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Ron Patton | April 4, 2018
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Today, I was reading an interesting article about how young people and some older adults today cannot identify the lower case letter “g,” especially when the letter is depicted in the looptail style.

Surprisingly, many people are unaware that the letter’s two printed forms exist at all. In a study, the looptail g was shown to test subjects when asked what letter of the alphabet it was – no one could answer.

Scientists at John Hopkins University in Baltimore suggested that the phenomenon likely occurs because we are not taught the loop tail form at school, despite the letter being used in most novels, magazines and newspapers. Lead author of the study Professor Michael McCloskey said: ‘We think that if we look at something enough, especially if we have to pay attention to shape as we do during reading, then we would know what it looks like, but our results suggest that’s not always the case.

In the first test, they investigated whether people knew there were two lowercase print Gs. The team asked 38 adults to list letters with two lowercase print varieties, with just two naming g and only one writing both forms correctly. Study co-author Kimberly Wong: ‘We would say: “There are two forms of g. Can you write them?” And people would look at us and just stare for a moment, because they had no idea. ‘Once you really nudged them on, insisting there are two types of g, some would still insist there is no second form of the lower case letter “g.”


Once again, we ask ourselves about the loss of collective memory and the Mandela Effect.

Since at least 2010, an online community has shared the apparently unshakeable recollection of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s, despite the fact that he lived until 2013, leaving prison in 1990 and going on to serve as South Africa’s first black president.

The flawed collective recall of this event or non event has been a subject of several radio shows and there have been requests that I revisit the subject that has been deemed the Mandela Effect.

There have been many occasions where we have talked about the Mandela Effect and what is causing flawed consensus recall. I use the term flawed consensus recall – because it appears that the technocrats use that term in order to explain the differences in collective memory about history and pop culture.

Since I found out about the Mandela Effect, I have been obsessed with it.

There are so many possibilities as to why the phenomenon exists — the most intriguing is the theory that perhaps there is a some sort of blurring of the timelines and because of particle accelerator tests conducted at CERN there have been abrupt cross streaming effects where people now cannot trust their own sense of memory recall because it is alleged that in one time line the memory held up, but now in the manipulated continuum, past recollection can no longer be trusted.

Studies of collective memory have traditionally been the domain of philosophers and sociologists, while cognitive psychologists have largely investigated memory at the level of the individual. However, within cognitive psychology there is a variety of psychological theories and experimental paradigms that have been used to study the process and outcomes of remembering in groups.

We can safely and logically assume that the set of collective memories that a group holds clearly evolves over time. One reason for this is that people tend to be marked most by events in their adolescence or young adulthood — a phenomenon known as the ‘reminiscence bump’. As a new generation grows up, events that happen to its members during their youth override the events that previously dominated society, and thus ‘update’ the collective memory.

So there are collective groups, one that remembers older events or perceives events one way and younger collective groups that have vague memories of older times, brought to them by the media and a perception of contemporary data brought to them through social media.

However, The Mandela Effect theory says that both groups are actually remembering correctly. The difference is that one group lived in one timeline or reality and the other group experienced a different timeline in their past.

Psychologists describe the disconnect between our memories and realities as a confabulation. The term describes a disturbance of memory, which can result in the production of fabricated or misinterpreted memories, even despite contradictory evidence. It may not even be intentionally happening and can be related to brain damage.

Another explanation for the Mandela Effect, as proposed by neuroscientist Caitlin Aamodt, may be suggestibility – our tendency to want to believe what others are suggesting to be true. Especially, in the Petri dish of the internet, it’s not surprising if supposed instances of the Mandela Effect spread like memes. I certainly wouldn’t be the first to point out how truth of an event or fact is often not revenant to its dissemination online.

Today with the reality of simple crowd think brought on by clever propaganda, world events are not simply circumstantial, but the result of an organized campaign by an elite group of unseen and widely unknown world leaders. Their beliefs in ancient symbolism, secret societal occultism, and ritual magic affect us all regardless of our individual religious beliefs or practices. Those in power obviously answer to other philosophies secretly. Outwardly, our leaders use new age and biblical symbolism to exercise absolute dictatorial control over the world.

