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Clyde Lewis | April 15, 2020
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Last night I was joking a bit about how this is not the Apocalypse I was hoping for – not really the apocalypse I was raised to believe would happen in my lifetime.

I know that many people got the joke and I have been seeing the hashtag #NOTMYAPOCALYPSE trending on Twitter.

This does not mean that I have not taken a serious look into whether or not what we are experiencing is the result of some end time prophecy or a symptom of an even bigger challenge that awaits us in these uncertain times.

Prophecy is a tricky tool. Its fulfillment is only acknowledged in the eyes of its beholders. It seems that in some odd way people are living as if they have no future ahead of them.

There isn’t one dominant system of thought that controls the actions of western society today. It has become fragmented and those who are on the constant watch for those “troubling signs of the times” are labeled as paranoid, religious nutcases who are waiting for a great savior to come.

There are also those in the same camp, that are slightly off center who want to point to an “antichrist of the week” and in the same exercise come off looking as nutty as their counterparts who probably meet in the same churches, or social groups. Finally, there are those who have been thrown into a sense of apathy, not caring either way because it all is a catalyst for depression.

Not just any depression, either, but one where the person is angry but is too beaten up emotionally to even act upon that anger.

We are at that point now.

There is no center in today’s social structure. There seems to be a lot of action with no wisdom. We have the power to do just about anything to ourselves and we now have leadership that is showing us just how pathological they can be.

On October 13, 1884, Leo XIII had a terrible vision of the assault of the powers of Hell against Holy Mother Church, and ordered the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel to be said at the end of Mass. He also composed an Act of Exorcism and ordered it to be inserted into the Roman Ritual, and explicitly mentioned what he had seen: “The Church, the Spouse of the Immaculate Lamb, has been filled with bitterness and inebriated with poison by her crafty enemies, who have laid impious hands on her most sacred possessions. In the place where the See of Holy Peter and the Chair of Truth has been set up as the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable impiety, with the iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.”

There are many within the Mother Church that are now questioning the validity of their own Pope, as he no longer calls himself the Vicar of Christ or the sentinel to protect against the winged demons of the underworld.

I begin to question if true Christians aren’t on the cusp of going ballistic over news stories that shout out loud the idea that we are watching things crumble and fall around us. Something that the prophets allegedly warned us about for thousands of years.

In these modern times of terrible tribulation, when the pandemic has deprived Catholics of Holy Mass and the Sacraments, the church is now worried that the Holy Week was desecrated by Satan and his demons of pestilence.

Archbishop Viganò the man who questioned the validity of Pope Francis and his rejection of his historic title of Vicar of Christ now believes that the world is being plagued by demonic minions of pestilence and plague and that there needs to be a mass exorcism of the planet.

The “end of the world philosophies” like the doomsayer prophecies I spoke of earlier are in the eye of the beholder. When someone says that we are about to see the end of the world transpire, there are always those who will laugh and pull out a science book and say that we still have five billion years before the sun goes into Red Giant mode, swallowing up the Earth and the other planets in the solar system. It is estimated that the Universe itself has sixteen trillion years before it starts collapsing back in on itself.

Ironically, we tend to forget that the creation of the Universe left behind debris ice balls, asteroids, and other space anomalies that by some weird synchronicity haven’t hit our planet rendering it completely devoid of life. We haven’t met the same fate of the dinosaurs yet. We have become complacent in the thousands of years without a direct hit.

The chances of it happening still exist and if we really paused to think about how lucky we are to wake up breathing everyday maybe we would all quit being so callous to each other. The gift of life is taken for granted at every turn.

When examining the historical record of ancient kingdoms and dynasties such as the one which the Pharaohs ruled, you discover that there was something very evil integrated into their society. Even the biblical accounts of Egypt, giving us insight into their ways, gives us a clear picture of the demonic structure which was in place in that kingdom.

This was the case in many ancient kingdoms such as Egypt, Babylon, Persia, and Rome. What people don’t understand many times today is that these demonic structures have endured until’ today, and are even in place in America.

These kingdoms embrace political, economic, and media power together with secret societal magic, occult religious practices , just as how the Pharaohs of old were attached to their demon gods for power and authority.

In Ancient Egypt during the time of the great Exodus of the Hebrews, the inhabitants would rely heavily on the Zodiac. The constellation Aries was considered to be its guiding force. Aries was represented by the Lamb or the Ram. Egyptians believed that all first-born were guided by Aries because it is the firstborn of the constellations, it is also the first and foremost sign of the Zodiac.

It has been tradition that in the time of NISAN and Aries that the God of Israel would show his power by commanding the Israelites to kill the earthly sign of Egypt’s god the lamb or ram. During the Passover God Ordered that all first born be killed as well in the time of Aries. The first born would be killed who were under the influence of Aries– all who were under the influence of the Ram.

We read in the Book of Exodus that in month of NISAN when the full moon of Aries was about to appear in the heavens the righteous would be warned and the infidels would be given the warning that death would be at their doorstep.

The blood sacrifice would occur. The first born would die.

