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Clyde Lewis | April 1, 2021
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Today is the 26th anniversary of Ground Zero. I had a discussion with one my producers Andrew and I was reminiscing about how I have been writing and producing shows that have given a different perspective about everything from the paranormal to the parapolitical.

In my long career, I have been cognizant of trying to balance my reports between parapolitical and paranormal. The paranormal of course is intriguing and fun. However, the parapolitical reports either turn people off — or the very vocal of my listeners clamor for my take on some of the political theater that I say is evil.

If you don’t happen to find yourself among the tinfoil hat-wearing strata of conspiracy theorists waiting in a bunker for aliens to either strike down or save society from the shape shifting lizard people, but are rather contemplating how, in the 1960s, a shadow government took control of society over the dead bodies of many assassinated patriots, then certain conclusions tend to arise.

One of which is the grand conspiracy of The New World Order where a new form of government has been forged and ready to be implemented.

This new form of government will be implemented when we as a people decide that the whole are ungovernable. There will be if it isn’t happening already a total negation of constitutional law and that everything that we have fought for will be erased and forgotten.

It is inevitable when we continue to be ignorant — the people are not in charge anymore and it appears that neither is our current president.

This is most definitely a parapolitical quagmire.

Parapolitics for me is defined as peculiar politics– ideologies that try to deceive people. The underlying theme of such topics is that everything in the political arena is not what it seems. That there is a New World Order being established and that the secret puppet masters, the shadow government or the Deep State is really in charge of this country and that we are being programmed to accept a new form of government.

This has been the grand daddy of all conspiracies since the attempted coup against Franklin Roosevelt and the successful coup of John F. Kennedy.

Conspiracies for good and for evil do exist now, as they have from time immemorial. The only question is which intention do you want to devote your life towards?

If you are starting to feel like forces controlling the government are out to get you, then it is likely that you are either a paranoid nut job, or a stubborn realist. I have been called this many times.

Well, my head is too big to wear a tinfoil hat and as for being a nut — I have often said that I am an acorn, which is a nut with potential.

But the more I analyze what has transpired since President Biden was elected the more I can see that the United States government was just put through the first coup in over 58 years, meaning that in 1963 we saw a successful coup and in 2021 we saw a coup as well and the ones that carried it out were not the radicals that stormed the Capitol.

Back in February, I posted an article form Time Magazine on Facebook hoping that those who read my posts would go beyond the headline and read it thoroughly. it was a time magazine article with the headline: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” I exhorted my listeners to read the article but some thought it was an anti-Trump article and rejected it outright.The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

It wasn’t — it was surprisingly blatant article about how the shadow government successfully fortified the election for Biden and that they secretly took charge of government matters while the people focused on some painted clown wearing a horned hat.

Molly Ball Nancy Pelosi’s official biographer admitted to a conspiracy where she wrote:

“Even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream- a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”

Lest you think that this was a subversion of democracy, Ball informs us that “they were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”

Another conclusion you might come to is that many of the political figures whom you believed were serving those who elected them into office, actually serve the interests of a clique of technocrats and billionaires lusting over the deconstruction of western civilization.

This clique are those who wish to impose “The Great Reset.”

The election was not held to elect a President — it was a stage play to put a place holder into power.

But to say this is prohibitive, you might notice that if you arrive at these conclusions you are told hat this in and of itself is increasingly becoming a form of thought-crime punishable in a variety of distasteful ways.

Just after the successful election of President Biden, extremist democrats like Alexandria Occasio-Cortez was encouraging that those who speak of a coup or even a stolen election be put on a list. A list that most certainly would be used to erase those who are questioning just who is in charge of our government.

Then came the fracas of January 6th which has become the liberal’s Reichstag fire that continues to be a featured two minutes of hate on CNN.

This has triggered a series of unprecedented new emergency regulations that propose extending the definition of “terrorism”.

Those implicated under the new definition will be those broad swaths of s who don’t agree with the operating beliefs of the ruling oligarchy.

Already a 60-day review of the US military is underway to purge the armed forces of all such “thought criminals” — a listener called to inform us that this was happening and it was later confirmed.

Legislation has also been drafted to cleanse all government jobs of “conspiracy theorists”.

Another startling announcement from the National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin that domestic terrorists include:

“Ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority [and] perceived grievances fueled by false narratives.”

While not yet fully codified into law though it will soon, you can be sure that things are certainly moving fast as, before our very eyes, the right to free speech is being torn to shreds by means of censorship across social media and the internet, cancelling all opinions deemed unacceptable to the ruling class.

This should not come as a surprise, as Biden’s new addition to the Department of Homeland Security is a bizarre figure named Cass Sunstein who famously described exactly what this was going to look like in his infamous 2008 report ‘Conspiracy Theories’ (co-authored with Harvard Law School’s Adrien Vermeule.Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas: Sunstein, Cass R.: 9781476726625: Books

In this under-appreciated study, the duo foresaw the greatest threat to the ruling elite took the form of “conspiracy theorizing” within the American population using as examples of this delusion: the idea that the government had anything to do with the murders of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr, or the planning and execution of 9-11.

