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Ron Patton | April 2, 2019
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Lately, I have been struggling to record notes and even find words to describe certain insights which have been accumulating in wading through the flood of information I have been processing. It certainly is a struggle to express how what we call the spirit is carrying over to our electronics to bring forward a synthetic version of what we call the soul. When I attended the Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside Oregon, I wanted to present a fresh approach to what ghosts may be from the quantum perspective, to what may be the transhumant perspective as there are scientists that dream of taking what can be called life essence and download it into a computer or some other apparatus to preserve it and then place it in an organic or even synthetic body.

One of the more well-known occultists Kenneth Grant had noted that from the earliest stages of humanity, humans (and their predecessors) have been in communication (or, as he puts it, have been ‘trafficking’) with transmundane intelligences.

Many of these transmundane intelligences have guided us, haunted us, and even have tormented us spiritually for some time.

Grant has demonstrated that much of what has been interpreted as ‘ghosts’, ‘demons,’ and even ‘aliens’, UFOs, and extraterrestrial/interdimensional entities are actually emanations perceived from or through the so-called ‘Veil’ of the abyss.

They are certainly specters that we come in contact with and some with greater psychic ability are able to detect them and know of their origins and in some cases their personalities.

While I may not agree with all of what Grant has said – there is an argument to be made for the presence of these intelligences all around us. His interpretation covers a broad spectrum or potential points of origination be it subconscious, or within the dream line, transpersonal, or elemental.

All are a variation of the intelligences that operate in the shadows on planet earth.

At the ghost conference, I spoke to the general audience about forms of intelligence that may exist in the internet itself and the various contributors of consciousness that willfully submit information about themselves only to have it backfire and create a cloud of darkness and despair. Technological platforms have provided us what can be seen as a dictatorship that is devoid of empathy, social cohesion, and intuition.

Science is claiming that they wish to know about consciousness, however it is becoming apparent that there are others that have declared war on consciousness and have tempted fate by employing negative psychic energy into our electronic platforms—creating a form of meme magic where internet memes are in fact charged with negative energy like sigils, nurtured like Tulpas and released with images that represent dark archetypes.

During my workshop at the ghost conference, I presented “Surviving Momo” and while the mainstream media declared that the appearance in children’s videos of a hideous occult character nicknamed Momo – I wanted to point out something that was far deeper and darker than the media would ever dare to talk about and that is an intentional release of a seriously dark archetype meant to terrify people and remind them of the power of despair and how it can lead to premature death and suicide.

While the title of the presentation was called “Surviving Momo” the topic was certainly not all about the Momo Challenge – it was about what the image represented and how the image itself was hijacked from an occult gallery in Japan and wound up being an experiment in meme magic and the power of internet sigil magic.

A sigil is a symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a demon or other entity; in modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, it refers to a symbolic representation of the magician’s desired outcome.

There are many ways to use psychic energies to empower sigils, they are away to seal a spell or a curse—and there must be an image or symbol that empowers the outcome.

In the case of the Momo scare, the sigil that was empowered was an image of Umbe Yokai. Umbe Yokai was a phantom that inspired the “Mother bird” sculpture. Many of us have seen the image before in different forms. The most recognized archetype manifested was the characters seen in the movie “The Grudge “ a film that was based on a Japanese film called JU-ON or “The Ring” which is based on the Japanese film, “Ringu.”

There are many different likenesses of this demon and all are associated with female hags that have been known to either drown or murder children in the womb.

Abysou, Lamashtu, and others have been known to appear at times where children are murdered or are not cared for. They are evil agents that can be shapeshifting succubae which urge men to spill their seed or murderous hags that wish to lead children into harm. They are also agents of suicidal thoughts and actions.

They are the demons that influence child trafficking, sexual abuse, child murder and infanticide.

The image and form of Momo is the same image and from as the androgynous child hunter.

You may remember the character from the movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – a wide-eyed pale androgynous catcher of children with long hair, luring them into his net with lollipops.

The names change but the archetype still haunts us and is representation of the paidomorphic sylph that wants to harm little boys and girls.

The Pied Piper was a rat catcher in the 11th century who could dance and sing. He also played instruments and was able to get the rats out of Germany. However in one instance he was promised a fee. The mayor of Hamelin didn’t pay.

