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Clyde Lewis | March 13, 2020
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President Trump declared a national emergency today in the Rose Garden. The declaration will allow FEMA to tap into some $40 billion in funding and mobilize personnel more quickly while helping state and local leaders respond.

Trump also announced additional efforts to address the virus, including urging states to set up emergency operation centers and hospitals, as well as active-preparedness plans. He unveiled partnerships with private companies to increase testing capabilities and treatment. He even said the administration was working to set up drive-thru test sites (like this one set up by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.). Gov. Cuomo said earlier that NY had set up its first such clinic, and experts claim that ‘drive-thru’ clinics are an option to greatly speed up testing and examinations.

He also listed off a list of steps the government is taking to combat the virus and provide testing and care.

After he finished, Trump brought out Dr. Deborah Birx, who, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, calmly explained to the public the reasons for the delay, outlined the immense effort that has been undertaken behind the scenes for the federal government to ‘catch up’ and essentially repudiated reports claiming to offer proof that the administration had botched the effort.

Then Dr. Fauci came on and explained how the government’s efforts would clear up the red tape to allow state and local authorities to take charge.

“People at the state and local level…will have as many constraints as possible removed so they can do everything they can and we can do many of the things we’ve talked about…that curve that goes up…. we don’t want to have that curve…we want to suppress it down to a small mound,” he said.

“We still have a long way to go, we still have a lot of cases, but this will help it to end.”

The virus has killed at least 40 Americans and there are more than 1,700 cases nationwide as of Friday morning, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Trump returned to the podium after Dr. Fauci, and announced a few additional measures including waiving interest payments on student loans, since “many of those schools have closed.” Instead of a full-on bailout for the energy industry, Trump said the US would buy a large amount of oil for the ‘national oil reserve.’ He then launched into a riff about oil prices, before, perhaps having realized he had gone off track, he asked VP Mike Pence to say a few words and layout the actions of the task force.

Pence reiterated that the Trump travel ban would take effect at midnight tonight and returning citizens would be screened if they had traveled to any of the hot zones.

The press increasingly desperate to ‘corner’ President Trump on the issue of testing, one reporter suggested that the president might be acting selfishly by not submitting to a test.

In response, Trump said he probably would be tested ‘at some point’. Clearly caught off guard by the reporter’s audaciously loaded question, we suspect he didn’t think to reply “when and if my doctors say so”. Instead, he stammered out a reply that it would probably happen soon, before dismissing her, then calling on VP Pence and a doctor to explain the issue again.

The reporter who asked the question clearly intended it to be some kind of ‘statement’, because she sent out a tweet making sure that everyone knew that she was the one who cornered the President on the issue of his health.

It was as if she was saying “I sure showed him” –  and raising question as to what is appropriate to ask a President in the times of emergency.

I guess we cannot expect objectivity when it comes to reporting or even fact finding when a pandemic happens in an election year.

However, there can be some surprises as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez actually broke her self-quarantine from Fox News to make her position known to a whole new audience.

She certainly is like Daniel going into the lion’s den as she has been berated on Fox numerous times. She appeared on Fox news to make the case for federal paid sick leave.

During the interview, Ocasio-Cortez called on the government to “act swiftly” and provide relief for working Americans who are getting laid off and having shifts canceled in the face of the public health crisis. She also stressed the importance of quickly passing legislation that includes paid sick leave.

Ocasio-Cortez said it was “debatable” whether the United States had the best health care system in the world. She argued that “it almost seems like the wealthier and powerful you are, the more able you are to access a test” for COVID-19.

It can also be said that the wealthier and more  powerful you are the more you have the power to cut and run when the going gets tough.

This virus is cleaning house in the business world –where it seems many elites are jumping ship now that the virus will certainly cause a slump in business around the globe.

Many others suspect that these CEO’s have decided to jump ship and go live in their safety zones until all of the commotion over this virus is clear.

Microsoft announced on Friday that Bill Gates is leaving the board. Gates is also stepping down from his position on the board of Berkshire Hathaway.

Chief executives of top companies in the U.S. are leaving their posts at a pace not seen in nearly two decades.

In the first week of December, four CEOs announced their resignations: Susan Desmond-Hellmann at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Oscar Munoz at United Airlines, Larry Page at Alphabet, and Mark Okerstrom at Expedia.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, who resigns amid fallout from two plane crashes that occurred under his tenure.

Disney chief executive Robert Iger announced last month that he was stepping down as well.  Ginny Rometti is also stepping down from IBM in April.