They engender a counterfeit reality that is some warped sense of reverence for their well-oiled systems for control.

They most certainly have a blueprint they follow and they are quite capable of utilizing psychological warfare and mind control as a mechanism to rob you of your cognitive liberty.

Social engineers or master magicians have more power over us than we realize. It is uncomfortable to think that governments have spent billions of dollars to ring sophisticated Pavlovian bells to get their dogs to do tricks without being told.

Those who rob us of our cognitive liberty see it as some sort of human alchemy, where they wish to change us psychologically. The reasons are not quite clear; however, the prevailing theory is that we are being programmed to accept a new philosophy or ideology that will save us from the pratfalls of a so called “flawed world.”

One can argue that the world today is flawed; however, the flaws may be the result of mixed messages and sophisticated mind control that is effective in generating a schism meant to obfuscate the knowledge and information that we have obtained.

If you think about information on an esoteric level you can actually determine that the data we create, all the thoughts we have and the conversations we have are what make us who we are personally. Our thoughts and our communication, all the information about us is technically part of what we call the soul.

Is collective recall a branch of the soul, or the transmission of packet data on a quantum level?

With this idea in mind, wouldn’t be advantageous for the elite to create some sort of machine or apparatus that could actually induce a mass recall of something that has never happened and yet we remember it happening a certain way?

In recent days, millions of viewers across the country have been subjected not only to a statement concerning “fake news” eerily repeated verbatim by dozens of local television stations across the country, but also to reports uncovering the fact that those stations had been instructed to recite a canned statement about fake news and control of the bracketed narrative.

Sinclair broadcasting was responsible for the mass report and liberal leaning news organizations began attacking them saying that their right leaning newscasts will certainly broadcast the talking points of President Trump.

Regardless of Sinclair’s political leanings, the focus of the issue should be that almost all “local” news stations are following the marching orders of a higher authority and its agenda. The public should be aware not just of Sinclair, but of the danger that arises when one company, whether it’s Sinclair, Nexstar, Tribune, Gannett, or any other entity which owns an alarmingly high volume of stations around the country and wields control over what agendas are planted in the collective memory of the country.

I made it clear that the biggest worry I had about so-called fake news and the state of media is that what they report shapes history and communal agreement as to what history is or isn’t.

Fake news breeds fake history, and from fake history we tend to transition into faulty collective recall.

In Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley states:

“In their propaganda today’s dictators rely for the most part on repetition, suppression and rationalization — the repetition of catchwords which they wish to be accepted as true, the suppression of facts which they wish to be ignored, the arousal and rationalization of passions which may be used in the interests of the Party or the State. As the art and science of manipulation come to be better understood, the dictators of the future will doubtless learn to combine these techniques with the non-stop distractions which, in the West, are now threatening to drown in a sea of irrelevance the rational propaganda essential to the maintenance of individual liberty and the survival of democratic institutions.”

Huxley also spent a great deal of time discussing how completely filled with propaganda all of our human societies are, and that it’s not always totally insidious. After all, the use of persuasion and the innate susceptibility for human beings to be persuaded is in fact part of our social makeup.
He continues by saying:

“Suffice it to say that all the intellectual materials for a sound education in the proper use of language — an education on every level from the kindergarten to the postgraduate school — are now available. Such an education in the art of distinguishing between the proper and the improper use of symbols could be inaugurated immediately.

Indeed, it might have been inaugurated at any time during the last thirty or forty years. And yet children are nowhere taught, in any systematic way, to distinguish true from false, or meaningful from meaningless, statements.

Why is this so? Because their elders, even in the democratic countries, do not want them to be given this kind of education.”

That’s simply fascinating and shows there’s an institutional bias against providing people with the tools needed in order to identify mind-control and propaganda. Dominant institutions may not agree on much, but they agree that people shouldn’t be critical thinkers.

