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Ron Patton | March 18, 2019
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Today it was reported that a gunman killed three people on a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht in what authorities said may have been a terror attack, and a suspect has been seized after an hours-long manhunt which saw schools and businesses in lockdown.

Turkish-born Gökmen Tanis, 37, was allegedly targeting one of his own relatives in this morning’s shooting, which left five other people injured, and saw the terrorism threat level in Utrecht raised to the highest possible.

The suspect, who “was known” to authorities, was detained during a raid on the Oudernoord district of Utrecht, and the threat level in the province has been downgraded by one notch as a result of the arrest, Dutch police confirmed.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte said some people wounded in the tram attack ‘are still in critical condition’, with ‘three people fighting for their lives’.

Tanis’ relatives in Turkey told Anadolu news agency that the 37-year-old had opened fire on a relative ‘for family reasons’ and later shot at others trying to intervene.

The Turkish intelligence agency is investigating whether the attack was personally motivated or an act of terrorism.

It appears that what is happening is a bloody pattern where a match has been struck and an age-old war has been ignited.

Islamic terrorist groups have always been the focus of ire in the western world as we have seen the body count all over Europe, Britain and even America.

Many Americans, Britons, Jews, and even secular Europeans have forgotten the Crusades or pushed that history from their minds.

Ever since World War II ended, Western society has arrogantly evolved to think of itself above the principles and lessons of history. We think we’re so advanced that we will never repeat the mistakes of our fathers. Mankind has a history of violence, we reason because in the past men were uneducated brutes ignorant of how to prevent catastrophe. We sincerely believe we have progressed beyond large-scale violence.

Most western Christians today do not realize that they are programmed into the belief of a messianic leadership that has no tolerance for the act of being human or suffering from human obstacles and sins.

We can say that this most definitely is a sign of the times – it is an apostasy foretold by Paul in the Bible, something he called “the falling away.” It’s the loss of faith and the denial of the spirit in troubling times.

Most Christians believe that the future holds for them a messiah that will direct the affairs of the government and demand compliance to God’s commandments.

This is the second coming.

However, the zeal and somewhat fanatical views of the end times and the thought that men will cover their evil deeds with the appearance of the greater good in religious circles will be in vain. This as they demand that humans follow and adhere to strenuous Levitical concepts or else, without the emphasis of repentance.

This form of corporal compliance is considered Luciferian. Forcing compliance with the threat of emotional blackmail or physical abuse or trauma is Satanic.

These doctrines have been the part of the chief philosophies of Napoleon and Hitler, who convinced Western Christendom that God had ordained their causes. These monsters of our history books knew that people would kill for a chance to blindly follow or serve “one” who believes himself to be a savior or a god or hero.

This “blind faith” phenomenon appears in times of great peril or perceived danger. It is preceded by a time of cultural dissonance, demoralization, and disappointment.

The three “D” s before the desolation – dissonance, demoralization, and disappointment. It is becoming more apparent that the fall and apostasy have begun which is an omen of an apocalypse foretold in both the New and Old Testaments.

Pretty much every single religion has produced evil men, and will likely do so again in the future. Or, more accurately, evil men have latched on to almost every single religion and committed evil in its name.

After all, we could go through the litany of sins committed in the name of Jesus, or of Zionism, but that is not the point. The point is that, at this moment in history, there is an evil so organized within the major religions of the world that we could all be targeted for an undeclared war that many people have become oblivious to.

In order to set the stage to make my point, I will have to turn back the clock a couple of years.

On July 26, 2016, two self-proclaimed ISIS sympathizers stormed into a Catholic church in France, during mass, and slit the throat of an 86-year-old Catholic priest as he knelt before them.

This kind of barbarous and savage attack, in the middle of a church service, in cold blood, of a clergyman of advanced age sounds like it could have been ripped from a Dan Brown novel.

However, this was not the only time a terrorist would murder people as they worshipped in a Christian Church.

In June 2015, Dylann Roof opened fire in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing nine people, with the explicit intent of sparking a “race war” between America’s white and minority population.

He opened fire on the congregation as they prayed—again a horrific image of people in supplication to God being murdered in cold blood.

On July 22, 2011, Anders Behring Breivik, a 36-year-old Norwegian wearing a police uniform, detonated two bombs and went on a shooting spree in and outside of Oslo, leaving 77 people, most of them teenagers — dead.

