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Clyde Lewis | March 4, 2020
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I know that at the moment, the daily conversation is being monopolized by the mountain of reports about COVID-19.  While the conversation is dominated by death tolls and political attacks there is a conversation about it that will not be shared in the national news and that is how there is a medical surveillance state that is most certainly detailing and recording data about how nations are responding to the outbreak.

There is also that secret assumption that the COVID-19 outbreak is part of many attempts at an elaborate culling of the populace to bring about a series of mass mortality events that will wipe out animals and eventually humans.

You see, in their quest for global sustainability the elite would not think twice about seeing the deaths of millions of people.  You may think I am crazy but they don’t see you as anything but fodder and collateral damage. Just a figure in the number crunching of compensation budgets and money given to rebuild what they have destroyed.

Yes, we are all the small people. We have always been that way.  We are just the slaves who give them carte blanche to build a new world for them.

We are all watching this waiting for it all to have some happy ending.

I can’t help but remember the comments Steven Spielberg made when he was asked why he remade the movie “War of the Worlds.” His comments were that he wanted the United States to see what life would be like if we thrust into the refugee experience.

While the motion picture so brilliantly painted the picture of a world torn apart by an alien attack it also demonstrated how human behavior can become so primitive and at the same time appear to be so thick.

For example, the movie begins with a horrible lightning storm. The main character played by Tom Cruise find the strange lightning to be entertaining and his childlike interest seems to turn off his little girl who has a survival instinct.  She demands that they hide in the house.

The lightning gets more violent and then stops.

He then leaves the house to see where it all struck.  He winds up in the center of the community near a church. There is a big hole where everyone has gathered. The hole spews force ice and then the ground starts to rumble and crack.

People are still gathered around the area where the hole has formed.  Then the hole turns into a mound of dirt and pushing through is a large machine with a huge headlight and three legs.  People are now snapping pictures with their cell phones and using video cameras to record the event.

The Tri-pod machine rears back and a loud horn is heard.  The Horn is dreadfully frightening and people still are watching the monster machine.

The mechanism then extends its arms.  Electric arcs start to emit from the two pronged hands of these gargantuan tri-pods.

It is then people get the clue.

They run.

For some it is too late, they are pulverized where they stand.

The question is when would you have run away?  For me I would have high tailed out the minute I saw the ground crack open. 

I know that it is fiction but when would you have the common sense to know that when the earth rumbles the first time – you should be ready to take cover and hopefully be prepared.

I spoke of this before at a Contact in the Desert lecture and people tell me – most people would have run away.

Now with COVID-19 happening, I am beginning to see that Spielberg knew a little something about human behavior and how some people wish to wait it out for something spectacular to happen and sometimes it is too late.

If you happen to find yourself on social media, you will notice how people try to put up courageous front dealing with COVID-19 by denying it’s lethality.

The first argument that I see all the time is “This is a False Flag to just sell vaccines.” Well, that would be true if there was a vaccine to sell – even if there was one in the wings no one would be able to afford it,

I have been hearing announcements by government officials and the media hinting that a vaccine is “right around the corner”.  There may be some companies out there promising a vaccine but let’s face it – it is not coming around the corner anytime soon.

On average a vaccine takes 1 year to develop at minimum.  That is the fastest it could be accomplished and this is under the best possible circumstances. 

Also, keep in mind that COVID-19 has many similarities to SARS, and the last time they tried to develop a vaccine for SARS it caused an “immunopathologic lung reaction” in test animals, meaning a negative reaction that can cause death.  They also found the vaccine caused liver damage through hepatitis.  Besides I don’t think you should trust any vaccine or drug cocktail coming from the CDC and FEMA, especially if it is fast-tracked into existence.

The only purpose to constantly injecting vaccine promises into the public consciousness would be to give people false hope and to make them docile as they sit inactive waiting for the authorities to save the day.

It is also a ploy to restore faith in the stock market.

Chances are there will be no legitimate vaccine produced in 2020.

But that won’t stop the naysayer whose cynicism encourages behavior that can be seen as passive—or oblivious—or stupid.

Just saying this draws the ire of your friendly neighborhood troll that believes that since it isn’t happening to them – it is all unwarranted panic.

They post things on the internet pretending that they have an inside scoop with videos that actually back up their bias. Most of the producers of videos make claims that they are insiders, former spies, former illuminati dole out the conspiracy theory du jour about why there appears to be panic being generated by the left leaning media.

What is ironic is that most people who accuse those who are prepared of being panicking chicken littles –deep down are scared witless and cover up their latent fear with denial.

To be honest I really have not seen many panic stories about the virus, only that the death toll increases daily and that the elections are far more important than giving sound information about what to do.

 I have been hearing it said that Americans are “in a panic” over the coronavirus outbreak in the US, and that mainstream media outlets are “feeding the fear”.   There are also people who are embellishing the reports by posting that the CDC said that Ebola was going to kill us all, that the flu was going to kill us all or remember Y2K?

