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Clyde Lewis | April 14, 2020
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The idea of imminent annihilating catastrophe has been part of the collective unconscious for as long as we’ve had one. From the end date of the Mayan calendar to the Epic of Gilgamesh, from the Genesis flood to the Book of Revelation, humans have been haunted by the idea of the end of everything for a very, very long time. Lately, it’s been our default popular entertainment. Raised with the overdone threat of global warming in the teeth of a looming financial crisis, we sat stunned and exhausted, watching our civilization die onscreen again and again. 

Today, I stumbled upon a movie trailer that looked like a silly B-movie that I thought was a joke but no it is a serious film about Zombies and 5G.

The movie is called, 5G Zombies, which sounds like the no name brand equivalent of the latest conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and 5G exposure. It is not enough that we have David Icke giving us his version of doom – we have to once again prop up the undead that stumble aimlessly looking at their phones and decay in front of cell towers.

5G Zombies will be released on VOD and DVD on May 1st. The horror movie is directed by John R. Walker who gave us Blood Bride and The Demons from Hell and Dustin Ferguson who brought is Amityville: Evil Never Dies.

I also learned that the season finale of the Walking Dead has been delayed due to COVID-19 – this Apocalypse sucks – it is the equivalent have having Negan happily bashing my brains in with his bat, Lucille.

I have been feeling a bit reflective while watching “The Walking Dead.” It is turning into a religious experience as every time I watch I feel that maybe the apocalypse I am living in is not the apocalypse I was looking for.

But now, I have one – I am living in it and it is no longer a Hollywood nightmare it is real life and as Zombies wander aimlessly on the screen I see that we are aimlessly held in a stupor and a conundrum over when we can break free and infect each other for the sake of herd immunity.

But of course, if we don’t expose more people to this virus after the death curve slows, we can actually trigger a zombie apocalypse as everyone will be forced to take the shot – lining up like zombies to be jabbed or take the bite and become a zombie pariah.

It is simply a matter of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

We can all agree that as apocalypse peril goes, COVID-19 is probably the most boring and the most aggravating apocalypse perils of them all.

COVID-19 changed everything. Suddenly, the immense and frightening upheaval, the cataclysm that means nothing can go back to normal, is here, and it’s so different from what we imagined.

If anything, it is the yawn fest that hides behind that protective mask we wear.

Washing your hands, and separation stops the spread and yet it spreads and people die. We are told soap and water, and hand sanitizer can kill it and yet we have to wait for a vaccine before things get back to normal.

We are asked to remain 6 feet apart or go six feet under –and yet we are told that the little virus balloons can linger up to 13 feet.

It is not making any sense anymore.

There’s an important difference between apocalypse and a catastrophe. A catastrophe is total devastation, with nothing left and nothing learned. “Apocalypse”—especially in the biblical sense—means a time of crisis and change, of hidden truths revealed. A time, quite literally, of revelation.

Well. I am learning nothing about COVID-19 – only that it makes an ex-tech CEO a philanthropist and an authority on health, it makes a President an expert on cures and it is making people ready to storm local governments to take down governors who act like Stalin or Mao Tse Tung.

We have allowed ourselves to be led by assertive idiots and permitted psychopaths to dominate the highest levels of government and finance. These are truly evil men with evil intentions. 

Power, greed and control are what drive these people. During normal times, governors of states are practically figureheads, as all they do is pass more laws and increase your taxes. It’s when we face a man-made crisis like we are experiencing today, the true authoritarian nature of these petty tyrants rears its ugly head.

The reprehensible tyrannical mandates and orders being made by mostly Democrat governors across the country is a disgusting display of fascism. Their mandates violate the Constitution, but are being enforced by their police state thug instruments of force.

Pop culture catastrophism didn’t prepare us for this.

Right now, with over a third of the world on some sort of lockdown, with the entire world going through some version of the same crisis at once, we are suddenly frantic to touch one another.

People are getting in their cars, driving endlessly to points unknown, fishing holes, hiking trails and beaches just so they can stare at them wanting to just get out of and risk it all in a cloud of sneezes and spittle.

Police are citing or arresting citizens for swimming in the ocean, jogging on beaches, playing wiffle ball in a park with their child, daring to get on a bus without a mask, and Drones are being used by government tools to intimidate and threaten citizens daring to venture out of their homes.