The apex of Aries power begins after the full moon. From there we are ruled by Mars – Mars of course is a warlike entity that pours out judgments of death and plague.

Beings from the fortresses rule the night and they are called the “destroyers” according to the book of Exodus.

In the Torah, we have been told the story of Abraham. Abraham was going to murder his only son. He was going to offer him to God as a ritual sacrifice. While we have been taught that this is a test of faith it would be considered a horror story today.

God told Abraham to offer up Isaac as a sacrifice. In obedience Abraham took his son laid him upon the altar ready to be murdered for God. God comes down and tells Abraham not to harm Isaac. Abraham looks over and sees a Ram stuck in a thicket. He then takes the Ram and kills it and sprinkles its blood upon the altar.

After the stories of Abraham and Moses there are many other places in the Bible where the righteous are told by the Gods to sacrifice the Ram in order to purify the earth of evil.

In the Book of Leviticus, it say that if a man in ignorance sinned against the law, atonement could be made through the sacrifice of a ram “without blemish”.

Bloodshed and death has prevailed from the time of the ancients till now and perhaps this is why April is considered the cruelest of months.

April has had the highest death rate of COVID-19 and as in the time of the ancient Hebrews we are seeing our own plague decimate the population and as we pass through the Apex of Aries there are many of us that are dreaming strange and apocalyptic dreams and some are even seeing winged beings that are in the skies.

Could these be angels of death?

Are people getting glimpses of these dark and evil ultraterrestrials because the veil has been lifted and those with the gift of vision are seeing these beings?

For the past two years there have been increased sightings of winged creatures, that some say look like flying men being sighted from Illinois to New Mexico. Some believe they are angles – others see them as dragons or winged demons.

When I hear of these sightings I immediately think of Mothman. However, as we are seeing the Passover coming to a close in 2020 and as we are in the midst of a plague with death tolls rising I can’t help but think that what people are seeing are harbingers of pestilence.

One that comes to mind is Zozo where the name alone can be seen as the numeric 2020. Zozo is also known as the Mesopotamian demon of winds and pestilence Pazuzu.

The oldest “Zozo” story comes from the 1816 book Dictionnaire Infernal by Collin de Plancy. De Plancy tells the story of a young girl who claimed to be possessed by three demons named Mimi, Capoulet, and Zozo.

Further, a symbol etching out the name “Zoso” as a code for the god Saturn appeared in a banned occult book in 1521.

Zozo is a demon that many people have encountered during Ouija board sessions. This demon has been showing up in various places for at least 200 years. In fact, I wondered if during the Ouija board show in October ATLAS or ALICE was Zozo because it had an uncanny knack of predicting the future.

Zozo carries the hour glass and knows past, present and future.

Zozo’ connection to Saturn – Saturn is known as the Dark Father of time and thus in a time when Zozo appears time begins to become deceiving. The young feel that time slows down and the old feel that time is speeding by and during a Saturn return – you are told that your time is short.

Zozo is the demon that confuses time and is the nightmare maker in the dream world.

A little over a week ago, a local news anchor in Cleveland Ohio, Todd Meany, got a call from his producer about an unusual problem created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Nobody could remember what day it was. What could a local newscast do?

They created a morning show segment called “What day is it.” While I am sure thus was indeed a tongue in cheek way of identifying the day – the truth is many people are suffering from misplacing time and not knowing what day it is.

Among the stranger consequences of the coronavirus pandemic is how, by unmooring the daily lives of tens of millions of people, it has made time itself feel distorted. Psychologists say the sensation is a result of losing social anchors, chronic stress and anxiety, and drastic changes to normal routines.

Weirdly enough when Tom Hanks appeared in Saturday Night Live From his home he made the statement in his monologue “There’s no such thing as Saturdays anymore. It’s just, every day is today.”

Saturday of course is named after the god Saturn the dark lord of time – represented by the demonic angel or spirit named Zozo.

Belive it or not searches for “what day is it” have spiked on Google. Some experts, like those at the University of California, San Francisco, are compiling resources to help people cope. And some psychologists have compared the coronavirus’s effects to the aftermath of a natural disaster, except the disaster is moving in slow motion, taking place everywhere and has no end in sight.

Which brings us to another attribute to Zozo and his other name, Pazuzu the demon of plague and winds.

Many people know about this incarnation of Zozo, because it was the demon featured in the film, The Exorcist.

In the beginning of the film, Father Merrin finds a ruined statue of the demon during a dig in Iraq. This demon is a four-winged creature with the paws of a wildcat and a face of a dog. It is implied in the film that Father Merrin accidentally releases this demon and its influence is so great that it possesses a little girl while she is playing with an Ouija board. It is also ironic that in the movie, Exorcist III, a prisoner known as the “Gemini Killer” is also possessed by the demon, Pazuzu.

Pazuzu is an Assyrian name for the Sumerian King of the demons and was a prime example of the type of devil of which the Sumerians were particularly aware of, and was always depicted in their carvings and statues. In demonic iconography, Pazuzu’s influence was immense and omnipotent. The power of the great demon of the winds was influential and powerful. It was so powerful that there were many cults that were created to worship Pazuzu.