Well I really don’t remember hearing that any of these things were going to kill us all but there was a stern warning to be prepared for anything.  While the past virus scares have amounted to big nothings. What is most concerning is that this time it is not that COVID-19 is going to kill us all – it is going disrupt our way of life for a while regardless of its lethality.

Until recently the mainstream media was also been pumping out article after article on why Covid-19 is “no more dangerous than the flu”.  Which flies in the face of those that believe the media is driving fear. In fact the mainstream media has actually failed in reporting that now the official death rate is now at 2.3% to 3% – it is changing by the week.

So far, the COVID-19 virus is killing off the elderly, and those with underlying conditions.

It is official that COVID-19 has a higher mortality than the average flu.

The CDC is not calling it a pandemic yet but this might change soon and when it does we as Americans are going to have to adapt to some changes that can and will disrupt your life.

I always say when strange things happen, we define strange and find something or some event that we can compare it to in order to fully understand what may or may not happen.

It is a point of learning from past histories.

Now, the only way we can determine what is in store for us if they declare a pandemic is to look at how China and other countries are handling of have handled an outbreak.

China has been our role model for all things dystopian, where the contagion started.

If we take into account the fact that multiple medical professionals within China have revealed, despite threats of punishment that the Chinese government is hiding the true and much higher death and infection statistics, then the official data goes out the window. 

We can’t even trust the infection numbers from the CDC in the US, because they been refusing to test most people unless they have recently traveled to China or Italy or some other infected country.

Because of government lies, we have to assume that the crisis is more pervasive than we know.  And so far the average American is oblivious to it. While we do see a handful of videos of crowds stockpiling supplies at Costco or Walmart, there simply is not enough of them.

Americans are not used to this, they are not used to food shortages, or bank runs, or stores and public places being placed in quarantine. Americans aren’t use to being told no – or being told to stay indoors or avoid public contact.

Americans have had the luxury of asking for the vegan alternative, or the gluten free life, or the fast food rush and all of this may have to be forfeited for some time as some people will have to go into survival mode.

I wish that the government would give the official word to stock up on necessities and allocate more for the supermarkets and food banks to have on hand, but there is only a limited supply of three days of food for each store per market per neighborhood and then you have to wait for shipments to arrive before you can get your hands on more of the things you need if you are told to shelter in place.

The more people that have supplies, the less desperation and potential crime there will be.

If you are one of those that believe that the panic is being orchestrated for some darker conspiracy, perhaps you should also look at the probability that perhaps the government and those behind the outbreak are counting on your passivity and your refusal to prepare.

If they can convince you not to prepare, then they have your dependence on them to provide things for you at a cost. Which of course furthers the discussion about how America needs socialism.

After all, if you are not self-sufficient who are you going to run to when everything collapses?  The government? So think of it in those terms rather that thinking this is a conspiracy to undermine the President.

It can and will undermine our freedoms if we continue to be passive.

The government, while admitting that the virus is spreading, will continue to downplay the threat to keep people as apathetic as they can.  The authorities will claim that this was done “for the greater good” in order to avoid mass panic, but they don’t care about preventing “panic”, they care about control.  The more desperate people are in the aftermath of a crisis the more likely they are to trade their freedoms for some semblance of security.

In the United States it does not matter what the nature of the crisis might be—civil unrest, the national emergencies, “unforeseen economic collapse, loss of functioning political and legal order, purposeful domestic resistance or insurgency, pervasive public health emergencies, and catastrophic natural and human disasters”—as long as it allows the government to justify all manner of government tyranny in the so-called name of national security.

In an attempt to fight the epidemic, the government has given its surveillance state apparatus, which boasts the most expansive and sophisticated surveillance system in the world—free rein. Thermal scanners using Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been installed at train stations in major cities to assess body temperatures and identify anyone with a fever. Facial recognition cameras and cell phone carriers track people’s movements constantly, reporting in real time to data centers that can be accessed by government agents and employers alike. And coded color alerts (red, yellow and green) sort people into health categories that correspond to the amount of freedom of movement they’re allowed: “Green code, travel freely. Red or yellow, report immediately.”

Mind you, prior to the coronavirus outbreak, the Chinese surveillance state had already been hard at work tracking its citizens through the use of some 200 million security cameras installed nationwide. Equipped with facial recognition technology, the cameras allow authorities to track so-called criminal acts, such as jaywalking, which factor into a person’s social credit score.

It has also given China the excuse the use of their surveillance state to find those they believe are political foes of the communist regime.

Fighting the coronavirus epidemic has given China the perfect excuse for unleashing the full force of its surveillance and data collection powers. 

The lesson for the ages: once any government is allowed to expand its powers, it’s almost impossible to pull back.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., the government thus far has limited its coronavirus preparations to missives advising the public to stay calm, wash their hands, and cover their mouths when they cough and sneeze.

