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Ron Patton | March 28, 2018
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Throughout history, the elite have created and groomed charismatic leaders to lead people into following their whims. They also control these leaders, provide them with assistance and in some cases, kill them off in order to bring about trauma-based control of the people. I have had a deep concern lately about the Dark Command within the Deep State and the same old warhawks being tapped for positions in the Trump administration.

I believe that my worries are warranted and those who are woke without identity politics being their sole purpose in life know that the oligarchs have always been laying in wait to destroy the planet as they go about the business of Empire building.

As is always the case, when oligarchies rule, imperialism is the goal. Monopolization is instituted, manipulation applied and powers unduly expanded, which is the defining nature of empire.

When we understand that oligarchy and the systems that support it depend on our ongoing collective consent, perhaps we can save ourselves by being aware of what problems they create as they attempt to gain full spectrum control of this planet.

Many years ago, during the biggest hype of the global warming fears, there were scientists who were saying that the planet was facing something akin to an extinction level environmental catastrophe. The entire process of a scientific scare gave way to all sorts of movements towards pressuring people into believing that anthropogenic global warming was indeed a reality and that there needed to be some very drastic measures that needed to be carried out in order to avoid a major environmental catastrophe.

It was argued that perhaps the planet was beyond repairing itself and that it was mankind’s responsibility to go in and do a surgical “operation” called, geoengineering.


Geoengineering of the planet has been called many other things: climate engineering, climate remediation, climate intervention and, in some circles, it is compared to planetary chemotherapy. While skeptics argue that there is no way science has the power to control the weather, science has said that they have the power in extreme conditions to alter the atmosphere and will do it if necessary to somehow “save” the planet form extinction.

I know that when we speak of geoengineering – many will immediately talk about aerosol spraying or chemtrails; however, there is more to the story and it needs to be exposed.

In ocean iron fertilization, for example, the amount of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere may be much lower than predicted, as carbon taken up by plankton may be released back into the atmosphere from dead plankton, rather than being carried to the bottom of the sea and sequestered.

Russ George is one of those mad individuals who feels that it is his duty to combat global warming with his company, Planktos. Planktos’ big idea for combating global warming is that you dump some iron into the ocean, it creates a massive phytoplankton bloom, then the algae absorbs carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.


The idea that he proposed was declared risky and possibly reckless. The thing that was overlooked by him and his band of mad scientists is that when algae dies, it emits methane which is worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. However the obvious risks of dumping chemicals into the ocean did not faze George and his half baked effort at geoengineering. It did not stop him – George dumped 100 tons of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean.

The first reports about the project, which appeared in British newspaper The Guardian on the 15th of October 2012, presented it as a rogue geoengineering scheme – the largest in history and in “blatant violation” of international treaties. Critics suggested that Russ George had persuaded the Haida Nation village of Old Massett on the Queen Charlotte Islands of Haida Gwaii to fund the project by promising that it would be possible to sell carbon credits for the carbon dioxide taken up by phytoplankton.

He is now being investigated for misrepresenting his intentions and violating a moratorium on climate modification and geoengineering efforts. Andrew Parker of the Belfer Center at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government told the New York Times that George’s actions had apparently violated an international convention on ocean dumping and a U.N. convention on ocean fertilization for geoengineering purposes, along with a set of voluntary principles on geoengineering developed at Oxford.

George maintained plausible deniability by once again claiming that he wasn’t geoengineering at all: he was just trying to help the indigenous Haida people who live the region to re-invigorate their salmon fishery by increasing the fishes’ food supply.

Scientists can only be outraged at such a rogue display of mad science. It is also believed that the dumping of iron ore into the ocean caused an earthquake coast of British Columbia.

George’s actions were seen as weaponized geoengineering; something that we can argue is also applied to aerosol engineering processes that have been given the blessing from leaders around the world.

The Environmental Modification Convention generally prohibits weaponizing geoengineering techniques. However, this does not eliminate the risk.

