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Clyde Lewis | April 6, 2020
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If you are a person who has an ear for the prevailing conspiracy theory you would know that every conspiracy follows a set of rules, especially conspiracies that are headed up by the elite. Many people have been able to see patterns in the matrix, and with the knowledge of what is becoming, they become acutely aware and are so intensely conscious of their thoughts that they have the mind to stay awake and inquisitive.

We are in a world that is constantly changing and is constantly manipulated. These manipulations and changes are being made by very powerful people who are twisted enough to warn you when you are in the cross-hairs of one of their diabolical agendas.

Using what intuitive skills we have, we can tap into the storehouse of information we have accumulated over time and understand that there are many things that go one that are not by accident.

Things happen for a reason, and there are things that I have reported for you to prepare for that may not be as immediate as you would like but there really is no statute of limitations on predictions that urge preparedness.

Clearly, there are manipulators that continually try to cover up and obfuscate their machinations. The more we are aware of them the more we should feel obligated to expose them. However, it is important to fully understand what is happening without jumping to conclusions or rattling off some Illuminati list of enemies that we always hear about.

We have been living in what can be called a sophisticated age where we believe we have escaped the reality of an apocalypse. We now have had a taste of what an apocalyptic moment feels like as we get cabin fever in our homes due to lockdown.

Every day we survive or avoid a sniffle or a tickle in the throat is one more day we can laugh at the CDC and the World Health Organization. But need we be reminded that there has always been a conspiracy of sorts to bring scarcity to the world so that the people would beg deliverance from a world order that will establish a socialist government?

I want to take the time to put some things in perspective.

I want to emphasize that COVID-19 is not some hoax that can be dismissed as a typical flu. When it attaches itself to you, it does so without respect for your political views or religious affiliation. This is something we hear about daily.

However, I need to certainly implore those who have followed our coverage of this during and prior to the outbreak you know that we have given you various scenarios that were alleged contributing factors as to where we are now.

While the media is throwing out death tolls and warning us of social distancing, there are many conspiracy theories that take what is complex and making haphazard connections and declarations that need to be put into perspective.

We know that there are many people that are thinking that the COVID-19 release is the Illuminati’s way of culling the population. In the end we will probably realize that COVID-19 death tolls may not meet the goals of the cabal that are trying to cull the population to meet their 500 million population totals but this is only the beginning.

What it will do however will meet the goals of what Henry Kissinger outlined in the “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests.”

COVID -19 will also be used in order to facilitate a required 10 % of each Nation’s Gross Domestic product that the United Nations believes will be required to maintain order.

United Nation’s Chief Antonio Gutierres release a plan on March 31st that will in his opinion save the world economy” by directly and indirectly seizing more cash from the taxpayers who already pay for it via the 193 countries – mostly via the US – that rule over them.

In a fifteen-minute long video on the “economic impacts” of COVID-19, Mr. Gutierres took the path UN-boosters have walked for decades: calling for more worldwide control of businesses, worldwide bailouts, wider monetary meddling, and a mandate to shovel ten percent of worldwide gross domestic product (GDP) to keep the world order in business.
Gutierres said in a statement:

“What is needed is a large-scale, coordinated and comprehensive multilateral response amounting to at least 10 per cent of global GDP. We must massively increase the resources available to the developing world by expanding the capacity of the International Monetary Fund, namely through the issuance of Special Drawing Rights, and the other international financial institutions to rapidly inject resources into the countries that need them.”

This is where we see that the collectivists at the UN are trying to camouflage their redistribution of wealth by throwing it behind a mask of “saving the world economy” after COVID -19.

Furthermore, Gutierres was quoted as saying :

“The recovery from (the) COVID-19 crisis must lead to a different economy. Everything we do, during and after this crisis, must be with a strong focus on building more equal, inclusive, and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change, and many other global challenges we face.”

So, now the UN is combining its rhetoric about “climate change” with its go-to-terminology about globalism and the new issue, a pandemic, to call for more of precisely that which makes society less able to deal with naturally occurring troubles.

This is an underhanded way of getting the money they wanted for the smart cities they were proposing where green deal energy would all be linked together with 5G.

190 scientists from 38 nations have submitted the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations, UN member states and the World Health Organization (WHO) requesting they adopt more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk from this rapidly increasing environmental pollutant.

The scientists who have signed the Appeal have collectively published over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing radiation.

