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Ron Patton | April 12, 2018
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I was reading online that there is yet another self-appointed end times prophet who is now telling us that our days are numbered. The end of the world prophecy that has now been reported is based on a planet alignment that is supposed to happen on April the 23rd.

It is feared the sun, moon, and planet Jupiter will align in the constellation of Virgo on April 23 to bring about the rapture.

David Meade, who writes for Planet X News, has warned volcanoes will erupt on April 23 to mark Rapture – by the way David Meade, last year said that the world would end in November. None of Meade’s many prior predictions of the end of the world have ever come true.

But it doesn’t seem to change people’s minds as I have been bombarded with e-mails asking me about the end of the world and what my thoughts are on these various dates that pop up on the internet and go viral.

I always wonder how these things take off and then I realized that I often enjoy indulging in these end of the world topics that scare the hell out of me. Now I am not concurring with Meade about the end of the world. I have often said that if you want to guarantee the world won’t end on a certain date, just declare the date on the air or in a blog and guess what – it will probably not happen.

But using a bit of magic that I call “synchromysticsm,” I can call out coincidences that add deeper meaning to the overall events that are taking place now – that may fit into the blueprint of end time prophecy.

Some people say that synchromysticsm is purely a fixation on certain numbers and statistics that may or may not be meaningful to the group think. Sometimes we experience something called the “Oz factor” where we are the only person who can see the coincidences or the synchronicity for what it is.

When we experience it, we can say it is simply random, or we can say that it is some sort of supernatural occurrence. I know that there are coincidences for which no one has, or can be expected to have, any possible logical, scientific or rational explanation.

No one can explain, predict and, therefore, be able to control the events and phenomena in question. Therefore, when dealing with meaningful coincidence in current events, one has to remember what happened in the past, how it applies to the present, and what it means for cause and effect in the future.

When you are in your own head, it can become a very uncomfortable place.

I just got back from one of those trips in my head and while it wasn’t too uncomfortable, I have uncovered some chilling coincidences that will have you understand why end of the world prognosticators like David Meade get attention.

Last night, I heard a name that I hadn’t heard in a long time, and that name is Nostradamus. I don’t know about you but over time, I sort of lost my interest in Nostradamus. However, when I was younger Nostradamus was a big deal.

In fact, the film “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow” had a special screening at my high school. Of course I was there with popcorn and milk duds because I was a huge Orson Welles fan and living in a dispensationalist household more fodder and prophecy was enough to scare the bejeezus out of me and convince me that my future was going to end up being some refugee looking for food after a nuclear holocaust.

Spoiler alert: I am still here and Nostradamus has kind of faded away for me.

What is ironic is that now that TJ, a listener mentioned Nostradamus – I decided that I had to stay up late and read about prophecy and how it figures into futurism.

Now, it may not come as a surprise to you that when you Google anything about prophecy,all you get are Christian evangelists using doom doctrine to get you to get right with God.

I guess you can say that whatever works, but I often wonder how it affects people on a deep psychological level.

There are plenty of websites that have been developed by Dispensationalists in which the argument is presented that in order to be a “consistent futurist,” you cannot contend that prophecies are being fulfilled today.

Instead, it is argued that all end time prophecy relates to Israel in the Tribulation and Millennium. Therefore, all we are seeing today is “stage setting,” but not the fulfillment of prophecy.

Using this kind of logic, we can say that whatever is happening now is really not a fulfillment of prophecy and that whatever end times fulfillment we are seeing, we might as well write it off as coincidence until we see all of the scary stuff go down in Israel—a true Tribulation and a declaration that the Thousand year reign is upon us.

Now I don’t sit well with that logic, and I do not believe that prophecy, especially biblical prophecy is linear.

For all we know it can be happening simultaneously and that unless it shows up in social media we will be ignorant to any and all portends or omens that indicate that the end is near – or even right upon us.

It is said that Nostradamus put into his quatrains that in the future the world would go through a major paradigm change that would change the face of world, from what it is at present. He warns of some natural disasters hitting hard. He also foresees that this time the world would witness a war not between two or more countries, but two directions. We already know of the strain relations between the West and the East.

It would begin with men massacring men, then nations massacring each other and only a few would be left to enjoy the peace that will prevail after the war ends. He predicts that fireballs would come down from the sky and the victim would be only the helpless and the innocent.