Geoengineering techniques may serve as a weapon of mass destruction and could trigger an extinction level event that over time could have the same effect as an atom bomb, although the blight and decay would happen at a slower rate.

Two days ago I was reading New York Magazine and an article about the Paris Climate Accords grabbed my undivided attention. It was not even two years ago that the climate accords were signed, defining two degrees of global warming as a must-meet target and rallying all the world’s nations to meet it.

President Trump opted out of the Climate Accords, which prompted believers in global warming to tweet that President Trump has just killed our grandkids.

The New York Magazine article is now saying that now the Paris Accords have lost their credibility because now it appears that the target temperatures they set out to accomplish are not even meeting their mark in fact they have flat lined and there are some scientists that are arguing now over the credibility of the studies that have concluded that the planet in warming.

The target countries in the accords have not brought down their carbon emissions, however.

The International Energy Agency announced that carbon emissions grew 1.7 percent in 2017, after an ambiguous couple of years optimists hoped represented a leveling off, or peak; instead, we’re climbing again. Even before the new spike, not a single major industrial nation was on track to fulfill the commitments it made in the Paris treaty.

Trumps abandonment of the Accords had opened the door for China to say that they would reduce their carbon emissions – this too has being proven to be rhetorical.

The Paris Accords are now being considered a failure. Those who know better knew that they were fraud to begin with. This has not stopped climate change advocates from sounding the doom alarm and that perhaps using more scary language can revive a lost cause.

Everything nature does is just the sum of chemistry, biology and physics. It’s completely amoral; it doesn’t care about politics or climate summits or whether or not you are a global warming denier. You can’t negotiate with nature and you can’t spin it and you can’t evade its rules.

However, we now know that there are those who believe that in order to save the ecosystem – they have to break the ecosystem and this will definitely lead us into extinction.

What was once ignored by climate science believers is now being considered as a viable way to bring down the global temperatures.

There are now climate mad men that believe in the idea that geoengineering will save us and that aerosol injections will solves the problem of a planet that they fear is heating.

Remember, just a few years ago the climate change believers did not want to even talk about the geoengineering solution and of course now they are thinking that this should be implemented.

They want to encourage the polluting of our skies with aerosolized sulfites in order to bring planet temperatures down two degrees.

As former CIA director John Brennan once noted during a Council on Foreign Relations meeting that SAI programs or Stratospheric Aerosol Injections would reflect the heat back to the sun in the same way volcanoes do.

John Brennan/CFR/SAI.YouTube.2016

Many people have already noticed that these programs have been underway as chemical spraying from unknown planes has increased since 1998.

Anyone concerned by the idea that people might try to combat global warming by injecting tons of sulfate aerosols into Earth’s atmosphere may want to pick up last May’s issue of the journal, Geology.

In it, a Washington University in St. Louis scientist and his colleagues describe what happened when pulses of atmospheric carbon dioxide and sulfate aerosols were intermixed at the end of the Ordovician geological period more than 440 million years ago.

The simple answer was mass death in the seas and strange animal behaviors where species of birds and other animals attacked one another and eventually died off.

Eighty five percent of marine animal species disappeared forever. The end Ordovician extinction, as this event was called, was one of the five largest mass extinctions in Earth’s history.

Although the gasses were injected into the atmosphere by massive volcanic eruptions rather than from planes, the scientist have provided a case history that reveals the potential instability of planetary-scale climate dynamics.

Figuring out what caused the end Ordovician extinction or any of the other mass extinctions in Earth’s history is difficult because the ancient atmospheres and oceans have long since been altered beyond recognition.

It is proposed that the extinction took place in two long pulses of gasses being injected into the atmosphere from volcanoes. The first wave of eruptions laid down a base of sulfites whose weathering then drew down atmospheric carbon dioxide. The climate cooled in the southern hemisphere.

