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Clyde Lewis | March 25, 2021
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I have always made the statement that zombies are great motivators in graveyards, meaning that you will most certainly run if a zombie were to meet you in the cemetery. They would make you run if you saw them anywhere. Well, it seems as though the Centers for Disease Control have learned that if you can’t get people to take their lethal vaccinations, all you need to do is convince a few people that a zombie apocalypse could take place and, voila you have motivated a few fearful people to demand a shot to avoid turning into the brain eating undead.

However, now there are arguments that if you do take the shot, you will have your DNA reprogrammed and then who knows what will happen years from now.

The CDC has again reposted their blog about how we should all prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse in the future. The blog first appeared in 2011.

It was a blog entry written by Ali S. Kahn on the CDC website.

The whole site takes on the Zombie Apocalypse with great seriousness. While there is debate over whether or not the entry is satirical, the opening statement says quite clearly “that you may laugh about it now but when it happens you will be glad that you prepared.”

The report goes into great detail about how the zombie apocalypse would begin and how the sick and dying would roam the street infecting all that come in contact with them.

There are checklists and scary facts about being ready to be relocated to government camps, even leaving dying family members behind that didn’t take the time or care to vaccinate against diseases like COVID-19,

This is the second time this has made the rounds on the internet and like the zombies it speaks of it has come back from the dead to warn us of the very real possibility that the dead can and will eventually walk the earth.

I know how crazy it sounds — but if you will permit me there are some very scary stories that have emerged out of mad science that could definitely have you question whether or not we are on the verge of living on a Planet of Zombies.

For the first time, scientists have used dead human cells to make structures that mimic the earliest stages of development, which they say will pave the way for more research without running afoul of restrictions on using real embryos.

Two papers published Wednesday in the journal Nature detail how two teams of scientists independently made such structures.

They stressed that their work is only for research, not reproduction, but it likely will pose new ethical questions.

So taking dead cells and giving them the spark of life sounds like something right out of a zombie movie.

Jun Wu, a stem cell biologist at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center. says that “Studying early human development is really difficult. It’s basically a black box.”

Wu’s team used embryonic stem cells and the second team used reprogrammed or resurrected skin cells to produce balls of cells that resemble one of the earliest stages of human development.Scientists form human cell clumps that act like early-stage embryos | Stem cells | The Guardian

These balls, called blastocysts, or “iBlastoids” and “human blastoids.”

Meanwhile, other studies have concluded that the human brain is buzzing with activity after a person dies.

A new paper published in Scientific Reports found that glial cells – non-neuronal cells that operate in the central nervous system – spring into action hours after a person passes away. Not only do the brain cells come alive, but they also expand in size and grow arm-like appendages.

Study author Jeffrey Loeb, who heads neurology and rehabilitation at the University of Illinois, Chicago’s College of Medicine, noted that his team’s findings may come as a surprise to many people, including other researchers in his field.

“Most studies assume that everything in the brain stops when the heart stops beating, but this is not so,” Loeb said. “Our findings will be needed to interpret research on human brain tissues. We just haven’t quantified these changes until now.”

However, he stressed that the postmortem activity wasn’t “too surprising” as glial cells are inflammatory and “their job is to clean things up after brain injuries like oxygen deprivation or stroke.” The peculiar trait resulted in glial cells being nicknamed the “zombie gene.”Zombie genes' - glial cells - come alive in human brain for HOURS after a person dies, study shows | Daily Mail Online

The findings will have huge implications for past and future studies involving brain samples. Until now, scientists who used human brain tissue to research new treatments and potential cures for neurological disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease did not take into account the postmortem cell activity. In other words, future research in these areas is expected to be more accurate.

But even after death, the “zombie gene” doesn’t live forever. Loeb’s team discovered that after about 24 hours, the cells ceased all activity and became indistinguishable from degrading brain tissue.

The question is whether or not these genes can be triggered to do more than cleanup– the goal is to somehow keep the body running indefinitely even after death.

At Northwestern University, scientists learned to turn off the “genetic switch” that causes aging, however, not in humans yet, but in worms. Of course, it’s a huge step from worms to humans, but this technique is already an important achievement.

Another achievement was to revive old mice by infusing blood from young mice. Researchers think this procedure could also work on humans.

A great amount of money is being put forward for immortality research, and there are many celebrities who are involved in the contribution:

Larry Ellison: one of the five richest men on Earth and one of the owners of Oracle.

Sergey Brin: co-founder of Google and the Calico foundation, which focuses on health, well-being, and longevity.

Aubrey de Grey: a scientist and a researcher; the founder of numerous studies on regenerative medicine.

These famous people confessed that they’re afraid of aging and death and they’re now investing in finding remedies against this seemingly “inevitable” outcome.

Scientist and author of Ending Aging (2007), Aubrey de Grey, is working on strategies to exclude death from our genes. He is currently working on the “7 deadly SENS” – things that cause aging on a cellular level,” and they are:

Nuclear Mutations/Epimutations: mutations that can lead to cancer.

Mitochondrial Mutations: components in our cells that are important for energy production.

Intracellular Junk: proteins that are not properly “digested” by our cells.

Extracellular Junk: proteins accumulated outside the cells. For example, in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

Cell Loss: cells that can’t be regenerated by the body itself.

Cell Senescence: when cells lose the ability to divide.

Extracellular Crosslinks: cause the loss of elasticity in cells and tissues.

Cyber brain: your body may perish, yet your mind can be uploaded to a hard drive and remain ageless. Its main “player” is a project called Russia-2045, which claims to be able to do this in just 17 years.