Challenger, Gray, and Christmas reported that 1,480 CEOs departed in 2019. This caught the attention of some analysts as C-level executives don’t often step aside while both the economy and the stock market are booming.

But this sends a powerful signal as to how some people in very powerful positions knew what was coming and how the Coronavirus was going to affect big business.

It is evident that the rich and powerful are well aware of what is coming down the pipelines and how the people are the last to know.

This would explain most of what we consider to be the revelation of the method.

Many people often kid me over using the term but it is just some lofty way of talking about predictive programming without sounding like I am wearing my tinfoil hat.

My friends often ask me what it means and I tell them that I picked up the term from a conspiracy theorist by the name of James Shelby Downard. The same conspiracy theorist that talked about the King Kill 33.

His definition seemed to implicate that when the Cryptocracy is about to commit a major crime, or carry out one of their medieval melodramatic events they will broadcast their intentions in advance, through popular movies and television.

Michael Hoffman, a contemporary of Downard  has cited the Rosicrucian Manifestos of the early 17th century that are accompanied by anonymous statements of intent as well as other write of intent that precede the ritual.  

The end result of this theory is pattern recognition in the service of a pre-established conclusion. The Revelation of the Method is how the Illuminati, rub it in our faces.

It can also be seen as a weighty topic connected to Hegelian Synthesis usually present it as something invented, an intellectual technology that was unleashed upon the world.

Using the Law of Contact, someone in a place of power plants a thought or a seed as to what will be carried out –and then those in the power cabal leave a calling card of intent.

It is problem-reaction-solution.

The problem could be made up or very real – it is the magic of suggestion or even a gain of function to get a reaction. The solution may or may not be what you have hoped for – but those who have created the problem do so because they know what the outcome will be.  Because they control it all, they have planned it well in advance.

They have created the problem and they have the antidote, meanwhile people will feel the pain and demand that something should be done.

It is a conversion process.

Hegel knew that humanity had a preexisting condition – he knew that when people are outside of their comfort zone they settle for the quick fix – they resort to knee jerk options.

No one is immune from the trap on the Hegelian Dialectic. It, like COVID-19 is a virus but a virus of the psychological kind.  it is a virus that will force you to  lose your mind to ulterior agendas and ideologies that go against your core beliefs.

It is the endless iterations of Thesis and Anti-Thesis that stretch back throughout the history of human culture. It is a binary trap that has always shaped us: East and West, victors and victims, war and peace. Us and them.

Even Orwell touched upon it in his book, 1984 when he wrote we’ve always been at war with Eastasia. It is the war within ourselves, a war where we don’t even remember why we fight it –we just dodge the bullets when we see them –even if they are imaginary.

Orwell’s point in 1984 was that it’s more than just government – it is a matter for the thought police.  The people themselves participate, willfully, in “double think” when they are confronted with danger or their mortality.

In 1984 –you can surmise that the main character Winston Smith has to deal with what we call the Mandela Effect now.

At the start of the book, Oceania is at war with Eurasia. They have always been at war with Eurasia. That’s the political consensus, and all historic documents agree. However, Winston Smith (the protagonist) remembers a time five years ago when Oceania was instead at war with Eastasia. Winston Smith struggles with philosophical idea of “truth”. Which is more true, what everyone knows and what’s in the newspapers, or the memories within his head?

We have struggled before with enemy exchanges from the 911 attacks, Islam, Taliban, ISIS and even home grown terrorists.  We are one day friends with some country or some dictator and then we end up at war with them.

We have struggled also with health threats from Ebola, Zika and the flu and now we are at war with COVID-19 a virus that you dare not say is a biological weapon and you dare not claim was already ravaging through China in order to quell dissent.

It is now a very real catalyst for government shutdowns and economic disaster.

The Revelation of the Method is what we can now identify as social control – the COVID-19 scare illustrates this perfectly and exquisitely.

Humanity is a superorganism that can be infected easily –and the elite have found a weakness to exploit.

William Colby was once quoted as saying, “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

The intelligence cabal has taken a virus like COVID-19 and has weaponized it through the very medium that has hijacked our culture and continues to promote what they call a “woke” populace.

Being woke is newspeak for having all of your paranoia justified in order to enforce your cognitive bias. In this way you can claim you are victim or smarter than everyone else or even more virtuous.

They even think they are empathetic more than they are pathetic – no virtue signaling is going to shake the fear of an elderly woman crying in a Walmart because she can’t find toilet paper—and yet there are still moral guardians in the press that even if their lugs were full of mucus and coughing blood they would fire a final insult to the President.

Politics are certainly the last to die in a crisis – and we are performing as Hegel predicted.

