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Ron Patton | March 19, 2019
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Ever since November of last year, we have been having some cosmic close shaves with space rocks. There has also been a bit of interest in asteroids as well. NASA and several other space agencies around the world are finding ways to monitor the activity of space rocks and JAXA (the Japanese space agency) is mining asteroids with its Hayabusa-2 probe.

Many Ground Zero listeners will remember that in January, we were speculating that something had disturbed the order in space and that perhaps a Gamma burst or some other space upset was causing the magnetic field to act up.

It is difficult to put a finger on any space problem when NASA lives up to it’s never a straight answer acronym and so I am stuck making speculation about what could be lurking out in space.

During that show, we also put out information about a calculation that on February 1st, 2019 the earth would have yet another cosmic close shave with a big rock that was predicted to hit the earth back in 2002. After many years NASA told the world that new calculations indicated that doomsday would be averted.

However, what they did not plan on were two space rocks that exploded over Cuba and Venezuela. The first rock was sighted burning over Key West Florida and then exploding over Cuba. Nine days later another hot rock exploded over Venezuela with big fragments creating a brush fire.

Well, our speculations were apparently right about some disturbance above us as a recent story was published where NASA finally announced that last December, there was an unbelievable explosion in the skies above the Bering Sea.

The blast was the second largest of its kind in 30 years, and the biggest since the fireball over Chelyabinsk in Russia six years ago.

The space rock exploded with 10 times the energy released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

There is no explanation why NASA sat on the story for three months.

At about noon local time on December 18th, 2018, the asteroid barreled through the atmosphere at a speed of 20 miles per second, on a steep trajectory of seven degrees.

Measuring several meters in size, the space rock exploded 25.6km above the Earth’s surface, with an impact energy of 173 kilotons.

NASA has said that the reason it sat on the story was that the explosion did not happen over a populated area and so they did not think it was an important news story.

Granted, the area where it exploded was over water far from populated areas, however, the fireball came in over an area not too far from routes used by commercial planes flying between North America and Asia.

Military satellites picked up the blast and then NASA was notified of the event by the US Air Force.

The event over the Bering Sea shows that larger objects can collide with us without warning, underlining the need for enhanced monitoring.

As I have said many times, the big rocks coming at us seem to be easily calculated for near hit or near miss but there are other extraterrestrial objects that are potential killers that don’t have to annihilate the entire planet in an Armageddon scenario.

Now, there have been some curious science articles that have tackled the science of near earth objects and an uptick of activity. These science articles are peer-reviewed and are offered for analysis but as many of these articles are churned out, NASA takes a safe stance and does not comment or seeks out a way to discredit even the hint that the skies are not safe and that Near Earth Objects or something else perhaps a rogue planet or even an extraterrestrial spacecraft is heading our way.

While doing research for this show, I managed to follow a few links on the internet and landed on a science page that discussed something called “The Great Dying.” It was actually part of my research on ELE scenarios for a podcast that I produce.

ELE, of course, stands for Extinction Level Event.

I wound up looking into various scenarios where humans fall prey to circumstances beyond our control and eventually are wiped out of existence.

This lead me to a very weird article about the “Great Dying” where all of creation was murdered, or destroyed in a major event that still to this day remains a mystery.

A recent study provided by Quanta magazine shows that the planet is prone to very violent cosmic events.

290 million years ago, large asteroids, including the impactor that would later kill off the dinosaurs began to rain down on our planet between two and three times more frequently than they did before.

Researchers spotted the trend while surveying impact craters on both Earth and the moon. In these records, many impact craters date back to the past few hundred million years.

With the asteroidal uptick confirmed, science now believes that perhaps an ancient cataclysm happened in the solar system which caused rocks to pummel the planet.

Scientists already had hints that our planet’s surface has been pounded more than usual over the past few hundred million years. Earth’s history stretches for 4.5 billion years, but most large impact craters appear to have formed relatively recently. Still, geologists typically chalked this up to a bias in the data: Over time, they thought, weathering or tectonic activity just rubbed away the traces of most old craters.