Just as any new technology claims to offer the most advanced development; that their definition of progress will cure society’s ills or make life easier by eliminating the drudgery of antiquated appliances, the WiFi Alliance was organized as a worldwide wireless network to connect ‘everyone and everything, everywhere” as it promised “improvements to nearly every aspect of daily life.”

The Alliance, which makes no pretense of potential health or environmental concerns, further proclaimed that there are “more WiFi devices than people on Earth”. It is that inescapable exposure to ubiquitous wireless technologies wherein lies the problem.

The medical and scientific data is overwhelming and irrefutable as the wireless industry, the MSM and government agencies, frequently the last to acknowledge a pervasive health problem, continue to protect the industry from widespread public awareness of the insidious effects of the latest generation of digital by-products.

Even prior to the 1997 introduction of commercially available WiFi devices which has saturated every industrialized country, EMF WiFi hotspots were everywhere. Today with the addition of cell and cordless phones and towers, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and the pervasive computer WiFi, both adults and especially vulnerable children are surrounded 24-7 by an inescapable presence with little recognition that all radiation exposure is cumulative.

Without the expansion of 5G and all its invasive algorithmic tentacles into our personal lives, intelligence gathering would be severely curtailed, without which Big Brother would be relegated to knocking on doors and handwritten notes.
Lately however, I have had some concerns about information being espoused by some conspiracy theorists about 5G – that will most certainly cloud the issue as to what harms the body and what doesn’t.

An increasing number of conversations on and offline have claimed to find insidious links between the roll out of 5G networks and coronavirus. Claims suggesting that COVID-19 serves as a cover up for health hazards of 5G are now making the rounds with many people coming out of the woodwork claiming that their case is airtight –when we are dealing with something that can do harm – but will certainly be dismissed as it has been vilified with an unfounded conspiracy theory.

I need to warn people that while 5G has been found to create health problems for people– 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories will undermine the idea that 5G truly is unsafe.

This is a message that is very important because with all the credible evidence about radio fields causing health problems – they will all be discredited with a blanket of disinformation and soon it will be hard to have the credible information heard.

Full 5G is not available in all states, and so far the goal is to have the majority of states well equipped for the 5G experience. Most carriers are calling their 5G – 5G evolution as most carriers are now using 4LG and a few cities already have 5G for consumers.

Even though your phone may say 5G on it, it may not be functioning at the level of full 5G.

The roll out for 5G in the states began in January and so the move is to hopefully have everyone at full 5G by Christmas – however it may have been delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, there are conspiracy theories that are claiming that the COVID-19 “Stay at home” order was issued so that no one would be able to see the new towers being installed in neighborhoods.

Cell towers and 5G boxes are being installed all the time and the public has been able to witness this even before the COVID-19 orders were given to shelter in place.

People do not understand that 5G is a small cell technology.

Small cell wireless facility deployment requires streamlined federal, state and local permitting, rights of way, application timelines and other siting and application fees, and application review timelines and appeals processes to make it economically feasible for wireless companies to deploy the technology across communities.

This requires smaller cell towers that would have to be closer to each other and many states are unable to accommodate such measures at the moment.

In order for 5G to be effective in some markets, you will have to see a cell tower placed every three to 10 homes.

This is why it is proposed that many of the 5G boxes be deployed on light poles.

Many states are making it harder for companies to obtain permits to install 5G towers. Last Year Donald Trump also made it difficult for Chinese technology to be used to push 5G on citizens.

Trump signed an executive order to block Huawei, the Chinese 5G telecommunications company, from doing business in the United States and with our allies around the globe.

Critics last year blasted the President saying that this would have us lagging behind China and their advanced 5G programs.
However, this has pushed companies like Dell and Microsoft to build out proper 5G-centric hardware businesses.

Now, it is important to point out that there are cities with 5G networks but COVID-19 is appearing everywhere even without 5G. We already know that electro-smog is everywhere and how it can hurt the immune system but the direct connection to 5G is not in the cards.

5G may contribute to various immune-deficiencies but there are not enough areas to prove a direct link to COVID-19.
The direct link conspiracy theory will no doubt harden the resolve of the mainstream to vilify the already exhaustive research that has gone into circumventing the installation of the technology in places that have refused it.

In our original research that we provided last October in the article Primrose Pathology it was clear that there was reason to believe that 5G has been linked to fungal activation in the human body.

The CDC was conducting studies on 5G and a connection to the activation of “Candida auris” in the body.

The results of that study were not made known to the public.

