong and that they would never accept the mark of the beast. The
truth is, they already have and they send their sons and daughters to the slaughter so
that the power elite can control the initiatory process.
This prolonged war is the killing of the innocent for the benefit of the New World order.
The bloodletting and burnt offerings insure that many people will wind up in the belly of
Molech. Many of them are unaware that they are participating in the sacrificial rite.
If one wants to view the rite in fantasy metaphor one can look at the remarkable
film “Pan’s Labyrinth.” The story takes place in Spain during times of fascism. A young
girl named Ofelia meets her new step-father, a mean and sadistic man named Captain
Vidal. As you might have already supposed, the innocence of the young girl Ofelia will
be shadowed and shaken by her Dark Father figure Vidal. She will do her step-father’s
bidding without question. This is called a Kronos complex, where a child or an innocent
is being devoured or enslaved by the Father.
Kronos or Saturn devoured his innocent children. Ultimate Power is behind the
development of the Kronos complex and there are many scenes in the film where the
young Ofelia is met with the symbolism associated with the feast of Kronos and the
purification through the ultimate sacrifice to be immortal.
Ofelia also meets with a horned faun named Pan who lives in a magical Labyrinth. The
faun is devilish in appearance, with horns and cloven hoofs. The Faun is also abusive
towards the girl and asks for her obedience. The faun demands that Ofelia bring a baby
to him. She steals a baby from Captain Vidal. She then realizes that the faun wishes to
stab the baby for its blood. So she refuses to give the baby to the horned creature.
Captain Vidal enters the room, does not see the faun but the young Ofelia with the baby
and so he shoots her with his gun. Her blood falls to the ground into a Labyrinth and her
initiation is complete. She has sacrificed herself.
While Pan is used in the film, it seems that the metaphor that is blatant in the ideal
of Molech and his demand for child sacrifice. Molech after all is horned god of the
ancients and is represented in many forms. Molech from the times of the ancients has
demanded a sacrifice or innocent blood. The innocent children had been given up
freely for the promise of prosperity and safety in the present.
Many innocent people today have found themselves already sacrificed on the altars
of some alien God. They feel raped, betrayed and literally gutted by economic woes,
health issues, and spiritual poverty.
They have been told to sacrifice and have found that the only thing left to give is their
blood. They have already sacrificed their pride and many when left to rot in their own
hopelessness will accept relief no matter what it takes. Our government would reduce
the population of they see it as profitable, Obama’s health care plan is already looking
like a death sentence for most American’s who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Our government has no moral compass and in 2011 it will be evident that what is to be
done is to eliminate anything that does not fit the “country’s standard.” They will try and
drain you of your life’s blood and then cut you open to hold your heart.. When you are
dead they will say that it was your fault.
It will be our fault because we did not fight back.
Your government is not the only entity asking for your blood.
Your churches will be there as well demanding that you obey them because 2011 for
them will be the time to discuss a worldwide rapture. With the seeds planted we will
hear again of alien abductions, sexual encounters with alien beings and strange tales of
dimensional doorways where scores of people are swallowed up into “hell.” We will hear
of mass exorcisms, cult suicides and counterfeit Christs.
Children will cry out for help and will receive platitudes.
Children while embraced by Christ in the bible are nothing but refuse today in the eyes
of the government and in religious hierarchies. Their innocence is no longer cherished
by them.
In his Christmas address at the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI made a statement about
child pornography and child molestation saying that he believes that it has become
more and more accepted as normal since the 1970’s. The Pope’s comments sparked
outrage from those who have been abused. Many people were saying that it never has
been normal nor accepted.
Maybe it hasn’t been accepted or normal by people who are mentally stable, but if you
look at the power elite and how they eschew normal morality then his statement is quite
sincere. He of course speaks of the company he keeps and knows, that being those in
the highest places of power.
One of the premiere films showing at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival is “The
Redemption of General Butt Naked.’ Joshua Milton Blahyi, called General Butt Naked,
by the press because he would go into battle naked, murdered thousands during
Liberia’s horrific 14-year civil war. He has now found Christ and is an evangelist.
