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Ron Patton | April 8, 2019
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If you are a person who has an ear for the prevailing conspiracy theory you would know that every conspiracy follows a set of rules, especially conspiracies that are headed up by the elite. Many people have been able to see patterns in the matrix, and with the knowledge of what is becoming they become acutely aware and are so intensely conscious of their thoughts that they have the mind to stay awake and inquisitive.

We are in a world that is constantly changing and is constantly manipulated. These manipulations and changes are being made by very powerful people who are twisted enough to warn you when you are in the crosshairs of one of their diabolical agendas.

Using what intuitive skills we have, we can tap into the storehouse of information we have accumulated over time and understand that there are many things that go one that are not by accident.

Things happen for a reason, and there are things that I have reported for you to prepare for that may not be as immediate as you would like but there really is no statute of limitations on predictions that urge preparedness.

The cynical among us expect predictions to happen immediately, however, they do not understand that plans waged against them take time to fulfill. For example, a doctor will tell you to stop smoking or face the consequences of lung cancer. Now, you won’t drop dead immediately and chances are you will light up right after your doctor visit. Each day you get shorter of breath, and when you face your own death you may still be puffing in the smoke until the urge to stop is when you are laying in your coffin.

Yes, that is a dark example of consequence, but think about it; every pack of cigarettes has a warning on the label of how it can kill you and yet they sell them to those who wish to pay for their suicide risk.

Don’t say that the elite tobacco producer did not warn you about how his product could kill you – and better still he is not responsible for your bad choices – you did it on your own.

George Orwell once made the statement: “Circus Dogs jump and do somersaults when the trainer cracks his whip. But the really well-trained dog is the one that jumps and does somersaults when there is no whip.”

There are mountains of shifting dynamics that are happening right now in the world.

Clearly, there are manipulators that continually try to cover up and obfuscate their machinations. The more we are aware of them the more we should feel obligated to expose them. However, it is important to fully understand what is happening without jumping to conclusions or rattling off some Illuminati list of enemies that we always hear about.

We know that psychopaths wish to harm people, and we know that they do not have to be part of some Illuminati brotherhood to make it happen.

The question must be asked, “Does humanity actually give its permission for controlling forces to perpetuate what they do by being told in some form what is about to be done to it?”

For a moment I want to harken back to a show that I did where I talked about the Georgia Guidestones.

The Guidestones list ten key Luciferian principles for establishing an “age of reason,” including a provision that the earth’s population be kept under 500,000,000.

We live in what can be called a sophisticated age where we believe we have escaped the reality of an apocalypse, at least for now. Every day we survive or avoid a major catastrophe is one more day we can laugh at the conspiracy theorists who believe that the powers that be are trying to cull the population to meet their 500 million population goals.

As far back as the 1700s, there were those fear mongers like Thomas Robert Malthus who were saying that an unplanned population would grow faster than food production adding that famine and poverty were God’s way of coping with man’s laziness. This type of thought caught on with the early colonizers and it is argued that this is how the slave trade began and how “the other” was created in order to demonize anything that in the opinion of the elite put a burden on the utopian order that they wanted to organize.

The perception was that humanity was the problem always getting in the way of the plans of the elite. The elite believe that mankind can be or should kept enslaved by draconian controls while being systematically exterminated like an infestation of cockroaches. It can all be engineered with the use of war, poverty and food shortages, drugging, dumbing down or injecting toxic vaccines in our bodies. It is a way to have plausible deniability when confronted with the problems of a sick and dying society.

The idea of creating a stronger, more “perfect” population was echoed in various radical racialist theories of the early 20th century, but it was not until the rise of the modern environmental movement that Malthusianism gained a renewed prominence.

In 1948, American geologist Fairfield Osborn published, Our Plundered Planet, predicting environmental catastrophe. This idea became central to contemporary environmentalism. Twenty years later, Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb expanded on this theme, warning of imminent mass starvation due to overpopulation.

In 1958, Gunther Schwab an Austrian leader of the Nazi Green party published a book called “The Dance with The Devil” where Malthusian ideas were again presented as Schwab claimed that mankind’s industrial sins were causing environmental damage. He called Americans the biggest villains.