Breivik, like Roof, planned and carried out his attacks alone. Breivik, like Roof, left a chilling manifesto outlining his grievances against those he would murder.

On March 15th, 2018 on what is known as the Ides Of March another killer gunned down and killed 49 people in New Zealand.

The killer, 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant, claimed inspiration from Anders Behring Breivik and suggested that the pair had been in “brief contact.”

The metaphor of 49 Muslims being killed in a place called “Christ’s Church” is very much an irony not short of mocking the mission of Jesus Christ but sparking what can be seen as a revived crusade from a resurrected ideology that goes beyond white supremacy.

Again it is a Luciferian act that emboldens a criminal element that claims they are the true adherents to the Knights Templar. Tarrant appears to be a lone wolf and claims he planned and executed all the attacks by himself.

But interestingly, Tarrant points out that he developed relations with the Knights Templars, a group Anders Behring Breivik, claimed to have helped re-establish.

“Though I did contact the reborn Knights Templar for a blessing in support of the attack, which was given,” Tarrant said, claiming to have connections with Breivik’s elusive group and getting the nod from them for his attack.

“But I have only had brief contact with Knight Justiciar Breivik, receiving a blessing for my mission after contacting his brother knights,” Tarrant said.

“I support many of those that take a stand against ethnic and cultural genocide. Luca Traini, Anders Breivik, Dylan Roof, Anton Lundin Pettersson, Darren Osbourne etc.,” Tarrant wrote and while the media has seized of white supremacy, they ignore criminal elements that have been handed down from the times of the purification processes described by Hitler.

The Knights Templars is an ancient Christian military order founded in Jerusalem in 1119 and which was particularly active during the Crusades. The Templars had long been known as monks-warriors, who were instrumental in the battles against the Muslims.

Centuries later, they still symbolize a powerful image of Christian European identity, of which Breivik and Tarrant claim to attach themselves to.

“Europa rises,” was the last sentence of Tarrant’s manifesto.

Breivik described his version Knights Templars as being similar to that of the clandestine agents of the CIA’s “old boys.” A “leaderless network, made to be self-driven cells, they are according to Breivik, the antithesis to Al Qaeda.

Breivik said that there are “self-driven cells” from London to Liberia.

Apparently, Tarrant, Breivik and the like have been assigning themselves a modern ideological task, which the Knights Templars were undertaking in the Middle Ages against old Muslim powers, but instead, now imagine themselves confronting armed groups like Al Qaeda in the modern times although so far their militancy has primarily targeted civilians.

Tarrant’s massacre will likely trigger the debate that since the September 11 attacks Western intelligence agencies have prioritized threats coming from extreme groups originating in the Muslim world and have ignored the fact that there have been known left behind groups for generations that want to trigger a resurrection of the crusades.

This wave of terror is the new wave of terror and it is the internal battle between cell groups that see themselves as the New Knights and terror cells within Islam.

In another coincidence, just prior to the massacre in New Zealand, Pope Francis announced that he’d be opening the Vatican’s secret archives from the World War II papacy of Pius XII– the Pope that is known as Hitler’s Pope.

Papal archives traditionally are opened at least 70 years after a pope’s death, meaning no one expected the secrets of Pius XII, who died in 1958, to be made accessible until 2028.

Whatever might be revealed in the secret archives, it remains an indisputable fact that thousands of Jewish people were pulled from their homes in Rome and taken to the concentration camps under the shadow of the Vatican.

A plaque on the Via Lungara, just a stone’s throw from the gates of Vatican City, still commemorates one of the most horrific incidents: “On 16 October 1943 entire Jewish Roman families were ripped from their homes and brought to this place and then deported to concentration camps. Of more than 2,000 people, only 16 survived.”

For decades, scholars studying the World War II pope’s actions have argued that the Vatican did nothing to stop the atrocities, and while some Catholics tout Pius’s “secret diplomacy,” many Jews see it quite differently.

The question is why are they opening the files and is this symbolic?

Some say it is because Pope Benedict the XVI has endorsed him to become a saint and that has been a long time backer of his innocence.

In a recent radio interview, David Kertzer, author of The Pope and Mussolini, likened the church’s approach to the atrocities of the Holocaust to those of the clerical sex abuse scandal now ravaging the church’s reputation.