However, he is not just a warlord with a change of heart. He is a Luciferian initiate that
has spiritualized the sacrifice of innocent children by cutting out their hearts and eating
them for ultimate power.
When he was 11 years old he was guided by a high priest wearing a hood and a mask
to an altar. A young girl is brought into the room, and the elders rubbed her body down
with clay. The High priest raises a machete and slays the child. It was then that Blahyi
was fed the heart and liver of the girl. Blahyi claimed that after eating the body parts of
the girl he went into a trance and saw the devil.
The devil told him that in order to increase his power he must continue the rituals of
child sacrifice and cannibalism. It was believed that he was one of the most evil men
that ever lived. After 14 years of killing, eating human body parts and conversing with
the devil he receives a blinding vision of Jesus Christ. Today this once-brutal warlord
has renounced his sadistic past and reinvented himself as an evangelist
His crimes included child sacrifice, cannibalism, the exploitation of child soldiers and
trading blood diamonds for guns and cocaine, which he fed to boy soldiers as young
as nine. He is now married has three kids and is a born again minister. He has also
been pardoned for his crimes because of his candor and remorse. He has helped local
authorities track down secret societies that are known to continue these brutal child
Is there redemption for the killing of innocent children?
We can all look at this man and declare him evil and sick because of what he has done
to thousands of children. We can also say that there is no forgiveness in this world for
what he has done to them. He has eaten children, cut them up piece by piece. These
children are dead and there is no bringing them back.
He has become a Kronos figure, one who has devoured children and feasted upon the
innocents. In the same Saturnalian parallel our government has also devoured the
fortunes and even he lives of some of our future children and grandchildren. The 13
trillion dollar debt is the dagger through the hearts of our children and our children’s
children. In order to understand how this will devour our children and our grand
children you need to contemplate what 13 trillion is.
There are 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour day. Those are a lot of seconds to think about
and as we get closer to the New Year we usually only have to worry about the last 10
seconds before midnight, let alone over 86 thousand. Since we are headed toward
2011, I thought I would calculate something for you.
There are 347,126,186 seconds in 11 years. That is how many seconds that will have
been clicked off since the beginning of the new Millennium. Double 11 years and you
get 22 and in 22 years we have clicked off 694,252,371 seconds. Still not even close
to 13 trillion seconds. In 33 years we go just over a billion seconds, In order to reach at
least a trillion seconds, we must calculate up to 33 thousand years. So when you toast
to the New Year keep in mind that a trillion seconds ago modern man didn’t exist and
that Neanderthals were just barely walking upright. So give the United States another
694,252,371 seconds and our children will be living at the poverty level, and many of
them will either be slaves or they will be dead.
Killing children of the future in some sick attempt at reverse causality, where we are
living off the corpses of our progeny.
Should our leaders be forgiven for this and should we?
In the meantime, go your green rallies, and bemoan the evils of global warming. Pay
no mind that is a trap to insure global sustainability and eugenics directives to eliminate
the future burden and that future carbon footprint. Pay no mind to the hidden agendas
of the movement which includes infanticide, infringing of reproductive rights, eugenics
directives, and the extermination of the infirm.
Some people say that only the mentally ill believe in the end of the world. Well, it may
not happen tomorrow, it may not happen in 2012 but give it a few years and we will see
exactly what the destruction of the innocent is all about. We will see small indications of
how the children will be destroyed in the year 2011.
Many children will disappear, and others that have been taken will scream from their
graves and will be found in the most horrifying conditions.
Many of us now have already been baited into an enslaved apocalypse. People have
already accepted their future and potential obeisance to a system of enslavement. Who
needs to say they haven’t accepted the mark of the beast when it is obvious that we
already have? We did it to ourselves, our children and to their future.
We have fallen into this social trance. We are sleepwalking off the plank into the pit of
our own extinction level event.
I hope that 2011 will be the year we wake up, and that many of us take on the
responsibility of taking this message to the masses.

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