But the piper returns on a Sunday morning, when all the grown-ups are at church. Again he starts to play a tune on his flute. This time, all the children follow him, as he walks out of the gate to the mountains. Suddenly, a cave opens in the mountain. The piper walks into the mountain, still followed by the children, and the cave closes again.

The children were never seen again in Hamelin.

That is all a part of the legend – the reality is that “Peter the Pied Piper” was a real man but not a mystical figure According to Author William Manchester he was horrible, a psychopath and pederast who, on June 24, 1484, spirited away 130 children in the Saxon village of Hammel and used them in unspeakable ways. Accounts of the aftermath vary. According to some, the victims were never seen again; others told of disembodied little bodies found scattered in the forest underbrush or festooning the branches of trees.

The Child catcher in the story of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was called the “Royal Rat Catcher.”

During my Ghost conference workshop, I didn’t focus on the Momo Challenge as much as I focused on the image of what she represented and the dark psychic power that empowered the image and was allegedly placed in children’s videos.

She first appeared on the internet in the summer of 2018 and then returned at a very interesting moment in time.

Her image returned and showed up on the internet weeks after just after New York’s Reproductive Health Act was signed by Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Jan. 22, the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. The new law allowed full term abortions – meaning that a child can be aborted after 24 weeks. The media declared that the hysteria was all for a hoax –as Junior congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez suggested that it may not be ethical to have children, given the difficulties that climate change will likely cause in the years to come. This prompted a swarm of meme magic depicting Cortez as MOMO.

As the controversy over the image swarmed the internet and parents were being told to be afraid of the Momo Challenge – Cardinal George Pell was jailed for six years after being convicted of sexually abusing two boys in Australia.

By the time the whole hysteria subsided, HBO released the film “Leaving Neverland” a two-part documentary, which shares the stories of two men who allege Michael Jackson sexually abused them as children.

As I explained this to those who attended the workshop at the ghost conference, my powerpoint presentation stopped at 27 slides – the computer shut down instantaneously as the produced PowerPoint had 89 but only 27 were seen. I had a replica of the sculpture of Momo that I unveiled to the small crowd. I improvised the rest of my presentation speaking of monsters that are empowered on the internet.

After 45 minutes of discussion, out of nowhere, my cell phone said: “I am not here to talk about monsters.”

I looked at the cell phone and was chilled because the only way to activate my phone is to call out “hey Siri.” The phone spoke on its own—without prompting saying that it was not here to talk about monsters.

I felt nauseous after that and went back out to the area where the vendors were. I was told by two psychics, June Lundgren and Cheri Pang – that there was a dark psychic energy that went through the convention center and that those who were in tune felt it.

I started to feel guilty because I wondered if I was responsible and that this psychic energy as dark as it is was unleashed –and it did not want my message to get out… and it really didn’t.

I wanted to end my presentation with the warning about soul killers that use the internet for sigil magic—and that the sigil magic is being aimed at children and lure them into harm’s way.

This type of chaos magic was used against Max Spiers, who was found dead on a couch in Poland. He died on July 16th, 2016. Before he died, it was said that he vomited a black liquid.

His mother told the press that his investigations into UFO’s and government cover-ups made him enemies that wanted him dead. In a chilling text message to his mother just days before his death, Max wrote: “Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.” Max went to school with actor Orlando Bloom. He lived in the United States for a few years but had returned to the UK to stay with his mother, before jetting off to Poland.

More recently, he was said to be probing into the lives of well-known figures in politics, business and entertainment. He was about to uncover an underground pedophile ring. Powerful people involved in sex magic rituals.

His unexplained death, and its subsequent treatment by the authorities has left many online followers convinced he was killed by government agents.

A few years after Spiers death, the NXIVM sex cult made the news.

Formerly known as Executive Success Programs, Nxivm is the brainchild of Keith Raniere, who was just arrested in Mexico on sex trafficking charges.

Raniere was accused of creating DOS, a “sorority” in which female “masters” recruited “slaves” who were reportedly branded with Raniere’s initials and, according to FBI officials, “considered Raniere’s sex slaves.”