Talking points are fragile things. The more you examine your assumptions, the more your assumptions will fall apart under examination. If you research any given subject in depth, you get an appreciation for how much noise human beings introduce into every message we get.

After a while, it gets deafening.

The human species traffics in narratives and they love to believe a narrative if it is framed in a way that reinforces their assumptions.

This is why the Revelation of the Method is an easy way of either sounding the alarm or creating enough noise that will drown out logic or reason.

It is unpopular to throw out warnings about how the divisive arguments and creating scapegoats are destructive. Warnings about self-destruction ruin the programming dialectic. The programmers need you to develop your fear, anger, and hate, in order to give free reign to violent passion and emotion.

While a healthy dose of paranoia motivates even the people who dwindle in unbelief, unhealthy fear and manipulation can get you to move away from your family, hoard toilet paper, stock up on food – become uncivil.

Some people kill others, some kill themselves.

Again it is business as usual in the apocalypse and the business of control thrives in the state of panic.

 It just takes a few triggers and a few key ingredients and soon the whole world comes crashing down around you.

There are things we give up little by little when we are being manipulated.

We lose our integrity, and self-responsibility, little by little and become dependent on those who are controlling us. When they tell us of a threat and urge us to agree upon it, we are willing to give up everything even our lives to eliminate that threat.

In the current political climate of the country, we are seeing the ritualizing of politics through theater and show boating.

The politicians are using ideologies that are preparing us for war within ourselves.

There is more to COVID-19 then just a runny nose, a cough or flu like symptoms.

It is quite possibly a small hint of an even bigger threat that lies ahead – another one of those so called Rosicrucian nightmares that we are told to pay attention to.

Much like the warnings that we see form the stone monument that stands as a Rosicrucian revelation of the method, The Georgian Guidestones.

The stones have on them laws or challenge about how to maintain a “world order.” The laws are in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support the common capstone are 10 Guides, or commandments. They read like a manifesto of what we should do in the future after a disaster changes the paradigm.

The occult hierarchy of the Illuminati has stated on the Guidestones their recommendations for a safe and secure world.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature

Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

Unite humanity with a living new language.

Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Balance personal rights with social duties.

Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

 We now can see what the future is about. It is about dramatically reducing the population of the world, promoting environmentalism, establishing a world government and promoting a new spirituality.

I am not saying that COVID-19 is the means by which this can be carried out – it is just that we can look around and notice that the anxiety is now setting in.

People can put on a brave face but they have in the back of their minds the worry that they may not be doing enough to protect their families or themselves.

If it gets really extreme we will see how well behaved people can turn into monsters,

The paranormal has taken a backseat lately to what I call parapolitical and pathocratic actions that have been taken by our government as they have fought over positons and ideological noise. 

The economy now is of great concern now even though the numbers adding the debt to the trillions bore me and watching the numbers fall on the Dow Jones are concerning and economists droning on about the blame game can also be a turn off.

Back in 2015, I did a lecture on System Failures. It was a metaphor about how Cancer was something that brought me to what I saw was a system failure –where the life I once knew was changed due to my body failing me.

I compared it to the economic structure of the country being devastated by a disease or a mass attack from an enemy.

In an article I wrote called “SYSTEMIC FAILURE A HEART BEAT AWAY” I sensed that within 20 years that something major was going to change the way we live.

I wrote:

“With everyone telling me that there will be no “end of the world” or no “apocalypse” you have to wonder if perhaps something of some astonishing or deadly nature is going to happen within the next 20 years. To be clear, something that will alter or end the way we are living now. Something that dare I say will be biblical in scope similar to what happened in Haiti or Indonesia.

This will be so devastating that we will be forced to restructure our government, economic stability.”

At the time I was diagnosed with Cancer I was a little scared and I was told it was okay to be  but I also had to act and be well aware of the struggle and the battle I had to go through.

The possibility of dying mattered but not as much as living and living without fear.

I knew that overtime my mind would change about my situation and that every bit of worry and pain would have to eventually mean nothing if I were to survive.

In the bigger picture, we are all actively involved in the computation of reality on behalf of a superorganism that remains invisible and unknowable to us.

That can be daunting – what is important now is maintaining the superorganism that is called humanity and our ability to be humane to one another in a time of perceived crisis.

We should live like spectators, albeit spectators with logical arguments that solve problems with clear thinking and discernment.

We couch it in terms like “education” and “activism” but really, we’re desperate for validation. We just want other people to agree that we’re right. It’s important that we admit, often, that we are not. And it’s highly probable that we can’t be. Ever.

Especially in the situation we are in at the moment.




Written by Clyde Lewis

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