However, all of this academic explanation distracts us from the unexplained uptick in celestial falls from some strange cataclysm that happened in space. The spike in impacts occurred more or less within the same time frame as the great extinction event, some 250 million years ago, known as the “Great Dying.”

Now, this all sounds like Planetarium fodder for a star show but when you research the same topic on a NASA site you begin to see the ambiguity that they are always famous for.

The approach is somewhat different, for rather than focusing on lunar craters, as was the case in the first article, the focus was on rather arcane types of evidence concerning the “Great Dying” here on Earth:

250 million years ago, something unknown wiped out most life on our planet. Now scientists are finding buried clues to the mystery inside tiny capsules of cosmic gas.

NASA scientists explain that pieces of a cosmic cold case are starting to come together, as they claim that they have found “fingerprints” of the villain, or at least of one of the accomplices.

What they found was this:

Deep inside Permian-Triassic rocks, a NASA team found soccer-ball-shaped molecules called or “buckyballs” with traces of helium and argon gas trapped inside. The fullerenes held an unusual number of 3He and 36Ar atoms — isotopes that are more common in space than on Earth. Something, like a comet or an asteroid, must have brought to our planet.

And the cause from all this, according to the article, was an impact with an asteroid of the approximate size of Mount Everest.

Okay, it is a typical cataclysmic hypothesis that everyone has heard about.

However, NASA again put something in their final paragraphs that again create an air of ambiguity.

NASA hinted that the asteroid isn’t the only suspect responsible for the crime of the “Great Dying” treating is like it was a murder mystery.

NASA says “Was the “crime” then merely an accident? Perhaps so. Nevertheless, it’s wise to identify the suspects an ongoing process before it happens again.

By calling the Great Dying a “crime” leaves you with the opportunity to speculate. By putting it in quotation marks, does NASA simply mean to indicate that the “crime” is merely a metaphorical one, caused by an asteroid?

Or are they hinting that there are other forces that are responsible for destroying all life on the planet?

Furthermore, there is yet more meme planting from NASA about the so-called crime that was committed millions of years ago.

NASA continues “Some perpetrator — or perpetrators — committed murder on a scale unequaled in the history of the world. They left few clues to their identity, and they buried all the evidence under layers and layers of earth.”

So now the plot thickens as we now have perpetrator or perpetrators, whose crime is now specified as murder on a scale that is unequaled in the history of the world.

Now it just strikes me as odd that NASA would blatantly anthropomorphize asteroids. Maybe someone is using colorful language and is taking artistic license – but the context is such that Aliens may have decided to wipe us out by destroying something above us.

Is there a subtle message being sent that indicates that aliens or if you are religious God saw to it that the earth needed to wiped out and so they used or he used whatever was necessary to do it?

Then was the evidence all buried in rock and this is why we are finding anomalies in the fossil records?

This has sparked commentary from the likes of Author Joseph P. Farrell and religious theorists that believe that what this is describing is what we read in the Book of Genesis Chapter 7.

Many Ground Zero listeners are well aware of what happens in Genesis 6 where the Bible first speaks of alien-like beings called the watchers who came down from heaven to have sexual relations with humans.

This has sparked controversy over whether or not aliens are really fallen angels and that their affairs with men are to somehow contaminate the bloodline and biology give to us by God. It is then said that when God saw the offspring of the union of the fallen angels and man – he destroyed the earth with a flood.

In Genesis 7 it is written, “And the flood was forty days upon the earth, and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lifted up above the earth. And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth; the ark went upon the face of the waters. And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered.

Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail, and the mountains were covered. And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl, and of cattle, and of beast, and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth, and every man: All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was in the dry land, died. And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man, and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of the heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and Noah only remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark.

