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Ron Patton | March 20, 2019
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The presentation that I did about the Cosmic Cold Case got the attention of a lot of people who wanted to continue the discussion via e-mail and Facebook. Much of what was spoken was about the “Great Dying” and the “Great Silence” theories that have alien beings as contributing to both theories.

Did they have a hand in destroying the planet by creating a cosmic cataclysm that triggered a pre-Adamic scorched earth? Do they now watch us from a distance? Are they silent because they are the wardens of what can be called the quarantined prison planet?

Have they been agents of chaos on other planets and are we headed for a new apocalypse where they will participate in some way?

Well, to speculate about creationism, the great dying, the seeding and resurrection of the planet before Adam is a touchy subject for many biblical literal Christians and yet throughout the Bible and in other ancient writings we are now understanding that the underworld exists and that the remnants of an older world exists and that maybe creatures from that time have taken refuge below the planet.

The idea of a so-called quarantine, I believe is a bit defeating, but there are many circumstantial proofs that whoever put us here didn’t want us to leave. We are surrounded by water that could kill us; we have the Van Allen Belt that can radiate us – and a whole lot of vacuum in space that would suffocate us.

In primitive times, we were primitive beings who sought refuge in caves. Then when the light was seen mankind chose to look up and walk upright into the light from the underworld where he slept.

Creationism is focused on defending a literal reading of the Genesis account, usually including the creation of the earth by the Biblical God a few thousand years ago. Unlike creationism, the scientific theory of intelligent design is agnostic regarding the source of design and has no commitment to defending Genesis, the Bible or any other sacred text.

Instead, the Intelligent Design Theory is an effort to empirically detect whether the “apparent design” in nature observed by biologists is genuine design (the product of an organizing intelligence) or is simply the product of chance and mechanical natural laws. This effort to detect design in nature is being adopted by a growing number of biologists, biochemists, physicists, mathematicians, and philosophers of science at American colleges and universities.

However, since the Intelligent Design theory makes no attempt to identify the source of the underlying “intelligence”, there are a few who hypothesize that extraterrestrials may actually be responsible for the creation of life on Earth.

Or, they may have been an integral part of the evolutionary link that thrust us from being ordinary apes to apes that think and communicate – and have knowledge of who we are and that we desire to know who made us.

If we go back and read the writings of William Bramley and Zechariah Sitichin, we learn that the list of key custodian alien interventions includes the creation of humanity, the development of language and mathematics, and agriculture.

It is theorized that the extraterrestrials also taught us the importance of religion, the building blocks for the establishment of culture and civilization, philosophy, economics, science, basic medicine, mysticism and the making of weaponry.

The image of Michelangelo’s portrayal of man reaching out for the divine spark of God can easily be rendered to show a more advanced being that is not necessarily anthropomorphic reaching out to give knowledge or at least change the pace of evolutionary intelligence.

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, there is a sequence where apes gather around a black slab called the “monolith.” The ape touches the slab and becomes more than an ape. He ascends to the heavens to touch a second alien slab and become more than a man.

2001 ends benevolently catapulting mankind through a second leap in evolution to that of godhood where he becomes a creator through the cosmos.

Intelligent life is not an inevitable consequence of evolution on every inhabitable planet. Just because there are beings out there that may have had a hand in our evolution does not mean that their hand or guidance was for our own good. Perhaps a barrier was placed between intelligence and the origins of our Gods? Perhaps the beings we are asking to communicate with us are actually without morality and see us as animals ready for the harvest.

After the deep discussion during the show “Cosmic Cold Case” we discussed the newfound interest in space rock bombardment, the Great Dying, and the idea that extraterrestrial beings had a hand in the first apocalypse of the planet.

Today, I woke up to read an article in my clip bin regarding the Moon probe that has been sent into orbit by Israel.

I briefly mentioned it a few shows back that there was a new interest in the moon by many other space agencies around the world. We announced that Israel was going to the moon and were going to land a probe there in April.

The name of the probe is called “Beresheet,” which is the Hebrew word for Genesis.

The Beresheet spacecraft is currently orbiting Earth and performing maneuvers in preparation for lunar orbit insertion in early April, followed by the planned landing at the chosen site. According to a press release by the Weizmann Institute, the chosen site was selected by Prof. Oded Aharonson of the Weizmann Institute and Prof. Jim Head of Brown University. It is located in the northeastern part of Mare Serenitatis, (Sea of Serenity) a few hundreds of miles east of the Apollo 15 landing site and a similar distance northwest from the Apollo 17 site.

It is also near an extrusion dome that is said to be hollow, an area where a volcanic vent erupted and the crater healed over forming a dome. It is an amazing find because of what it may mean for scientists who are studying craters on the earth and they are part of the story of prior destruction and a re-healing process that happened from the great dying after Genesis or even before the Genesis – that which is called the “antediluvian era.”