Just to be clear, conspiracy literally means ‘two or more people acting together in accord with an agreed-upon idea and intention’.

The fact that Vermeule has made a legal career arguing that laws should be interpreted not by the “intentions” of lawgivers, but rather according to cost-benefit analysis gives us a useful insight into the deranged mind of a technocrat and the delusional reasoning that denies the very thing which has shaped literally ALL of human history.

In their “scholarly” essay, the authors wrote:

…the existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s anti-terrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.”

After establishing his case for the threat of conspiracies, Sunstein says that “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”.

Sunstein laid out five possible strategies which the social engineers managing the population could deploy to defuse this growing threat saying:

“Government might ban conspiracy theorizing.”

“Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories.”

“Government might itself engage in counter speech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories.”

“Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counter speech.

“Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help”.

This is some Orwellian fever dream that has not drawn any criticism form a media that seems to abhor conspiracy theories but tends to whip them up in order to vilify anyone who wishes to debate anything from COVID-19, Climate Change, or fair elections.

I am sure that there are many people who listen to my show and wonder how long I have got before the establishment silences me. Well here is a clue — they already are. I get emails all the time asking me where I have gone — as there are some areas where I have been heard and later silenced for no reason.

People write and ask me why?

I can give them many reasons but I think that what needs to happen is that listeners should ask the program directors why — and then urge them to broadcast the show.

If you value the information you get, you fight for it, you support it and you have speak up about it.

Complacency sometimes gives the impression that you are okay with what is happening.

Granted what I do is not perfect and I may offend people, or scare people by what I say but as they say,  the truth shall set you free — and it will piss you off in the process.

In the 26 years I have been on the air one of the most controversial things i have ever done on the show is to call both President Trump and Joe Biden Old Farts. it was after the Ouija board show where Dr. Heldore said that Trump would get sick, and that later Biden would be president and that he too would get sick and would be replaces.

For the record, Trump later got COVID-19 and Biden became president, however,  for most Americans, it is easy to see that he is not in charge and from what we are seeing his age is debilitating him.

Last Thursday when Biden gave his press conference, the media ignored the fact that Biden was not well — and he seemed to be aloof and in some moments stared into space trying to make sentences.Biden's First Press Conference Gets Quick Reactions

President Joe Biden’s frustrating and sad display during his “matinee” presser showed clearly that he is not in charge of our country, it also begged the obvious follow-up question not being asked by the 25 reporters in the room: If Joe Biden isn’t in charge of running our government, who is?

If you didn’t actually watch the press conference and every American should, especially those who voted against Trump by voting for Biden because they’d thought he was an improvement — by now, you have doubtless read the accounts of the President’s cliff notes that included scripted talking points and photos of the journalists upon whom he was directed to call. His staff treated him in much the same way as does the family of someone in the early stages of dementia, where they put pictures on doors and cabinets as a reminder of what goes where.

His performance was mortifying. This is one of the most powerful men in the world. He controls our budget. He controls our military. He controls our nuclear weapons. What he clearly does not control is himself.

And if he isn’t in control of himself, then who is? Who is in charge?

The press had a field day for four years asking this question during Donald Trump’s presidency in a blatant attempt to delegitimize his authority. Their answer to the “who is in charge” question was Russia. Once they answered the question, they then spent four years trying to prove a conclusion drawn without facts, much in the same way as film crews searching for Bigfoot.

In the case of President Trump, the “who’s in charge” question was demonstrably phony and manufactured. In the case of Joe Biden, the question is legitimate and obvious. It is also not being widely asked. Let’s ask it and try to answer it.

Could it be the Chinese? In his press conference, President Biden referred to China as a “competitor” as if the United States is trying to play Pepsi against China’s Coke. He said that China is simply trying to become the “leading country in the world,” and that he doesn’t “criticize them for that.” We all know the history that China has with the Biden family, particularly the business dealings with the President’s son Hunter who still has investment holdings with Chinese companies. Was China buying influence in their dealings with the Bidens, or were they buying direct power?

We all know that China has the model government that Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum admirers — and China at one time used the term Build Back Better as a slogan borrowed from the United Nations.China and the 'Great Reset'. How the Chinese Communist Party and… | by Aya Velázquez | Medium

Russiagate worked for years but Chinagate is not even on the radar for some suspicious reason.

Whoever is in charge, or whatever coalition of individuals and groups are in charge, one thing is for certain: Joe Biden is not, and the press does not seem to care to find out who is.