The book prophesied that improperly-managed population sizes from other continents would create climate change and resource depletion. His book was an effort to renew Social Darwinism and eugenics theories. His hope was to awaken the people to this view and somehow convince everyone that a green economy, population reduction and a return to agriculture is what will save the planet from destruction. He claimed that this destruction would happen within 100 years time.

Well here we are now in 2019 and we are being fed the same story and we are watching as the new found faith of Malthusians is being put into practice and how the elite are getting the dogs to jump through hoops without a whip cracking at their heels.

About a year ago, Bill Gates a once admitted Malthusian made a prediction about the health and well being of this planet. He predicted that an unknown deadly disease with no cure would kill 30 million people within 6 months. He said this after he and his wife Melinda spoke at south by southwest warning of a coming pandemic brought forward due to a biological attack. This was exactly one year ago.

Gates presented a simulation by the Institute for Disease Modeling that found that a new flu like the one that killed 50 million people in the 1918 pandemic would now most likely kill 30 million people within six months.

And he stated that the disease that next takes us by surprise is likely to be one that we see for the first time at the start of an outbreak. He also was concerned about biological attacks that would silently and stealthily kill millions.

A mystery disease that’s often hard to detect is now being labeled an “urgent threat” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The fungus, “Candida auris” hit several countries around the world over the last five years and was recently found in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.

According to the CDC, it is “multidrug-resistant” and called a “mystery” because it is difficult to identify with standard lab tests. The results have been damaging as it has spread throughout several healthcare facilities without medical officials being aware.

The New York Times reports an elderly man admitted into a Brooklyn hospital last year for an abdominal surgery was found to have the new deadly germ after a blood test was taken. Doctors immediately isolated him in the intensive care unit, but the germ had already spread across the room. The hospital required special cleaning equipment and had to remove some of the ceiling and floor tiles.

There weren’t any anti-fungal medicines able to stop it. As a result, just like many others who contract the illness it causes, the man died within 90 days.

The CDC reports 587 cases of people having C. auris, with 309 in New York, 104 in New Jersey and 144 in Illinois. In Chicago, some nursing homes have indicated at least 50 percent of their residents have tested positive for the disease.

Researchers have identified certain fungi and bacteria that are morphing to defend themselves against modern medicines.

The superbug fungus has spread to nursing homes and is carried from patient to patient by health care workers. It grows on IV lines and ventilators, and it infects hospital gowns and clothing. Aggressive sterilization efforts using aerosolized hydrogen peroxide do nothing to kill this fungus, and the cover-up continues, even as rates of infections and fatalities are exploding across the western world.

The whole scary part is that this could have been avoided. Everything that this fungus reminds me of is something that would be seen in a science fiction story where and outbreak if some disease was covered up and eventually led to a zombie apocalypse.

There was a scene in one of the earlier episodes of the TV series The Walking Dead where Rick and his colleagues are held up at the CDC trying to find answers about the Zombie plague. One of the CDC officials who was closed up in the building whispered in Rick’s ear the big secret and that is whatever the disease was the triggered the zombie plague – they knew about it and said nothing because everyone was infected.

The whole C. auris scare is playing a lot like this as hospital ventilation systems are pumping out this fungus, right into the open atmosphere, where winds carry it to local communities and farms, infecting crops and foods with chemical-resistant fungal strains that have a reported 41% – 88% fatality rate in humans.

And the CDC kept it a secret because they didn’t want to “alarm” the public.

This pandemic has been silently spreading over the last four years, with virtually zero media reports, very little information from the CDC, and a coordinated cover-up by the hospitals of the western world to keep patients in the dark while they’re being infected and killed by a deadly pathogen.

The fungus preys on those with weakened immune systems, including infants and the elderly. Its symptoms include extreme fatigue, and in certain immune-weakened populations.

According to the New York Times, people with strong immune systems are apparently able to fight off the effects of the fungus, but even if they show no symptoms, they may be carriers of the strain, infecting others who may suffer from weakened immune function. This includes infants and seniors, but can also impact those who have caught a cold or a flu, or even people who have endured an extremely strenuous workout at the gym, placing themselves in an immunosuppressed condition for 2-3 days.