It seems more important to reconnect with friends. We all know someone who’s stuck in a house by themselves, trying not to scarf down that endless supply of mac and cheese. We all know someone who’s stuck in a house with someone awful, trying to survive an already toxic relationship. And many of us, by now, know someone who’s sick.

And most of those who are sick don’t have COVID-19 and that is the dirty little secret they won’t tell you—allergy season is upon us and with every tickle in the throat, every draining bit of mucus from your nostrils you panic thinking that you can be a crisis actor like Tom Hanks, or Chris Cuomo, or some other unkempt movie star that thinks that singing the song “Imagine” is not a dead giveaway for their political agenda after everyone are vaccinated and tattooed like cattle.

Moral guardians over the country are reporting their neighbors to the police for exercising in their yards. Google and the other corporate phone companies are doing their Big Brother best to surveille and report the whereabouts of their paying customers to the government. The only difference between our addiction to technology and slavery is that slaves know they are not free. 

It is the Orwellian new normal where liberal and conservatives have been transformed into Neo Orwellian Liberals and Neo Orwellian Conservatives.

Dr. Strangeglove, AKA, Dr. Fauci thinks it would be a good idea that we have papers indicating whether we are immune to the Coronavirus. His good buddy, Billionaire Bill Gates, wants the country shutdown for months, until he can create a vaccine to force upon the entire world. They want to control and monitor our every movement, because we are told that they know what’s best for us.

Again, why would anyone listen to Bill Gates? He absolutely has no expertise in health. He is simply a Malthusian terrorist that hides behind his gun to the head philanthropy. If we ignore him maybe, he will go away and he can take Windows 10 with him.

It is all about the party and not about the cure – it is all about the politics and not about the science.

However, it is anathema to say so – as you are shadow banned for thinking. The enemy of the state is anyone who questions and anyone who complains about not wanting to be part of this badly constructed apocalypse.

President Donald Trump has claimed he has “total” authority to decide how and when to reopen the economy after weeks of strict physical-distancing guidelines aimed at fighting the novel coronavirus.

But governors from both parties were quick to push back, noting they have primary responsibility for ensuring public safety in their states and would decide when it was safe to begin a return to normal operations.

Trump sees this as a mutiny – many citizens see this as a form of insurrection.

Recent Gallup polls indicate that 80% of Americans say they would wait to return to normal activities after the government lifts nationwide restrictions designed to slow the spread of the virus.

 Gallup found that 71% of respondents would wait and see what happens with the spread of the virus before returning to normal activities, while 10% say they would wait indefinitely. 20% said they would resume normal activities immediately.

It goes to show you that the country is depressed and scared and are now not motivated because they have their pacifier checks that signal the beginning of emergency socialism to cure the sick country.

Along party lines, 31% of Republicans said they would immediately resume normal activities, while 11% of Democrats and 19% of independents said the same. By age, those aged 18-29 and 50-64 are more likely to return immediately at 25% and 24% respectively, while those aged 30 – 49 were least likely at 16%.

Geographically, 23% of people from small towns and rural areas with lower population density were more likely to say they would immediately return to normal activities vs. 15% of people in large cities and 18% of people in suburbs.

There are millions of well-armed angry Americans trapped in their homes right now. The powers that be have been able to maintain the status quo by providing plentiful manufactured breads and technological circuses for masses, keeping them sedated with anti-depressants and a myriad of mindless distractions.

But, taking away their livelihoods, endangering their ability to put food on the table, requiring papers to travel on the roads, and mandating quarantines and curfews at the point of a gun, are certainly sparking memories of Eastern Block fascism during the Cold War.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that President Trump should not try to reopen the state against his wishes, saying it would create “a constitutional crisis like you haven’t seen in decades.”

The constitutional crisis would be that states would ignore direct orders from the President.

The governors of Washington, California and Oregon announced Monday they’ll work together to re-open their economies while continuing to control the spread of COVID-19, though Washington Governor Inslee said that there are no set timelines and that the states will retain the ability to pick the dates they want to lift their restrictions.

Inslee said at a news conference that the partnership with California Governor Gavin Newsom and Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has resulted in “a statement of broad principles that will abide across the West Coast.”

While each state is building a state-specific plan, the three states have agreed to a framework that focuses on them working together, claiming that they are putting their residents’ health first, and letting science guide decisions.

