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Clyde Lewis | March 12, 2020
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As we are watching dramatic measures being taken to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, I was dreading yet another day where all news research sites including the ones where I get great paranormal stories have been inundated with COVID- stories I stumbled upon a bit of synchronicity in this whole ordeal that is chilling as well as being a great piece of predictive programming.

I am a fan of the TV show the Walking Dead. I am surprised that a TV show about the Zombie Apocalypse has lasted as long as it has.  It is like a warped version of “Days of our Lives” except with Zombies.

I was also a big reader of the comic book and have in my library a couple volumes of Fulci Zombie comics that certainly illustrate how a Zombie plague has been part of the pop culture ever since Johnny said “They are coming to get you Barbara.”

Well, as a fan of the Walking Dead, I noticed that in Kentucky there was a patient at Harrison Memorial Hospital that was diagnosed with COVID-19.

 Harrison Memorial Hospital was the name of the medical facility in both the comic and the TV series where Rick Grimes of the Walking Dead woke up to realize that the Zombie Apocalypse had arrived.

Harrison Memorial Hospital in the Walking Dead Story was located in Atlanta near the Centers for Disease Control and prevention.

Here’s a look at what the hospital had to say regarding the diagnosed patient, at Harrison Memorial Hospital via an official statement:

“Harrison Memorial Hospital has had COVID-19 screening in place since early January 2020 as mandated by the Centers for Disease Control. At any point of entry within yje hopsital, all patients are screened for the potential risk. The patient presented with flu-like symptoms to our facility. At that time patient did not meet Kentucky Department of Public health screening and was treated for the presented symptoms.

When symptoms did not subside, the patient returned. Further tests were completed, KDPH was notified, and KDPH determined the patient did not qualify for testing. Despite the patient not meeting COVID-19 screening criteria, Harrison Memorial Hospital clinicians made the determination to admit the patient to the hospital due to the patient’s condition and was admitted into a negative pressure isolation room. From there, the patient was transferred to a tertiary care facility.”

There was a scene in one of the earlier episodes of the TV series The Walking Dead where Rick and his colleagues are held up at the CDC trying to find answers about the Zombie plague. One of the CDC officials who was closed up in the building whispered in Rick’s ear the big secret and that is, whatever the disease was the triggered the zombie plague – the authorities knew about it and said nothing because they didn’t want to induce panic – but everyone had the disease even if they didn’t show signs of having it.

Back in 2016, the government was exposed as secretly stockpiling supplies to help them survive a pandemic. The strategy was that many of the elite would flee to underground bunkers and sit out the world wide panic.

I appeared on an episode of Jessie Ventura’s Conspiracy theory episode called OZARKS where I spoke about the plan of the elite to go underground into their bunkers and wait out a national disaster. There they would have food, antivirals, and antibiotics, many of the things they need to keep healthy with what was available from the Strategic Reserves National Stockpiles.

It was reported that the world’s richest people are chartering private jets to set off for holiday homes or specially prepared disaster bunkers in countries that, so far, appear to have avoided the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Many are understood to be taking personal doctors or nurses on their flights to treat them and their families in the event that they become infected. The wealthy are also besieging doctors in private clinics across the world, demanding private coronavirus tests.

It is obvious that while having reserves for a public pandemic is wise – much of what is being used has been taken by the elite and other leaders and is only limited to the public at large.

However, many of these antivirals at least those in this strategic stockpile are not effective for combatting Covid -19.

NPR did an expose on the Strategic Stockpile back in 2016 and interviewed Greg Burel who is the Director of the Strategic National Stockpile managed by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. 

The inventory includes millions of doses of vaccines against bioterrorism agents like smallpox, antivirals in case of a deadly flu pandemic, medicines used to treat radiation.sickness and burns, chemical agent antidotes, wound care supplies, IV fluids and antibiotics.

The federal government is pouring more than half a billion-dollar per year into this massive and unprecedented emergency stockpile system and has built up a considerable arsenal of medicines and countermeasures since the system was established in 1999.

So, if this is the case, why would the surgeon general demand the American public NOT use or even buy face masks to protect themselves against the coronavirus? Especially considering that he claims healthcare professionals need those masks to prevent infection. Don’t they have a stockpile?