In 2012, Albany’s Times Union published a list of high-profile Nxivm-ites entitled “NXIVM courts rich, powerful and influential.” It cited Roger Stone, who was allegedly employed by Nxivm. A 2007 New York Magazine article asked, “Why should we pay attention to this psycho factory?” continuing, “Because it has well-placed, well-heeled members and appears to be actively pursuing an entrée into political fund-raising. Stone, paid by NXIVM, had funneled at least $20,000 to the state GOP; the heirs to Seagram’s fortune are devotees; and, per the Post, Richard Mays—a Clinton friend and one of Hillary’s top fund-raisers—is an ‘Espian’ as well, having taken so-called intensive classes with Raniere.

The Times Union piece also named a contingent of actresses, including Linda Evans, Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk. Grace Park, best known for roles on Hawaii Five-O and Battlestar Galactica, took part in “Keith Raniere Conversations,” a collection of “informal thoughts on civilization, ethics & humanity.” While the conversations featuring Park appear to have been taken down, remnants of Park’s participation can still be found on the internet.

As The Daily Beast previously reported, allegations have swirled around Mack, the former Smallville actress who is now rumored to be a top Nxivm recruiter. Mack has written openly about her involvement with Nxivm and Jness, a Nxivm women’s group of which Raniere has deemed himself the “conceptual founder,” and can be seen in Jness video testimonials, as well as ones interviewing Raniere himself.

Mack is further alleged to be one of the women who was living with Raniere at the time of his arrest, who “chased the car in which the defendant was being transported in their own car at high speed.”

There have been many untimely deaths of well-known celebrities and rock stars who were also said to be investigating child trafficking and sex magic cults.

One of the two most controversial deaths were of Chris Cornell of Sound Garden and Chester Bennington of Linkin’ Park.

Both Cornell and Bennington allegedly were victims of suicide however there are some people who believe that foul play was involved in both cases.

Bennington sang at Cornell’s funeral after becoming close to him in recent years was reportedly working with Cornell’s foundation to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.

Bennington died on Chris Cornell’s birthday.

There have been conspiracy theories swirling the internet about how both friends were working to expose child abuse and pedophilia in politics and Hollywood.

Astrologers and some of the modern soothsayers are seeing what can be called an Omega point. It apparently is the first time that some of the well-know astrologers are taking into account many things outside of the astrological realms that are influencing people more than just the position of the stars.

They are explaining that there are also influences that are coming from an increase of reverence towards satanic iconography.

There is an insurgence of a new form of Satanism that goes from the ridiculous to the violently criminal.

In various time periods, Satanism has been viewed as an inverted Christian sect, as part of strange occult witchcraft, as an atheist philosophy.

It is now in most cases reactionary and loud – some say the loud ones are harmless but the psychopaths motivated by a theistic worship of the devil see it as an opportunity to kill for sport in the name of his infernal majesty.

Defining Satanism is not easy anymore because most people are reactionary to discussions about it and yet it is so pervasive that no one realizes that they have developed over time, attitudes that can be considered Luciferian or dogmatically Satanist.

Modern Satanism is intertwined with both cultural narratives of the demonic and the dogmatic rebuking of the religious.

With stories in the news about sexual scandals, pedophilia in churches, and corruption, young people today are now becoming more in tune with alternative views on things like socialism, communism, Nazism, voodoo, witchcraft, and Satanism.

There are some that say with social media and the lack of the faithful to keep the trust of the youth — the devil can show up in various forms and insert himself in websites, chat forums, Instagram and many other places.

Those who have tried to warn people have been shouted down and told why bring up something that the media has called a hoax? Well, the reason is clear – soul killers are not hoaxes and neither are those who wish to harm children or rob them of their virtue.

It has been a long time in the making, its pieces fitting into place from divergent realms and different players. Gears and levers of history have been moved and adjusted, and a large-scale game of cognitive dissonance has been played. Using real nightmare scenarios using real currency and real assets shifting hands — a game with very real winners and losers. It has now arrived and many people will be psychologically bruised when the “change” does not fit their expectations. The change is here, all in preparation for the world leader that reigns in the psychic dictatorship.

Written by Ron Patton

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