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Ron Patton | April 6, 2018
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There is no doubt there are a lot of nervous people in America. You can always point out those who are nervous as they appear to be the ones who speak out against things that stimulate creative expressionism in the world. Books, teachers, and entertainment can open up thoughts and feelings that some people believe we should suppress.

Censorship in many forms is rearing its ugly head and with censorship comes a lack of information. Lack of information can breed collectivism. Collectives are formed for many reasons. Some of them have become secret societies, organized resistance groups, self help groups and religious cults.

HG Wells was the author of a book called “The Open Conspiracy.” This book was an expose on what the elite were planning for the future and how a powerful cult of Oligarchs would gradually take over the world, creating a ‘New World Order’ that would replace world religion and world government. He stated that it all would be replaced by collectivism. He stated that collectivism would kill religion by replacing it as the new religion and philosophy.

The only way it could be secured according to Welles was to find ways to put programmed leaders into religious and political positions so that they can convince the consensus to accept collectivism as the replacement for religion.

Collectivism is a term used to describe any moral, political, or social outlook, which stresses human interdependence and the importance of a collective, rather than the importance of separate individualism. In other words, defining one’s self or one’s work by a group or collective rather than by one’s own individuality.

As humans, we have tendencies towards defining ourselves in collective groups.

Mostly by our religious and political views, there are some who define themselves by their country of origin. There are some who predict that the future will bring us to a time where the entire world will function with a “hive” mentality.

Children are now learning how to become collectivists through what is called “Cooperative Learning”: “Students must work in groups to complete tasks collectively toward academic goals. Unlike individual learning, which can be competitive in nature, students learning cooperatively can capitalize on one another’s resources and skills…Furthermore, the teacher’s role changes from giving information to facilitating students’ learning. Everyone succeeds when the group succeeds.”

Collectivism has found varying degrees of expression in such movements as socialism communism and fascism.

Today, we see that the individual no longer has credibility, we are watching flash in the pan gurus and activists show us a world where the “greatest good for the greatest number” is the overriding principle, and where that principle is defined by the elite few,. As much as it sounds crazy to some, eventually the term “mind control” will have a positive connotation.

It will be accepted as the obvious strategy for achieving “peace in our time.”

Many Americans today are being emotional blackmailed into surrendering their rights, their belongings, their money, their weapons and their freedom of expression.

It is all for the greater good of all – it is an act of spreading the wealth of increase at the expense of the individual.

It is the similar dynamic that is used in organizing religious cults.

The idea that we are part of the last generation is becoming pervasive. There are plenty of reasons why people feel this way. Clever propaganda is now being used for psychological warfare and while we point fingers at sophisticated government programs dealing in mind control as a culprit – we forget that there are also organizations which claim to be religious that will tell you that everything we thought we knew about the world is wrong.

They will wield the cudgel of scapegoating in order to get you to hate your way into the kingdom of heaven.

The psychological and spiritual warfare that is used by marginal religious sects preys upon those who feel that the world has been poisoned by a liberal culture teaching seductive lies about “love” and “compassion.” Marginal religious sects use extremist views about the end of the world and that common things that we use everyday are tools which the devil is using to prepare his end-times deception.

It can be said that Americans are end times addicts, they enjoy prophecy. Any voice that confirms their misery or good fortunes is respected. Biases are confirmed and many Americans congregate in places where leadership or clergy tends to gradually contextualize religious gospel to meet the needs of the flock.

These leaders are gifted in the art of social engineering where the collective is encouraged to leave everything to the supernatural, the will of God or even the will of the leadership of the collective.

When seeking out spiritual guidance people generally want to hear from God. When God fails to give them the answers they seek, they sometimes stumble upon some prophet or guru that claims to speak on behalf of God.

Consultation through foretelling or forth telling through spirit mediums or self proclaimed prophets or gurus is generally accepted as prophecy.

Where organized religion fails, the collective cults thrive and soon the Prophets see more financial profit in the collective hive mind.

Many Americans are losing their grip on the traditional values that they have been raised with. The harsh reality is one in which many traditions have died out to the extent that they cannot now be properly recovered.

A majority of Americans live in economic misery and a daily reality of grinding poverty. In this context, many a people are seeking for answers or to hear what God has for their bleak future.

The self-help and “mind-body-spirit” scenes are billion dollar industries, and they are becoming substitutes for spirituality and alternatives to organized religion.

What is deceptively being presented to the general public as a viable and appealing alternative to mainstream religious institutions is largely owned by corporations and individuals looking to profit from people’s natural interest in spirituality, making it nothing more than a cleverly disguised offshoot of the mainstream itself.

Corporations and individuals who sell spirituality select fragments of ancient spiritual concepts or teachings and then repackage them to be more appealing as a product to sell. In the process, however, they violate the integrity of the original source and distort the original meaning and purpose.

This has created a confusing landscape that is difficult to navigate for spiritual seekers looking for truth beyond the mainstream and has begun to change the very definition of what “spirituality” is, as it turns more into an alluring commodity to be bought and sold instead of a way of life.

Recently, I have noticed that there have special features or television documentaries that have focused on religious cults like the Branch Davidians, Heaven’s Gate, and The Manson family.