The Beresheet or the Bereishith is the words of the Torah. It literally means “at/in [the] head” and may be translated as “In the beginning.” The Beresheet reads differently than the King James Bible and gives new insight as to how the earth may have been destroyed by a bombardment from heaven and that God had to reform and heal the wounds of heaven and the earth.

“In the beginning, Elohim created the heavens and the earth. And the earth came to be formless and empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep.”

It is there where we learn that the earth “came to be “a formless and empty place, it was dark and void of life. It obviously was damaged from great devastation and needed to be repaired and healed. The question is did our planet heal in the very same way creating hollow domes in areas where craters were and volcanoes spewed lava?

Could there have been creatures and perhaps earlier creation that took shelter in these domes several levels deep? Could this be why the Bible and the ancient Egyptian texts speak of the underworld where races of corrupt Gods rule over the dead?

Some scientists are now suggesting that we had a Second Genesis where there is a 50 percent chance other life forms, which oppose the norm, do exist and hide within the normal biosphere.

Many claim they are underground, which raises questions about a hollow earth or at least areas of the planet where there are hollow caves that may have hidden in them creatures that have not been seen in the light. It is a radical hypothesis and a very high brow way of declaring there is a Twilight Zone. While this science is limited to the study or a mirror world with different microbial why do we stop there?

The Bible and other texts speak of fallen angels, demons, giants and insectoids that will be released from what is called “the bottomless pit.” They will come from the underworld and will be released by a destroyer called Apollyon or Abbaddon.

It also stated in the book of the Apocalypse that in the end there will be no one worthy to read from the scrolls of the angels it clearly states that no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it.

What are we to believe is under the earth, buried in layers beneath the fossil record of a pre-earth where large creatures and giants are buried?

It used to be that monsters came from the imaginations of those who create fairytales. These tales of darkness have been watered down over the years. When the Mother or father tells these stories or when children recall them they are seldom aware that the stories were once based in the occult. We now see them as harmless; however, you must know that they enforce timeless memes of treachery.

They remind us subliminally that there is an underworld where all things corrupt occasionally rise to the occasion and appear as reminders that there is more than just the world we see, there is an underworld or a shadow world where monsters too horrible to comprehend exist and as Shakespeare noted —“As Flies to wonton boys, so are we to the unknown powers of the universe, we are killed for the pleasure of the Gods.” The more we dig through ancient writings we understand that earlier man and the scribes of the Middle East believed in an active underworld.

The more different interpretations we read, the more we begin to understand the schism between the entities of divinity and profanity. We understand that the so-called beginning of man or the creation is really the rebuilding and reorganization of a world that had been destroyed and later claimed by different entities that needed some sort of slave race to rebuild.

These creatures were at the mercy of these Gods and many of the inhabitants feared them. In the ancient writings, it was forbidden to have knowledge because tampering or mocking such entities became a dangerous game. They were according to scribes the enemy of man and the wardens of the dead.

These unknowns would come down and tinker with the evolutionary process. These unknown beings were alien to the planet and were known to infiltrate and subdue the women and harm the children. The changes that followed the infiltration of these alien forms put a lot of torment on mankind.

The accounts of childbirth and reproduction in the Book of Genesis explain that perhaps it was not painful to give birth at first, but after man had gained knowledge his brain grew and his head also became larger, therefore causing great pain for the woman as she gives birth. This is only based on interpretations and cultural beliefs from the Greek and the Hebrew.

In Islamic belief, there was no curse or pain and man was charged with the task of being a vicegerent of the Gods, having the dualistic ability to discern both good and evil and the freedom to choose between the two. That was the fundamental plan that was established during the creation is that man had a choice. That he had liberty and the freedom to choose either the right or left-hand path.

Man entered a material existence for a purpose known only by these entities, and these entities intervene in the affairs of man. The intercessions of entities both good and evil are permitted by one being, the being that controls all entities that have affairs with man and the planet Earth.

This being, of course, has many names in the ancient texts—Samael, Shatan, and Satan.

Most of this is found in what is called pre-Adamic history and that there is a mythology surrounding monsters and upright walking reptiles on the planet before mankind came and was created.

Old Earth creationism theories suggest that the six-yom or day creation period, as described in the Book of Genesis, involved six literal 24-hour days, but that there was a gap of time between two distinct creations in the first and the second verses of Genesis, which the theory states explain many scientific observations, including the age of the Earth.

There are theories that within the caps, the creator actually experimented with other life forms and then destroyed them, opening the door for other creatures. The experiments concluded with man, but some of the other creatures remained and some of them mingled their DNA and blood with mankind.

Some of them took refuge underground.

The Old Earth Creation stories are considered to be pre-Adamic and apocryphal however what isn’t accepted as part of the creation myths, may be seen as a reality as scientists are now looking into the possibility of creatures that were upright walking reptilian creatures that were very advanced.