“Candida auris” hit several countries around the world over the last five years and was recently found in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.

Like COVID-19 it is “multidrug-resistant” and called a “mystery” because it is difficult to identify with standard lab tests. The results have been damaging as it spread throughout several healthcare facilities without medical officials being aware.

The New York Times reported an elderly man admitted into a Brooklyn hospital for an abdominal surgery was found to have the new deadly germ after a blood test was taken. Doctors immediately isolated him in the intensive care unit, but the germ had already spread across the room. The hospital required special cleaning equipment and had to remove some of the ceiling and floor tiles.

There weren’t any anti-fungal medicines able to stop it. As a result, just like many others who contract the illness it causes, the man died within 90 days.

The CDC reported at the time 587 cases of people having C. auris, with 309 in New York, 104 in New Jersey and 144 in Illinois. In Chicago, some nursing homes have indicated at least 50 percent of their residents have tested positive for the disease.

All of this data has conveniently disappeared and the connection to 5G has now all but been denied.

I am not denying that 5G is not worthy of investigation into health problems – I am merely saying that the COVID-19 connection is being used by opportunists that have forgotten how complex this is and how 5G is not as ubiquitous as you might think.

Many places have successfully banned its use and with all of the negative attention given to those who have successfully slowed down the processes of installation – the COVID-19 conspiracy theorists are doing more damage to the cause.
Telecom masts were set on fire in the U.K. in recent days, apparently by people motivated by a theory that the tech helps spread the coronavirus.

Mast fires were reported in Belfast, Liverpool and Birmingham, according to local media. A video of a telecom tower on fire was circulated on a Birmingham community webpage, and Facebook removed a group which encouraged users to share footage of equipment being destroyed, the Guardian reported Friday.

5G is being rolled out by all four U.K. mobile carriers: BT Group Plc, Vodafone Group Plc, Telefonica SA’s O2, and CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd.’s Three U.K. Counter-terrorism police are investigating, according to Vodafone U.K.’s chief executive officer, Nick Jeffery.

The incidents prompted the networks to denounce the acts in a joint statement on Sunday, while Britain’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport tweeted that criminal acts inspired by “crackpot conspiracy theories circulating online” will “face the full force of the law.”

While they are setting fires to cell phone masts hoping to kill 5G – the truth is that the small cell tech is more covert than overt.

The FCC approved swathes of untested high frequency networks for private sector exploitation – ultimately, setting a very dangerous trend with no mention of health or environmental impacts, oversight, or corporate responsibility. By winter of 2020 the telecom industry intends to cover America with over 2 million of these carrier cells or small relay stations installed on every lamp post, on buildings, power poles, basically, everywhere.

These small cell stations are allegedly the size of a regular smoke detector.

So the idea that they are all keeping us indoors while they install more towers is ludicrous – there have already been a number of boxes already installed long before COVID-19 was sprung, there are companies that are just waiting for the bureaucracy to light it up.

Exposure to all of the radio wave smog can be very risky, as smaller cells will be everywhere carrying the 5G signals.

Experts have discovered that the skin responds to 5G and in fact our sweat ducts can act as antennas and can receive signals. This has not been tested for safety and experts in the field expect a jump in melanoma rates around the nation.

Leading health advocates and respected scientists around the world are alarmed, to say the least. Dr. Joel Moskowitz, director of community health studies at the University of California, warns “precaution is warranted before 5G is unleashed on the world.”

Former government physicist Dr. Ron Powell points out the plans “would irradiate everyone, including the most vulnerable to harm from radio frequency radiation: pregnant women, unborn children, young children…the elderly, the disabled, and the chronically ill… It would set a goal of irradiating all environments.”

Radio smog already left us vulnerable even before 5G was even thought of and yet there is now an upswell of direct connections when 5G is only something that can contribute to the overall health of a person and not just cause a COVID-19 to come out of nowhere.

If 5G were responsible for all of it, we would not have high recovery rates.

Concerns about links between the new tech and cancer were already slowing the roll-out of 5G in countries including Switzerland and Belgium.

With so many unknowns as to the nature of COVID-19, it is not surprising that people might believe any theories that come out but we cannot cloud the original hypothesis with unfounded connections to 5G.

Even after COVID-19 goes away, there will still be other bad things that are certainly connected to 5G, it is important to be careful with our fever dreams and remain actively vigilant over what 5G has done as we know that 5G is for machines – not for humans.

Written by Clyde Lewis

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