Don’t go underestimating the government’s ability to lock the nation down if the coronavirus turns into a pandemic, however. After all, the government has been planning and preparing for such a crisis for years now.

The CDC warned us that Clade X and Disease X’s arrival was all but certain two years ago. Event 201 warned of COVID-19’s arrival just two months before it was released into the populace.

This is not conspiracy theory but fact.

It is more than obvious that Disease X is COVID-19 and the overresponse is the calculated activity that is being recorded for a future plague that will be far more relentless that this one.

The building blocks are already in place for such an eventuality: the surveillance networks, fusion centers and government contractors that already share information in real time; the government’s massive biometric databases that can identify individuals based on genetic and biological markers; the militarized police, working in conjunction with federal agencies, ready and able to coordinate with the federal government when it’s time to round up the targeted individuals; the courts that will sanction the government’s methods, no matter how unlawful, as long as it’s done in the name of national security; and the detention facilities, whether private prisons or FEMA internment camps, that have been built and are waiting to be filled.

The ramifications of a government any government having this much unregulated, unaccountable power to target, track, round up and detain its citizens is beyond chilling.

Going by the speed of the outbreaks in Italy and South Korea, it is likely that two weeks from now the American public will finally realize how bad the situation actually is.  The government at this stage will demand “voluntary quarantine” of individuals who think they might have the virus.  Testing will finally increase, though hospitals will have to test each person 2-3 times to get accurate results.  Expect a lot of false negatives that end up ultimately as positives for the infection.

At the projected rate and keep in mind this is potential hypothesis based on spread rates within the next two months we will probably see at least a handful of government enforced quarantines. 

The quarantines will not be happening in every state; after all, we are a big country but every state and every area will have its COVID-19 moment in due time.

It may not be a quarantine that you have to worry about – it may be checkpoints going up on main roads and highways testing for fever and symptoms, especially on dense population areas.

The biggest threat may not be the virus but the subsequent financial crash where resource supply lines are cut off. 

Without organization and a move to become self-sustainable, some people will inevitably turn to violence to get what they need.

This is where you may want to think long and hard about that second amendment right and how to apply it during a crisis where you and your family are being threatened.

We need to be less dependent on the system and more self-sufficient. The solution is a self-quarantine organized around a local model, not federal government enforcement.  If these measures are not taken soon by individuals with foresight, the elites within the establishment will make this particular crisis into a hell on earth for everyone.

A lot of people are unaware that when Clade X- Disease X- and Event-201 were carried out at John’s Hopkins University, the eventual death toll was high but there was another estimate that was high – the estimates for resource dependence and the demand for government institutions to provide for the sick and those who did not have resources to survive.

People were forced to depend on their governments for goods and services that they should have had for themselves.

In the end the governments were not able to meet the demand.

The “Event 201” pandemic exercise which simulated CAPS a coronavirus outbreak killing 65 million people came up with a solution to bring balance to the crisis and that was a newly organized global financial authority to manage the response. 

They actually ignored the resilience of the people, the offerings of churches and charities and the localized focus of state and local government to help on a case by case basis.

The end goal was an excuse for globalization.

If it was seen as an excuse for globalization. It also can be seen as an excuse to breed passivity and complacence.

This thwarts the need for preparedness, and eventually leaves you to be dependent on your government.

Isn’t that what the anti-socialists are fighting against? Government dependence?

 It is so confusing because there are a lot conservative trolls on Facebook that are downplaying the need to prepare claiming that this whole thing is a hoax.

Think of it as a fire drill or a test of your will. While you still have some freedom, you should get prepared now.

For some people, a pandemic scenario could be dismissed as alarmist paranoia but it has to be considered when more than 100 scientists in the field of bio-terror, biology, genetics and medicine have been systematically targeted and killed. Most of these scientists died horrible deaths resulting from car crashes, plane crashes, murder, suicides and poison.

In almost every single case, the perpetrators of these crimes were never apprehended, let alone tried or convicted for the crimes that they committed. The only plausible explanation for the deaths of so many medical professionals in the field of microbiology is that these particular individuals had intimate knowledge of various biological pathogens or other medical knowledge that posed a direct threat to those who were seeing a global pandemic as a way to bring about mass scarcity and the culling of the elderly.

Not preparing makes it easier for a government to take full control of you and create restrictions to disrupt your life.

Remember, even the most well-intentioned government law or program can be and has been perverted, corrupted and used to advance illegitimate purposes once profit and power are added to the equation.

In the right or wrong hands, benevolent plans can easily be put to malevolent purposes.

So wash your hands. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. And stock up on whatever you might need to survive this virus if it spreads to your community.

You may feel as though you are too proud to be a prepper but wouldn’t you like to a be a prepper too?



Written by Clyde Lewis

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