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Clyde Lewis | April 24, 2020
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I stayed late in the office last night looking for some new and interesting stories that could somehow take my mind off of COVID-19. Believe me the task was difficult but there were a few things that were on my mind that some of the listeners suggested I looked into and as I was mulling over their suggestions I was inspired to actually formulate a very chilling theory.

The first suggestion I was most interested in looking into was the connection between comets and their correlation with the fall of empires and the deaths of leaders.

With Comet ATLAS in the sky, Comet Swan and also Borisov, there have been a few suggestions that these comets may be apocalyptic harbingers the possible death of Kim Jong Un should not be ignored.

Well, I am certain that we do not want to put the cart before the horse. Like the man on the cart in Monty Python’s Holy Grail – “He is not dead yet” but of course there are many who are hopeful that the grim reaper has visited the North Korean leader.

What I did find was an anomaly of sorts when looking into the interstellar or what they are now calling the “alien” visitor known as Borisov. You can Google for information on Borisov and curiously they call it an object composed of Alien material or how it is acting in an unusual way.

Gas coming off Borisov contained high amounts of carbon monoxide – far more than comets formed in our solar system – indicating the object had large concentrations of carbon monoxide ice.

Carbon monoxide, is common as a gas in space and forms as ice only in the most frigid locations. The presence of so much carbon monoxide, the researchers said, suggests Borisov formed in a different manner than comets in our solar system – in a very cold outer region of its home star system or around a star cooler than the sun.

The comet is like giving off gas emissions that in reality are quite rare – again, interstellar objects have an alien quality to them –and I can’t help but wonder if these objects or the increase in the sightings of these objects are some camouflaged way of hiding probes that are observing our solar system and our planet.

We have seen also another increase of near earth objects and massive bolides exploding in our atmosphere which only adds to circumstantial evidence that perhaps we are on the midst of some alien incursion drill and that we should be paying attention to celestial events that seem a bit out of the ordinary.

I was alerted to some interesting events that have been happening that would make you wonder if we are being invaded.

Some old footage of a peculiar event that happened over Columbia has been making the rounds online.

Back in 2016, there was a rolling cloud anomaly that many believe looked like the scene in Independence Day, where the mother ship roles in causing clouds to look like they are boiling fire.

Atmospheric conditions can create lenticular clouds that look like flying saucers but this anomalous cloud looked very much like a mothership that was cloaked in cloud cover.

While the anomaly can be dismissed as naturally occurring a huge meteorite came down over Ecuador Wednesday night. It came down near the Los Naranjos enclosure of the canton El Splice in the province of Guayas.

The information was confirmed by Rodrigo Salas, Under Secretary of Nuclear Control and Applications of the Ministry of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources of Ecuador. It apparently hit the ground and burned for some time.

There was a recording of the video where there witnesses were screaming that what fell from the sky was an OVNI.

I have stated many times that one of the books that most impressed me about the cosmic relationship between man and alleged extraterrestrials is “Gods of Eden” be William Bramley. Bramley was a war historian and not a believer in UFO’s or aliens for that matter, but as he did his research he began to see patterns over time.

Those patterns dealt with cataclysmic cycles of natural disasters, pestilence and war and how they were coincidentally entangled with massive UFO sightings and speculation about possible alien invasion.

After he published the book he was invited to speak at various UFO conventions and also furthered his studies in the field of UFO research and was very impressed with some of the books by David Jacobs, “The Threat” and “Walking Among Us.”

I too, have read Jacob’s work and have been intrigued by the possibility of an alien/hybrid seeding program that could very well be a covert operation to put into places of power—agents that certainly would be involved with mutating humanity at a slow burn and in doing so would instigate or create chaos in order to distract us and eventually whittle us down psychologically for an alien invasion.

The biological and psychological warfare waged on humanity has now become vulgar and easily seen by those who have quietly thought that perhaps that the conspiracy is more complex than just men in power deliberately sabotaging and grooming the planet for a major event of cosmic proportions.

It appears that aliens have investments and entanglements with humanity and have through many cyclical cataclysms.

From the times of Adam, to the times of the Atom, we are learning slowly the reality that cataclysms are incursion drills for invisible enemies.

In 1952 it was alleged that President elect Eisenhower received an eight-page document which introduced him to an organization known as Majestic-12. Harry S. Truman allegedly created this shadowy organization in 1947 to investigate reports that strange aircraft had fallen out of the skies in New Mexico.