There have also been tell all reports about Scientology and how certain members of this religious group are also using the destructive group dynamic to prophet off those who have become disenchanted with the world.

There has been a lot of buzz recently about a Netflix special called, Wild Wild Country, that features the seldom-heard Rajneeshee cult and commune.


Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a cult leader from India, gathered 2,000 followers at a remote Eastern Oregon ranch.

He later became a political and social force that collided with traditional values of the area. His conflict later led to attempted murder, domestic terrorism, global manhunts and later prison time.

Wild Wild Country producers and directors have managed to track down what is left of the group to tell the story about how a cult group moved from India to Oregon and were the subject of wild headlines for four years.

Thousands of the cult members dressed in red, worked without pay and idolized Osho; better known as the Bhagwan – a wispy-haired bearded man who sat silent before them.

Followers, known as Sannyasins, also displayed their devotion to the guru by wearing malas, wood bead necklaces holding a photo of Rajneesh.

They settled in the area of Antelope Oregon, a place with a population of around 50 people. They had taken over a worn-out cattle ranch to build a religious utopia. They formed a city, and took over another. To show appreciation to their leader member of the cult provided him with 93 Rolls Royce automobiles.

Their said purpose was to live in utopian peace in a communal lifestyle.

Resettling in Oregon was the work of his chief of staff, Ma Anand Sheela, then 31 years old. She was a native of India, born to a privileged family as Sheela Patel. She wasn’t after enlightenment.

She was hungry for power, the perfect instrument for the guru’s ambition.

In the documentary, Wild Wild Country, the producers track down Sheela, who is now an old soft-spoken woman; however, if you go back in time, Sheela would use her soft spoken charm as an act.

At first, Sheela charmed Oregon ranchers and politicians. Early on, she hosted a dance in the community where cowboys partied until dawn. She curried favor, buying 50 head of cattle from a Wasco County commissioner, even though the commune was vegetarian.

However the cult’s pushiness got old really quick.

They made plenty of enemies, often deliberately.

Rajneeshee leaders were less than gracious in demanding government and community favors. Usually tolerant community members pushed back, sometimes in threatening ways. Both sides were at odds, often publicly, before matters escalated far beyond verbal taunts and nasty press releases.

However, the collective had some dark secrets that were eventually revealed after the Utopia collapsed.

Hand-picked teams of Rajneeshees had executed the largest biological terrorism attack in U.S. history, poisoning at least 700 people. They ran the largest illegal wiretapping operation ever uncovered. And their immigration fraud to harbor foreigners remains unrivaled in scope. The revelations brought criminal charges, defections, global manhunts and prison time.

Back in 1984, the Rajneesh bio terror attack made headlines when more than 750 people were poisoned with Salmonella in The Dalles, Oregon. A leading group of followers of Osho, had hoped to incapacitate the voting population of the city so that candidates who were members of the cult would win the 1984 Wasco County elections. The incident was the first bioterrorism attack in the United States, and the single largest bioterrorist attack in United States history. The attack is one of only two confirmed terrorist uses of biological weapons to harm humans in the United States.


They contaminated salad bars at numerous restaurants, and spread dangerous bacteria at a grocery store, a public building and a political rally.

To strike at government authority, Rajneeshee leaders considered flying a bomb-laden plane into the Wasco county courthouse 16 years before al-Qaida used planes as weapons.

And power struggles within Rajneeshee leadership spawned plans to murder even some of their own.

The story of the cult and their downfall often illustrates how collective corralling for a proposed utopia often falls apart with the leadership benefitting and the followers become bitter conspirators against a silent and uncaring governing body.

It is like any proposed utopian lie given to us from Marxist socialists, to National Socialists to even Democrats and Republicans. They approach you with the request “Please join us, because you are on our side and will fight to the death against the other “false” forms of collectivism.

Collectivism, in fact, cannot be established unless there is an agreed upon partisan dogma in which there has to be a commitment to an ideal and that it is imperative that you condemnation all others equally to facilitate the new order instead of the old.

Ayn Rand once said that “Collectivism means the subjugation of the individual to a group — whether to a race, class or state does not matter. Collectivism holds that man must be chained to collective action and collective thought for the sake of what is called ‘the common good’.”


Lately, we have been hearing a lot about threats to our “democracy.” However, we need not forget that pure democracy is a form of collectivism — it readily sacrifices individual rights to majority wishes.

Since it involves no constitutional bill of rights, or at least, no working and effective one, the majority-of-the-moment can and does vote away the rights of the minority-of-the-moment, even of a single individual.

It is where the ‘mob rules and the majority of the moment calls itself a resietence without purpose.

Most do not understand that the so-called Democracy has been bastardized to become one the greatest threats to liberty.

In a wild wild country that romanticizes the victim, collectives will rise up demanding that they be the majority of the moment in control and if everyone plays the victim – then no one can help anyone.

We will then be a cult or a collective that thrives on learned helplessness and hopelessness.

This will leave us desperate enough to allow anyone, whether it be a cult leader, guru, angel or demon, to declare themselves leader over us.

Waiting in the wings is the Anti-Christ du jour – your tailor made prophet for profit.

Written by Ron Patton

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