Cellular repairs: nanotechnology is evolving as well, so it’s possible that all of our bodily modifications and treatments will soon be done by nanorobots. They may even be able to replace dying cells with newer ones or cure them altogether.

Silicon Valley is also involved in this science, and we have some big names standing behind the research.

Companies like Google are now investing millions of dollars into the research of eternal life. Along with the breakthroughs, scientists have also come across some challenges, as well.

Here are the five ways scientists believe to be able to achieve immortality:

Unlocking the gene power: by cracking the mysteries of genes, scientists may be able to find an “immortality gene” and “implant” it.

Cloning: parts of the body for replacement or a whole human being. Cloning is believed to be a branch of immortality studies and it is the most evolved one.

Cryogenics: it’s more the science of preserving the organism, it may help people “fall into cryogenic sleep” until the cure to their disease is found.

Obviously whatever they are doing they want to prolong life or resurrect the dead tissues of you body –which in every science fiction book I have read brings us to the zombie apocalypse.

Because as we have learned from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein man should not tamper with God’s rules.

There is also the theory that we are all becoming digital Zombies where our brains are being pickled with digital stimulus and that when we plug in to the Transhuman beast, we will all be part of that AntiLife Equation.

In 1888, the year before he went insane, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote the following in Twilight of the Idols:

“We have got rid of the real world: what world is left? The apparent world perhaps? But no! Along with the real world we’ve done away with the apparent world as well.”  

Read Twilight of the Idols Online by Friedrich Nietzsche | Books

So, if you feel you also may be going insane in the present climate of digital screen life, where real is unreal but realer than real, the apparent is cryptic, and up is down, true is false, and what you see you don’t, it has a history.

One hundred and thirty-two years ago, Nietzsche added that “something extraordinarily nasty and evil is about to make its debut.” We know it did, and the bloody butcher’s bench known as the twentieth century was the result. Nihilism stepped onto center stage and has been the star of the show ever since, straight through to 2021.

Obviously, we haven’t gotten our bearings. We are far more adrift today on a stormy electronic sea where the analogical circle of life has been replaced by the digital, and “truths” like numbers click into place continuously to lead us in wrong, algorithm-controlled directions.

The trap is almost closed.

Of course, Nietzsche did not have the Internet, but he lived at the dawn of the electric era, when space-time transformations were occurring at a rapid pace. Inventions such as photography, the phonograph, the telephone, electricity, etc. were contracting space and time and a disembodied “reality” was being born.

With today’s Internet and digital screen life, the baby is full-grown and completely disembodied. It does nothing but look at its image that is looking back into a lifeless void, whose lost gaze can’t figure out what it’s seeing.

Take, for example, the phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison in 1878. If you could record a person’s voice, and if that person died, were you then listening to the voice of a living person or one who was dead? If the person whose voice was recorded was alive and was miles away, you had also compressed earthly space.

The phonograph suppressed absence, conjured ghosts, and seemed to overcome time and death as it captured the flow of time in sound. It allowed a disembodied human voice to inhabit a machine, an early example of downloading.

Every time I listen to Jim Morrison, Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, or Tupac Shakur, I am hearing a ghost.

There have been holographic tours of Tupac and somewhere, I remembered a tour with a hologram of Ronnie James Dio.

Listening to these voices on a CD or in an MP3 are an example of artificial life and the conjuring of the dead.

The same goes for video, TV and radio all of those personalities that make records of their thoughts images and voices are in a sense immortal.

When the phonograph was invented people could hear voices of those who have died. Those that heard these voices were not called deluded. Soon, with the arrival of movies, they would see ghosts as well.

Today, speaking ghosts are everywhere, hiding in hand-held devices. It’s Halloween all year round as we are surrounded by electronic zombies in a screen culture.

This technological annihilation of space and time that was happening at a frenetic pace was the material background to Nietzsche’s thought. His philosophical analyses emerged from German intellectual life of his time as well, where theologians and philosophers were discovering that knowledge was relative and had to be understood within its historical and social place or context.

I am sure that this is what Nietzsche meant when he spoke of the madman running through the market place saying God is dead.

He did not mean that people literally killed him — but they failed to respect nature and the circle of life.

The ignorance of God would also lead to lack of wisdom and over time truth would become a casualty and emotions and fiction would become reality.

After all, the Zombie is a human construction — a metaphor for disease and the mockery of God.

From the times of Frankenstein’s monster to “The Walking Dead” we have seen countless times what happens when nature is tampered with –and now we are told that what we are now doing is hacking the human body and treating it like the operating system of a computer.

We are already being sold on the idea of becoming the Transhuman Zombie.TRANSHUMANISM AND THE LIVING DEAD | Zombie Research Society

In essence, we have not only murdered God but we have also killed absolutes.

Nothing in the world we live in is guaranteed. Things are changing so quickly and people are so gullible to follow the reassuring mental trick that mental trick that we should not trust our own knowledge but the knowledge that experts provide as a refuge form pain and insanity.

This too is part of the zombie equation.

Life is passing from substance to shadow because of human ingenuity.

It is similar to what so many feel today: that reality and truth are moving beyond their grasp as technological forces that they voluntarily embrace push everyday life towards some unknown end.

An inhuman, transhuman, on-line electronic life where everything is a parody of everything that preceded it, like an Andy Warhol copy of a copy of a Campbell’s soup can with a canned mocking laugh track that keeps repeating itself.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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