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Ron Patton | May 10, 2018
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What if World War III started and nobody noticed? I know that sounds like a stupid question and I may be joking, but I am very serious about what I am joking about.

Pope Francis has said that all of the worldwide terror alerts, armed conflicts, religious wars that harkens back to the Dark Ages, and escalating international terrorism is actually World War III and we are not noticing because no one has called it on the nightly news.

Global security estimates conclude that right now in the world there are 30 ongoing wars and 22 conflicts. That’s 52 countries at war or in conflict. The U.S. alone has ground troops in 134 countries.

Still no one is screaming Armageddon – nor are they thinking World War III.

Only 61 countries were involved in WWII. That’s why Pope Francis calls our current state, the “piecemeal third world war.” And he’s right – with the “piecemeal” being the worst part of the evaluation.

The difference is that during the first two world wars we knew who the enemies were and what countries they called home. Now we don’t.

Weeks ago after the bombing of Syria by the United States, I recall saying that John Bolton a known Neocon didn’t even have the key to his office and we were already stabbing at war with our offensive attack on Syria.

Now, as I was attending a Ground Zero Lounge in Virginia, I was being relentlessly harassed by someone on Facebook saying that he was waiting for the World War III that I promised.

He went on to say that he heard me tell everyone that the bombing in Syria would lead to World War III and that he was angry that I used hyperbole in order to get ratings for my show.

Based on what he heard, he claimed that I had declared on the air over and over again that Trump started World War III and that I pushed the idea he was John Bolton’s puppet.

I always don’t know how to respond to people who actually paraphrase what they think I am saying –and then when you try explain to them that there is a miscommunication – they become relentless because it somehow it has stepped all over the political bias.

The online troll began to show his true colors of being one of those “kill ‘em all let God sort ‘em out” kind of guys, and so I abandoned the conversation out of confusion and boredom.

I ended the debate with – I know that the score has not been settled in Syria, so we shall wait and see.

After the attack on Syria was attributed to Israel and at least the fifth since September, there seems to be little room for doubt. Israel is determined to uproot the Iranian military presence from Syria.


There is always the thought that World War III is eminent, but to be fair World War III will be determined after the fact and the only people who are putting the cart before the horse in this situation are journalists with far more clout than I have.

I don’t want to fall into a self-deprecating attitude, but I do know that history is my strength and so I try to fall on the right side of history.

History has to decide what would be the definitive third world war and it could include Vietnam. Korea, Cold War, the 9/11 attacks and the long and tenuous operations in the Middle East.

In fact, if things escalate with Syria and Iran, history could declare it World War IV and then we would all be confused because no one will admit to a World War at first since we have all been programmed into thinking that the next war would be a nuclear confrontation.

Ever since people began to speculate about “World War III,” its very name has implied its own inevitability. We talk about it not only as something that might happen, but something that will. And it’s been on our minds for a very long time.

The phrase seems to have emerged during the early 1940s, not long after people began to think of the “Great War” of 1914 as World War I — a precursor to World War II and World war III and IV were all scary science fiction affairs.

In his 1914 book The World Set Free, H.G. Wells coined the term “atomic bomb” 30 years before the first successful nuclear bomb test. And in the 1938 novel The Doomsday Men, a mad scientist declared he would set off a reaction that “would peel the skin off the Earth ‘like an orange, only faster.

Welles always seemed to have vision about the future as he wrote books about The New World Order and the Open Conspiracy against the sovereignty of nations.

Einstein once said of World War III –“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” He was basing his quote on premise is that WW3 will collapse society back to the Stone Age.

Many people are unaware that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill started planning for a World War III while he was still fighting the second war. And he kept on worrying about it, too.

Even after he left office, he continually believed that the Soviet Union was going to start another war–which of course could escalate into World War III.

In 1943, Roosevelt’s second Vice President, Henry A. Wallace, predicted that “unless the Western democracies and Russia come to a satisfactory understanding before the war ends, he feared that World War III will be inevitable.

“Operation Unthinkable” called for British, American, Polish, and German troops to invade Soviet-occupied East Germany and Poland on July 1, 1945.

At that point, Germany had surrendered, but the war in Asia wasn’t over yet. The goal of the plan was to drive the Soviets out and secure those parts of Eastern Europe. But in the end, Churchill’s military advisors convinced him that the plan was too risky. FDR died in April of 1945, less than a month before the war in Europe ended, and by July, Churchill had lost his seat as prime minister.

In the summer of 1946, British and U.S. military planners were busily laying down plans for the third world war.