“In this case maybe there’s some parallel to the more recent pederasty sex scandal in the Church,” Kertzer said. “The perspective of the Vatican was largely ‘the first priority has to be to protect the institutional Church and everything else comes second.’”

There are critics that state that the opening of the files and the endorsement of veneration has triggered the wrath of God and has opened up age old anger and philosophies that will trigger the medieval wars between Jews Muslims and Christians.

This can be seen as the resurrection of the Crusades.

It has triggered a synarchy that has been believed to be dormant since World War II. A synarchy is a joint rule in harmony with occult teachings.

We could be seeing the resurrection of tactics that existed within the auspices of Gladio.

Although it referred to specifically the Italian branch, the name Gladio was applied to a network of fascist terrorist groups employed by the CIA and NATO. Known as “stay-behind” units, their purported purpose was to resist a Soviet invasion from within. Instead, they were mainly employed in carrying out violent acts of terrorism, known in Italy as the “Strategy of Tension,” which were falsely blamed on communist groups to undermine the influence of the Left in various parts of Europe.

Gladio was ultimately a synarchist organization. Synarchism is the true political ideology of the occult establishment. Dating back to Martinism in the 18th century, synarchism which adherents claimed to be the perfect political system, used to govern Agartha, a secret empire hidden in the hollow earth.

Gladio was headed by Knight of Malta Alexander Haig, in collaboration with the notorious P2 Masonic lodge, to which belonged numerous members of the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta (SMOM) and the Italian Social Movement (MSI), formed in 1946 by supporters of Mussolini.

Another occult organization that Gladio was affiliated with was the notorious cult known as the Solar Temple. The Solar Temple was based upon a legend of the continuing existence of the Knights Templar, who are regarded in Freemasonry as having imported occult doctrines from the Middle East during the Crusades.

Founded by Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret, the Order of the Solar Temple was located in Switzerland, France, and Canada. They had several directives in creating a cult but their basic goal was to reestablish the notions of authority and power they thought the world needed. They did some especially crazy things that included murder, rituals, wearing hoods, and, of course, a mass suicide in 1994 and 1997.

The Black Sun or Sonnenrad, a symbol associated with the Nazis and appeared on the backpack of the New Zealand killer in Christ Church.

The Sonnenrad (German for “Sun Wheel”) is often equated to Saturn, the “black hole sun.”

The association between Saturn and the Black Sun as an alchemical and occult symbol is traditional. In alchemy, the Black Sun represents the NIGREDO stage of the alchemical operation, the stage of calcination or BLACKENING of the first matter by BURNING. The color black has been associated with SATURN since ancient times and is not merely a feature found in contemporary Western Occultism.

It is the symbol of the scorched earth – the ideology that with fire the earth shall be made pure and that a new government heralded by supermen will rule in a golden age. Ever since Aristotle spoke of humans as the “rational animal,” we’ve had a picture of ourselves as rational beings that are hampered by shortcomings like anger and fear and confirmation bias.

Cognitive science says just the opposite. Cognitive science shows us that humans just are a collection of messy little modules like anger and fear and the modules that produce confirmation bias. We have a few modules for processing logic and probability and rational goal-pursuit, but they are slow and energy-expensive and rarely used.

Reactionary override or cognitive override should prompt a rational thinker into understanding when something out of the ordinary may have the potential to be a danger in the future or even in the present.

There are darker forces at work that cannot be pigeonholed into simple white supremacy models that make a good sound bite on the nightly news.

I wish we all could curtail our diversion by the political circus and understand there is now a well-plotted strategy of tension that is being used to throw fuel on the racial fires, create division based on political party purity, purposefully escalate peaceful protests, carry out false flag operations, spread disinformation, malign religious organizations, and keeping the people traumatized through covert acts of state terrorism.

The motive as with all of these organized attacks is destabilization. Attacks like these are divisive and manipulative. They are traumatizing enough to control public opinion. It has all the earmarks of psychological warfare. Fear is the tool to get the people to demand crisis aversion.

The key to crisis aversion is to utilize propaganda to name a scapegoat, create disinformation, and to eliminate any speculation about the possibility of false flag attacks. These actions ensure the strategic aims of those that are in the process of a worldwide crusade.

Notice who loses and who benefits from this hybrid asymmetrical warfare. This is all being carried out by useful criminal organizations that have been used to create a terror trail that goes all the way back to World War II.

Written by Ron Patton

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