Given the wars in the last years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunis, Libya, Egypt, Syria and the tensions in the Middle East with Syria and Iran right now, a third world war is edging closer to reality

I really had to dig hard for a possible connection between Nostradamus and predictions of a Syrian conflict – however I found a particular century and quatrain that seemed to indicate that an old Roman Province of Syria would see its waters flow with blood.

In Century 1 Quatrain 87 it reads:

”Earth shaking fire of Neptune from the center of the Earth.
Will cause the towers around the New City to shake:
Two great rocks for a long time will make war,
And then Arethusa shall color a new river red”

Now, everything is up for interpretation but it appears that a major city with towers or buildings will be hit by a major earthquake.

He wrote: “An earthquake shall concern particularly the western area of the United States. Its power shall be felt in lands throughout the globe.”

Worryingly, the US Geological Survey (USGS) carefully monitors seismic activity in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, where there were a series of medium tremors in 2016, and two fault lines in California, including San Andreas.

Scientists say both the California fault lines and the Cascadia Subduction Zone are long overdue a major earthquake of magnitude eight or above.


They have revealed the Cascadia Subduction Zone is of most concern.

Further in the quatrain, we read there will be two superpowers or “rocks” will make war with each other. This is up for interpretation however when you talk about “Rocks” at war with each other – we can speculate that any of the major superpowers could declare war in each other but ironically according to Nostradamus the center of all of the fighting will be in the Middle East.

He finishes the quatrain with “Then Arethusa shall color a new river red.”

Arethusa apparently is a Roman Catholic titular headquarters in Syria, near Apameia. The modern, Arabic name of the site is Al-Rastan.

Al-Rastan is the city which bridges the Syria’s north-south divide in which tanks and other heavy weapons are already being used to barricade the border.

Al-Rastan is known as the “gateway.”

Some are saying it is a gateway to hell as reports of the dead and dying come in almost daily, and those whose injuries have not killed them must brave the hospitals which security forces often raid.

The nearby city of Homs is now claiming that they have been attacked with Missiles—just after President Trump Tweeted Animal Assad” would have a “big price to pay” for an alleged chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma.

The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency claimed Syrian air defenses shot down eight missiles fired at the T-4 airbase—near Al-Rastan—the very place Nostradamus predicted would be the center of the conflict.

It would be the gateway to more bloodshed and death. Al-Rastan is the third largest city in the Homs Governorate.

Whether you want to believe it or not – if the target of the proposed bombings in anywhere near Homs, Palmyra, or Apameia – this would count as the cities, surrounding the gateway of AI-Ratsan.

Furthermore another city in Syria has been a focal point for Christian dispensationalist.

That city is Damascus. Damascus is the capital of the Republic of Syria with some 1.6 million residents, and a greater metropolitan area of about five million people.

In the Bible, Damascus is mentioned d 56 times as Ground Zero for the beginning of the war to end all wars. While I am not going to go into 56 instances of Damascus in biblical prophecy—I will point out a few important parts that deserve mention.

The first is found in Isaiah 17, notably verses one through three, which foretells the destruction of Damascus in the last days, prior to the second coming of Jesus.

The second is found in Jeremiah 49:23-27, which also foretells the destruction of Damascus.

Damascus is described by historians as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on the planet.

It obviously is the city that is crucial to the puzzle of eschatological prediction.

Another crucial point is that Nostradamus speaks of “nationalism” and dutiful soldiers waging war under various “dictatorships.” He then predicts that nationalism and devotion will wane and those who are bound will rise up against their masters.

According to Nostradamus, out of this confusion of nationalism, Islam, ethnic conflict, foreign intrigue, Pan-Turkic ideology and nuclear competition will emerge a young dictator during the second decade of the 21st Century.

He will first subjugate Russia and the nations of the Arctic north, then accomplish that which has never been accomplished: the total conquest of Europe, including the British Isles.

One day the minions of this antichrist will assemble for prayer, they will observe a new religion that will bow to ancient unknown and alien gods.

Some even believe they will bow to Mecca.

The Book of Daniel says that the Antichrist will pay his adoration to foreign or “alien gods.’