The lack of interest in the “who’s in charge” question, coupled with the popularity of Biden in these early days of his presidency, almost feels like there is some form of distorted and twisted mass psychological projection taking place. Projection, from a behavioral science perspective, is where a person takes their attributes, often negative attributes, and tries to project or find them inside someone else. Team Left’s obsession with trying to show that Donald Trump was being managed and manipulated by outside forces now looks like a projection of what is clearly really happening with Joe Biden.

If the press isn’t going to stay on top of the question, then it is the obligation of every concerned American citizen to do so.

However I believe that what is happening is far more complex than just throwing out a conspiracy theory about China.

Although, I have known for years that the Chinese triad has fueled dark money into the coffers of many politicians. Money that is gained form selling drugs , weapons and human trafficking.

In a piece dated March 17th, analyzed the amount of “dark money” spent in the 2020 election cycle. Dark money is money contributed to nonprofit organizations used to fund political campaigns without disclosing the donors’ identities. According to OpenSecrets, over $1 billion was donated in 2020 through dark money outlets, the majority of which went to Democrats. Perhaps somebody bought the seat in the Oval office?At Least 1 in 4 Dark Money Dollars in 2012 Had Koch Links • OpenSecrets

So we can learn from this that if the Devil issues a check — there will be a secret exchange between the Deep State and the devil and the checks will be cashed.

But that again is business as usual in the parpolitical world.

China is only a part of the problem — the real issue is what is happening in Biden’s immediate circle.

Joe Biden’s 23 member presidential transition team included at least eight team members that came from organizations that receive funding from US weapons makers.

Three more team members list their latest employer as the RAND Corporation, they were listed as war game experts.

Two members of the transition team come from the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), Susanna Blume, a former Pentagon employee, and Ely Ratner, who served as deputy national security advisor to then-vice president Joe Biden from 2015 to 2017.Center for a New American Security - Wikipedia

CNAS is another think tank that enjoys hefty donations from weapons makers, major corporations, and governments. From 2019 to 2020, CNAS received at least $500,000 from the US State Department and at least $500,000 from Northrop Grumman. Other donors include Google, Facebook, Raytheon, and Lockheed Martin.

Are you beginning to see who is really in charge? Apart from the Chinese infiltration, we see that the transition team were all war strategists form the Pentagon.

We should not forget how the Presidential transition happened. Donald Trump was impeached for the second time. This happened just weeks before the inauguration of a new President. In that time the question has been who was responsible for unseating a sitting President – not the mob that attacked Washington, but the security apparatus of this country,

These war strategists form the Pentagon successfully without question removed a President from office.

They are now in charge.

There is no question that what happened during the transition there was a military action is that was a “by the book” coup?

Real coups are not clumsy mob attacks adjacent to lawmakers. Real coups, above all, are about control: Control of communications, control of bureaucracy, and above all, control of military power.

The shadow government have seized control of all things coming from the White House and Joe Biden has become a shell of a man easily used for their purpose.

If you recall on January 6th, 2021 the Pentagon boldly announced that they would no longer take orders from the President — this was directed at Trump but could it still be directed at President Biden?

The secretary of defense made this statement during that January 6th insurrection :

“Chairman Milley and I just spoke separately with the Vice President and with Speaker Pelosi, Leader McConnell, Senator Schumer and Representative Hoyer about the situation at the U.S. Capitol. We have fully activated the D.C. National Guard to assist federal and local law enforcement as they work to peacefully address the situation. We are prepared to provide additional support as necessary and appropriate as requested by local authorities. Our people are sworn to defend the constitution and our democratic form of government and they will act accordingly.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi then publicly announced that she had directly contacted military leaders to strip President Trump of his military authority.

This is the definition of a real coup.

This also tells you who is in charge — the question is whether or not the Pentagon has backed off from their takeover of the White House. The razor wire and fencing around the capitol sends a message that the war strategists are still in charge and have projected the image that the capitol is now a military fortress.

This overwhelming power is usually exercised behind the scenes in order to make Americans feel comfortable that their government is different from other national-security governments. While the national-security branch of the government is driving the overall direction America will take, especially with respect to foreign affairs, it permits the other three branches to maintain the appearance of power. The idea is to convince Americans that the federal government operates the same as a national-security state as it did when it was a limited-government republic.

But it’s a lie, a very dangerous lie, one that unfortunately is lived by all too many Americans, especially those within the mainstream press.

Real coup d’états always revolve around getting the military’s backing. Real coup d’états include disarming the enemies of the state. Real coup d’états involve censoring those who speak against the state.

I could go on and on but are you beginning to see who is in charge?

They have taken a frail and weak leader and have used him as a place holder as they plan and strategize an America that certainly feels the pain of being in a lockdown police state.

Only authoritarians sanction this type of activity. The harm they will do, as they neglect and inflict further pain on the Republic, will be immeasurable. The nation is failing, not merely because it is divided, but because a contingent has rejected its foundational principles. That contingent is now in charge.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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