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Ron Patton | April 23, 2018
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Lately, I have been seeing a number of stories in my clip service pushing the issues of extinction level events that the technocrats say are happening due to Climate Change. The majority of the articles I read speak of a future that doesn’t include the majority of aging adults in the United States of America.

Truth be told, everyone eventually gets sick and when they do they put a burden on the young and the healthy.

The global planners hooked the majority with “climate change” doom saying and the socially engineered “saving the planet from the environmental cataclysmic model” fears requiring a substantial reduction in the population and a weeding out of certain people.

The technocrats say that in order to do this, there needs to be a well-monitored health or medical surveillance state that requires you to pay for health insurance. This is a way to make money, monitor health, and create a shared data base that can be used against you in many respects.

However, the new proposals that have been thrown around lately pose a danger to those who have the misfortune of succumbing to an illness that health authorities say is an inevitable part of all of us living longer.

Consider the million-plus people in the United States with rheumatoid arthritis. RA, as it is known, is an autoimmune disease. It is much less common than osteoarthritis, but the symptoms are every bit as bad: pain, stiffness, swelling and loss of function in affected joints.

There is no cure for RA, but treatment can reduce pain and improve functioning. The drugs of choice cost $10,000 to $30,000 annually most are still patent-protected, with prices rising at double-digit rates. Not surprisingly, the cost of treating RA is soaring. More than $100 of the premium paid by every enrollee in the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges goes toward treatment of inflammatory disease, including RA and related conditions.

Now, keep in mind that as you get older health care is a series of illnesses and maladies like RA. Eighty-four percent of medical spending is for the 50 percent of people with at least one chronic disease; half of spending is for the 16 percent with three or more chronic conditions. People with chronic diseases know they will have them forever; those without have a low chance of contracting one in any year.

Getting old means that you are going to have to face some chronic illness and if the insurance companies have their way, you will be penalized for being sick and if you run out of the money necessary to save your life, then you will be sitting in Darwin’s waiting room waiting for your number to be called.

What is really distressing is that it won’t be long before the arguments for an urgency to justify laws requiring euthanasia, futile care provisions, and weeding out those with undesirable genetic propensities will once again be made in the future.

The implementing of what I call a “Health Penalty” is in reality, a death penalty, where you will be monetarily punished for getting sick, and having the unavoidable maladies that come with growing older.

Think of it as a government sanctioned culling plan.

The culling plan has always been found in the reality of iatrogenic artifacts, and accidental death through the over-medicating of the populace. The culling agenda will not be overt but hidden in the way it is written. The fine print shows that it has been used many times before.

It has already been used in the form of selective treatment, genetics directives and in family planning.

The future is going to be riddled with a series of biological attacks, plagues, and unknown diseases that are difficult to control and those who are victims would most certainly have to pay enough money to earn more life.

The American people who all of a sudden have felt the urge to jump up and down and scream fascism when they see their health care model changing are doing too little too late.

Misinformed political bias is literally setting the system up for failure, and the older we get the less likely we will be able to seek treatment because of limited coverage.

We already have pharmaceutical companies that overcharge for drugs. There are already doctors who refuse treatment because of lack of insurance. While doctors are doing their jobs, many find themselves in a situation where they are unable to do their jobs properly. The technocrats have already proposed that scores of people need to die in order to maintain global sustainability.

When it comes to health matters, visits to the doctor and emergency care Americans are now gambling against the house with proposals that will penalize this sick and lessen the costs of insurance to those who are younger and without bad health.

These proposals can indicate clearly that United States is under the microscope of a well-funded medical surveillance state. One that will monitor every visit and malady and keep a score card of what is wrong with you and how you will burden then system by using what is available to you for your own survival.

When it comes to the medical business, we have indicated that most doctors are middlemen between the patient, Big Pharma, the DEA and the FDA. Many times we have reported that it appears there are changes being made in the medical field and large amounts of money have been exchanged between the pharmaceutical companies, the vaccine developers and doctors.

The insurance situation becomes more of a problem and our nation becomes sicker and the bureaucrats continue to propose that people who become chronically ill pay higher for insurance while those who are young and healthy for the moment pay less.

Eventually, health catches up to all of us and so the older we get, the more we are subjected to poor health. Moreover, those who are sick will be paying more and more money and eventually when they run out their lives will too.

The Affordable Care Act eliminated pre-existing conditions in 2014, and many say that the latest proposals for health care will allow insurance companies to charge more based on a person’s medical history, putting coverage out of reach for sicker, older people.

America’s health is failing, and people are dying by the numbers.

People who have been sick don’t even open their medical bills anymore because they know that owing 6 figures for drugs, surgeries, and other treatments will lead to bankruptcy.

Many patients don’t even do what they have to for preventive care anymore because they can’t afford it and yet they demand to be magically returned to health anyway.

Not only that, but there are people every day who have to deal with the perverse incentives, the limited procedures, the endlessly negative unintended consequences of overstaying your welcome at the hospital.

The scams are endless, the skims are endless, the fraud is endless, the waste is endless, the fortunes expended to limit “winner take all” liability claims are endless, the paperwork churn is endless, and, the perverse incentives and negative unintended consequences are endless.

Everyone knows the system is unsustainable, perverse and insane, but they are powerless to change it within the system as it is. The usual sort of political horse hockey that passes for “reform” or even “repeal” is just a political football that is being passed around, fumbled and nowhere near the end zone.

We are facing the failing financial future of a system with runaway costs, a rapidly aging populace and profiteering pharmaceutical cartels focused on maintaining their rackets regardless of the cost to the nation or the health of its people.