“He will show no regard for the gods of his ancestors or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all.”—Book of Daniel.

However, in his Epistle to Henry II, Nostradamus assures us that, despite the apocalyptic nature of the coming wart and the vile dictator or antichrist that will rise up from it and despite global and celestial cataclysms that will trigger a catastrophic shift in the earth’s axis, the Second Coming will still be a considerable distance ahead in the future.

He also says that the Third World War and the Fourth will be a massive blend of blood, human bodies, red water and hail.

Antichrist three very soon annihilated,
Twenty-seven years of blood endures his war.
The heretics dead, captive, exiled.
Blood, human bodies, red water, hail cover the earth. Century 8 quatrain 77

In his Epistle to Henry II we read:

And it shall seem, from the kingdoms spoiled by the Eastern men, that God the Creator has loosed Satan from his infernal prison, to cause to be born the great Dog and Dohan [Gog and Magog], who shall make so abominable a breach in the West.

Another sign that the Great War is about to begin is found in Century 3 Quatrain 59.
Barbarian Empire usurped by the third
The greater part of his blood he will put to death
Through senile death the fourth struck by him
For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead.

These are the blood quatrains and what is most interesting is that those who have interpreted these passages conclude that the blood he speaks of is the blood of Christ and that those who are born of his blood or are part of his blood will be put to death.

According to Nostradamus scholar Allan Webber, the English to French translation of this particular quatrain and century bears a most uncanny anagram.

“Barbare empire par le tiers vsurpe,
La plus grand part de son sang mettra a mort.
Par mort senile par luy le quart frappe,
Pour peur que sang parle sang ne soit mort.”

Now take the sentence La plus grand part de son sang mettra a mort and you will see that embedded in the passage sang mettra a mort is the anagram of the word tetragrammaton the word used for the four Hebrew letters usually transliterated as YHWH (Yahweh) or JHVH (Jehovah) signifying the Hebrew name for God which the Jews regarded as too holy to pronounce. One of the uses of the Tetragrammaton involves using the four letters in anagrams to create names that can be used as alternate ways of saying God’s name aloud.

In other words through the blood of God, you will not be not dead. For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead’ makes sense when it is interpreted as the response to claims that Jesus’ body and blood will save you in the end.

Five days ago, I received a Tweet from a reporter in the Middle East telling me that I should drop everything and talk about a strange anomaly that happened near the alleged tomb of Jesus Christ.

A video just appeared on the Internet apparently showing blood leaking from Jesus’s stone where his body once laid in Jerusalem.


The Holy Sepulchre is the holiest site in Christianity and indeed the world. It houses Christ’s tomb as well as Golgatha. It is, in fact, the center of the World for Christianity.

The fact the video made the round on Orthodox Easter also added to the mystery.

After investigating the situation, I realized that the video was not a current video – it may have been a re-release of a video that made the claim in 2014. The release of the video was aimed at the English speaking world as the Tweet circulated from the Middle East to the West.

The question is, why was the video released at that time — what was the motive for sending a viral video of some paranormal event that allegedly happened in 2014?

Most news sites online, none of them mainstream confirmed that the event happened — it was just that the date and timing were suspect.

The video was allegedly shot by a man named Nicola Kanaan a resident of Israel.

Charles Fort explains that all people have a tendency to be hypnotics. He has said that if the proper authority saw to it that the proper belief should be induced, the people would believe properly like good little sheep. He also believed that if god was the universal mind, he didn’t always have to act in a manner that was sane.

This is why we live in this world of remarkable and crazy things.

It is said that we live in perilous times, and often, while in the middle of them, we seem to have some sort of epiphany that while we believe our little paranormal thoughts in church, we can openly pretend that no one answers prayers or doles out miracles or scrawls out little words on Ouija boards. When we hear of what can be termed “doom porn”, we can become introspective and ask “Is life worth living?” The sad thing is that even as we ask ourselves that question, we are convinced that the answer is no.

Even with all of the frightening and crazy things I report on my show, I believe that life is worth living. I am always of the opinion that I want to see what happens next; if I die, I will miss all of the fun of what comes at us in a time where we are all awaiting the sign that we are all going to go out with a whimper, or with the rapture, or some other cataclysm that awaits us in the Eschaton.

Written by Ron Patton

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