Although the ancient peoples of the world were conscious of an entity called the Devil or Satan, as evident in the Sumerian Creation Epic and the rumored existences of the Cult of Set of the Egyptians, Pazuzu was a demon that would spread pestilence and plague and was quite literally one form of evil to conquer another form of evil.

Pazuzu was also considered a harbinger of doom. If he is seen or if he is conjured, it unleashes an evil that will plague mankind like an uncontrollable virus.

What Zozo is to Pazuzu is what Lucifer is to Satan.

He has appeared in times of war and pestilence. He also has been responsible for riotous and lewd behaviors. He is a demon of numbers and patterns and will attach himself to anyone who invites him in – he is a winged entity with the face of a dog or a dragon.

He can also be seen as a whirling vortex or a white tornado.

Moriah was a wind of death and pestilence that accompanied war. It was the conquering wind spoken of in The Book of Jeremiah:

“Evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth.”

The whirlwind was a vehicle for the terror of God. Yahweh was known as the God of the winds. The angel that rode the whirlwind was Metatron.

Metatron became the foremost intermediary between the divine and the human, possessing experiences both of the earthly and the heavenly.

He is linked to many legends. He is the angel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac; wrestled with Jacob; and led the Israelites under Moses out of the wilderness. He was also the keeper of records. He would also be the archivist of the genealogies.

It was believed that an evil whirlwind was the destroyer that killed the firstborn during Passover. This whirlwind came from the sky during anomalous activity –some say it was a comet.

We read in the Book of Exodus that in month of NISSAN when the full moon of Aries was about to appear in the heavens the righteous would be warned and the infidels would be given the warning that death would be at their doorstep.

The blood sacrifice would occur. War was at hand and the angel of war was about to arrive and smite the Egyptians.

This comet event in Egypt was followed days later by a colossal eruption of Thera Volcano that created a tidal wave in the Mediterranean Sea. This great wave came ashore on the Nile Delta as a wall of water.

Before reaching the plateau, the advancing water divided into two walls that rushed past on opposite sides, leaving the Israelites on an island in a vast sea. Pharaoh’s army was in the Sea of Reeds advancing towards the plateau when it was destroyed. As water receded, the Israelites walked off the plateau across the east channel and continued their march to Mount Sinai.

No one named the angel as it is said that God himself saw to it to kill the firstborn during the 10th plague however while Exodus 12:12 “suggests that since the Egyptians’ sinfulness had gone too far, God personally executed their firstborn … the Bible contains some specific references to the plagues which hint of something very different occurring”

For example, Exodus 12:23 says that when God passed over the doors of the houses which had been marked with the blood of the Passover lamb, He would not allow the destroyer to enter into the house to kill the firstborn of that house.

So it was not God who struck down the firstborn sons of Egypt, but a being referred to as “the destroyer.”

If Exodus 12:23 provides some clarity with what was going on, it appears that God’s primary activity in the tenth plague was not in killing the firstborn sons of Egypt, but in protecting people from the destroyer that had come to kill all things.

ZoZo and Pazuzu and other dark entities in the pantheon are all connected to the sand of time and the dark lord Saturn – the god of judgement and destruction.

Saturn has been called the dark father of the forceful father of judgment and death. This “dark father’ was a mysterious entity that was always part of the teachings of Western mystery schools. The proxy of the dark king, his son, then becomes elected, and in the Saturn-gnosis, the planet and archetype of Saturnus the “king” is the focal point for the manifestation of “the Demiurge.”

This Demiurge is identified with Lucifer, the “Bearer of Light” or the “Illuminated One, and the higher octave of Saturn.

In the Saturnalian ritual, the “Judge” or the “Justice in Robes” represents Prometheus imparting the honor of light and fire as knowledge and with this illumination the governing over all things.

The Saturnalian king of the new age governs all standards of weights, measurements, and number. He is the Lord of the Seven Dwellings and governor of the revealed world and lord over life and death, and over the light and darkness. He is also entrusted with the ability to institute death, causing regeneration and change to come into being.

As the embodiment of the good king he becomes Saturnus, identified with the number 666. He is the Beast 666, manifest in the blood of Man 666, and in the Living Center of the Sun, Sorath the sun demon of the new dawn is also associated with 666.

ZoZo is the maker of nightmares and some manifest in the real world.

People think and dream in metaphor. A large proportion of our most commonplace thoughts make use of an extensive, but unconscious, system of metaphorical concepts, that is, concepts from a typically concrete realm of thought that are used to comprehend another. A lot of people may miss the fact that their unconscious mind registers metaphors all the time. Some are mystified when they see metaphors for what they are.

If winged beings are being seen in the real world the unconscious mind is manifesting these harbingers and in the cruel month of April the death toll mounts and time becomes confusing.

But the terrifying reality is that, in the Apex of Aries, many people are aware that the demons are manifesting and that the demons are real and whether they are in our minds or elsewhere is to be debated.

It’s hard to say which is more terrifying: the idea that a supernatural demon can possess people enmasse or the idea that a demon of the mind exists in our own subconscious, convincing us that what we most fear is real.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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