“They are most lethal to people with immature or compromised immune systems, including newborns and the elderly, smokers, diabetics and people with autoimmune disorders who take steroids that suppress the body’s defenses.

Unless new, more effective medicines are found, the risk of more infections will drastically increase. The Times reports one study which predicts 10 million people could die worldwide of all such infections in 2050 if scientists are not able to combat the increase of drug resistance.

Some scientists have identified evidence that the massive use of fungicides on crops has been a huge contributor to the increase in drug-resistant fungi infecting humans.

Nearly 50% of patients who contract Candida auris are dead within 90 days, according to what appears to be reluctant statements from the CDC. There, the head of the fungal research branch, Dr. Tom Chiller, described the fungal superbug as “a creature from the black lagoon,” the NYT reported. “It bubbled up and now it is everywhere.”

Except that it didn’t have to be that way. There has been a cover-up for years. The very medical establishment that is entrusted with keeping people safe from deadly pathogens has, itself, become both the distribution hub for spreading the disease while simultaneously colluding with the CDC to hide the truth about all this from the public. It is the hospitals that are now “fungal factories” which are spreading the disease, literally releasing superbug pathogens into the open air, contaminating entire communities with fungal spores that are stronger than any treatment chemical known to western medicine.

There simply is no treatment, no cure, and very little honesty about the reality of the situation. To his credit, the CDC’s Dr. Chiller did post a warning about all this in 2017, but the CDC itself has refused to name the hospitals where these outbreaks are taking place.

According to the CDC, a total of 617 cases of Candida auris have been reported so far in the United States. This is detailed on the CDC’s Candida auris page, which warns that C. auris has “caused outbreaks in healthcare settings,” meaning hospitals and nursing homes are now spreading the superbug pathogen in America.

The CDC’s “tracking” page for Candida auris warns that hospitals around the world are spreading the disease, specifically naming the following countries as locations where healthcare-related pathogen transmission has been reported:

India, Kenya, Kuwait, Pakistan, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela

Outside hospitals, multiple cases of Candida auris are currently being tracked by the CDC and have been recorded in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States (primarily from the New York City area, New Jersey, and the Chicago area) and Venezuela.

The CDC even warns that hospitals are spreading the disease, saying, “in some of these countries, extensive transmission of C. auris has been documented in more than one hospital.

Candida auris is rapidly spreading across the United States, and the CDC publishes a chart with state-by-state statistics on where the infections are being found, even while refusing to tell the public which hospitals are infected.

Currently, the CDC’s tracking page shows 144 infections recorded in Illinois, 104 in New Jersey and 309 in New York. Twelve cases have been reported in Florida, 7 in Massachusetts with a smattering of isolated reports from California, Texas, Virginia and Connecticut.

Being “colonized” with Candida auris means you’re carrying it, spreading it to other people even though you may not show any symptoms yourself. As the CDC explains, “Colonization means that these patients are found to be carrying C. auris on their bodies, even though they are not sick with the infection.

Some say that the best way to avoid the building up of this fungus is to get some sun. Ultraviolet light is well-known killer of fungus. In nearly every fresh food sample we test, we find fungicide chemicals. We also find traces of glyphosate in a fair number of samples (cereals, grains, beer, wine, beans, legumes, etc.), and we find shockingly high levels of lead and cadmium in many superfoods, dietary supplements, and nutritional products.

Agricultural chemicals don’t even have to kill us directly to be an apocalyptic threat to humanity, you see: They merely have to give rise to deadly pathogens that invade, colonize and infect every hospital, nursing home, subway station, public transport bus, mall, movie theater, church and synagogue across America. It is those pathogens that carry out the killing, not the original agricultural chemicals that gave rise to their existence.

Think of all of the big money investing into these pathogens by the elite – think of the science they make up to get you to think that what they offer will not kill you, and thing of those Guidestones in Georgia that encourage the leadership of the world to lead us all down the primrose path to our own destruction.

Written by Ron Patton

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