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Ron Patton | March 6, 2019
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There are many times in my research that I stumble on to a story where I speculate about what I think may really be happening. It is a moment where you read between the lines and even though you may be wrong about what you are speculating about – the idea and hypothesis is well thought out and with further research, you find yourself in sort of entrapment where your speculations begin to sound like truth to your core.

Now when you do this you have to remind yourself that what you are doing is making an unfounded hypothesis and that of course, it can be seen as a conspiracy theory.

The silver lining is that much well thought out conspiracy theories usually become true, or perhaps much of what has been theorized is proven to be accurate.

Even academia has its own brands of conspiracy theory or something much like it. In most debating squads find ulterior motives in any topic. They are likely to spin the “what-ifs.”

I believe that anyone who is a critical thinker from time to time entertains what-if scenarios that challenge what can be called the mainstream model.

Now, there is a reason why I have been motivated to spin what-ifs is because of a few stories that I have read regarding what is happening above us, how space programs seem to be shifting into high gear, and how there have been many stories that indicate that there are some tacit maneuvers that I believe show that scientists are preparing the world for confirmation of life in space and confirm that aliens have visited this planet and that there are other alien groups that have been passing over our planet and that perhaps some may make a stop and reveal themselves soon.

NASA is always keeping an eye on Near Earth Objects that get anywhere near Earth, and 2019 has been a relatively active time of many close passes. There has also been some major curiosity about some of these anomalous near earth objects like Oumuamua, Ultima Thule, and Bennu.

Japan’s space agency completed a complicated touchdown maneuver at a distant space rock last month and today there was a transmission of Hayabusa2, collecting samples from a small space rock.

There was another announcement yesterday that a huge asteroid is going to pass overhead this Friday.

The rock, known as 2019 DN, is slated to arrive at its closest point to Earth this coming Friday, March 8th. At its nearest distance, the asteroid will still be around 13 lunar distances away. One lunar distance is equal to the space between the Earth and our Moon, so it’s clear the asteroid has little chance of disrupting Earth during its flyby, and that’s a very good thing considering its size.

NASA estimates the asteroid to be between 91 and 200 meters wide. Again we have a mysterious rock that speeds close to us – and while there are no real details of what is happening – we just take for granted that an increase of nearby passes are just merely space rocks.

From the speculations about Oumuamua, Richard Hoagland’s theories about Ultima Thule, and the strange communication or sounds from rocks like Benu and comet 67P you have to wonder if NASA is actually covering up the possibility that a fleet of interstellar spaceships are passing over.

My speculation about a cover-up isn’t without some merit.

Back when Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb stated that he believed Oumuamua was a spacecraft or an alien artifact of some kind, mainstream, scientists jumped all over his theories and other critics were saying that his outrageous claims were a threat to real science.

What is suspicious was how quick several scientists jumped to the opportunity to try and kill the alien hype about the object.

I am wondering that with all of the new data which concludes that there needs to be a rethinking on the subject, why are some scientists easily frightened by the prospect that extraterrestrial intelligent and advanced life forms could possibly be living on exo-solar planets somewhere in the Milky Way or in another close-by galaxy? Is it a result of being taught from childhood that the human is the only possible sentient being in the Universe – and any other kinds of life extend to microorganisms not much larger than a bacterium?

I am also curious about all of these so-called passes by these huge rocks and how the frequency and interest in these things are now at the forefront of space exploration and observation.

On my birthday, I was reading about how NASA funded scientists have developed a new kind of DNA-like structure that can store and transmit information. They claim that this development will help them understand the complexities of alien DNA.

I thought, what alien DNA do they need to understand if we have nothing to compare it to?

This story stood out to me and I thought that NASA has not developed DNA – they have stored and have used real alien DNA and that they have constructed models based on various species.

NASA officially has stated that the breakthrough discovery suggests there might be alternative, unimagined forms of DNA-based life as we know it on Earth.

Life on other worlds might be built using different molecular systems of the kind the researchers developed in the lab.

Again, I ask about the reason for this development and do they have alien specimens that they can compare results with?

It is like I was discovering a gaping hole in their narrative.

DNA is a complex molecule that allows the genetic information that makes us who we are to be stored and then transmitted. That information is passed from parent to offspring in every living thing on Earth and allows life to grow and thrive.

It is made up of four different ingredients, which scientists refer to as nucleotide and are common across all life on our planet.

However, there have been theories that NASA or even Russia is aware of life forms whose DNA structures allow them to live in hostile habitats.

In 2002, Russian astrobiologists argued that a mysterious radiation-proof species of microbe may have evolved on Mars. It was a hardy form of bacteria known as Deinococcus radiourans and can survive several thousand times the radiation dose that would kill a human.

Many scientists were quick to express their skepticism.

Russia has reported that ‘alien life’ in the form of bacteria had been found on the outside of the International Space Station.

The story was not quite a full day old and American scientists at NASA are furious about how the alternative media is using the “A” word to describe what the Russians have found.