It was MJ-12’s charge to isolate, contain and utilize possible extra-terrestrial technologies. They were also entrusted to investigate and record the purpose and mission of extra-terrestrial biological entities.

There is a piece within these documents known as Field Order 862 which orders personnel to go to New Mexico to investigate the reports of numerous crashes in early July of 1947.

This order was issued by Truman’s office of the Assistant Chief of Staff and directs a group called the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit or IPU. They returned a seven-page report to the President called “Extraordinary recovery of fallen objects in New Mexico.”

There is a portion in particular that caught my eye when I first read the blurry type of the alleged documents. It was the account of the contamination and subsequent deaths of several personnel after coming in contact with the debris and the extra-terrestrial biological entities that were supposedly inside the wreckage.

One of the technicians was overcome and collapsed when he attempted to remove the bodies from the twisted wreckage. Another medical technician allegedly went into a coma four hours after placing the awfully damaged body of an alien into a rubber body bag for autopsy.

All four of the technicians eventually died of seizures and profuse bleeding. The technicians were all wearing protective suits when they came in contact with the fluids of the occupants.

Directly after these events biological warfare programs were stepped up and new ways to kill humans were readied with new viruses and bacteria agents that were synthesized.

Medical personnel from the Office of Naval Research were called in to do autopsies on the infected men and they were also called in the allegedly examine the occupants of the crash debris found at Roswell.

The question is, did the government take samples of the fluids they found on these alleged aliens and create new strains of retroviruses that are not fully understood by science in order to wipe out an enemy?

Did the shadow groups deliver information about alien technologies and did they exploit them?

Are these new strains of viruses that appear out of nowhere the result of extraterrestrial contact?

Now you might think that I may try and connect a plagues genealogy to Roswell and circumstances would give way to vivid imaginations. However, there is no need to connect those dots.

Combining all of the alleged stories of contact, reverse engineering, new technology, and bio-warfare we begin to see a deadly pattern in all of the chaotic “truth” that exists in the alternative media.

The truth may be more frightening than we realize.

If we are to use science fiction predictive programming as a reference, the writers of many movies and stories have for some time have speculated that the aliens would try to weaken us be using some sort of biological or viral strategy that would guarantee that we would welcome them as saviors.

However, their cure or their solution would be a Trojan Horse as little by little mankind would begin to lose its humanity.

Think about the odds of living in a time that resembles that of the classic alien invasion from the movies.

We have seen the world shut down – like a scene from “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

We are being told to practice social distancing and the slow dehumanizing of the people much like what was seen in the film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” The loss of our humanity in that film was caused by alien spores that turn into pods that transform loving and empathetic humans into apathetic pawns that wish to distance themselves from their loved ones and become one of the herd in the alien hive mind.

In the movie, Prometheus, the extraterrestrial engineers of Earth, had decided that their creation needed to be killed or culled. There is no particular reason given in the film as to why this was the case however a scientific team had learned that a black oily substance was created as some sort of bio-warfare agent to be unleashed on Earth to kill the inhabitants.

The question for one of the biologists is “Why do these beings want us dead, and how can I change their minds so that they won’t unleash some alien substance on the planet that would kill billions of people.”

In the movie,  X-Files: Fight the Future, we are once again shown that while there are known upright walking aliens, either buried in ice or walking among us, the chief concern of the secret group is the “black oil” a substance that is being cultured as a biological weapon by a secret group. The black oil was also called the “black cancer’ and was capable of entering humans and assuming control of their bodies. It was sentient and was capable of communicating. It was “life force” of the alien colonists, and was used as a biological warfare tool to conquer earth by making humans into hybrids.

Those humans behind the conspiracy to change humanity were called the “syndicate” very wealthy men that wanted to usher in what Hitler called “The Final Solution,” which is the culling of one type of human and having it replaced by the new human or the future human or perhaps an alien hybrid facsimile.

The syndicate develops a vaccine that we are told protects us from the alien virus, however, later it is revealed that the vaccine can be triggered to be a lethal agent that can cull undesirables before the final invasion.

This is a metaphor of the current technocratic health system that seems to be aiding in what can be called the “Sixth Extinction.” This is the culling of humans in order to yield more resources for the elite that are organizing their globalist technocracy.

The main value that exists in the technocratic paradigm of medicine is separation. There is the principle of separation that states things are better understood outside of their context, that is, divorced from related objects or persons. Techno-medicine continually separates the individual into component parts, the process of reproduction into constituent elements, and experience of childbirth from the flow of life. But first and foremost, it separates the human body from the human mind.