I propose another way of looking at the Mandela Effect and that is seeing it as an induced defect — a form of prosthetic memory that is always abruptly forced into transition because of hyper reality manipulation.

This makes us stop for a moment and ponder the possibility that there is some sort of exotic technology being used to create the Mandela Effect — a technology that either blurs timelines or scrubs collective memory.

Whatever this technology may be, it seems to be able to send the whole world, or probably more at least all the inhabitants of the world, to other alternate dimensions and parallel worlds.

This way, they can change the past in a sense, as they can go and make some changes in a parallel world to change the history there to be the way they want it, and move all of us over there. And it seems to be exactly this that is happening with the Mandela Effect. They got a problem they did not manage to solve yet. And that is the memory of people and how to “overwrite” our memory with changes they do in such a parallel world before sending us over there.

Memory seems to be spirit-bound, or part of the soul, beyond physical matter, something that appears to be the technocrat’s newest conquest.

Thus, the Mandela Effect, and the reason we only see small changes here and there, such as a change in a logo, new dialogue in a movie, changed song lyrics, etc, is because they are experimenting. They are making minor changes, to observe the population and see if we notice and how we react, as they try to figure out how to control our memories as well.

So, they change a little thing here and there, sometimes back and forth, things small enough for the general population to blame it on things such as bad memory etc. It seems they are also experimenting with groups of people, and not all at once, since some people do remember the “alternate” version of things always having been that way, while others know for a fact it changed.

Whether this is something they do on purpose, or some side effect, whether we now are a mix of people from different timelines or not, is hard to say and will still have to be somewhat of a theory.

So not only do we see the attempts at taking your DNA and creating genetically modified humans, we are also seeing the illegal and intrusive way a government steal your soul to manipulate your memory and insert ideas that you did not have before.

Having false memories, living in other time lines, and not recognizing letters of the alphabet, to give recent examples.

The data of course can be used for all sorts of things from incrimination to mind control.

Now, scientists are reporting that they are now capable of installing a prosthetic memory in the human brain.

A pilot study conducted by a team of researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the University of Southern California successfully implemented a prosthetic memory system in a human brain.

The technology taps into an individual’s natural memory patterns to strengthen the brain’s ability to encode and recall information. Researchers found that the system improved a patient’s short-term memory performance by nearly 40 percent. In particular, it helps with an individual’s episodic memory, which is what Alzheimer’s patients or those who suffer strokes and head trauma typically see weaken.

The study tested the prosthetic memory system on epilepsy patients who were already participating in a diagnostic brain-mapping procedure using surgically-implanted electrodes in different parts of the brain to detect seizures. They sought to influence the firing patterns of neurons in hippocampus, the part of the brain that oversees new memories.

To do this, the scientists used the electrodes to record the firing patterns while the patients participated in a computerized memory test. The patients were shown an image, and then after a brief pause in which the screen went black, they were tasked with picking that image out of a group of others. When correct responses were made, the team was able to create a unique “code” from the neural firing patterns.

The researchers then synthesized that code within the prosthetic memory system and played it back to the patients as they performed the image task again. Participants showed a 37 percent improvement in correct responses using the system.

A second test had participants perform the same memory task, but had to wait up to 75 minutes before being asked to pick the correct original image. When the prosthetic memory system was activated with the longer delay, participants showed a 35 percent improvement in recall.

This means that doctors now can tap into a patient’s own memory content, reinforce it and feed it back to the patient.

The researchers hope the technology as they continue to build it will eventually help people recall long-term memories that are particularly meaningful to patients.

However, in the wrong hands, the question is whether or not these types of prosthetic memories can be implanted in a collective manner – creating a false or neglected memory that can be nurtured into becoming unquestionable fact.

It seems the majority of the American people are being easily held in a cage of guilt, grief, and self-absorption. They want to point fingers at those who speak out against the dangerous game that is being played now with the collective mind.

With advancements in technology, there is so much food for thought, and as we take it all in we may not even stop to try and analyze what it is we are being fed.

Written by Ron Patton

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