The cooling might have lowered the tropopause, the boundary between two layers of the atmosphere with different temperature gradients. The second wave of volcanic eruptions then injected extraordinary amounts of sulfur dioxide above the tropopause, abruptly increasing the Earth’s amount of sunlight it reflected.

This led to the first and largest pulse of extinctions. As ice sheets grew, sea level dropped and the seas became colder, causing many species to perish.

While plane aerosols are not as powerful as volcanic clouds, the buildup of geonegineering clouds could create a gradual cooling trend which would lead to strange animal behavior, death of certain species and eventually the same behaviors in humans until we too become candidates for extinction.

Animals are simply canaries in a coal mine and their behaviors prior to a catastrophic event are usually realized after the fact; however, now that we are in the clouds of atmospheric tinkering, we have the advantage of watching the animals and their behaviors and whether or not they are giving us a warning that something is not right with the planet.

You can set aside for the moment the damages inflicted upon people from chemtrails, geoengineering campaigns and HAARP facilities and realize that domestic animals and wildlife, are now being affected far worse in many instances due to their size and total exposure to the out-of-doors elements.

We also need to understand that insects and pollinators are very important to our ecosystem and yet people probably do not know that we are rapidly approaching a time where there will be a complete loss of insects due to geoengineering.

According to recent Earthfiles report by Linda Moulten Howe the people of Southern Oregon are alarmed because they have noticed that many insects and birds have disappeared from the area.

Vultures, humming birds and swallows are virtually nonexistent in Rogue Valley, Oregon according to some people there. Usually these birds arrive in the area around February.

Many believe that this indicates that there may be a seismic event that could happen in the area.

Meanwhile, police are warning people in one Connecticut town that hawks are dive-bombing and even clawing at people’s heads.

Several people in Fairfield have been attacked by the birds in recent weeks, police say. They say the hawks have been flying out of the sky and clawing people in the head.

The Boston Globe reported that near The Fells in Massachusetts as young boy was also attacked by a giant bird. The boy who was attacked believes that the creature that attacked him looked like a very large owl – one that he said was about 5 feet tall.


Great horned owls, reside in the Fells, nest in the winter and they’re bigger, more powerful birds, weighing about 4 pounds and capable of flying 40 miles per hour. Great horned owls are notorious for their stealth and strength. They strike without warning — their feathers are adapted to minimize noise during flight and their long, needle-sharp talons can apply sufficient pressure to snap the spine of their prey.

What is precipitating this kind of behavior by the birds? Why are insects, bees, humming birds and other wildlife absent from Southeastern Oregon?

For years, scientists have warned that Earth is entering its sixth mass extinction — an era in which three-quarters of all species die off within only a few centuries. However terrifying this notion may be, nothing compares to a recent finding, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which paints a full picture of “biological annihilation.” According to the study, which was conducted by Gerardo Ceballos, an ecology professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, hundreds of species are disappearing at a faster-than-expected rate.

Researchers are now indicating that numerous species around the world are experiencing an “extremely high degree of population decay.” Findings from the study support this. For instance, nearly one-third of the 27,600 land-based mammals, bird, amphibian and reptile species are shrinking in terms of territorial range and their numbers.

Scientists have already established that 50 percent of the Earth’s wildlife has been wiped out in the last 40 years alone, but no one really comprehended the extent to which the numbers have declined.

Large-scale human engineering of the Earth’s climate to prevent what scientists call catastrophic global warming would not only be ineffective but would have severe side effects and could not be safely stopped.

Researchers at the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany, have now warned that geoengineering could add chaos to complex and not fully understood weather systems, disrupt the jet stream, and affect the electrojet which is used by birds for navigation.

We see what it has done to the weather, how it has made people sick – now we need to focus on what it may be doing to the wildlife.

If you do simple math and believe that generation is a span of 30 to forty years, cutting species in half every generation will certainly push us to a critical species decay and eventual eradication.

Written by Ron Patton

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