The process begins with social distancing, eliminating the need for sexual procreation, and the eventual goal of zero population growth. Bringing the planet to what can be called a desired population total.

In medieval times, this was spoken of in a treatise known as The De essentiis essentiarum. The De essentiis essentiarum roughly follows the “great chain of being,” from God and the angels down to animals, plants, and minerals. The principle of separation of mind from body is crucial in alchemy and also in genetics as we can see our bodies and thoughts as nothing but inanimate parts that can be used in the hermetic perfection of man or making man more than just a man.

The cult of Hermes Trismegistus in Alexandria was one of the main occult inputs into the Gnosticism of today. There are many people who see the symbol as an evil symbol with strong occult ties. Traditional Christians have decried Gnosticism as “Luciferianism,” or to the extreme, “Satanism,” and that it will be the state religious philosophy in the end times New World Order as Hermes was considered the replacement for Jesus Christ as the perfected man and god.

The Antichrist, of course, will make the claim that he is the leader of the Hermetic order and will be the replacement as the perfect man and god in apocalyptic scripture. His order will have the symbol of the dragon or the serpent.

This is allegedly the system that will use health, DNA data bases, vaccines, and eugenics directives to create the perfection of man on earth it can also be used as the impetus for the screening process of what can be called undesirables or even identifying those that may have been the result of the hybrid process.

Health care, DNA databases, genetics directives, and groups that have the power over life and death are now being put into play and people are now listening to them because they are declaring that they are the only ones who can provide the antidote.

The plan is the culling, the new race under surveillance, and the alien infiltration.

Of course the events do not have to happen in that order.

It is the alien agenda that with all of its difficulties, is being embraced by those who do not understand the art of mesmerism and the programming that is used to make an impression on “group think” or “crowd psychology”.

This theme was also in the main plot of Arthur C. Clarke’s, “Childhood’s End” where Karellen tells the inhabitants of Earth that their progeny will be perfected and their seed shall be the DNA base for a new civilization on a new planet.

The transhumanistic and technocratic style is more or less without the obstacle of a soul that literally gets in the way of the process of treating the body like a machine that may be in need of an artificial part or substance to sustain it.

From the stories of Roswell, to the stories of terrifying abductions we have spun a huge mythology based on the grim reality of human experimentation that has led to where we are today.

Keep in mind that from the 1950’s to the 1980’s more people were coming forward saying that they were taken from their beds or even taken from their cars or their farms and were experimented on in flying saucers or UFO’s.

From the accounts of Betty and Barney Hill, to the remarkable accounts of Whitley Strieber and Travis Walton we have been told about the alien abduction phenomenon.

Remember, that back then we were told by abductees that it was the aliens who allegedly experimented on our animals and plant life. It was the aliens that conducted intrusive and horrific experiments on humans. It was the aliens who were cloning. It was the aliens that were mixing species and creating mutations. It was the aliens who predicted that we would see the results of our meddling with powers that would eventually destroy us.

Now, we are hearing that these are all products of a technocracy that has no problem playing God or even God’s executioner when they feel the need to do so.

There has also been the theory that world governments are involved with the abduction processes and that perhaps a collusion with aliens exists or the most horrifying of all, humans are carrying out these experiments and using the alien stories as a cover. After all, an “alien” would not be able to stand trial for these crimes against humanity. Abductees were claiming for many years that invasive procedures were being used for some higher purpose and that DNA was being sequenced in order to study humans. The invasive procedures included the removal of sperm, ova, DNA, and human fetuses.

Abductees for many years were saying they have seen first-hand that these aliens were able to extract sperm and ova from them but many claimed they saw clones of themselves and clones of several other mammals in labs that were on ships. Many abductees made claims that the aliens were using their DNA to replicate alien hybrids. These cases were best known and heard in the early seventies and eighties.

While we argued their validity in the 1990’s, it is evident that now cloning is a reality and DNA sequencing has been going on in order to map the human genome.

A genome that can be tampered with and re-sequenced to mutate the population or even create genetically sequenced diseases that can weaken us until we have no choice but to fall into a pit of despair and surrender our control to the technocrats. We now can introduce foreign genes into the embryos of mice, cows, sheep, and pigs for, there’s no technological reason to suggest that it can’t be done in humans too.

There is no technological reason why alien DNA cannot be introduced to the genome.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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