And the waters prevailed upon the earth a hundred and fifty days.”

Again, this drives the argument over just who or what was responsible for the killing off of the entire planet?

Aliens or God, Angels or Fallen Angels?

The cultural shift regarding UFOs, as it moves from a marginal fringe to a major belief system. Part of this shift is what Jacques Vallee calls the “Invisible College,” the network of credentialed, well-placed researchers seriously investigating the phenomenon. “The phenomenon” is Vallee’s carefully neutral term for the collection of commonly attested events and effects that make up “UFO” sightings. The term is useful for those trying to apply a scientific or scholarly framework, because it makes no claims about the origins. And in fact, Vallee does not believe that what people commonly identify as extraterrestrials actually come from space. Vallee is agnostic on their actual origins, but at various points has posited that they may be some sort of window into another dimension, or an illusion created for psychological manipulation.

The social credibility of the “invisible college” could potentially lend a valuable gravitas to believe in the phenomenon, if they were to come forward. Thus we would see a movement towards understanding God and an extraterrestrial – not necessarily alien and not necessarily moral but an amoral agent that does things for the matter of necessity.

It is all a mystery wrapped in secrecy.

None of this secrecy necessarily suggests a conspiracy, unless it’s the same conspiracy that has dogged every system that moved from marginal belief to massive social leverage.

In the year 593 BC, ancient history documents the early days of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem. A man named Ezekiel witnessed a marvel in heaven, a wheel within a wheel spinning towards him. After speaking with the strange looking occupants of this flying wheel he was given instructions on how to use the heavenly event for leverage against idol worshippers.

Then comes the incarnation of Christ: the union of an extraterrestrial God’s divinity with our humanity. Human beings were thereby placed at the center of the cosmic drama, which made no room for questions about the redemption of other intelligent beings.

Saul of Tarsus was a Roman who, after he was blinded by a large glowing object in the sky, changed his name to Paul and became Christianity’s Roman Evangelist. The churches started by Paul grew and developed into “mainline” Christianity by the end of the third century. Many of them changed a lot of doctrine in order to create a new religious movement and a new way to see Jesus. It united a great many people and its effects have lasted over a thousand years.

It has taken thousands of years, many books and sacred texts to continually wire the human mind for the arrival of Gods, demons, angels, demons, extra-terrestrials, aliens or whatever metaphor you choose to use.

Whoever is behind it has had the sound knowledge of social engineering and a clear view of the intended goal. Keeping a mystery is a subtle weapon and keeping a secret is a manipulative tool to get the reptilian mind working to try and reveal the secret.

Remember, Pharaoh would not listen to Moses when he told him that God spoke to him. Then when Moses called down the wrath of God to soften Pharaoh, he changed his mind.

To the Romans, Christianity was a weird and possibly sorcerous cult practiced by the poor and illiterate — until suddenly it was the force behind the empire.

Polling shows that 35 percent of Americans believe that extraterrestrials came to earth in the past, and 26 percent believe that aliens have visited in modern times. This in itself does not necessarily make a new religion. Americans also believe, to varying degrees, in ghosts, Atlantis, and telekinesis.

However, is it going to be hard to sell the world on the idea that the creators and destroyers of our world have kept us in a zoo and have manipulated us through the ages?

All of the science and all of the speculation and really we do not know who we are. We don’t even know that name of the God we worship, or the devil that knocks on our door. We have heard a few names, and we seem to be aware that something out there is looking out for us.

But what, who is out there? What are we waiting for? Our future seems to be all for naught because we hear of mass destruction on the way and maybe it is all because we secretly know that most of what we are told is really nonsense.

Here we are again, waiting for some kind of ascended master to throw us a life preserver. We are now looking to aliens as saviors even though for thousands of years the speculation about such beings pins them down as nothing more than amoral observers just looking down at us.

Ironically, we are now finding new and better ways to look back and try and see them.

Written by Ron Patton

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