They haven’t the fortitude to tell the truth about how their party affiliation is also guiding their choice to take emergency money and then tell the President that they don’t want his opinion.

They are calling these moves “regional pacts” which are much like the dividing of the Northern and Southern states just before the civil war.

However, it is just one more way to turn the states into prison camps, and people apparently will keep playing their game – until one day they don’t.

We have seen the power hungry Governors of Nevada and Michigan acting like wardens over their states. The governor of Virginia is using the crisis to push is restrictions on guns. All of them are having an uncontrolled free for all.

They now have the power of dictating our fates and imprisoning us in their world of fraud because they don’t want you to know that they are weaker and more desperate than they appear.

The media pretending to be above it all showcased President Trump cracking under the pressures of being cornered. No one is graceful with a tough crowd and hecklers were once a product of standup comedy.

However, what he is doing is reality TV stand up tragedy.

As dramatic as the change in the environment of the White House Press Room has been, I get a bit suspicious when I see that the podium that once had the Seal of the President on it now with a placard that says “The White House” on it.

I really don’t think that it is paranoia to think that there is a power play going on and that the struggle is certainly a Deep State matter.

There has been a noteworthy change in the symbolic Presidential power that has been previously displayed by all Presidents in the modern era and the real question is “who is in control of the situation.”

Trump makes his moves and the media and the democratic governors show that they are part of the resistance.

President Trump has stopped funding for the World Health Organization, insisting the agency must be held accountable for its alleged failures in responding to the COVID-19 crisis, making good on a previous threat.

He added that it is his “duty to insist on full accountability” from the public health body.

Even after President Trump recently retweeted the calling for the firing of Fauci, Fauci recently gave the entire world a little insight into his own personality and huge ego when he called for actor Brad Pitt to play him in any kind of upcoming Saturday Night Live skit on COVID-19.

You see they are all ready for their close ups Mr. De Mille, or should it be Mr. Romero or even Mr. Kubrick.

I am sure that they are rolling in their graves because not even they could foresee this B-movie mess that we call our new normal, our boring and nonsensical apocalypse.

With all this going on I am sure by now many people would be overjoyed to hear that an asteroid will wipe us out, or an atomic bomb is going to irradiate us, or I am sure people would volunteer to ride on a UFO – even if the aliens had a book with a title “To serve man” in their six fingered hands.

This is beyond the Twilight Zone – this is the Toilet Zone where hoarders of Charmin under the direction of the se fascists would wipe the world for you.

People are so scared of this tailor made horror fest that they aren’t even thinking about when we should open society.

There are a few important scientific questions and pursuits that will underline those decisions. Many of these are within our control — testing and treatments, but there is one critical issue that is not: immunity to the coronavirus itself.

Immunity is something people are not thinking about right now and like any apocalyptic film – the spread dies down because you get infected by a virus, your body builds up antibodies to fight it off, and you are now immune from the virus because you have those antibodies.

It is simple science and yet it is never mentioned as if it is some plot twist from an M. Night Shyamalan film.

The answer is herd immunity – but a delay in testing almost guarantees a vaccine.

 It’s difficult to ascertain herd immunity without widespread diagnostic and serological testing. The faster we can ramp up those capabilities, the more information we will have to make smart decisions about reopening society.

But there is also that err of risk if people are willing to take it and understand the statistics of death versus survival. No one wants to get sick and no one wants to take one for the team.

It may not be the end of the world, as I said that would have to be a catastrophe—this is an apocalypse and as I always say what we are seeing is business as usual and business for the elites is good for everyone else it is bad. I am just wondering when people are going to wake up and realize this.

We have control of our fate and we can decide what we think is necessary.

Maybe it is time for the sheep to learn how to be wolves – we need to take the plague to the pharaohs.

 I have related and speculated about countless apocalypse scenarios where I would excitedly talk about the coming end of civilization, where men can be real men again, and women will need protectors.

An era when burly men like me prevail and sissy well-groomed men from the TV show the bachelor run home and cry to their mommies.

How inconvenient, then, that when this world-inverting crisis finally showed up, we weren’t given an enemy we could fight with our hands but an enemy we fight by washing them.

How sad really – this is the apocalypse I was not even planning on and now I have a right to complain about it because no one else will.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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