Now, to add to the stress of getting sick, you can’t wade out into what can be called the risk pool – or you will most definitely be eaten by young bureaucratic sharks.

At some point, we all end up paying for someone sicker than ourselves. Until, that is, one day we get sick.

The question has always been whether or not health care should be a right of all people, or a commodity made available based on income and wealth? Today, people in the highest-incomes counties live, on average, 20 years longer.

Over 157 million people get coverage through work, provided or administered by private insurers. But premiums paid through our paychecks and rising deductibles and co-payments are squeezing working families. Private insurers insure another 21 million people, a portion through the Affordable Care Act’s market places. But that also leaves too many people with high costs and, too often, a limited choice of health care providers and plans.

Almost all of the rest of us are covered through government programs like Medicare, Medicaid and the Veterans’ Administration. But Medicare has gaps in coverage and has high out of pocket costs. Some people live in states with very limited Medicaid programs and others who have Medicaid may have trouble finding health care providers to care for them.

28 million are still uninsured.

The sad fact is that while we are paying more for health care our life expectancy here in the United States is becoming lower than most other industrialized countries, and infant mortality rates are higher.

We pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs when nearly one out of five adult Americans cannot even afford the medicine their doctors prescribe.

While Washington argues over healthcare plans that now wish to again eliminate you if you have a chronic illness or pain, maybe we should stop making the same choices expecting a different result.

Big Pharma now has lobbying organizations and others vilifying the use of nutrient supplements to prolong health. While many healthy and successful people use supplements and natural healing we are continually told that it is quackery, expensive, and not worth looking into.

However, the research and the results of using supplements appear time and time again to be beneficial and actually hurts the pharmaceutical companies with millions of dollars of lost revenue annually.

Do you think the mainstream press would encourage you to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry and lower the cost of prescription drugs?

Watch CNN for a half hour during the day and you will see that the majority of their ads are actually for experimental pharmaceuticals, where they encourage you to ask your doctor for these medicines that have some very pronounced side effects.

These medications have patents, where you will have to pay high prices since there is no suitable generic version of the drug.

Since prescription drug advertising was made legal, the major media have come to depend on it for survival. Without it, most of the companies, already financially hard pressed by internet competition, would face potential bankruptcy. So it was not surprising that the major media would pick up something like the misleading Archives of Internal Medicine study and make even more misleading headlines of it.

There is no rational reason why pharmacists and distributors require the triple digit mark up on these drugs. The alternative is to safely import the drugs from Canada and other countries; however, it is difficult to do.

For years now, bills have been brought before Congress in different forms to make nutritional supplements inaccessible.

Big Pharma is not motivated by a desire to keep people healthy; it’s motivated by the desire to protect its trillion in profits.

Drug companies and the FDA are not alone in wishing to suppress supplement alternatives to hyper-expensive patented prescription drugs. They have allies among both politicians and doctors. For example, the Archives of Internal Medicine, run by the American Medical Association, and supported financially by drug companies, often publishes flimsy studies attacking supplements, and generally ignores the considerable scientific evidence in their favor.

One such study, published October 10, 2011, by University of Michigan researchers, purported to show that taking supplements could shorten your life. It caused a media feeding frenzy, with headlines everywhere. The problem was that this study, like its predecessors, was junk science. The women in the study were asked every six years what they had taken. They were supposed to remember what they had taken for the six-year period. The reports did not have to be specific: the word “multivitamin” could mean anything. Who knows what was taken or even it if was taken? It could also be synthetic or natural.

Those who reported taking “multivitamins” were found over time to be healthier on average than others and to live longer. But the authors of the study, who clearly had an anti-supplement agenda, made numerous “adjustments” attributing the good health to other factors.

Once these arbitrary “adjustments” were made, they then concluded that supplements actually made these healthier than average and longer living people unhealthier. Even after the “adjustment,” the statistical evidence was weak to nonexistent, but that did not prevent media from all over the world reporting that supplements may hasten your death.

What was behind this? The AMA seems worried about competition for its brand of medicine, which focuses almost exclusively on conventional drugs and surgery. It is especially worried about competition from “integrative” doctors who include advice about food, supplements, and exercise in their practice.

The AMA and its affiliates also have a tight relationship with drug companies, and depend on them for financial support in many forms, not just journal advertising. Both the AMA and drug companies thus seem determined to trash supplements and those giving advice on supplements.

Another fact that is rarely brought up is that if supplements are all that bad for you – why do big box pharmaceutical companies push their own vitamin supplements?

The Monsanto Bayer conglomerate provides you with One a Day Multivitamins. Pfizer? Wyeth pharmaceuticals owns Centrum vitamins.

Aurobindo Pharma USA is the company that makes Natrol and Miles Laboratories was the company that made candy into vitamins like Flintstones vitamins. Miles Laboratories is now owned by Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Unilever, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline and other big pharmaceutical firms also make or sell supplements.

When all is said and done, it is the monopoly we fight against – it is the idea that we as individuals should demand that while we are doing all we can to stay healthy, they should make access to healthy choices affordable and attainable.

The media’s myopic focus on what can be done to save our lives should be singled out for mockery and disdain.

No one is looking at the true practical and political consequences of flawed and erroneous health information.

If we are going to treat everyone eventually when they get sick enough, why not provide basic insurance that would encourage people to get care earlier? Somebody has to pay, one way or another, for all the care provided in emergency rooms and public clinics for the uninsured and those with chronic illness.

It is preventative care that gets overlooked and that could easily be provided to a U.S. Citizen by its own government.

The rest would be up to the lobbyists, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies to figure out, and even then, trusting their judgment is more than a health sentence – it is a death sentence.

Written by Ron Patton

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