It definitely appears that this stockpile isfor those wealthy elitists who control and manipulate the economy through the government. That’s why it’s a secret and that’s why you can only depend on yourself when it comes to preparedness.

In the pacific Northwest, where Ground zero is in Kirkland Washington Jay Inslee announce new restrictions on large events in the state to curb the spread of novel coronavirus, banning gatherings of more than 250 people.

After that Governor Kate Brown of Oregon made the same move.

People in Washington were questioning why Inslee did not cancel school gatherings.  Then after pressure he canceled public school for one month in some of the counties of the state.

Now here in Oregon we are waiting to see if our governor parrots the moves of Washington’s governor.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced all K-12 schools in Ohio will be shut down for three weeks to try to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The move will affect approximately 1.8 million children enrolled in Ohio’s public, charter and private schools.

Shortly after the Ohio announcement, Maryland’s superintendent announced the state’s schools would close for two weeks.

The actions are the most sweeping school closure efforts in the U.S. so far and stand to disrupt just about everything related to family and school routines.

 As I was having breakfast with a friend at a popular breakfast spot we noticed that the wait time to get a seat was short. Usually there us a 45-minute wait – today we were seated in about 10 minutes.

I was overhearing all kinds of conversations about public panic due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

I had mentioned to my friend that even though closures are happening and the elected officials are taking things serious –the overall attitude is passive compared what a true panic can look like.

Americans seem to have this uncanny knack for what I call the barn door strategy when it comes to preparedness and protection form an impending crisis.

When I say Barn Door Strategy I mean that let’s suppose farmer keeps his horses in a barn. He notices that the barn door’s lock has been broken and he figures that for a moment a large board can be used to keep the door from opening letting the horses out.

Well somehow that slab of wood gets removed by a farm hand and the horses get out.

The farmer notices that the horses are missing and he yells to one of his farmhands that he had that board there to keep the horses in the barn and now that their loose he is at a loss as to what to do.

The Farm hand suggests that he can fix the lock on the door and have a dog stand guard to keep the horses in.

That is a great idea only – there are no horses.

The answer would have been to fix the lock when the farmer saw that it was broken—not take precautions after he fact.

All over the internet I am seeing people lament the fact that they can’t find toilet paper. For some reason in a panic people are hoarding toilet paper – because it is obvious that they don’t know the first thing about preparedness –and that they should have prepared when the virus spread was out of control in China.

The problem is the mainstream media was so obsessed with the impeachment of the President that they failed to emphasize preparedness and how it would be prudent to prepare for disruptions that may come as a result of an outbreak.

However, after the media shirked their responsibility of doing so – the community spread had begun and containment was done in a panic – but it was too little too late and instead of the media giving sound information after the fact they attacked the Trump administration and allowed every establishment authority, right down to the political waitress expert Alexandria Ocasio Cortez telling us that if we don’t eat Chinese food we are racists.

How does this happen when people need to know what is truly happening – the truth is as long as the people have no idea how to help themselves the more a crisis can be exploited for a political agenda –and it is obvious that this is taking place.

The establishment most likely has an agenda to keep you passive, and those that don’t know what to do are simply regurgitating what they hear from the media like good little robots. 

When the media obsessed over the impeachment of the president they were far too interested in Russian collusion and dossiers instead of telling you to prepare for a threat.

I have complained before about the extremes I am seeing on the internet with regard to COVID-19 and every extremist thinks they are right about their opinions. You have the group that says that COVID-19 is nothing to worry over and then you have the people who say that the public is in a panic over the whole ordeal.

I think that what happened in Italy alone makes the first assertion absolutely ridiculous. Italy suffered a 6 percent death rate – and we saw this happening two weeks before we started seeing what is now being called chain reaction spread. We can now see that this is a paradigm shifting scenario.

The second assertion about people panicking seems to be a calculated exaggeration; a form of reverse psychology. I mean if you keep telling people they are “panicking” when they are not do you think this helps? Do you think that people will go to the other extreme and passively do nothing at all just to avoid the label?

We are nowhere near mass panic – I mean, if your only point of reference is some empty toilet paper shelves at Walmart then I guess you should be terrified.