The plan, “Operation Pincher,” called for atomic airstrikes and ground invasions of the Soviet Union. But as the realities of the United States’ new nuclear capabilities settled in, and as the concern with Soviet nuclear developments grew, the specter of a third war took on new, terrifying possibilities in the public imagination.

It was then that the idea of World War III became synonymous with nuclear annihilation and mutually assured destruction.

This was how the United States and the Soviet Union started the Missile gap and was locked in a Cold War.

The amassing of nuclear weapons ushered in a new, more destructive kind of World War III to worry about. As the U.S. expanded its nuclear arsenal and developed missile defense shields, a theory of “mutually assured destruction” posited that if either the United States or the Soviet Union used nukes, both would annihilate each other. Therefore, nuclear bombs began to be seen as a means of deterring others from attacking rather than as weapons to be deployed.

Even though no country has used nuclear bombs as weapons since the U.S. attacked Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the threat of nuclear war remains.

In September 2017, inventor Elon Musk tweeted his concern that artificial intelligence mixed with nuclear weapons could lead to World War III.

A month later, Senator Bob Corker a Tennessee republican told The New York Times that President Donald Trump’s threats to other countries could put the U.S. “on the path to World War III.”

However now we see the movements towards peace with North Korea and Trump is being considered for a Nobel Peace prize.

That does not however mean that whatever so-called peace accords make the headlines that the threat of a war in another theater is not looming.

We have now walked away from the Iran nuclear deal and those who supported the deal are now beating the drums of war and speaking of the possibility of a third world war threat again.

Now we can have a bit of comfort in remembering that Trump has been accused of having and isolationist foreign policy. His supporters define it as nationalist-noninterventionist and arguably he has kept his promises in that area.

We keep hearing again that we are on our way out of Iraq—we were tickled before we bombed Syria that we were pulling out of that country and now we have a breakthrough with Korea. For a guy that is supposed to put us in World War III, he has dodged a bullet—at least for now.

Pulling out of the Iran deal, no matter what you thought if it, has “we are eventually going to go to war with Iran” all over it.

I have said on many occasions that I do not trust Neo-cons and I especially do not trust John Bolton.

He says the US has no intention of invading Iran, taking it back to the Stone Age like he and his fellow neocons did to Iraq in 2003.

The other day, the Washington Examiner reported:

A reporter told Bolton there was speculation that the decision [exiting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] was a “precursor to the U.S. putting boots on the ground in Iran.”

“They would be badly mistaken,” Bolton said at the off-camera briefing.

Bolton might be right.

But that does not rule out a sustained air campaign to destroy anything of value on the ground and underneath.

Once again, I admit I am showing my mistrust of a known war monger.

In the middle of the Israeli air campaign that overshadows the President meeting the released prisoners from North Korea and a meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore – we can see that Israel is now in the business of expansion. It is argued that they always have been.

There is no doubt that Israel needs to take out Lebanon to expand. This means that they will have to dissolve the Ba’athist government of Bashar al-Assad, and destroying Hezbollah in Lebanon. Then comes Iran. Israel is not capable of taking out Iran alone –and so we can see that they will need the help of the United States.

So, John Bolton obviously is lying again.

Iranians will fight to the last man and woman, just like Americans would if the country was invaded and occupied.

I can bet that Bolton when asked about the solution to the problem will encourage the use of those fancy “low-yield” mini-nukes that Donald Trump talked about months ago.

The sad thing about all of this is I am sure President Trump wants to go down in history as a true peacemaker and champion of the American people. He wants to be the President that rebooted true American values and the America first way of life.

But if we help with Israel’s war plans in Iran, all of his work on the Korean initiative will be less effective.

People will ask “does Trump really put America First or is he putting Israel First?”

There are still a lot of people who will not care and it will most certainly expand his base.

At what price?

The President may wind up tarnishing his legacy beyond repair with a war that will make the Iraq conflict look like a walk in the park.

Now I am not saying that we should panic and run out in the streets and scream World War III, but you don’t need to be a budding Nostradamus to see what is coming in the immediate future.

The question is how long will this take?

The rockets have already been fired and the bombs are already going off.

Call something a war and it gets serious very quick — call something World War III and you immediately become an extremist.

I guess will learn to choose a better way to describe what is about to happen in a way the Department of Defense would, I mean they can coin an Orwellian double speak phrase better than anyone.

Truman called all of the vest pocket wars after World War II, “police actions.”

Now we can say that what we are going to with Iran is a “counterinsurgency” “stabilization operation” or “military operations other than war.”

This way we can say we are doing what is necessary to help our good friend Israel without saying we are starting a war.

Let’s just call them security operations.

That will be safe — and I won’t be harassed by a fanatic that says I promised World War III.

Written by Ron Patton

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