In an interview with Russian News Service TASS, cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov described two Russian experiments on how microorganisms fare in space.
One experiment, Bio-risk, has been in operation for years and is used to monitor how bacteria and fungi fare in the harsh environments beyond our atmosphere. It’s designed in part to help scientists understand how to protect other planets from contamination with earthling life, but also testing how materials used in spacecraft might survive during long periods in space if exposed to microbes.

Another experiment called, Test, has been going since 2010 and involves swabbing various parts of the outside of the space station, collecting samples, and returning them to Earth for analysis.

Cosmonauts have reported that somehow these swabs revealed bacteria that were absent during the launch of the ISS module. That is, they have come from outer space and settled along the external surface. They are being studied so far and it seems that they pose no danger.

NASA has said that even if the organisms were not on the ISS module when it launched, that does not mean that they came from somewhere other than Earth.

Roscosmos, the State Corporation for Space Activities in Russia, hinted at an extraterrestrial origin for microbes on the surface of the space station, suggesting that they arrived via space dust.

In fact, Roscosmos made a similar claim years ago, saying that swabs of the outside of the ISS showed evidence of sea plankton. The claims were met with skepticism at the time. It’s not clear whether the plankton mentioned several years ago and the bacteria mentioned by Shkaplerov were found in similar places on the station, how they were identified, or what they are identified as.

A paper published last year in Astrobiology suggested that space dust colliding with Earth’s atmosphere could propel microbes out of the atmosphere and into space.

My gut feeling tells me that NASA and even Russian scientists have in their possession alien DNA and that the stories of microbial disbursement from space rocks are a cover story for DNA sequencing that has been going on since we have heard of the various UFO crashes and abductions that have been reported since the 1940s.

A gut feeling is based on nothing scientific; however, my gut feeling is that while NASA never gives us straight answer, the Russians are also being very glib about what is happening and the possible “dangers” that exist when DNA from alien life forms somehow makes it to earth and we end up with an alien invasion from something that does not resemble our typical Science Fiction stories that we have been raised on.

In a Newsweek article published March 1st, 2019, former Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, suggests that both Russia and China, have carried out their own military studies to figure out how UFOs work and how to build their own—again, there is another hole in the script — where did they get this technology?

Well, the answers are obvious to anyone who has paid attention over the years and have researched the reports of crashed saucers from Roswell, to Rendlesham. This makes one wonder, has Russia had their own Roswell? Has China? Or is this technology a left over from the cold war era and the numerous UFO reports that were dismissed with Project Blue Book?

Reid said he understands why officials within the Pentagon and other possible research avenues within the U.S. government might be skeptical about dedicating resources to studying Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP), but he also seemed to allude to a rash of recent UFO sightings prompted by scheduled Space X launches.

George Knapp conducted interview where Reid seemed to be candid about the reality of a new space race which includes the race to detail the knowledge of alien life and the reality of UFO’s and alien contact.

The interview with Reid also delved into classified UFO studies conducted by the Pentagon and revealed by The New York Times in 2017, including the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP), which catalogued sightings by military personnel, such as the “Tic Tac” UFO captured on camera by F/A-18F fighter jets off the coast of California in 2004.

Through AAWSAP, the Defense Intelligence Agency awarded a $10 million contract to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), owned by hotel billionaire Robert Bigelow, a close friend of Reid’s who has a long history of investigating the UFO phenomena.

Reid confirmed the resulting study included investigations of a mysterious ranch in northeastern Utah once owned by Bigelow. The “Skinwalker Ranch,” has been a hotbed of reported paranormal phenomena, including claims of cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, and even mysterious animals with piercing yellow eyes that were impervious to bullets.

The program also delved into research related to the UFO phenomena, including 38 scientific papers for the Defense Intelligence Agency with outlandish headlines like “Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions” and “Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy.”

The papers were produced by BAASS scientists affiliated with EarthTech International, a research group founded by Dr. Hal Puthoff. Beyond AAWSAP, and its successor within the Pentagon, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Reid said he believes further study is warranted and would like to see UFO research coordinated across multiple, existing classified projects. Reid believes the government currently possesses “different pieces of evidence” beyond the scope of studies he had worked to fund.

Many of these pieces of evidence landed into the hands of the Germans in World War II. After the war both the American and Russians had imported German scientists that knew a little something about advanced aircraft? Conspiracy historians have noted that the Allies knew of lights that buzzed aircraft called the “Foo Fighters” and later, there were reports of ghost rockets or saucers being seen over Europe. After the war, both the Soviet Union and The United States went through a period where people everywhere were seeing these aircraft.

There was also the reported crash at Roswell New Mexico in 1947, where an alleged alien saucer crashed and both alien bodies and debris was shipped to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

The saucer sighting hysteria ensued, and the Air Force had created a PR campaign called, Blue Book, where many of the sightings of these craft were deemed hoaxes in the public narrative.

If there is any conspiracy theory or cover-up that can be considered it is that this is a multi-level attempt to construct intel data about how we react to reports of strange anomalies in the sky.

These government agencies want to control what the public thinks, how disinformation is distributed and how the internet reacts to government agencies and their hinting at the possibility of disclosure.

After the stories go viral, they withdraw any and all knowledge, acting with no accountability.

Written by Ron Patton

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