What you are seeing is passive preparedness. People are just grabbing what they need to get by just in case. In the back if their minds they think that if they need more –all they have to do is just go to the store and wait for another shipment.

When the public can’t find an open grocery store, then you will see panic. When there are checkpoints in and out of major metropolitan areas stopping people from leaving if they have any symptoms of illness, then you will see panic. When Covid-19 continues to circulate through the population for a year or more and does not disappear during the summer months as some people theorize, get ready for anger and panic. 

When your local banks announce a financial “holiday” for an unspecified amount of time because of a credit crisis and lack of liquidity, and all the ATMs are shut down, then you will see panic.  When crime rates explode because of lack of supplies and people start fighting over access to the meager food lines at FEMA camps, THAT will be panic.

And don’t think for a second that this is not possible in this country, because it absolutely is. All it takes is for the global supply chain to break down for one month and there will be chaos like nothing the average person has seen in their lives.

America has not handled crises well for twenty years now.

The reason America can’t handle the Coronavirus is the same reason we can’t do anything else right. We don’t give people who are the true experts have any say over how things should be handled.

We are always being bombarded with doctors who have different opinions after the fact – not before – they are telling us to fix the barn door when it could have been fixed long before the horses got out.

Our taxes pay for management consultants who make slides and do tabletop exercises – but they aren’t the ones that have to put in the work or protect their families.  They have things that are already arranged for them in the event of an emergency.

That is why you have to be aware of how the supply chain is going to react to the perceived crisis.

Be ready to see major supermarkets having huge holes in their supply chain inventory for some products.

The supply chain crisis will probably develop slowly relative to the pandemic situation, in the span of a couple of months, but there are certain items that will disappear rather quickly. For example, there is a legitimate threat of a drought in medicines and pharmaceuticals in the US as Chinese manufacturing has not come back on line. There are also concerns that China may “weaponized” US dependence on their medical manufacturing and deliberately withhold shipments. I would stock any essential medications and over the counter drugs you might need now.

If you want to see real panic, just wait until the nearly 50% of Americans on at least one medication can no longer get their prescriptions filled. Wait until people who are physically dependent on their supply of insulin or heart medication can’t get any.  This is not a joke. 

It is not something to sneer at or look down our noses at.

This is not panic; this is not fear mongering this is perspective—it is a perspective that the mainstream will not give you. Oh they will later when people start panicking.

The way to deal with this is simple – Prepare Now. Ask your doctor about contingency plans –ask your government to allow pharmacists to allow you to have a moth back up to your medicines.

I don’t know if anyone can see that the media isn’t inducing panic – they are reporting confusing things to make you passive.

I am sure that many people don’t want to labeled hoarders – but of course we hear that term prepper as a pejorative.

You are not a hoarder if you are stocking supplies you would have normally purchased and used anyway over a longer period of time.

The establishment wants to keep the masses as unprepared as possible so that as the disaster accelerates they will be unprepared and desperate, and thus easier to control with promises of government “aid” when the time comes.

I have said many times before that all the globalists need is one event to sabotage your way of life forcing you to beg to be relieved from you peril.

They tried it with the 911 attacks, they have tried it with many other disasters –and now they are using a real pandemic to push people into confusion so that they will do nothing.

Always remember the term ORDO AB CHAO – in Latin it means,Order from Chaos.

The goal here is to conjure maximum chaos. This is why the mainstream media, the White House, the CDC and the WHO were consistently downplaying the pandemic threat.

Now they are not – making people passive and discouraging preparedness was the first part of the agenda.

The second part will be the cutting off of the supply chain.

The third will be incivility something that will test the trust of every American.

For now, it is all about keeping the public in check and immobile until the real panic happens, and by then people will be willing to do anything to avoid going hungry or losing their money.

As for President Trump, how do you expect him to handle a crisis that he didn’t create.

I blame the media and the extremists that wanted impeachment for not informing the people when they knew that this was happening. I blame the ignorant amateurs who are all claiming that people who are preparing are chicken littles and discouraging preparedness in the face of supply chain failures.

Those who have the Pollyannaish optimism will have it all come back to haunt them tomorrow if the coronavirus turns out to be as bad as many experts predict.


Written by Clyde Lewis

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