Science has been catching up to what can be called pre-Adamic or pre-Genesis creatures that existed in the chaotic and hostile conditions that existed on planet earth before the so-called biblical creation story.

In a mind-bending new paper entitled “The Silurian Hypothesis,” a reference to an ancient race of brainy reptiles featured in the British science fiction show “Doctor Who” scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the University of Rochester take a critical look at the scientific evidence that ours is the only advanced civilization ever to have existed on our planet.

We have had an industrial society for only about 300 years, but there’s been complex life on the Earth for nearly 400 million years. Modern humans have been around for just 100,000 years, a thin sliver of time within the vast and spotty fossil record.

For these reasons, scientists focus on the possibility of finding chemical relics of an ancient terrestrial civilization. It is interesting to note that the civilization they theorize existed was an upright walking reptilian race.

After reviewing several suspiciously abrupt geologic events of the past 380 million years, the researchers conclude that none of them clearly fit a technological profile. The scientists conducting the study have stated that Habitable planets like Earth are pretty good at destroying unmaintained things on their surfaces, so they conclude that some of these creatures went underground and perhaps some found ways to escape the planet — perhaps they found advanced methods of exo-migration from one planet to another to another. This is why we see possible structures similar to what we see in Egypt on the moon Mars and Venus but of course, there is no confirmed proof since NASA and the Brookings report have seen to it to cover up or deny any and all records that confirm this.
So the questions are: Could there have been pre-Adamic creatures? Did they seek refuge below the earth and did some leave the earth during the uptick in celestial bombardment?

Was the pre-existing race a remnant of a reptilian evolutionary species and did they have a hand in man’s evolutionary growth? Many fundamentalist Christians, no doubt, will think this a foolish question, but there are many religious individuals that have secret theories about this very subject.

It has become the subject of a conspiracy theory that hybrid alien species are among us and that perhaps the aliens we seek may be the very demons that are allegedly living below us.

“The Coming Race” was a book written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton who was a member of the Golden Dawn. The book was originally titled “The Power of the Coming Race.” Lytton was fascinated by the group and how it was able to communicate through cipher manuscripts.

Each manuscript contained magical symbolism. The Ciphers contain the outlines of a series of graded rituals and the syllabus for a course of instruction in Kabala and Hermetic magic, including Astrology, Tarot, Geomancy, and Alchemy.

Lytton wrote that he had found that as far back as the mid 19th century it was recorded that in an underground tunnel originating near Puerto Rico ‘the secret chiefs” were in hiding and had a habitat hidden near the Bermuda triangle. He called them “gods” and named them the Vril-ya. The creatures were pale white with dark black eyes. They were small with large heads. Many believe that Vril-ya or Vril were channeled beings of the underworld and were part of what is now known as the Nazi Synarchy that used “divine council” from these beings who allegedly lived in the hollow earth.

The Vril were allegedly the beings who gave the Nazis the secrets of the ancient Vimana’s – or ancient saucer technology.

In February 1947, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd was in charge of a massive operation in the Antarctic that was called Operation High Jump. Operation High Jump has become a topic among UFO conspiracy theorists, who claim it was a covert US military operation to conquer alleged secret underground Nazi facilities in Antarctica and capture the German Vril flying discs, or Thule mercury-powered spaceship prototypes.

Hollow earth theorists and Vimana theorists may have something more to think about as a new study out of Harvard suggests that there may be an ancient earth buried underneath the earth we know today.

A team of Harvard scientists believes the remnants of an ancient Earth, dating to the time another planet collided with ours to produce the moon, may still be lodged deep within the Earth’s mantle.

Could this be an explanation for all of the possible hollow earth theories we have been hearing about?

The team believes that a previously unexplained isotopic ratio from deep within the Earth might be a signal from material from before the Earth collided with another planet-sized body, which led to the creation of the Moon. This might be an echo of an ancient Earth that existed 4.5 billion years ago, prior to the proposed collision.

The currently favored theory says that the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago when the Earth collided with a mass the size of Mars, dubbed “Theia.” This theory states that the heat generated by the collision would have melted the whole planet before some of the debris spun off to create the Moon.

The findings of the team at Harvard coincide with a German team’s findings supporting the theory that the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago after a catastrophic collision with a planet-sized mass.

All of these new revelations make all of the so-called ancient histories less of a myth and more truth. The tales of hollow earth and flying machines can also be found in Chinese writings as well. Of course, the Chinese are credited with inventing rocketry, however, the symbolism and ancient texts that followed have laid out the possibility that much of what we call modern spacecraft, weaponry and even so-called underground bases can be found in the ancient texts dating thousands of years before the alleged Genesis written in the Bible.

Written by Ron Patton

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